Chronicles of Elyria MMORPG (Christmas Update) 12/20/19 – ⚜Gameplay Footage, New Tribes, Domains

Chronicles of Elyria MMORPG (Christmas Update) 12/20/19 – ⚜Gameplay Footage, New Tribes, Domains

Hello everyone, welcome back to some Chronicles
of Elyria. We’ve got ourselves a holiday filled episode
today that has some neat topics to go over related to the recent news from
the previous and current events. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump
into it. [Break] Chronicles has over the past few weeks been
releasing steady updates, mostly in the form of concept and design art. But we have received a brand new piece of
footage that showcases the parkour system that goes into
what we might be able to expect from how mobile we can be in this game. I’ve got to say after looking at this for
just a little bit that this looks absolutely insane. In a very good way too because I mean, we’ve
got sliding, ladder climbing, ziplining, ledge-balancing, and even wall-climbing! If I wasn’t crazy,
I’d say they’re trying to make a medieval tombraider her-oh my god we’ve got vaulting
and swimming. Yup, that’s 100% what’s happening. The footage goes through the various
obstacles in the course designed by soulbound as snipehunter descrcibes how the fatigue
system works in the game. This is honestly something I have to say I
am very much looking forward to seeing in action, especially for rogue like characters. I mean those of you that are going to be vaulting
across rooftops and running from the local sheriff like you’re descended from robin hood
are going to have a very fun time on your hands. I’m still so curious to see how this will
transition to combat but I am excited for it either way. The mobility of our characters kind of reminds
me of how flight systems would work in wuxia or wushu based games. But with this kind of mobility you wont just
see just thieves and rogues making good use of it, of course you’ll see warriors of all
types but also archers, darting across rooftops to
assume better vantage points and all kinds of freedom as a result. Combat and exploration wise I think the fact
that they continued to pursue the parkour is genius. That’s a great step in innovating to really
deliver that next-generation experience, I can’t wait to see more of this. Especially the crafting system. We’ve got to make it happen. Following that up
with another and very quick topic to touch on would be the shiny that posted on the 27th
that showcases some of their concept sketches for the wetlands wildlife. And in it we get to
take a look at some designs of wildlife with very different animals showcased here. It’s then stated that sketches like this are
very important to ensure that the designers are
able to rapidly collaborate with the amazing artists in the art guild. And after that we get a bit of a showcase
featuring one of the tribes of Elyria. I really shouldn’t even try to pronounce this
one but I’m going to call it Erishe’. I know that pronunciation
is bound to grind someone’s gears so, I’m sorry you had to hear that in advance. Moving on though, we’ve got a quick description
from Vye before diving into these various design art pictures. And in it she talks about how as some of us
are already aware, there are more than the 8 general tribes of Chronicles of Elyria. Some of them, like the Erishe that
we see here, will not be available to play at launch because they will actually only
exist on other continents. These continents will be large masses of land
filled with untold riches and all manner of new experiences, far as the eye can see. The only thing is we as players will have
to figure out how to get to them. From the sounds of it, these might even be
what I’d call expansions. Or at least some of the first one that we’ll
see. But then again, it’s very cool in a sense
because this is a sort of expansion we have to discover. Which sounds very exciting, especially because
it reminds me of experiences like in Mortal Online where we as players had
to manually all band together to build what was known as the massive bridge to sarducca. The mix between desert and jungle continent. Except in mortal’s case, that continent
had far more nightmares than riches, and we loved it nonetheless. Moving it up to the 12th of december we have
another shiny that’s titled “Shine a Light on my Soul”. And speaking of that title I really feel that
after reading through all these shiny news post that they produce that they need
to design NPC’s in-game that are modeled after the team of soulbound studios and on top of
that, I think Snipehunter should be designed as a priest. And hopefully he’s made into a Hrothi, Neran,
or Brudvirr if this happens. Firstly because he and everyone does such
a great job at inspiring excitement and the urge to
learn more about this game with these shiny posts. But secondly because, he belongs up here with
us in the stonelands and we want our snipehunter. Ok moving on. Snipe goes into
how the development team, both for the game team side and the online experience group
have been hard at work. One of the first things they’ve been working
on is enhancements and tuning to their traversal mechanics which will be the method that players
use to move through the world. And this week that the shiny was posted they
were taking a look into how players interacted with ropes, alongside refining some of the
basic rope climbing, swinging, zipling, and balancing mechanics. Which look awesome by the way. And this is followed by a short and more in-depth
description of the control system of the parkour, and after that, in this
shiny news post we get a look at one of my most favorite topics in any type of massive
multiplayer medieval games. The weapons. Looking at these bad boys, I am realizing
now that we may have a lot more types of weapons
than you would normally expect in a game. I think I’m looking at what appears to be
at least 7 different axes in that middle column, not counting the two on the bottom right. But I mean that is pretty crazy in a very
good way. Especially as a fellow craftsmen I’ve learned
to appreciate having many different types of arms and armor to create for people. And it next describes that at the time that
Heat created this concept, they were looking at what sort
of changes could be made to a weapon in the course of crafting and considering strategies
for making sure those changes were visible to a keen-eyed player. Which I have to say sounds amazing to me,
I always fall in love with a good crafting system in sandboxes, and since Chronicles
is aiming to go far beyond just being a normal sandbox, I really hope
the crafting system gets included in that. Some things I would really love to see is
being able to change up the type of material we can craft with to get different results
performance or statistics wise, or even being able to control how much of a specific material
can go into it or changing up aspects of crafting process itself to maybe even incorporate higher
or lower quality tools and materials in the methods we use to make these creations. Whatever they’ve got planned, I’m excited
to see it [We need a crafting blog so bad!] In the next image we get answers to a question
that has been asked many times here on earth as snipe describes, and that question is what
exactly does a soul look like. In Elyria, snipe states that a soul should
help you convey to us what sort of affinities it has, like we will be able to tell the difference
between a light and dark affinity spectrum, or something more abstract such as – this
specific soul has more expertise in soldering, or even both types of affinities at once. But as they get closer to implementing the
permadeath mechanics, they look to things like these
creations that Heat puts together to explore how that sort of info may be conveyed. And for the final piece of the pie, we get
a homely christmas picture for the wonderful Brudvir, wishing one and all a merry holiday
during the longest night. And before we move on into our final piece
of news, speaking of the longest night, some of you or most of you probably know about
their collection storage box event that popped up
a little while ago that was showcased in the merchandise store. Now what these are is essentially boxes that
you can buy during the duration of this event all the way up to december
31st that contain 15 past promo items from a set of 35+, along with 3 new ones and 1
voucher for a limited storage box. And the reason this sparked so much attention
is because these items are seen as a loot box. The reason I wanted to comment on this is
because whether or not it interests you to purchase one of these, I can assure you as
someone who participates in the promotions like many others
do that the items you get in these boxes will be no different than stuff that long time
supporters have already been buying. So basically if anything, people that are
new to chronicles or want to get some of the goodies that they’ve missed out on are what
these are for. But they aren’t going to make you a
god amongst men or anything like that, it’s very difficult to explain the complexity of
Chronicles and it’s mechanics in one video or sitting, but what I can tell you is that
although I’d never ever want to see a real lootbox in a game
like this that would contain resources, equipment, or items useable in-game, this game does not
work the same way massive multiplayer games normally do where everything you buy
before hand stays with you. Especially the land. Hell, Even my pet wolf is probably going to
kick the bucket someday and that’s just one in-game crying therapy
session I’ll just have to deal with. Because when you’re dealing with a game like
this, you need to empty your cup or in other words… Forget what you think you know about games
of this genre. Anddd for the last but not least news, we’ve
got the settlers of elyria. Right now if you haven’t already checked the
website or more importantly if you haven’t been able to because
of the sheer amount of traffic generated to it from this event, the settlers of elyria
is an event we’ve gone into before where people are able to go into the domains section and
purchase unclaimed settlements, counties, duchies, etc… Now of course this event does have limitations
and flash sales that will be happening throughout the event to promote
people buying the lands, but one thing to mention is that if some of the land goes unclaimed
for long enough it may just get swiped up by an NPC. Be sure to keep an eye on the discord
since purchasing it as of this moment is still temporarily disabled because of that traffic
I mentioned earlier, but I’m sure it will be lifting itself very soon. And with that folks, that is all the news
we have to go into for Chronicles of Elyria. We are all caught up and now we can sit back
and wait for the next developments to arrive, hope all of you out there and all of you at
soulbound studio have a great holiday, thanks so much for watching and I’ll catch you for
the next one. And Farewell.

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