Chubby Mermaid

Chubby Mermaid

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  2. Omg l watch this years ago l’m glad l found it ?

  3. Fat girls are just girls with big hearts

  4. Watched this a long time ago still love it


  6. I remember I would always watch this when I was little, but I never got to finish the video because I got bored of it, but now I got to finish the video and found it emotional at the end ?.

  7. This reminds me alot of rock lee when he took off his weights on his legs and went ham on gaara

  8. when she slid down that tree

  9. Old YouTube y'all what a time

  10. Plot twist: the two mermaids in the end scene turn into a cute lesbian couple, spending time feeding each other gummies.

  11. The last time i saw this i think i was 11

  12. これ昔メッチャハマってたなぁ〜…

  13. i’m so happy people from 2019 are here, this video was part of my great childhood, with all different types of animation! ?

  14. La putiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiimmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa otraaaaaaaa sirena de cabello negroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. I watched this when I was 6 years old now I’m 12 lol xd

  16. I'm rewatching all of these before 2019 ends I use to love watching these all the time???

  17. Dude:*fishing*

    Pink haired mermaid:*watching him* I AM PREGNANT AND YOU ARE THE FATHER

  18. I used to watch these when I was younger (I’d say around 7 years old) and I remember that when my parents saw I was watching these, I got grounded…. so..

  19. Chubby Mermaid:So you chose death?

  20. is it the first JoJo reference???

  21. I’m so confused ?

  22. I saw this video several years ago and when I appeared on recommended I was quite happy :'(((


  24. I like my girls like i like my cats chubby

  25. She was getting all Rocklee up in that Catfish's ass


  27. This just showed up in my recommendations and I’m not mad, this is great

  28. Can we mention the fact that they become lesbians by the end?

  29. Bruh I remember being obsessed with these characters, I completely forgot about this

  30. i remember watching this when i was little. i cant believe it was already made 8 years ago! this deserves a spot in the yearbook of memories

  31. I don't understand this, But looks good. 🙂

    I'm Mexican.

  32. Who else watched this in elementary school and forgot about it until it popped up in recommended again

  33. When I was little I watched this and never got it and now….oh hell now I get it now

  34. Yo i remember watching this years ago!! I this video is a legend

  35. Wait…SO I WAS 5 WHEN I WATCHED THIS….the years have gone by so fast ?

  36. I remember watching this when I was younger and crying but I never fully understood why I was crying

  37. Black hair mermaid really out here emotionally manipulating people

  38. May the young generations know that this is truly a masterpiece

  39. Omg i always used to watch this i didn’t really understand it lol

  40. i’ve watched this video when i was in primary school and now i’m in the end of the secondary school omg

  41. it was so long ago and so cool….
    I used to love to watch series after series, now from everything there are openings that I still listen to.
    (I from Ukraine)


  43. Страшно, вырубай

  44. When I was 5 year old this inspired me to draw and I thought this was soooooo romantic:3

  45. The fact that ive never watched anything related to this but yet its on my recomended

  46. I have seen this so many times throughout the years and I keep trying to find it and we’ll, this honestly was my childhood!thank you

  47. Who else watched this as a kid and totally forgot it existed untill now ?

  48. Тут русскоязычных нет?

  49. Im confused but laughing my ass of at the same time . . . .

  50. I totally don't ship the two mer-girls

  51. I mean yeah this is pretty fucking sad but it's so dirty too wth

  52. ooooh shit the memories, just got recommended this and i used to watch this all the time as a kid

  53. Okay is it wrong I felt bad for the catfish when her vajayjay caught fire?

  54. Omg I remember this I watched it like 7 years ago its so awesome

  55. jtjwj'wuV'U"wtxtw.jtwT'.'JV'v??❤️????????????

  56. i still think this is awesome. ❤️

  57. Пусть бы похудела

  58. Alguien en el 2019? :'''''v

  59. 7:45 lmao, me on the side of the pool over the summer

  60. 8:44 is that 02 from Darling in the Franxx I see

  61. I want to clean The red Guys Eyes For being too Blind-


  63. Omg i remember this vud i was just 5 years old ??

  64. 2011: nah
    2012: not yet
    2013: still not yet
    2014: nope
    2015: not now…
    2016:i don’t know…
    2017: soon…
    2018: almost…
    2019: YES!!


  66. Honestly the two mermaids would be cute together

  67. i remember watching this when i was like 5 no regrets

  68. I remember this DARK BLUE BISH.

  69. I remember watching this as a kid when i was 7 jesus crist

  70. I remember watching this 7 or 8 years ago for the first time, You're an entire legend man

  71. i hate to be that guy. but this looks like shit. the story is okay and humor mediocre but the animation looks so gross. I know this is old but for those reading; never shade with black, the anatomy is broken, the line art is sketchy, the crude muscles (I know is for laughs) makes me want to vomit, and the non ':D' looks horrible. I know animation is hard but this looks bad and i need to tell the world and help them fix their mistakes. I'll look at the newest entry in the series to see if the art improved.

  72. Bruh i remeber wacthing this like years ago now i watch it befor the decade ends

  73. I saw this and my childhood memories just came flashing before my eyes QwQ

  74. Oml I remember this the memoriessss

  75. This was my childhood:’>

  76. I remember watching this when I was young. Weird how almost everyone did

  77. 8 years later and I still hated
    that Catfish girl. She deserved to go to hell. But, that ending was.. still okay, I guess

  78. Yoo I watched this when I was 6

  79. Lo ame, me encanto casi lloro ah

  80. I watched this when I was younger, since it had mermaids in it I clicked on it and never really understood why they were fighting….But now…now that I'm older…I understand…

  81. я пришла сюда поплакать ✌??


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