This week on TGC News, the quiet scorpion and the classic HK that is FINALLY coming to the US! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and that you didn’t completely rage if you went
out shopping on black friday. Its Cyber Monday now and Taco Tuesday is tomorrow and Wu Tang
Wednesdays is fast approaching so let’s get into the news.
First up this week is something that has been a LONG time coming. Its from a small german
company called Heckler and Koch and after many years of trying, we are getting the closest
thing to an MP5 that the US has ever seen. It’s called the SP5. If that sounds familiar,
you may recall the SP5K which is a sort of Americanized version that was okay to import.
The SP5k has a button mag release which no one likes, it has a tiny little barrel with
a shroud which is only cool if there is a can under it and a couple other things that
aren’t what a true HK fanboy would want. And here comes the SP5. I’ll go over the basics
first. It’s a 9mm semi auto pistol that uses a delayed roller lock blowback operating system
complete with the locking handle almost made for slapping,much like the real deal MP5.
It comes with a 8.86 inch barrel, 30 round mag if you live in a free state, ambi safety,
rounded classic style handguard, a muzzle device that is both threaded ½ x 28 AND has
a 3 lug attachment, a rear sling mount AKA the spot where the brace gets attached, fixed
front sight and rotary rear, again much like the real MP5, and it weighs in at just over
5 pounds. It also has my favorite feature from any of the MP5 variants, the paddle mag
release. FINALLY. It’s also made in germany on the MP5 tooling. To me, this is the definition
of an enthusiast gun. You’re not likely to carry it but you are likely to shoot the piss
out of it and love it the entire time. The MP5 is legendary and this seems to be the
closest we’ve gotten yet to a civilian legal version. The price tag is inherently HK style
at 2799 dollars MSRP. And the mags are pretty steep as well at 80 bucks
a pop MSRP. At the end of the day though, I’m excited for 2 reasons. One, seeing the
German government allow this to come over here to the states to be sold is a really
positive thing. And 2, I have one for review and I am REALLY curious if it holds up to
my excitement levels. What do you guys think? Is this something you would ever consider
buying or is it still unobtanium for you? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about
it. Next up this week is a unique NFA item that
comes from the efforts of 2 companies. The company that designed this silencer set up
is called Manticore Arms. They’re friends of TGC and have done some really interesting
parts and accessories over the years. The other company, I first learned about from
their chain drive knives, they’re called RatWorx USA and they are manufacturing and selling
the can. What makes it unique is that it is specifically designed for the CZ Scorpion
EVO pistol or SBR with the 7.75 inch barrel and it essentially is an integral can that
you can add on without modifying the barrel or muzzle in any crazy way. Essentially what
you have is a 2 part system. A new forened for the gun that also acts as the outer sleeve
AND the inner baffle stack or core as they call it, which is the serialized part. In
theory, because the 2 parts are not permanently attached to each other or the gun, you could
transport the gun without the can. The core comes out by removing 8 screws. Pretty simple.
The other thing that makes this stand out is that because you have a larger shape to
deal with than a normal 9mm can, they’re claiming 2.7 times more volume in fact, that means
that you will in theory get better suppression and sound numbers. They also claim that the
larger area also spreads out heat and the unit can be held even after shooting 100 rounds
through the gun. And now here’s the part that matters the most, the entire can and forend,silencer,
muzzle device assembly retails for $449 bucks. That is really solid value for money IF you
happen to have one of those guns. I feel like some guys are now going to buy one just to
have a can like this haha. And I need to mention this because recalls
can be a big deal sometimes. This one more than others. IF you are a re-loader, pay attention.
Accurate Powders put out a recall on 3 of their powders. 2495, 4064 and 4350. All of
which are pretty popular for rifle loaders. According to their recall notice, The storage
of these powders can or may result in combustion, fire damage and/or possible serious injury
or property damage. That is not good. We will put a link in the description so you can make
sure your powder is good to go. Our Guntuber of the Week this time is from
the UK. They bring a flavor to the gun world that we just don’t get here in the states.
They’re focused mainly on the things that are legal there, of course, BUT I think the
presentation is done REALLY well and the footage is outstanding. And I genuinely have interest
in the type of stuff that they are showing. Say hello to The Gun Shop. Do me a favor and head over there and get
subscribed. There is a link in the description for you guys to head over and get subscribed
to his channel and when you do, be sure to tell him TGC sent
you. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory.
This is a segment where I grab one of my personal guns and tell you guys about it. This is a
Smith & Wesson Model 61. This is a 22 long rifle gun, semi-auto pistol. And some of you
guys may be familiar with the larger ones I think it’s the 4412 or I don’t remember
the model numbers, but, the idea here is that the barrel is on the bottom, the top is the
reciprocating part the slide it’s pretty cool pretty unique and this is a very very old
gun. I bought this specifically to be used with very very tiny cans like the GSL pill
bottle and the Bowers bitty. The only challenges right now I have the inability to remove the
barrel lug, the locking lug on the end here. I tried, I got a tool really struggling, I
really got to send it to a gunsmith. So this has kind of been in a holding pattern, it’s
a really neat little gun. Tiny little magazine tiny little gun. I’ll even put it in my hand
so you guys can see what that looks like if it’s silly I mean my finger almost goes past
the muzzle. That is a tiny little gun. But with a can on there, man this thing is going
to be cool. Model 61. That is one of the more interesting guns that I have. Kind of in a
holding pattern, we will make a video with it at some other time. Of course, If you guys
wanna to see more of my guns, let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this one. This time our questions are coming from our facebook page. If you enjoy our show go check that out. That’s difficult to say to be
honest. I got into guns around 10 years ago. I started making videos on YouTube, about
guns, about 10 years ago. My entire time being a gun guy, i’ve also been a content creator.
Obviously TGC has allowed to me to obtain all kinds of cool stuff, I guess to answer
your question, I would likely have less but I don’t think I’ve ever been the type of person
to be a minimalist. I’ll try to make an analogy
that covers this. Imagine a stray dog that has been fighting other dogs its entire life.
Its tired. Its aggressive. It’s always ready for a fight. Now imagine cornering that dog
with other dogs. It will probably react to any little thing they do. This is the gun
community. We have been pushed into a corner and everyone is tired and fed up so we overreact
on one another as a result. Yes it is a symptom of that. It’s WAY easier to talk crap on a smartphone than it is to actually do something. Like physically go to a place or perform some action that requires more than a light snort when you see a funny meme. We are in the age of the internet, and we
are trying to fight problems that are bigger than the internet. Well you can easily go work in a gun shop behind the counter. That’s a great
place to start. If you have some specialized skills you could try to get into a gun company
looking for people with that skill set. The gun industry isn’t different than any other
industry. College education isn’t required and anyone that says so is full of it. and if you want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you
disliked this video, hit that button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed and consider
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  1. I used to be enamored with the MP5 until I had temporary custody of one. I did a "dope deal" for one while working a contractor overseas. I traded two logs of fresh Copenhagen for it. Obviously not something that I could bring back to the States, but that's where my love for the weapon ended.
    For the size and weight, I don't see the benefit. I also do not like the lack of feedback when the weapon runs dry; I prefer a weapon that locks open begging to be fed.
    If I had the disposable income to indulge in such toys, the Scorpion with an integral can would be something more up my alley. But, if I had to put in some work, the MP5 would not be my choice.

  2. I love that the poors can’t have one!

  3. The HK is sweet! But man. For that money you could buy several AR-9s a couple cases of ammo and a dozen mags and still have beer money left over.

  4. Sanctuary County/City are proving to be a disaster. In Montgomery County Maryland there have been more than a dozen serious crimes (rape/robbery with bodily injury/murder etc.) committed by persons that would have been turned over to be deported but for their Illegal Immigrant status. This is a huge failure by the Democrats, but is unfortunately not getting any traction with the media. This is being repeated over and over all over the country, and the true costs are being covered up. I would like to see a study by DOJ (or a rational group) that would define the human and fiscal costs of this failed policy. Then implement some accountability to the politicians (fines and imprisonment, maybe deportation ***smile***) who sponsor these irresponsible policies.

  5. John just had a Gungasm…

  6. I think that the price point of the HK will push more people to the better quality clones, and maybe even push the prices down. HK’s will stay upper priced, meh.

  7. Cz scorpion all day for the price

    Hell a kriss vector is cheaper and just as reliable

  8. Mom can I have a H&K please……….

  9. For the price of the mp5 I bought my scorpion, upgraded it, and can buy that sweet ass supressor.

  10. Love my past MP5s… but now the scorpian is what I have and it makes me just as happy (but not full auto)… and the MPX is better than an MP5 and just as fun

  11. Three Grand….. Nope

  12. RE: 2A Sanctuary Cities and Counties. I like the idea, the concept, that local politicians are representing their constituents and taking a stand against infringements on our rights. Time will tell, however, what "2A Sanctuary" actually means. The commissioner's court isn't enforcing any laws, they're looking for votes in the next election. The real answer will be in what the local law enforcement agencies are doing. A "2A Sanctuary" where red flag laws, magazine limitations, and local gun permits are required does not impress me. Are local agencies enforcing the NFA34 and GCA68? Hughes amendment? Are there State laws that are being enforced that infringe on our rights? That's the big question.

  13. Lets stop talking about that MP5 and just shoot the PISS out of IT! Then that suppressor for the CZ Scorpion is a good reason to buy the gun now! It looks Star Wars , bad ass!

  14. WooooHooo! MP5's Yes!……….. Oh wait I'm a poor 🙁

  15. I have a S&W 2206, big brother to your mod 61. I modified a quarter to fit the barrel nut. You may have to set the pistol in a padded vise, and use a crescent wrench to hold the quarter. Now running a SiCo Sparrow on it.

  16. Huge fail. you didnt slap it home….. How do you hold one and not do that. Im just at a loss. like i have done it about 300 times with my CETME wishing it was a MP5 and you have one and didnt do that once.

  17. I’d rather get a zenith mp5 clone

  18. Yes, I'd consider buying when I win the lottery. $2799…. ouch !

  19. Doesn't the sig MPX fill the role of the SP5 for half the price? And already has the brace

  20. Sanctuary County in South central Missouri? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Good luck. Guess that would be the time everyone in a 100 mile radius of me would finally show their armories in public and all the ammo they have stored by pulling triggers LOL

  21. My PTR always ran better than my SP5K ever did

  22. If you have any milsurp, that would be cool to see.

  23. The mp5 is cool, but not $2500+ cool

  24. SP5 is definitely unobtainium for the average guy, like me. $2500… Definitely a big ol NOPE.

  25. $2700. Hahahahahahaha haha. Yea no thanks. Next.

  26. The H&K is too expensive for a range toy

  27. I think the 2A sanctuary cities are a great thing. It shows that the will of the people is still the determining factor in a lot of places.

  28. 3k for a 9mm pistol? Yeah no thanks there are way better options.

  29. The big version of his pocket pistol is the SW422

  30. LOVE 2A SANCTUARIES! Any law that conflicts with the Constitution is illegitimate! Democrats don't play by the rules of the constitution and these 2A Sanctuaries are actually just following "SHALL NOT INFRINGE." MAKE AMERICA CONSTITUTIONAL AGAIN!

  31. The sanctuary county thing is doomed to failure. It’s on the wrong side of the political spectrum. Sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants seems to be popular. Guns are still evil. Ha ha ha ha.

  32. I aspire to be a gunsmith. I have some skills in the industry, a little experience, and a motivated attitude.
    I spent 2 years sending resumes and nocking down doors trying to get a job, even starting at the bottom.
    I had a few interviews, but in the end I thing the area around me is too saturated with skilled gun guys.
    I have now resolved to go to a higher learning organization, and work on making my skills more desirable.
    It may not be absolutely necessary to attend college, but it sure helps, if you can manage it without debt.

  33. If I had an extra $2800 lying around I certainly wouldn't spend it on a shoulder-mounted firearm that shoots a pistol round.

  34. 2A counties are a necessary thing. If only to show the anti gunners we are willing to fight .

  35. oh ya! Find out with your review if it works with the BFSiii HK-c1! That would be sweet!!!

  36. Not interested in a HK-Nazi gun. I have my AMERICAN 556 pistol and my AMERICAN 556 rifle. Still paid less for both plus ammo. Screw you germens.

  37. That scorpion silencer/forend seems ridiculously cheap. Like too cheap.

  38. My wallet says it is unobtainium.

  39. A U.K gun channel, Giggle giggle

  40. SP5 Indecent price. I will wait for the knock offs.

  41. That huge soy mouth in the thumbnail.
    You'd almost thing he got a Nintendo switch for Christmas.

  42. Why do you always make the dumbest fucking faces in the thumbnail

  43. While very cool, I still cannot find a functional purpose for giant awkward pistols in 9mm. How are these subs better than say a Sig P320 or a Glock?

  44. We don't want an MP5 we want the MP7!!!

  45. The fact they are able to bring that MP5 means we might be able to get an HK433 in the future

  46. MP5…I will wait for PSA's version hopefully takes scorpion mags.

  47. Long barrel 9mm for 2800 hmmmm. Hey FN Scar Heavy!

  48. God I want that MP5 so bad, it sucks big balls that I’m not 21 yet ? why can I own a gun with a 16” barrel but not 8”? What the big fuckin difference that’s so scary that makes me wait a couple more years?

  49. I'm buying one tomorrow

  50. Until it has the full auto selector, what's the point. Pass.

  51. More of your guns. I think its a really good segment of the show

  52. i still cant afford that but id still have one of those sp5

  53. to much for my blood

  54. Hk mp5 is expensive , I'll pass , I have an apc9 which is way better , and it takes glock mags

  55. if only that mp5 is ca legal

  56. If it drops under 2k I’m getting it.

  57. YEEAH $2800 for a Pistol!
    Hk hates that you have no money. A Turkish knockoff will do fine.
    I laughed so hard, my dog left the room and won't come back! Even for polish sausage.

  58. 4:14 *checks sp5 on impact guns, see's its selling for $3,799 and its backordered* yeah still unobtainium

  59. Yeah but…. where the G36

  60. I’m going to college for machining and welding and I would love to get into the gun industry

  61. coust too much, can get 9mm carbine a lot cheaper

  62. Based on the constitution, we should have a 2A sanctuary country.

  63. Would love the sp5 but the price hmm…

  64. Free plug for hidden valley ranch.. sweet.

  65. Favorite part was "30 round mag of ypu live in free states" lol oh the sadness

  66. I would love to see the HK MP5 compared to their clones. Will it be worth the extra coin? We should see clone prices drop on the near future now that there is competition for our dollars. I’m still looking forward to the PSA clone rocking it at 1000 dollars.

  67. That price is just ridiculous.

  68. I saw a classic Smith & Wesson Model 61, i give like

  69. ha haahaha no imma buy a turkish knock off for 1k get my HK love.

  70. I’ll Stick To My Desert Eagle… nuff said

  71. I going tomorrow to get mine I've been waiting for this moment for my life

  72. Price tag makes it,,,,., gimmick

  73. On the SP5 I would only be a buyer if I had FU money. For the EVO, I would buy so I would NEED that awesome can

  74. I have two of those mod 61's. One in stainless the other blued. Nice shooters at about 10 yrds.

  75. I'm not sure the dog analogy is correct as to why gun people argue a lot with each other over politics. I honestly believe it is because we aren't all on the same page as to what we believe our gun rights should be. For example, I'm a straight up 2A supporter and believe any infringement should not be tolerated and I have a friend who is into guns just as much as I am but for some reason he doesn't believe machine guns should be legal and thinks background checks are a great thing. I would say the majority of gun owners I talk to have some difference in idea of what they believe our gun rights should be and I think that is one of the largest problems among us in terms of making positive changes in the political arena.

    P.S. I love the Patton's Armory segment

  76. I am very lucky. I own an pre-ban HK 94-A3 that I bought in 1986 for $600.00. It is the 3rd HK 94-A3  I've owned; as the first 2, I bought for $430. 00 each, however my home was broke into, and they were stolen as well as other firearms.

  77. Your face on the thumb-nail pisses me off!

  78. Some feedback for this segment, make it longer maybe 30mins total, also shorten your advertisement its a little long, pattons armory needs to have footage of you shooting the gun, 2a advocacy is important but it shouldnt feel like the whole episode is based on it, Your personality works really well with the style of webshow you do keep up the great work

  79. I want and MP5 SO BAD!!!

  80. Love your content !!

  81. Love to have the new HK, but not at $2700. Might consider at a price point less than $1500.

  82. Off topic question.
    What happened to Winchester's 9mm Hybrid-X ammo? I can't find any information other than it's been discontinued. Was it because it was too similar to Federal Syntor and violated Federal's patent?

  83. 2A Sanctuary? Oh you mean convenient centralized government raiding points? They have their charm…

  84. I got the money but I live in Cali ??‍♂️

  85. Where you stand should be a 2A sanctuary.

  86. I’m not too wild about PCC’s really, but even if I were, I think HK is a bit late to the party because there are good options for way less money. Even if you say the mp5 craps on those, I have to fire back and ask if it’s enough to justify $2800? I think only the hardcore enthusiasts will go for this.

  87. It would be a travesty to do anything to permanently alter that S&W 61. They were only made from 1970 – 1973.

  88. I think the only people opposed to a 2A sanctuary city/county would be those in favor of the Fking illegal sanctuary city/county! I.E.(democraps for illegals)

  89. hey JON. can hardly wait for the first dude to open carry that puppy into a town. hope someone records his interview with the cops. lol.

  90. I'm now looking at a scorpion for that suppressor LOL

  91. Paying for the name! PTR and Dakota is gonna be in some shit!

  92. So does this dude have no idea what the ptr and zenith mp5 variants are? Yeah they aren't HK branded but there is nothing different about those than a HK mp5. Hes acting like this is the first thing to ever exist.

  93. Unobtanium. Crazy expensive.

    Sanctuary counties bother me… it weakens the country.

    Why not sanctuary cities that ignore the 2nd entirely? That allows slavery? If you can ignore federal law [immigration] and now state laws, where would it end?

    Then, what about individual neighborhoods or gated communities? Individual houses? How granular does the option to ignore the laws become? Could each house have its own list of federal and state laws it doesn't allow enforced?

  94. Well I'm super excited they released the real mp5. However, I'm holding out for the mp7. That's my true unobtanium. I can't wait to see your review!

  95. I will carry the SP5. No, I will.

    I'm serious.

  96. A real 2a sanctuary county is one that does not enforce nfa regulations

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