Closing Ceremony VENUE of SEA GAMES 2019 Bagong Gawa at Moderno

Closing Ceremony VENUE of SEA GAMES 2019 Bagong Gawa at Moderno

Have a nice day to all of you “Suki” – a Japanese word means “to LOVE” or “to LIKE” This is your kGORS TV Where yo can get additional informations If you are new to my channel Please subscribe because all of this is for you This is the Athletic Stadium Where yo can find this in New Clark City, Capas Tarlac Philippines This is the venue for the closing ceremony of the 30th Southeast Asian Game that is known in its name as SEA Games 2019 or #Philippines2019 This is intentionally made to be the venue of athletics events of the SEA GAMES 2019 The groundbreaking was held last January 2018 Almost 2 years prior to the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines The construction started last April 25 2018 and completed last October 12 2019 50 days ahead prior to SEA Games This project is owned by Bases Conversion Development Authority or BDCA To prepare in the hosting of the Philippines of the SEA games in December 2019 It has a capacity of 20,000 people Its area measurement is reaching to Twenty five Thousand square meters or equivalent to 2.5 hectares The budget of the construction is amounting to 4 billion pesos, aside from athletics events, It can be used for football and concert events, because of its wide open grounds The stadium design to stand still and don’t collapse even if the earthquake is reaching to 8.9 magnitude And good news to you my LOVE Because of President Duterte’s instruction, the entrance is FREE for the Closing Ceremony of SEA GAMES in New Clark City Athletics Stadium So, what are you waiting for… Lets GO!

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  1. To all the visitors during the SEA GAMES 2019 in the Philippines, we HOPE that you enjoy and bring good memomories when you go back to your country…. Mabuhay po kayong lahat!

  2. san po ku2ha ng ticket po?

  3. The Athletic Stadium project is a very useful project of the Philippine government to further enhance the athletic skills of the Filipino athletes to become more competitive in the higher athletic events in the world like Olympic

  4. I LIKE the government's effort of elevating the quality of our Athletics facility… very helpful to make the Filipino athletes na palaban! laban lang… Proud Filipino here…

  5. Filipino Athletes were growing in their performance since 2017 SEA GAMES in Malaysia by bagging 159 GOLD followed by the host country Malaysia which has 145 GOLD… Now these new facilities that we have right now in Tarlac are in great help to the Filipino athletes upang pagigihan pa nila ang kanilang pag iinsayo! Congratulations! Philippine government! LIKE…LIKE…LIKE…LIKE…. your effort!

  6. #wewinasone TIMOR LESTE CONGRATS everyone from the Philippines!!!

  7. Congratulations Team Philippines not only for the Gold but also for the Hospitality and sportsmanship " NO FIGHT FOR THE WHOLE DURATION OF THE GAME" . You ALSO SAVED ONE ATHLETE. Continue to strive hard, our prayers for your Health and continue to aim high and bring home the Gold .

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