Coaching for Football Residential

– [Matt Dowling]
My name is Matt Dowling. I’m a Senior Lecturer
and the Course Leader for the Coaching for Development in
Football degree here at Anglia Ruskin, and over the next couple of minutes,
I’m going to give you a quick flavour of what it’s like to be
on our football residential. The residential is a really
good opportunity for students to come to Cambridge, which
is actually the home of football in terms of the rules and where the
rules and regulations were established. It’s also a good opportunity for them
to socialise, get to know each other, and for us lecturers to
get to know our students. – [Paige, student] I think the residential
is a great part of the course, especially with it being like an
online qualification and a degree. It really brings you and
your cohort group together. – [Bill Beswick] I think for this
type of course the residential is absolutely essential because there’s
so much knowledge within the room, students coming from
different cultures, different levels, sharing that is as much value as
the lectures they’re going to receive. – [Matt Dowling] All of our
students are working as coaches in
the football industry. The residential brings
students together from across years one, two, and three
and brings the theory to life. The aim is to have fun, to learn,
and to develop lifelong connections. – [Bill Beswick] Being in
sport, networks of contacts, people you can go to for help
and advice is absolutely priority. – [Keaton, student] It’s bringing
everything that I’ve learned throughout the whole year and previous
years and just combining that together. – [Matt Dowling] The week
includes a range of theoretical and practical sessions as well
as talks from guest speakers who provide
professional insight. – [Paige, student] It’s really fantastic.
It sort of gives a little bit more bite to the course,
and it’s exactly why I and I know a lot of the
other students love that. – [Matt Dowling] It’s a great
opportunity for students and tutors to meet face-to-face
and engage in lively debate. – [Paige, student] When we come
together, it’s also a good gathering on a social level
and an academic level. – [Keaton, student] Making friends,
making contacts that I’m sure we’ll take into
our coaching career. – [Bill Beswick] Top class. – [Matt Dowling] Thanks for joining
us, and I hope this has given you a good taste of our residential,
and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

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