Common and proper nouns | The parts of speech | Grammar | Khan Academy

Common and proper nouns | The parts of speech | Grammar | Khan Academy

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  1. 1:51 or in quotes,right?

  2. I've been waiting years for English on Khan. Thank you so much!!

  3. is 'me' a common or proper noun?


    "Do you want to hike with Bob and me/Me?

    I ask because I know I can substitute 'me' with my actual name. So…does it make it proper?


  4. The voice change when you said, 'kermit', won 2016.

  5. air , water , light , radiation , what kind of noun these words are ?

  6. I am smart at this

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  10. thank you so much for this video it teached me every thing about common and proper

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  14. "your the best teacher" .    from Ali

  15. I had tried the quiz/exercise about this topic on Khan Academy and I had stumbled on the word "world". I still do not understand why the word "world" is considered "common" instead of "proper noun". Would you mind to explain about it here? Thank you very much for making the videos. I learned so much with them.

  16. Thank you this really helped me and when I heard ‘kermit’ me:??☺️

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  21. Plz reply months of the year n days of the week whr it will go plzzz i request u reply me plzzz ?

  22. This was very helpful

  23. science in topic agriculture management please explain

  24. Is lion is a proper noun??? Answer m ASAP

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  29. Thanks for the spelling and english lesson. Aren't not nouns and proper nouns descriptive?

  30. To distinguish any old tower, or Tower (at the beginning of a sentence), apart from a specific tower, we must add another noun, say Eiffel, in which case, it distinguishes Eiffel tower, the ONE we are referring to, and not just any, or all towers.

  31. I love the Kermit part

  32. is this true? "the common noun I am referencing is Capacity" "the proper noun of this is Carrying Capacity"

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  35. My son tells me you forgot to use a period in the second sentence ?

  36. This kinda does not help

  37. thanks you helped me with homework

  38. this was helpful, i just started 6th and i have a honors ELA class and we’re supposed to know already kinda but my schools never touched on those things

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  40. Sorry but you misspelled ’favourite’

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