Comparing The BEST PS4 + Xbox Controllers For Fortnite! (Controller Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Comparing The BEST PS4 + Xbox Controllers For Fortnite! (Controller Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be talking about the different types of controllers that Fortnite palyers
use. Up until a few years ago, players never really
had much of a choice when it came to the controller they used while gaming. Really your only choice as a playstation or
xbox player was whether you wanted to use the wireless or wired version of the base
controller they gave you when you purchased the console. But nowadays there are a lot more options
to consider. Just to name a few of the most popualr ones,
you can get a scuf which has multiple different models as well, there’s the xbox elite series
1, xbox elite series 2, I know astro recently released a new type of controller, some people
prefer to use strikepacks, it definitely can get a little overwhelming if you aren’t really
sure what exactly you want. And that’s one of the biggest questions I
get asked all the time “Hey bro I wanna get a new controller, what do you reccomend? is
a scuf or xbox elite worth, is there something cheaper I can get, or should I just buy another
regular controller?” So the purpose of this video is to hopefully
answer some of those questions to the best of my ability. So without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright so let’s start this off by talking
about hands down the 2 most popular types of controllers among top Fortnite players,
the scuf and the xbox elites. Now I know there are some other options at
this kinda premium price point like the astro c40 and razer wolverine ultimate, but those
controllers both have slight flaws. For the astro C40, it’s the fact that it’s
a decent amount more expensive than all the other premium controllers without really offering
any extra worthwhile features, and for the razer wolverine ultimate, it’s the fact that
it’s xbox only, so at that point why not just get an xbox elite controller. So because of that the scuf and xbox elite
are definitely the best options when it comes to controllers that give you customizable
paddles. I’ve talked about the many times before but
paddles which go on the back of your controller are so valuable,, because they allow you to
use certain fingers to press buttons that you don’t normally use with a regular controller. specifically your two middle fingers. So because of all that, it’s fairly obvious
why the vast majority of top level players use scufs and xbox elites. Just to give you an idea of how it’s split
of I looked at 15 top level controller players and out of those 15 8 of them use a scuf,
and 5 of them use an xbox elite. The scuf guys were (assault, destroy, nickmercs,
crr, mrkn AV, sharp, scoped, and shah). And then the xbox elite players are (inno,
unknownarmy, wolfiez, letshe, and myself). And just in case you’re wondering, the 2 other
players out of the 15 wavyjacob and ex both use the regular ps4/xbox controller. But getting back to scuf vs. xbox elite there
are a few things about that 8 to 5 split of players that you need to realize. The most obvious one is the fact that scuf
having the most players using it is actually somewhat misleading. And what I mean by that is, scuf controllers
have both xbox and ps4 versions while the xbox elite controllers are, obviously as the
name suggests, xbox only. Therefore I think a better summary here than
saying scuf is the most popular with xbox elite close behind, is instead saying the
majority of top ps4 controller players use scufs, specifically the impact and infinity
models since there’s so many different ones, and the majority of top xbox controller players
use the xbox elite. And in my experience I think that makes a
lot of sense. I’m not getting paid for this video or being
sponsored by any of these companies I promise you, so my truly unbiased thoughts as someone
who has used both of those controllers is that the xbox elite is definitely better. It wouldn’t say it’s a massive difference,
I don’t wanna make people think if they have a scuf they should throw it in the garbage
and go out and buy an elite. But since it’s made by Microsoft themselves,
it kinda makes sense that it’s a higher quality controller made out of better materials than
the typical scuf, and also it offers you some extra customization features that other controllers
simply can’t. But if you’re a PS4 player be sure to stick
around because in maybe 2 minutes we’re gonna be talking about an awesome and very cheap
alternative to scufs. But getting back to the xbox elite issue,
another question that branches off from that “should I get an xbox elite series 1 or series
2.” So first off, out of the 5 players I told
you from earlier that used elites, 4 of them are currently using the series 2 (inno, unknownarmy,
wolfiez, and me) and only letshe is still using the series 1. So when I went to look up the price difference
between the 2 versions, I obviously expected the series 2 to be at least a little more
expensive. But based on what I saw they’re pretty much
the same price at most places. So because of that, if your plan is to purchase
an xbox elite, I think my reccomendation would definitely be to go with the series 2. It isn’t a huge step-up compared to the series
1 in terms of features,,, the most notable are probably the ability to customize stick
tension and the strength of trigger stops, but I do feel like the build quality of the
controller is noticably better. But again, the biggest drawback of the xbox
elite and scuf is the cost, I believe the absolute cheapest scuf you can get is around
150 u.s dollars, the elites are around 180, and I even know people that get super decked
out scufs that push the cost past 200. So that’s obviously a sizeable investment
especially since even the highest quality of controllers can break relatively quickly. So if you don’t wanna spend that type of money,
there are other cheaper options out there. In my opinion hands down the best cheap option
is something which is almost brand new for PS4 players called the “Dualshock 4 Back Button
Attachment.” I believe it was only initially announced
in the middle of December and I really think it’s the greatest innovation in controler
technology in recent history. This new product only costs about $30, and
in case you haven’t heard of it yet I’ll just read the quick little description that sony
gives for it. “The DUALSHOCK®4 Button Attachment was designed
to deliver more versatility and performance when gaming. It provides two tactile back buttons designed
for comfort and precision to get an edge in your favorite titles. It includes both a dedicated button that allows
you to remap inputs on the fly so you are always prepared no matter what game you’re
playing,,, and A high-fidelity OLED display that provides clean cut information around
button assignments as well as the ability to save and choose button presets to fit any
gaming situation.” So basically, it’s something that you add
on to the back of a regular controller that gives you 2 extra buttons just like paddles
on a scuf/xbox elite. And for $30 I was thinking that it was gonna
be dissapointing in some way, but all the reviews I read online were pretty positive. I saw some 3 or maybe 4 star ones that said
it looks and feels a bit bulky, but for $30 it’s simply the best value out there in my
opinion. The only negative that I can see is that since
it’s still very new, a lot of online websites and stores seem to be sold out right now. At the moment amazon is sold out, so is walmart,
best buy, gamestop and even Target. So if you truly need these things ASAP your
best bet is probably calling some physical locations that would carry them to check,
but depending on where you live, you may have to wait a bit. Now for all my xbox guys there is somewhat
of a similar product to what I just described. It’s something I actually get asked about
fairly frequently called a strikepack from a 3rd part company. It’s a little more expensive than the $30
but not by much it’s more in the $35-$45 range depending on the which model you pick. And the basis of it is fairly similar, it’s
an attachment you snap on to the back on a regular xbox controller and it gives you 2
extra paddles. And even though I would never reccomend this
because you’ll get banned, the strikepack also apparently comes with a bunch of different
crazy shooting mods so just thought that was worth mentioning. So I think it’s definitely a decent substitute
for xbox players can obviously can’t use the sony back button attachment, but I have heard
a few negative things about the strikepack regarding things like it’s durability and
general design. More specifically, I saw a few comments saying
they break easily and that the paddles can be slightly hard to reach if you have short
fingers. But if you’re nervous or just not able to
shell out $150-$200 for the premium paddle controllers, I think trying the strikepack
is a solid idea. Even if you end up having some problems with
it you won’t be super upset because you wasted a lot of money, and also you’ll be training
yourself to use paddles so when you do eventually upgrade to a premium controller there’s much
less of a learning curve. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Let me know what controller you currently
use to play Fortntie or really any video games with. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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  1. Just realized he’s playing with annoying tv

  2. I have the razer wolverine tournament edition it’s so nice

  3. The razer wolverine ultimate it’s super reliable though. You can do more customization with it than you can with the elite series 1. I haven’t seen anything on the series 2, but the wolverine has 2 extra buttons, a better response time, shorter trigger stops, and ABXY are super clicky and satisfying

  4. Damn I was hoping for my would say the strike pack 🙁

  5. GronKy, I use an ExtremeRate controller. It’s only $35 for the kit, and you install it into an existing PS4 controller. It adds 4 programmable paddles to the back, and it works amazingly well!

  6. I have a battle beaver and I love it.

  7. I started using m&k on xb1, for 30$ you can get a sweet deal and use way more fingers.

  8. What about the powera pro fusion controller for Xbox one there's 3 version but the newest and best version look like the current powera controller but it has 4 paddles 3 way trigger stops and more for $80

  9. Dude you promoting the elite series 2 is bad. it’s the worst controller as far as durability goes look at the reviews if u get one that actually works past a month without issues you have a unicorn on your hands.

  10. Battle Beaver for the win. Stop promoting scuff

  11. Evil controllers make the best controllers. Ive had them all scufs ect. Yesterday i bought the c40 its cool and all but it gives u patatoe aim so its useless rn 🙁

  12. I can always count on GronKy to me help out on how to improve my gameplay. Keep it up bro❤️

  13. Does the elite series 2 have less delay than the series one? I’ve done a ton of research but can’t seem to find out. If u could make a video on this if really appreciate it

  14. i use normal dual shock 4 gronky

  15. Fps strike pack PSA
    If your on ps4 get and use a first party cable. The ps4 doesn't like the USB cable that comes with it, after short time the ps4 will flash a blue screen randomly because of the undesired cable in its port

  16. I bought a strike pack 3 days ago I hope it last me so far so good

  17. Imagine having a Razer Wolverine Tournament edition, this post made by Razer Wolverine Ultimate gang

  18. PS4: Razer Raiju, Scuf Impact, Scuf Infinity, Dualshock, Astro C40 TR, Battle Beaver, Evil Controller, Strikepack

    Xbox: Xbox Controller, Xbox Elite, Scuf Prestiege

  19. I use the Nintendo Switch pro controller. I'd wish they had more controllers like scuffs controller on the market. I know Nintendo Switch ain't pure console, but it's the only way I play Fortnite.

    Also, Pin this GronKy! ❤️

  20. I bought a PS4 Scuff and it was set up like an Xbox controller. I couldn't get used to it so I took it back and got an Astro. I pre-ordered the new extra buttons for a regular PS4 controller as well. We'll see how good it is Jan 29

  21. Used to use the strikepack on PS4. It was really solid and definitely durable, although I did have to use my pinky to hit one of the paddles as my index and middle fingers stay on the triggers/bumpers at all times. Switched to Battle Beaver about 6 months ago and I'm never going back. The trigger stops feel like mouse clicks, the build quality is far superior to Scuf (trust me I've tried both), and the buttons on the back are super clicky and can be placed in whatever position you want (while Scuf paddles can't do this). Battle beaver is also about $20 cheaper than Scuf for the base model with trigger stops and back buttons. Also strikepack can't be used on PC while Battle Beaver can.

  22. Gronky the razer wolverine ultimate works on pc not just xbox and has extra shoulder buttons that no other controller hasthat I'm aware of

  23. I use strike pack… And yea if you have short fingers you will not be able to play claw, I don’t use claw and still have a little trouble reaching the paddles. They are more on the inside handle rather than the back of the controller. Latency seems a little weird at times as well.

  24. I have an Xbox elite, very high quality and I’ve had it for 2 years and the only problem is the right grip is coming off, but other than that it is perfect!

  25. Razor wolverine ultimate

  26. Have to disagree gronky I have used all these controllers, and several versions of them and the astro c40 by far surpasses all of them in performance and longevity. Plus as soon as I get stick drift I swap the modules out and it’s like a brand new one. All my scufs have had problems within the first 4 weeks of using them.

  27. Where my n64 controller gang at?

  28. The razor wolverine ultimate also works on pc

  29. I’ve owned several scufs, both Xbox and PS4, a last gen razer raiju, an Xbox one elite gen 1, and a razer wolverine.

    I’ve currently use the Xbox elite and a scuf vantage 2, and I’d say the Xbox is more durable in general, but the scuf is more high performance. I think the higher stick tension of the scuf gives me much better accuracy than the loose sticks of the Xbox elite. Also, the scuf has 4 paddles that are actually usable unlike the Xbox elite.

    Razer wolverine was pure garbage, the paddles are so far away from where my finger naturally rest it’s insane. That being said when my current controller break, I think I’ll just get a regular DualShock PS4 and use the new back button attachment, and just get a GameStop warranty because I absolutely destroy these controllers in like 3 months haha

  30. There is a 4 paddle strikepack that Collective minds released

  31. The strike pack is good and obviously you don’t have to use the mods you can just use it for the paddles which is what I do, saying that unfortunately the short finger statement is true the standard paddles can be a little bit tricky to use if u have smaller hands 😂 worth a shot tho, I like mine and I play fn on pc

  32. Or you could just buy a strike pack for like $30 on amazon or just play claw for free lol

  33. PlayStation controller with the new back button attachment. Cheapest and best feeling controller.

  34. U should review some of the best console players like top 10

  35. What about a eXtremeRate Dawn Programable Remap Kit. There's 4 buttons instead of 2

  36. I use strike pack for my Xbox controller really worth it

  37. GronKy forgot to mention that Scuf’s are unreliable and known for breaking, he didn’t mention some smaller companies like aim, battle beaver, or evil controllers. I thought GronKy did a good job of addressing everything I would like another more in depth video

  38. I was like #420! GGz! 🙂

  39. why you knocking the razer controller? it's xbox and pc compatible. it doesn't break after 3 months of use. mine lasted well over a year before i had to replace it.

  40. I just use a power A wired controller it comes with two buttons on the back that you can remap to whatever buttons you want I use the back buttons for edit and confirm edit

  41. Love your stuff gronky

  42. I have the newer eliminator strike pack with 4 buttons instead of 2 paddles and it’s actually pretty durable. It’s $45 tho

  43. A little tip for you guys that are here trying to figure out which controller to buy. Don't buy the Scuff, after owning one for over 2 years I can tell you, it sucks. I can't count how many times my back paddles broke because they are cheaply made, some of them broke when screwing it on the controller when trying to replace the broken ones. My R2 started failing 6 months after I got the controller, they charged me 40$ to fix it, plus shipping. Over all I had to spend at least another 100$ getting my scuff repaired over time. I would say if you are looking for a good controller get the Astro C40, it is a bit more expensive but worth it, hands down best controller I ever had. Nicely made, i have had it for a while now, no issues. You can customize your deadzones and hair triggers with the software. It beats the scuff 10 to 0. Never getting a scuff again.

  44. dont know why im watching this, i play mnk

  45. Wolverine ultimate edition is clearly the best

  46. I have the strike pack. You can turn the mods off so if your thinking about buying it but don’t know then there’s some clarification

  47. Razor makes one of the best controllers for ps4 in my opinion

  48. has anyone tested out the ps4 back button attachment with fortnite yet? it's not out in my country and just wondering how good it is

  49. ALL XBOX PLAYERS! the fusion pro controller is 80 bucks but is every bit as good as the elite series two 100% certifiable

  50. I used an elite v1, upgraded to the v2. At first didn't care for it too much but after you get used to them you can't play with anything else. Favorite feature on the v2 is the ability to control the tension on the analog sticks. Allows for more precise aim etc.

  51. Just play claw lmao

  52. I use nacon revolution unlimited pro for Ps4, expensive but comfy feel

  53. Imma give the PS4 back button a shot. The series one elite is fine and all but I’ve always been more at home on a PlayStation controller. I tried the elite series 2 but that thing is a flaming dumpster when it came to quality control. First one had defective A and Y buttons. The replacement had defective A and Y buttons as well but I dealt with it since I had an extended warranty and I was waiting on a newer and improved batch before replacing. Unfortunately after a month of use the bumpers started double clicking so I just returned the controller entirely. Thank you holiday return period.

  54. For Xbox players I used to use a powerA controller and it is about $20 and has buttons. I recommend it highly.

  55. Back buttons should be standard on the next systems.

  56. Scuff vantage is the best not only dose it give you 4 paddles and 2 more on the side plus y can used with pc as well

  57. Does anyone else use a scuf prestige? I’ve had it for a month, and honestly — it’s the worst purchase I’ve made in my life. The power A enhanced controller for $30 is literally just as good and the paddles are easier to use. I already broke a paddle on my Scuf after not even a month of use. To my xbox guys — don’t buy a scuf prestige. Get the xbox elite.

  58. i use an astro c40

  59. I want a Battle Beaver 4 BUTTONs in the grip (not paddles on back) controller! You can send them your controller and mark on the grip where you want the buttons installed (the only completely customizable controller on market)! also customize the resistance in the aim or movement sticks for better control with high sens, smart triggers, alot of extra features, but with the PS5 only 10 months away I can't see spending the $$ on a custom controller and it not work with the new console……so I will wait!

  60. The Razer Wolverine is the best one imo. Better paddle placement than the elite, cheaper and much more durable

  61. I swear people be sleeping on the scuff vantage, the 4 paddles and 2 sax buttons come in handy. I utilize all 6 and it works for me and quite frankly I'm glad I didn't get any other controller*!

  62. I have not seen the video yet and where the nacon unlimited is not here, I will put my dislike >:v

  63. Elite series 1 had stick drift at .12 deadzones with the first and warranty replacement. Elite series 2 gave double inputs on one input of either bumper after 2 months. Never had a scuff but within 2 months I've had to warranty the elite series 2, while it was being mailed off to Microsoft I started practicing claw and it's the best decision I've ever made.

    Edit:. Also had a strikepack FPS with no issues other than the suboptimal paddle positioning.

  64. Scuf Gang where y’all at 😎

  65. Current Controller. I’ve had a scuf impact I spend $210 on but, after 7-9 months of consistent play it gave out on me. Didn’t want to spend another $200 and came across this. Best investment of my fortnite career!

    eXtremeRate Dawn Programable Remap Kit for PS4 Controller with Mod Chip & Redesigned Back Shell & 4 Back Buttons – Compatible with JDM 040/050/055 – Textured Blue

  66. How about the razer rajiu

  67. 8:50 why didn't you guys revive him?

  68. Razer wolverine all day long

  69. Because the XBOX elite is literally impossible for me to play with all 4 paddles. I accidentally hit them all the time. Personally I use the razer wolverine. Ergonomics on this controller are just better.

  70. I love my strike pack. It’s helped me a great deal. I use it on my Xbox controller. The only drawback is that it requires the controller to be wired instead of wireless, but they include a 10 ft cord so it’s not that bad. I haven’t had any issues with it so far (knock on wood) and it’s really easy to use and customize.

  71. the xbox elite s2 ABXY buttons are god awful. i got one today and im planning on returning it already lmao. its also heavy as fuck. too uncomfortable for me im just gonna get another default stock controller

  72. has anyone got the pro fusion xbox controller i am looking at buying that one but i wanna know what its like first

  73. I use nacon revolution 2 and its a complete beast

  74. Scuf paddles break the stick potentiometers wear out and you pretty much have to buy a new controller.

    The Astro c40 allows you to replace the sticks with modules for 20$. The paddles won’t break and you can change configuration.

    So unless you have “little hands” I’d go with the Astro.

  75. Razer Raiju Tournament Edition?

  76. The strike pack is on PS4 too. I use it. The paddles feel like they're better then scuf honestly. The way they're positioned.

  77. What about the Razer Raiju Ultimate/Tournament

  78. I've been using a strike pack for 3 years and it never broke. Idk maybe people are just throwing it on the ground 🤷‍♂️

  79. which controller should i get for joysticks normal ps4 controller joysticks are so trash

  80. The PlayStation4 also has their own strike pack and also is what I’m currently using on my ps4 controller

  81. I have a strike pack and a elite series 2

  82. I use the strike pack, best bang for your buck if you want the extra paddles. About the durability, mine works perfect for over a year now till this day. Only downside is it's has to be wired to the ps4. I don't know in comparison with the new back buttons Sony has released.

  83. I don't have enough money to spend on these expensive controllers so I just learned how to play claw, its not that hard as most of people think you just need to get used to it and it costs nothing.

  84. Strick pack way cheaper option the anything

  85. Gronky thinks because it is xbox elite more Xbox players use it

  86. My elite controller RB button just broke.. its defective it doesnt register sometimes or it presses twice after only 40 days

  87. Mod pack is £30-40. Two paddles you put on original controller.

  88. Wat about the Razer kaiju

  89. I use a strike pack mod pack for xbox 1. I paid £35 off Amazon after my xbox elite broke. I don't use any off the mods at all. Just the 2 paddles (wich I used on my elite as 4 felt uncomfortable) and I recommend it to anyone that has never used paddles. You can also download software that Gronky didn't mention to adjust the triggers and deadzone off your analogs. There are a few mods with the strike pack already but I have never used them. You can pay a monthly subscription and get access to a load off mods and coin generators. So there are mods and cheats for almost every big game. Example for fortnite there is one where you can press one off the paddles and it will build a floor stair wall 3x to get high ground. 1 button that's faster than a mouse and keyboard can do it. There is a mod for less recoil, and higher tracking off enemy player. Basically stronger aim assist-small aim bot. Easier edits where pressing the paddle will edit and shoot your gun for you and then close it lol. Some you could defiantly get away with using but I personally have never used them just looked at some off them. I ain't paying a subscription fee to get banned.

  90. I use the razer because it has 2 extra buttons on top and you can enable a sniper button and flick button and the paddles are easier for most people to click

  91. The Astro C40 allows many customization's that I don't believe Scuf and Elite offer. I have heavy thumbs so the ability to adjust the controller dead zone on the pc with Fortnite's dead zones make it much easier to aim down sites mid range and control the shotgun sway in close range. The button placements are very similar to the PS4 back buttons also. Just my opinion.

  92. I just killed a man

  93. holy I haven’t watched ur vids back in season 9

  94. I use a strike pack and it works just fine for me. I'm really rough on controllers so 35 bucks for paddles I can throw on any wireless controller for xbox makes the most sense to me. I would highly recommend the strike pack. Just make sure to put it in tournament mode (the alien eyes turn white instead of green).

  95. How did you read my mind?

  96. I use scuf impact love u 😍

  97. I play on switch and I have these 2 controllers with back buttons from PowerA, there's 1 wired w/ a headphone jack which is nice since standard controllers don't have a headphone jack

    The other one is just a battery powered wireless controller, still has back buttons though

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