Complete Badminton Training by Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie 17

Complete Badminton Training by Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie   17

Badminton Coach Xiao Jie Former World Champion Zhao Jianhua Content: How to hit the shuttle in the back higher and farther What the backhand stroke isÖ How to prevent injuries from badminton. People have questionsÖZhao Jianhua is here to help! D: Hello, friends, my name is Dong Wei. I am a teacher. I am 40 years old. I have played badminton for three years now. Rear court smashes, backhand kills and retrieving are my weaknesses. Z: Ah, so that means you can understand everything, right? D: HAHAHA. No, not really. Z: So, you enjoy playing badminton? D: I like it very much. I play at least once a week Z: Only once a week, so you cannot say you like it very much. The people I know, they play at least three to four times a week! Time is a problem, right? D: Yes. I donít have much time because I have to work. Z: Iíll have you play for a bit and I will watch you Iíll look for things that you arenít too strong at. If you have your own questions to ask me, then please ask me. If I canít answer, then Iím going to go and do some research! Hit these shots higher! Ah, good good. Good. Stop for a bit. I see that youíre a bit tired, right? Never mind. I watched you, and there are some things we should talk about. One thing is your grip, which is not very correct. Another thing is the power of your rearcourt shots. Your shots are okay, but it doesnít look very comfortable. If you can hit the shot farther, then it will be better. From these two points Iíll start coaching you. As I was saying, grip, let me see your grip
*shows grip* But when you play, it certainly isnít like this, is it? D: When I play, itís more like this Z: See, the grip you showed me is correct. But when you play, you hold the racquet like this
*holds the racquet wrongly* D: That is possible. Z: Because of this, you donít have much power in your shots and canít hit very far D: With this grip, you can have power? Z: You have to try it! If you donít try how will you know? Letís try. Use more strength! Your grip changed again! Donít move! The grip here is different from the grip you showed me before. The correct way is like this, right? This grip, itís not bad. You can still use it. Now, relax your hand. Relax! In badminton, these two fingers are very important. So, because of this, you shouldnít hold the racquet like this: See, if I hold it this way, Iím not using these two fingers. Hold it like this and you should have some control. People like to hold it like this so they can hit it like this
*swings* Itís easier to hit this way. But if I hit shots like this, how can I hit it far? Instead, you should turn your wrist like this and get your strength from this area
*points finger to wrist* Right now, you hit shot like this
*does a really lame swing*. you hit it like this, itís like your strength is used from here to here, right?
*motions* But really, using strength from here to here is useless; the shuttle has already gone by now. So, to really use your strength, you need to apply it from here to here
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So really, hitting up to here is enough. Ah, right! Not bad, eh? Good! Now, you really didnít use any strength, right? D: Right Z: And now, your stroke seems a bit more comfortable. Before, you hit it with your strength and didnít hit it very far. Now, all your strength is focused here. Another thing we need to talk about is that you are hitting the shuttle too low. Normally, you hit your shots in this area, and your shots are flat. What you should do is hit the shuttle in front of you and hit it earlier. When you think to yourself that youíre going to hit the shot, you should be thinking: ìI should hit the shot earlierî. Try it. Right, right, right. Make these shots snappier and quicker. Relax! These two shots had pretty good height. Now you can coordinate with your shoulder joint. You can use your shoulder now.
*pats* Imagine you are throwing something away. Now throw it farther. See? Not alike. How about you try and figure this out yourself. If you want to learn it now, itís not a problem. Now, your grip has affected your strength, youíve improved very quickly. But this is my own personal view. Iíll hit a few shots and you watch. Look for my shoulder rotation and focusing of strength.
*hits some clears*
*Dong hits clears* Relax. Too big of a swing. Hit the shuttle and then stop. Relax. Hold up. Relax your wrist… Good. When you hold the racquet here you have no problems. But when you hold it higher, you need to relax a little bit.
*demonstrates by holding Dongís hands* Relax, donít hold it tight. Now you can see the explosiveness. Hey, very good. Hey, very good. Right, good. Not bad.
BREAK What other requests do you have? Front of the court, or backhand? Backhand, right? Technically, it is a shot that you shouldnít play very often. Consider your age. Sometimes you have to use it. Why? Because if youíre always leaning on one side, it will be too hard on your body. First, hit a few and Iíll watch. Hit a few long shots and heíll use his backhand. Move up a bit. Move farther up because youíre hitting your shots too close to you. Good, stop for a bit. Your backhand is not bad. The sound is not bad. You heard the sound over here, but over here you donít hear it, do you? Too bad. You also tend to send your arm all the way out.
*does large arm swing*. As I said before, you need to hit the shot with your wrist. Most of the shot happens in this area
*does a backhand* Last time you hit the shuttle in this area, now you have to hit the shuttle here.
*does backhands* See, when I finish my stroke, the racquet is here. Itís like a series; after I hit the shot, I return to my base position. Right now, Iím doing it a little slower so you can watch. You did it like this
*does retarded arm swing* Ah, right, good. Relax. Good, stop for a bit. Now, the shots youíre doing arenít really backhands becauseÖ it looks too easy. You donít have the body rotation. Right now youíre doing this
*does a really funny smile thing* D: hahah Z: See, you are doing it like this, right? Another thing is your footwork. Right now youíre very slow. First, you start in your base position. Next you use this leg and move this way. If the shuttle is over here, one step is enough. If itís farther, you might have to add some smaller steps. One step. One step and a little more. You can also move like this and use two steps. Right, and two steps is enough. That one is generally more complicated. This one is easier. Ah, this shot is hard to hit, eh? Ready? Good! Use fewer steps. This shot didnít reach the back. This shot is difficult. This kind of shot you can see for sure. D: When we play flat shots, it definitely will work. Z: Another thing to talk about is the use of strength. Before you did the arm swing and that is not very effective. See, if I do this
*does a really useless backhand* You see, my arm didnít even go to here. All I did was this. Stop here.
*woosh* This grip you still need to relax. See, relax
*woosh*. Your strength should be used in a very small amount of time, right? What else do you have to ask me? D: When I play, there are times when my muscles are sore. Z: Which muscle? D: The shoulder area. Also the forearm. Is it something to do with the fact that I did not use my muscles properly? Z: I have to ask. You said to me that you play about once a week. In my case, if I stopped playing for a while, I would have sore shoulders too. D: But my situation is strange Z: Does this come after you play? D: No, it comes after I play. Z: Ah, after you play. In this case, it is certain a muscle soreness. After you play, itís a little bit stiff. D: Right Z: In a couple days it will get better. Your shoulder is hurting because you are not using enough force. D: not ENOUGH force? You should add some more strength in that area. D : Not because I move my arm super far? Z: It has something to do with your frequency of playing. In situations like this, it will happen less. You need to use some weights to strengthen the area. Injuries are one thing; your muscleís reaction to exercise is another thing. If itís an injury, the more you play the more it will hurt and then you have to be very careful. But if itís a muscle reaction, the more you play the better your muscle will get. One way to reduce the soreness is trying to relax after you play. After you relax your body can go back to a normal state for you to continue training. When you finish exercise and your body is tired you have to relax. So it can go back to normal. Do some stretching exercises, which are good for the muscle reactions. D: How do you exercise to help you relax? Z: There are many ways. You can sit down and stretch you legs, or push against the wall and stretch your shoulders. Or you can pull your arm and stretch this side of your shoulder. For your arm you can do a little massage yourself. Understand? Hope this helps you. D: Thanks Z: I hope next time you can tell me that ìCoach, my arm does not hurt anymore!î D: Laughs. Thank you. Z: Good. Youíre welcome.

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