Complete Badminton Training by Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie 22

Complete Badminton Training by Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie   22

Badminton Coach Xiao Jie Former Worldchampion Zhao Jianhua Content: How to do (backhand) net kill Footwork and positioning is the key for rear cout over the head shot. (Badminton) fanatics come with the questions and Coach Xiao Jie has the answer. My name is Jiang Liyang. I am 31 years old. I am a researcher and play badminton very often on my spare time Specifically my movement to the rear court is a weakness and I am often pinned to the rear court. I hope to make improvement through this opportunity. Through playing badminton I not only get to exercise but also got to know my current wife. Over the head. You have good hand control/skill, but you are a bit slow in starting to move for the rear court shot. In a little while I will tell you that you can make your start, first step, quicker. Also at the front court there were at least 3 occasions of shuttle high at the net you let the shuttle drop before hitting it. You didn’t take advantage of the opportunities. You totally can kill the shuttle over the net. Do you normally use net kill? I have before, but … – … You don’t feel confident Sometimes I am not sure and sometimes the shuttle went into the net Either go down into the net or go out? Next we will go over the backhand net kill When the shuttle comes relatively high you want try to hit the shuttle from top down at the net There are two ways to do it. The faster way is: to start, move your right foot forward then jump forward. Racket out. One step diagonal jump to do net kill Second way is: if you can:t move fast enough in the first way: move your left foot a step forward then push forward (your right foot) for net kill. Push forward. Kill At the same time you push forward change your grip from forehand to backhand. Push your thumb up. Your racket is straight up, directly facing the shuttle. Bring back the racket with wrist moving up slightly to prepare and (kill by) your thumb push forward, and the three fingers (thumb, index and middle) grip hard from down to up at this angle hitting the shuttle over the net from top down.” “Knock down” Your angle is not good” “Watch, after hitting the shuttle my racket is facing downward” Your racket is still this angle, then…” Now you’re right… Before not enough (angle), the shuttle won’t go down” To prevent your racket touching the net there is a braking after hitting the shuttle. Stop (the racket) here, contorl it here” “After hiting the shuttle, Paa, control it here The method I just explained is for when the shuttle is away from the net You can do like this: See, wrist up, bring back the racket, kill. Shuttle is away from the net If the shuttle is very close to the net you can use the slide motion to kill From left to right: sweep your racket over… my racket face is in this type of angle Get the shuttle over without touching the net When (the shuttle) is close to the net you need to do like this (The shuttle) went down” “See it? See it clear?” “Paa From left to right use these two fingers to control the racket face angle The thumb and index finger?” – “Right. You try.” Try. Still stand in the same position? Two types of foot work – From the middle of the court If you are capable and can do it, jump diagonally forward, kill If not, use push forward to do net kill Right” “Not bad” “Come on” “Second time, not so good A bit like the mistake you made when you started: You put the racket head low. Then you can’t do net kill Try to put it above the net so you can hit it down Good. Right. You body sprung out. This time did well.” “Good. Stop You also need to bear in mind another thing: after net kill you need to come back you might think the shuttle is dead but still need to prepare in case it’s returned Be sure you are ready for next shot! Good” “Right” “Good” “Stop The reason you can explode and control the racket is you can use the power of your thumb. Your thumb push forward. Very relaxed. See my whole racket is like loose… Is it use the three fingers? – Right. Really relaxed. Only when push down I grab tight.” The same for left to right sweep net kill.” “Grab tight only when at final hitting motion. The reason you feel you are slow in moving to rearcourt: the key thing to you is the first step The first step is the start: turn your body. You didn’t do that! To move fast to the reacourt the first step is the key. The over head position. Watch me… When I start I turn then I can immediately start to jump up. Push. Jump up. Then you can hit Right foot push, left foot as pivot, move.” “Like this, you see almost at the rarcourt. The continue with a jump step. You can hit the shuttle. The reason you are slow is that you bend your body backward and move backward facing forward. You try to feel it. Right foot has to push hard. Body turn around? You need to feel it. Right foot has to push hard. Left foot as support. You see, left foot as pivot, push, turn. Right. You try As soon as turned your body, do a jump step. Like what I just did No more unnecessary move You try. Good. Start One step too many As soon as you have turned immediately jump Not right. Let me show you You watch one more time. You come to front You can do it. Because even I can do it you can also do it. Just two steps. Push, turn, jump… You had one extra step After push and turn you had a step together then jump Not necessary. You can quickly turn then jump Just this move… Try again As soon as you have turned immediately jump Good. Not difficult, right? – No, I feel much better now! And you movement is much quicker OK. Move Right. Move back When you start… you didn’t have the push Need to push! – Is it to jump a little bit Need to push on the floor Right foot push hard? When I push both of my feet push backward at the same time Both feet are from standing position to moving position. There is a distance between them I have moved away (from standing position). Originally why you feel you didn’t move enough distance You only had the body turn but not position shift or not enough shift Both feet need to push and move back. Both together. Retreat. Right OK. With shuttle. Right. Once more. Good. Stop That’s right – But still a bit no quite there. That is when starting you are not fully committed. Your foot strength not fully utilized If you are a little scared of, for example, your opponent’s high quality shot (to the rearcourt). Don’t worry. As long as you push start your first step, you can add a small middle step you can get to there with room to spare. You can get there. To the rear most point. Then you hit the shuttle and get back. The most important thing for you, why you are slow, is the start: you don’t have the explosiveness Without explosiveness you won’t get speed. If the opponent pushes the shuttle to my backhand rearcourt: I can’t get the shuttle to the oppoent’s rearcourt with my backhand. So I can only play to the front court.” Most people are afraid of the shuttle at backhand overhead corner. But if you can do what we talked about today: the push start and turn your body then jump, if you can master this move you can make up for the backhand weakness. If you can get there to use your forehand, why put youself at a disadvantage using backhand? Now that you raised this question of backhand I wil also explain it a bit to you. I saw it. When shuttle is at this location it is very difficult to hit it with your backhand. At this location to hit it with your backhand you need to move fast. Try to hit the shuttle when it’s at above your right shoulder position . A little higher or lower is OK but do not let it be far behind. If it’s far behind nobody can hit it well. I can’t. At the moment you genarate power, you want to learn to use backhand grip. Body turn, pivoting, waist leading power generation, upper arm leads forearm, forearm rotates out to generate power. Just your hand only has limited power. Your whole body, fully open up Arm and leg not quite coherent. At the moment you hit, though there was no shuttle, I can hear the sound I can tell it’s a dispersed force. It’s not sharp I have another question. Often when a game score is tied at 8-8 there seems to be a deadlock. Don’t know how to break through… – What do you normally do? At this kind of situation I try to change my play. You mean, e.g. you had played mostly to your opponent’s rear court then you changed to play more to the front court. Or you played more to the forehand now you play more to the backhand? Actually in this situation you can also try to vary the tempo For example your serve, before you did like this: prepare, serve. This kind of rhythm. You can try two variations. One is you slow down a bit. You normally would have served but don’t. Wait a second or two more before serve. Your opponent will wonder when you are going to serve, then you serve. His concentration may lapse and a mistake may ensue. This is one. Now I just talked about slow down. You can also speed up According to the rules you can serve after score is annouced Another thing is if you normally serve short in a standard way you can try a serve with high shuttle speed to the body. Fast shuttle. He may not be prepared for it and can easily make a mistake. You try these in your play

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