Cook Bids Goodbye To International Cricket | Alastair Cook Interview | #ThankYouChef

Cook Bids Goodbye To International Cricket | Alastair Cook Interview | #ThankYouChef

It’s obviously a sad decision in In one way it is also We need when you know, you’re the times, right? You know the times right and that’s what it’s kind of made it easier for me. I Don’t feel physically tired. I don’t fit. It’s not as if I’m You know their God, here we go. Again. It’s just Something missing from from it Sad that, you know all good things have to come to an end and I’ve absolutely loved my my 12 years It’s just been absolutely fantastic I’m above and beyond what I ever thought I could achieve so, you know I’ve been so lucky that I go back to Southampton in 2014 the support I was shown there was Incredible and everywhere. I’ve been so lucky to To have had that support and we are lucky as an English side that we get supported really I’m gonna miss the best You know I’m gonna miss but I mean I say it’s gonna be different dressing mystics and obviously the those certain moments where you get when you win a series and whether the crowd here are the overall it feels really buzzing and you know the games on an edge and you all right in the Middle of that, of course you’re going to miss that I’ve had a fairly good run so I’m pretty content I mean I’ve been so fortunate to play in such an area where we have had a successful in one side So and you know had great players to play alongside It’s exciting times and I always said this group of players are the most talented group of players. I’ve Even though there might not be the most successful yet. The talent is through the roofing. I think you’re seeing it Probably more in one deck than you are in Test cricket terms the actual results of it So really like they can fly I mean Obviously the challenges is trying to win away from home and be more consistent away from home And I’ll see a pretty good at home. So that’s kind of the next challenge of the side and there’s always going to be You challenged for and that’s what you know, I’m going to love watching

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  1. For the knowledge this channel had only 500k before India tour of Britain

  2. He’s an inspiration to sport

  3. cook is very good player.

  4. What will it do now after retirement?

  5. best looking cricketer ever !

  6. What an elegant player he was. Secondly, he had great personality as a player and as a human being. Love from pakistan???

  7. Cooks test batting average in his last 19 innings was below 20.He was terribly out of form.

  8. Does everyone also see the Maruti swift ad before every video on this channel?

  9. I am pakstan bat i love you india

  10. Cook is a legend #Thankyouchef

  11. Bring back Haseeb Hameed you ass holes!!!

  12. Thank you chef ( love from India)

  13. Cook is a worst batsman I have ever seen.

  14. Everyone can make thousands of run but it is hard to have a great personality like cook

  15. Cook fans hit like…

  16. I’m going to miss the way he leads from the front

  17. Alastair Cook ki na hone ki vajah se Lagta Hai Ki Aasman Mein Sitare Hain Chand nahi

  18. #CookRetires
    Paying tribute to one of the coolest and smartest test player and will be remembered forever for his contributions to the English batting. Long live Cook.

  19. He is d real gentleman

  20. Alistair cook not a player ,it is a legend

  21. damn maruti suzuki….thats enough

  22. Thank you chef. Absolute legend. Disciplined, loyal and a legend. Not a show off definitely underrated just does the job gets on with it. Thank you Ally Cook! ❤??

  23. Thank you the chef for your dynamic contribution with England Cricket. May you have a good time .Miss you while England will playing their test match

  24. You are great legend #thankyouchef


  26. If anyone wants to make test Xl there has to be Alastair Cook as opener

  27. End of an Cricket England era #ThankYouChef

  28. Hope MS Dhobi thinks this way……

  29. I'm one who hit the 1000th like ?

  30. Alastair is not a player he is a legend and god of test cricket. Miss you Alastair ???

  31. please you upload videos of asia cup 2018 matches

  32. Please remove Maruti Suzuki Celerio x ?

  33. Miss you cookie????????

  34. Only Pom I ever liked

  35. See the decrease in views after India series…we fucking made you reach 1million subscribers

  36. Love u chef❤️
    Indians like me,gonna miss u too

  37. LEGEND! ?‍??‍??‍??!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Cook what wrong with you man you just 33 if you played more 3 years you will broke sachin record ??

  39. Something is badly missing from cricket ??it will NEVER be the same again!!??

  40. Not seen a mentally stronger and focussed player than him !! Thank you chef

  41. He is god of england cricket??

  42. love you cook from india

  43. One of the gentlemen of the game. Thankyou #Chef

  44. #thank you chef … being an opener is not at all easiest position in test cricket.. but you did beautifully what to you have to assign for you… after Ab De villiers you also show the gentlemenship in cricket .. playing not record but for heart statisfaction .. era to be continued


  46. Cricket will miss you cook
    Such a legend
    Always welcome if you wanna play again

  47. We all gonna miss u chef!

  48. I am from India cook is a really good player

  49. test wont same without you sir
    will miss you

  50. A true Gentleman. ?

  51. Thank you Chef. I miss you already. You're a great cricketer, and more importantly, a great human being.

  52. Cook my favorite player ❤❤miss you Cook

  53. I’m so sad your leaving your great?????

  54. Very clam and good human being

  55. Love you Cook. You are a very lovely person . Will miss u a lot . Ur a legend. (My fav.)??


  57. Well done chef let’s hope to see you playing more darts

  58. He should have continued and bounced back in form, its sad.

  59. Thank you cook for the influence you have had on English cricket we will miss you

  60. He was such a great player who scored runs against every team he played

  61. #thankyoualaistercook

  62. alaster cook is the best batsman of team England……..I love his batting..

  63. Cook is best test cricketer i ever seen.

  64. David Warner
    Kane Williamson
    Steven Smith (C)
    Virat Kohli
    Joe Root
    Mushfiqur Rahim (Wk)
    Shakib AL Hasan
    Jason Holder
    Kagiso Rabada
    Jimmy Anderson
    Nathan Lyon

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