Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – National Volleyball Tournament, part2 [ENG/2016.07.12]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – National Volleyball Tournament, part2 [ENG/2016.07.12]

This is the 2016 Let’s Volleyball tournament. Game 1 starts now. (Their first match with team Narsha from Gwangju) A swift attack! (They have a slow start) The strong serve… Ties it up! (The tide has turned) Kangnam passes to Hakjin… Spike! They make a comeback! Blocked! (They get their first win) Let’s just get one point at a time! (2nd preliminary match against Dongdaemun) Ryohei chooses Hakjin. Spike! Diving dig! (They stop them) Ryohei… Hakjin! Hakjin! (2 consecutive comeback victories!) (Let’s carry on this momentum) We’re in the finals now. We’re in group 1. I was sure we’d lose. This is amazing. We turned things around. We always lost from comebacks before, but now… This is our first comeback victory. (Teams in the finals: Cool Kiz, Narsha, BDP Club…) (Seocho Vaesamo, Validus, High Flyers) (Tournament bracket) (The 1st place teams in each bracket draw lots) Pick one. You next. Then you. Next… Who picked A? Tell me if you picked A. (Who got it?) I’m so curious! Let’s see what happens to our group. A. (He still doesn’t know what’s going on) Cool Kiz. A1, Cool Kiz. We’re in the top 4! Hodong just picked and we moved up. We don’t have to play for the top 6. Hodong is great. – For real? / – Yeah. There are 3 groups. One goes down and we go to the top 4. What a relief. (Time for some rest) We almost had to play another game. That’s right. We advanced to the top 4 from a lucky pick. (Doesn’t realize what he’s done) The Icheon team chooses… C1 Itaewon HBC. – Hodong. / – We… What? I picked well? We made it to the top 4 thanks to your pick. Oh, we’re in the top 4 because of me? Yes. We’re in the top 4. It’s like we beat two teams already. (Praise me) (You’re the best) He didn’t even realize it. I won a game for us. Without even realizing… (Final bracket) (Time for a break) (All of them are silent and drained of energy) I’m so exhausted. (Hard to even breathe) That was our first time playing 2 games in a row. And they’ve been 21-point sets, not 15-point ones. They all went to set 3. We played 6 sets total. Yeah, we played 6 sets. (Plop) Why am I so tired though? (It’s been a tiring day) Jaeyoon! Let’s go, Ryohei! (Twitch) (Sleeping to recharge) He’s really sleeping. We took the lead! (He was a cheering machine during games) What a relief. We made it past noon. Ouch, my hand hurts. I never got beat up like this when I was in school. I’m trembling. It’s kind of stuffy here. (Where is he in a rush to?) Where’s grandpa? – Does he need to shoot? / – No, no. Did you enjoy the games? Goodness! We’re so proud of you! Grandpa, did you enjoy the game? Very interesting. A lot of fun. Very nice. I’m so proud of my grandson. I’m proud of him. (Whenever Gyoik scored) (Oh yeah!) Gyoik! Gyoik! (They tirelessly and passionately watched) We won! We won! – Are you okay? / – Yes, I am. I’m fine. (What a relief) Play well. (The support from his family recharges him) The Cool Kiz will be playing the Icheon team in the top 4. I’ve been watching this team advance. They’re amazing. That’s right. It was nice to see them work so well together as a team. Their strongest skill is their blocking. And their left front, number 8, is volleyball player Kim Hakmin’s older brother. He has shown us various attacks in this tournament. The Cool Kiz will need to really focus and throw themselves into the game. They’re going for the finals. This is the quarterfinal match against the Icheon team. Set to the back… Spike! It’s up… Attack from the center again! Blocked out of bounds. From the left… Hakno… Spike! Hakno… Spike! Icheon wins set 1 against the Cool Kiz. The Cool Kiz must win set 2. (The game starts with an ace by Gyoik) (Great digs) (And…) (Hakjin shines as the star player) Very nice! Ryohei sets it… Attack from the center. Direct! They make a comeback and win the second set 21:15. They won by a large margin. (They get ready for set 3) (Jaeyoon massages Hakjin’s tired shoulders) You okay? I’m good. We won, we won! We won. (The entire team is exhausted) How did we beat them? Awesome! (Too tired to respond to him, they simply smile) Our opponents are very tired too. We have to win the last one. We’re on set 3, so we need 15 points. – We can win it. / – 15 points. Each one will lead us to the finals. We’re going to the finals if we win this. 15 points. The real match starts now. We can do this. Let’s give it a shot. We can do this! Let’s kill it in the finals. – The finals are right in front of our noses. / – Yes. – Got it? / – Yes. – Let’s win the finals. / – Yes. 2, 3! (Let’s go, Cool Kiz) (Still worried about his shoulder) The receives are most important. Get some steady receives in the beginning. We have to take the momentum in the beginning so that we can win. Yes! – Be fierce. / – Let’s do this. Let’s play well. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s win this! The final set before the finals. Will the Cool Kiz be able to advance to the finals? (Determined) (Let’s go, Cool Kiz) Chanyong serves. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s focus for 15 points. Focus for 15 points! Get the ball first! Let’s just get past this strong serve. (Who will score first in set 3?) (The ball soars over the net) A heavy serve! It’s okay! Gyoik spikes! It’s crossed over… – Wow. / – Good, good. Nice! Luck is on our side! Let’s keep going! 2, 3! (Flip) Gosh! (Unyeong’s unexpected trick receive) – Focus! / – Play volleyball. It’s okay. Focus, guys. The score is 1:0. Hakjin’s serve. (It’s Hakjin) (Let’s get this) (They’re all nervous about the Cool Kiz’s star player) (Hakjin’s spike serve) (Seongmuk makes the tough receive) They save it. They get another chance! Here’s their chance. They must remain calm. Manseok to Ryohei… He sets it… Gyoik from the back! Gyoik from the back! They covered the attack. Hakjin… (Icheon receives again) Gyoik! Gyoik! – Success! / – Successful attack! (Gyoik scores again) (He surprised himself) Let’s keep going like this. 2, 3! Gyoik! Gyoik! (They weren’t ready for the surprise attack) What’s wrong with us? Focus! We can’t let them score more. Hakjin, very nice. Nice, nice. Just clear your head and play your best. We can’t give them the momentum! Not at all! It’s okay. Let’s get this! – Just touch the ball. / – We can get this. (They can get this) They have the momentum. The score is 2:0, with Hakjin serving again. (Spike serve) (Ace) Let’s do this! Keep going like this! 2, 3! (My bad) Hakjin’s good at serving. Let’s get the ball! Nice serve! (That’s my boy) Hakjin’s serves are really making him stand out. Nice! Let’s get the ball. Let’s get 3 points! (Another ace serve?) Just touch the ball. (Hakno puts it up high) Another sharp serve. – Seongmuk. / – Go! Seongmuk with another attack… Seongmuk with another attack… They had a chance there. Nice. Another attack… You’re leaning back. (Got it) Nice try, Manseok. That was great. Just got to get the ball. Just put it right up. Gayeon serves. – Get the ball. / – Let’s get one! The serve hits the net slightly. They get it over, it’s saved… Hakno from the left… Spike! Hakno from the left… Spike! Blocked and knocked out of bounds. They’re quickly catching up. Icheon is really closing in on them. (That’s too bad) Nice try. Let’s focus! – Focus! / – Focus! Let’s move up! The score is 3:2, with Gyeonghyeon serving. Let’s get this. Let’s just get this one! Nice receive by Gyoik. Quick attack from the left! Quick attack from the left! (Jaeyoon’s attack fails) They barely get it over… Direct hit! Success! Direct hit! Success! Hakjin! (Hakjin breaks their tenacious defense) Way to play your role. Let’s gather our strength! Let’s go the finals! 2, 3! (Gosh) It just came straight at us. The Cool Kiz keep their lead and don’t lose their momentum. – The players know. / – Sure. Since this is the tournament, if they lose, that’s it. (Both teams must be extremely focused while playing) 12:9. – Icheon doesn’t give up. / – Make a nice serve! Serving is Chanyong. Watch the strong serve! 3 more points! Focus! They only have 3 to go. Get 3 points, Hakno! It’s not over yet! Focus and win this! Volley! (A fast serve) (It hits Manseok’s shoulder) It hit his shoulder and went over. Hakno saves it! (Donghyuk makes a move) (Hakjin with the fake) It’s a fake! It’s a fake! How lucky! Ryohei, nice set. – How did you get that? / – With my shoulder. (Let’s keep this up, Cool Kiz) – We’re about to do this. / – That was a great one. Let’s do this. 2, 3! A fake! (Two people failed to get the dig) How lucky! I thought I’d crash into you! My bad. – That’s a shame. / – I can’t believe it… Manseok’s shoulder receive was precise. As long as he makes the receive. Sure! As long as it’s a good receive. (That’s unfortunate) (Nice one, Manseok) Let’s keep going like this. (Good work, my shoulder) Nice. The score is 13:9. Two more points and they make it to the finals. Jota serves. 2 more points! 2 more! Take your time! 2 more points! (Startled) – Let’s do this! / – Let’s win! Let’s get this! – It’s a short serve. / – Focus, everyone! 2 points left now. (Low and fast serve) (Taeseop fakes a pass) (It’s not over yet) – Such a crafty play. / – Let’s move up! (My bad) Nice try, Jaeyoon. That sliding looked cool. Let’s do this. Focus some more. Three more! Let’s take the lead! The score is 13:10. Byeongseon serves. Let’s get this. He’s their best player. As long as they do well on this one, they can win. Hakjin! (Out of bounds) They get an ace! Nice one. (Hakjin makes a mistake on his receive) (Jaeyoon tries chasing after it) It’s okay. No worries, Hakjin. My legs gave out. (He’s exhausted from the consecutive games) If only my legs didn’t give out and I wasn’t worn out. 13:11. A 2-point difference. The Cool Kiz are up by 2. (Byeongseon’s second serve) Let’s get this. – Get this. / – Let’s go! Let’s get this. Let’s go! Two more! (Let’s win this, Cool Kiz) Byeongseon serves. They’re shaky… They set was off. They barely get it over. Time to defend. Hakno from the left… Spike! Hakno from the left… Spike! Hakno from the left… Spike! A 1-point difference! They’re catching up fast. That was Hakno. Let’s get one more and win this! Too bad. Nice try. Let’s get one! (Calls a timeout) Coach Kim calls a timeout to stop the momentum. It’s going back and forth now. – Their serves… / – Their serves are strong. They are. Their serves are strong. (But now…) (A doctor pulls Hakjin aside) How’s your shoulder? Just spray me with the pain relief spray. Just spray me. (Hakjin’s fatigued shoulder is a concern) (Hakjin made hard spikes in every game) (The tournament) (Is putting more pressure on the star player) (He’s been receiving treatment during the game) (But his shoulder pain is getting worse) Let’s go and advance to the finals. Stay focused, guys. (Let’s go, everyone) Let’s go, Cool Kiz! One more. We look forward to the Cool Kiz playing their hearts out. Just relax. Let’s go! Let’s go, Cool Kiz! There’s only a 1-point difference. They must focus. Don’t be nervous. Just play. Let’s go! Let’s help each other out. Make a nice serve! Just block Hakjin once. (Let’s do this) Serve! (Another shaky receive) The score could be tied here. Slow, slow. Seongmuk spikes from the center! They save it. It’s going to Hakno… The ball… It’s going to Hakno… The ball… They get it over! (He messes up the set, hitting it out of bounds) Their opponents have made a fatal blunder. 14:12. One more! 2, 3! (Their streak comes to an unfortunate end) (Hogyeong can’t get up because he feels sorry) (Encouragement and disappointment at the same time) Geez… (Nice) (Hurray!) (What a shame) One point left until the finals! It’s match point. Now it’s Hodong’s serve and he rarely misses his serves. Right. One! One left! It’s not over yet! It’s not over yet! – Focus! / – Focus! (Must get this one) Get low. We still have a chance. – Get the ball and make the play! / – Get the ball! – It’s a short serve. / – Make a play! Match point for the Cool Kiz! (Seongmuk makes a nice receive) From the left… Spike! From the left… Spike! They save it. Set to the back… Again… Spike! (The ball got blocked and didn’t go over) Set to the back… Again… Spike! (We won) (The Cool Kiz win set 3) (The Cool Kiz cheer for themselves loudly) Amazing! The Cool Kiz makes it to the finals of the tournament! That’s right. (Too bad) I can’t believe it! I can’t believe we lost like that! Nice! (We won) (Gets up) (Nice, Hakjin) (The Cool Kiz enjoy their victory) It’s not over yet. This is insane! It’s not over yet. This is insane! We’re going to the finals. – Now let’s get that trophy! / – Yes! 2, 3! (The Cool Kiz win the semi-finals 2:1) Awesome! I can’t believe we made it to the finals. We made it. (They can’t believe it) Awesome! (On the way to the waiting room…) What’s this? (Thumbs up) What’s going on? (Thank you) (Congratulations) What’s going on here? What’s going on here? (But…) (Hodong doesn’t look too happy…) This is a battle of endurance. It’s a battle of endurance now. (Sigh) (Gyoik sighs as soon as he enters) (Jaeyoon has trouble even sitting) Oh, my back… (Even Jaeyoon is exhausted) (Even the funny guys are quiet) (The waiting room is silent) Gosh… (They’re all beat) A dive! (In order to keeping winning) Spike! Diving dig! (The Cool Kiz haven’t let up) (They couldn’t conserve their energy) (They’ve been playing since early morning) (They’ve played 3 matches) Hakjin saves it! (They played 3 sets in every match) (They’ve played 9 sets so far) What’s going on? The producers didn’t think we’d make it this far. What’s going on here? And they’ve all been 3-set matches. Right. We always lose the first set. I thought it would be over after losing the first set that last game. Amazingly, that team was undefeated, but they lost to us. (They’re beating tough teams) We’re on fire. Our hero is here. (It’s Hakjin) (Round of applause) The star player! (Kangnam is excited) (Clunk) The star player! Dang it… (A chair leg broke) (So funny) (Hakjin energizes his exhausted team) It’s your day today! You’re even funny today. This is amazing. Was that on purpose? (I thought someone played a prank) (It was my fault) As I said before, since we’re in the finals we have to win the trophy. That’s right. Let’s get that trophy. (They got past noon) (Now they go for the win) 2, 3! (Let’s get that trophy!) (The final match) This is the first time that the Cool Kiz have made it to the finals with a team sport. – It’s a historic moment. / – Yes. It’s a historic moment. Today is the recreational sports festival. (Nobody can predict what will happen) The 2016 Let’s Volleyball finals start now! (2016 Let’s Volleyball finals) Let’s go, Cool Kiz! We’re going to win! Let’s go, BDP! It’s a miracle. The Cool Kiz have made it to the tournament finals. The fruits of their labor are finally paying off. Right. Looking back on everything, they learned a lot while playing against retired stars and currently active players. With the experience gained while on tour, the team has really become cohesive. They’ve been improving every day and are now a force to be reckoned with. The BDP volleyball club from Asan is also a very strong team. Right. They’ve won national tournaments. They’re a strong team, no matter how you look at it. BDP is strong, but seeing the Cool Kiz continuously pull off wins shows they’ve been getting better. Their teamwork has gotten stronger and the players have stepped up their offense. I imagine our players have no desire to lose in the finals. This is last game of the tournament, the finals. It’s the last game – for the Cool Kiz volleyball team. / – Right. (Cool Kiz vs. Asan BDP) No need to talk about technique. This is the last game and the end of the Cool Kiz volleyball segment. This is really the last one. It’s unfortunate it’s the last one, but don’t feel too down about it. You all did great. Just stay focused for one last hour. – Yes! / – Yes. I always say this. Let’s have fun. – We love volleyball! / – We love volleyball! (Let’s go, Cool Kiz) (Will the Cool Kiz win their first championship?) The last one. We’ve been in the finals 18 times. We were in the finals for the amateur tournament, but this is really amazing. It’s okay if we don’t win. Let’s just have a fun game with the Cool Kiz. 1, 2, 3! (Let’s go, Asan BDP!) (The parents have been here since the beginning) Let’s go! BDP! Let’s go! Let’s go, Cool Kiz! Be careful of your injuries. Let’s go. Let’s focus! Focus! (Tension runs high as the match starts) Relax, guys. (The first round starts with Kim Dae-in serving) The final match. Mine, mine, mine! An overhand receive… They’re shaky. They have to get it over. It’s over… (Hakjin pushes it over) They barely get it over. It crosses over! Blocked! Left again… Spike! Spike! Pushed back long… What was that? From the left… Spike! (Yeonggu’s spike) From the left… Spike! (BDP scores first, after a long rally) BDP! (He put his body into it, but it went out of bounds) (Manseok feels extra sorry since it was a long rally) Jaemin, nice dig. (Even Sleepy feels bad) (The rally was unpredictable) The Cool Kiz made a great block, but BDP had amazing attack coverage. Right. The foot dig. It was great. – Let’s move up. / – We can move up. (Kim Dae-in serves again with the score at 1:0) Manseok… It hits the net! They save it. (Geonil spikes it) Manseok receives. Ryohei sets it… 3 people block! Ryohei sets it… 3 people block! Nice! (Hakjin knocks it past 3 blockers and scores) Nice one. (Couldn’t even touch the ball) (Hakjin’s spike pleases his family) Got it! Seokjin! It’s over here! (Need to block more towards the inside) The fact that Manseok is in the back… Right. He played a big role. Very precise. When the ball goes to Manseok, I feel very relieved. Manseok, nice defense. Nice, Manseok! That was awesome. (Manseok is the pillar of the team) Cross. 3 people have to jump. (Kangnam serves with the score 1:2) Nice serve! They receive Kangnam’s serve. Attack from the center! They receive Kangnam’s serve. A swift attack into the center! (BDP scores another point) Let’s move up. Let’s do this. (Missed the receive after the block) – Nice try, Jota. / – You did well. (Nice attack!) Nice! Dang… They’re keep hitting it fast over here. I’ll get the blocks. (Let’s focus and take the lead!) Check your positions. Seunggil serves. Overhand receive… From the left… Overhand receive… From the left… (Hakjin spikes) That was a powerful hit. (The Cool Kiz are on a roll) 2, 3! We have the momentum. (He got hit hard and they didn’t score) (Flustered by the extremely powerful hit) That surprised them. Seokjin! It’s going diagonally. You’re light on your feet. (Getting ready to receive an attack from the right) Chance! (BDP resets their defense) (Gyoik serving with the score at 2:3) (Strong serve) Coming from the right… Spike! It’s blocked. Over in 2! It’s blocked. Over in 2! (They tie it up with a surprise attack) We’re rushing. I’m not rushing. (He couldn’t handle the fast attack, giving up a point) – Nice try. / – Nice one. Nice one! (That’s too bad, let’s pressure them more) (Nice) (What a shame) Yell out for the ball! Watch the direct attacks. Let’s go! Get the ball. It’s okay. Let’s just play well from now. Watch the direct attacks. (Ilgu serving with the score at 3:3) Ilgu serves. Nice receive by Manseok. The pass seems to have gone wrong. (Yeonggu spikes) Their block hits it out of bounds, giving BCP a point. Their block hits it out of bounds, giving BCP a point. (That’s unfortunate) – It couldn’t be helped. / – Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s win that point back. Let’s make a play. Get it back! Aw, it’s out. (Gyoik’s dad thought the block worked) – Ilgu serves. / – Direct! – Manseok puts it up. / – Nice receive. Attack A! They defended. An open hit! – Oh, it’s in. / – Out of bounds. (BDP score another) BDP! (They throw themselves into it, but… ) BDP’s attack A! (BDP shows off their spectacular offense) (Cool Kiz try their best to defend…) (Their energy has been depleted) You’re all so tired. I have nothing to say. I can see you guys have slowed down. They have to defend. Set to the back… Straight! We’re getting into it. 21:16. Asan BDP gets the win. The Cool Kiz were up in set 1, but they ended up losing. (Can the Cool Kiz win this?) How did that foot dig not go in? – Yeah. That would’ve been cool. / – Yeah. You all look exhausted. No, we can do this. Smile, guys. We always lose set 1. That was a warmup. You’re all physically and mentally exhausted. Encourage each other during tough times like this. The volleyball segment is done after this. Remember, this is the last game. Last one. Let’s go. – Until the end. / – Let’s get this win. – Just one. / – For real. Fight hard until the end for the fans. Let’s get that trophy. Are you confident? – We love volleyball! / – We love volleyball! 2, 3! Think of it as the last set and just have fun. Think of it as the last set. Do a cheer together, okay? Play hard until the end. 1, 2, 3! (Let’s go, BDP) The Cool Kiz have lost set 1 in all 3 of their previous games. Yet they’ve always won during set 2 and 3. Right. Let’s go! Let’s do this! Last one! (Hang in there until the end) Let’s go, Cool Kiz! Let’s win set 2! (We must win) Get the ball. Get the ball first. (BDP’s defense looks tight) Jaeyoon will serve. Get the ball first. They push it up hard. Attack A! They push it up hard. Attack A! Manseok! (Direct) (BDP targets an unguarded area) (Manseok fell after defending it the first time) Okay. After Manseok defended, he fell over and couldn’t rejoin the defenders. – That’s where the ball fell. / – Right. Help each other out. Cover. Don’t just stay in your spot. – Let’s go! / – We can do this if we work together! – We can do this! / – Get the ball first. Get the ball. Seokjin serves. Mine! – Jota made a great receive. / – Jota’s great receive. (Hakjin spikes) It’s blocked… They save it. Kangnam! Kangnam! Ryohei.. Another one! Another one! Jota’s dig! Another one! Jota’s dig! It’s in! (Their determination pays off) You got their best player. You received his attack. 2, 3! (In low spirits) It’s okay. BDP! Wow, Kangnam and Jota’s digs. These two are great at volleyball now. Kangnam and Jota were great this time. (Awesome) (They should’ve gotten that) Let’s go! (Gyoik preparing to serve) Just put it up. Just put it up. (BDP staying on their toes) Gyoik is great! Gyoik serves. Nice… Gyoik serves. They save it. It’s over. Jaeyoon… Ryohei fakes a pass! They have a chance! Manseok, Ryohei puts it up… Spike from the left! Spike from the left! But it was blocked. (BDP won’t give up the lead) (Hakjin can’t play like he wants to) It’s okay. You’re great. Hakjin, that was great. Nice! Ryohei can’t move properly. (These two have trouble standing back up) Let’s do this. Ryohei, it’s okay. Just hang in there. Your legs aren’t moving right. Hang in there. – Let’s go! / – We can do this! – We can do this! / – Get the ball first. Let’s do this! Jaemin serves. (Coming in hard and low) Gyoik receives… Hit to the inside! Out! BDP! BDP! (Another attack gone wrong) (There doesn’t seem to be a solution) Timeout. Press it. (Coach Kim requests a timeout) Timeout. Come back. Coach Kim called a timeout. This is our last chance. We’re changing positions. (So suddenly?) Donghyuk, you take the right side. Ryohei, you take the center. – The center? / – Yeah. Gyoik, take the center. You’ll set the ball. We have no more fast attacks. (Jaeyoon, stay close to the net on the right side) Signal each other and move around the center. Let’s have fun! 2, 3! (The players step back onto the court) (Let’s go, Cool Kiz!) (I hope BDP wins!) (Let’s win!) I’ve never played center. (Will Coach Kim’s plan work?) Stay pumped until the end. (BDP is also determined!) (Why is Ryohei back on defense?) Ryohei, you’re just going to receive? (Looking around) You’re not going to block? Where do I stand? You’re not in the back. You’re up front. I want to play back here. I feel like I’ll do well. No. But if I play in the back… Move back and play defense. You two play together. (I’ll show you what a receive is!) (What’s with their positions?) We’ve changed our positions slightly. Gyoik will set the ball. Manseok and Ryohei will cover the back for more steady receives. If the ball is short and it comes to me, ask for a short set. – Short? / – Yeah. Check where it is. Alright. I’ll shout out, “Short!” (We can do this!) Dongcheol serves. We have a chance. Ryohei receives… Gyoik… – Ryohei! / – Ryohei! Out of bounds! Gyoik became the setter and Ryohei is now attacking. (Ryohei plays great in the center, too!) 2, 3! Ryohei! Your first spike! Nice! Nice, nice. (Their first taste of Ryohei’s spike) (What was that all about?) Ryohei’s better than Hakjin. Ryohei, hit it hard. But my legs have given out. (Playing his best, despite his fatigue!) Get ready! Get low! Nice! Focus! (We can’t give them the lead) (Let’s take the lead!) Hodong serves. Nice serve. From the left… (Dae-in spikes) (The spike hits the net and goes over) BDP! Dang it! That’s okay. You don’t have to be so far back. We couldn’t have gotten it anyway. (It’s okay! We’re playing well!) Seokjin, just get one. (Leave it to me!) Let’s get one! (Let’s catch up!) Seunggil of BDP serves. (Low and fast) Nice receive. From the left… Spike! They save it! (Cool Kiz team is in trouble) They must get it over and they do. From the left… A block by Gyoik! (The ball fell) (Like swatting a fly) (Gyoik is killing it as a setter!) We have to win now. Let’s take this. 2, 3! (Let’s take this set!) (Couldn’t cover the perfect block!) (Oh, no…) This is how the Cool Kiz played in the beginning. – They were all about blocks! / – Right. Gyoik’s transition to a setter really was a great move. Coach Kim’s secret weapon is Gyoik in the setter position. Nice! Gyoik! Gyoik! (This is working well) It’s okay. Let’s get the next one. With Ryohei serving… – They can take the momentum. / – Right. Get the ball. Just touch the ball. Get the ball. Put it up. (I’ll show you!) (Spike serve) Ryohei! A point off the serve! (Hit out of bounds) (He doesn’t disappoint) (A perfect ace) (As expected of Ryohei!) Let’s do this! (He coolly goes back to serve) (He’s really strong…) (Our team needs to start serving soon…) Comeback! Nice serve! (Woosh) (Dang it…) Take your time for the receives. (All ready!) Let’s get this ball! Get the ball. Just put it up. Just touch it. Make it super powerful! (Another ace!) One at a time! We’re writing history one page at a time. 2, 3! Let’s move up! (Served into an unguarded area) (They all froze…) (He made the receive and even went on the offensive!) (He even has strong serves!) Ryohei comes through when they need him most. (Awesome!) Ryohei! Ryohei! Ryohei! Move back and then move in. (We’ll get it this time!) Move back and then move in. (Nervous from the two serves!) Ryohei serves again. (Spike serve) It goes in again. They block the attack from the center! (They totally blocked the path!) (The wall is back!) This is the beginning of our dramatic victory. We’re the heroes. 2, 3! (They want a dramatic win) (They received the serve but got blocked on the return) (Dilemma) (Keep your heads up!) Nice! (This won’t do…) (BDP calls a timeout!) What should you do about the strong serves? I told you. Just put it up. Don’t get scared. It’s okay. We’re playing well now. Just get the ball once. Put it up once. Play hard until the end. 1, 2, 3! BDP! Nice! – A comeback! / – Nice! We’re playing great! Just defend any ball that comes to where you are, okay? Your goal is to defend. – That’s your only goal this set. / – Yes! Let’s go! 2, 3! (Let’s go, Cool Kiz) The Cool Kiz have the momentum in set 2. – Let’s do this! / – Yeah! (Let’s get this receive!) Let’s go. Try to defend and move even though you’re tired. – This is the last match. / – Alright. (I believe in you, Hakjin!) (You can do it!) (BDP seems demoralized) (Why aren’t things going our way?) Ryo! (Just trust me) Start fresh! Just one at a time! (Get the ball first!) (What will happen this time?) Ryohei takes a deep breath and serves again. (Here he goes!) (He misstepped before his serve!) Ah! My bad! – Again. / – My bad. Having a break takes you out of the zone. (The net camera on Ryohei) (It got hit by the spike serve!) (Dangling) – Nice shot. / – My bad. Ryohei, $20,000… – For the camera. / – Is that all? (Angry) (Still doesn’t realize what he did) Where did I hit it? I’m sorry. (Suddenly gets polite) (Ryohei’s serves are really strong…) (What a relief…) (The camera still works!) (Whew… What a close one….) (The game starts again!) – Get the ball! / – Let’s do this! Ryohei, move to the right. Sangwon serves. Mine! Manseok… Gyoik puts it up. Spike! They defended. Ryohei hits it. Chance ball! It’s over. (Their offense isn’t in sync!) From the left… They received! They get it over! (They received the strong attack and hit it over!) Gyoik! 2, 3! (Victory is within our grasp!) (Helpless at the surprise attack) (Sigh…) (4-point difference!) If he hits it from the left, you can defend it from here. – Smack it down. / – Got it! Focus! Focus! Let’s make them pass it over. Move up. Let’s score. Kangnam serves. (Steady serve) Ball, ball, ball! They put it up… Open! – Jota! / – He receives it! (Hakjin spikes) Finished! (I’ll end this rally!) (Ends the rally with a spike!) Nice! – Let’s go! / – Nice, Jota! Let’s win this set! We’re doing great. 2, 3! (They thought it was going out) (I thought it was going out) Jota, come here. (That’s my boy) (How did we not get that?) Let’s make one stop. Get the ball first! Kangnam serves. A long serve. (The serve soars over) Fake from the back! Ryohei! (Out of bounds) (He fooled the blockers) (A great fake!) (We still have a chance!) (They returned the powerful spike…) (That’s unfortunate!) – My bad. / – Nice try. That’s fine. That was good. Yeonggu, do a spike serve. It’s okay if it goes out. Let’s make them pass it over! Ryohei, to the right. Yeonggu serves. (Spike serve) Gyoik puts it up. Ryohei! It’s blocked. (They start catching up!) (We’re almost caught up!) (That’s the stuff!) (Coach Lee finally smiles) (The set was too far from the net) It was too far. Set closer to the net. That was too far. We have to get our serves back fast. To the left. (Okay, got it!) Let’s make one stop! One stop! (Yeonggu serves again) Here comes Yeonggu again. It hit the net. Okay! Let’s get one! They made a mistake after we did, right? Let’s get this set. 2, 3! Match point. (My bad!) (I was too ambitious…) Nice. (How could we mess up at a time like this?) 20:16! Set point for set 2! Gyoik! You’re doing great. You’re killing it. Play confidently. Let’s go. – Just one. / – Let’s just get this one! (We won’t let you!) Get the ball first! Jaeyoon serves. (Average serve) Hurry! – Attack! / – Manseok! (Manseok gets the receive!) (BDP has a chance) Again! (Hakjin blocks) They saved it. Donghyuk. It’s back. (Fierce competition) It goes over. (BDP gets another chance to attack!) From the left… Out of bounds. (Barely goes out!) (BDP is catching up) (No!) Don’t let yourself get down. Take your time. Get one block! One more! (What a shame…) Focus until the end! Let’s go! Let’s get one more! (Fuming) Jaemin serves. Nice serve! (Fast, low serve) Nice receive. Hakjin! Going to set 3! Oh, they got it! Going to set 3! Oh, they got it! (They get it over…) (An unexpected point!) (They try their best and get lucky) (Jota thought it was going out) I didn’t know. (Feels bad about the mistake) Nice. (Let’s move up!) (We still have a chance!) We can’t give them one more! End it here! – Let’s end this! / – Finish it! (Jaemin serves again) Nice serve! – It’s out! / – It’s out! (The ball barely goes out) Out! That was out. (Out!) (We won!) (Good eye!) Let’s win one more! (We won!) (Dazed) (My bad) (Deep sigh…) Now they go to set 3! Honestly, I thought out of all our opponents they’d be the worst. But they’re really good. They got skills. So we have to stick with it. We’re BDP. The top amateur team. We can stick with it and win this. Let’s have a successful ending. (Don’t lose focus) 1, 2, 3! BDP! It’s set 3 again! Again! The last one for real. Is this possible? Gosh… I can’t believe this happened. It’s like out of a drama! Drama! Amazing! Ryo, get the receive first. Gyoik, when Ryohei comes in afterwards you don’t have to move back. Stay close. Forget about a good set. Just put it up. This is the last one! – It’s over! / – Nowhere to hide now. Let’s just get 15 points. Let’s get this trophy! 2, 3! (The last set for the Cool Kiz starts now) (They’ve been playing great…) (Try to win the tournament) (Let’s go, BDP!) Now the battle for the trophy will be decided in set 3. 10 minutes is enough. How well they endure these last 10 minutes will determine whether or not they get a happy ending. Geonil serves. Geonil. Make a long serve. (Aiming for Hodong, Kangnam, and Jota) Let’s go! – 15 points. / – Let’s go! Focus! (How will Geonil’s serve go?) – Short! / – A short serve! Hit it! They save it and spike! Short serve! – Hit it! / – They save it and spike! (Off to a good start) (Star player Hakjin) Of course they can’t get that. Nobody could receive that! 2, 3! You’re the best. Cover! (Sorry…) That was great coverage by Gyoik despite the imperfect receive. Nice! You’re all great at volleyball! Great job, guys. You’re all great! (Dang…) Nice! Let’s keep moving up! Let’s hang in there a bit longer. Move up. (Ryohei sets the defense) Wow, no way. Get the ball. Move up, move up. Get the ball! Manseok serves. (Ball goes in deep) (Good receive) Nice receive. Attack from the center! Nice receive. Attack from the center! It was blocked! It’s long! Cover! Cover! From the left… He was a bit off… Hodong! Kangnam! – Cover! Cover! / – From the left… He was a bit off… Hodong! Kangnam! 1:1. Tied up. That was a great attack. (BDP ties it up) A chance! Got it! (Coach Kim kicks the ball) Why’d you kick it? You wouldn’t have gotten that. (Nice try, Hodong) (Startled) Coach Kim kicked it! Let’s move up! Get ready. Hakjin, it’s coming to you. (Seunggil serves for BDP) Make a nice serve! Face forward! Focus. Seunggil serves. (Strong serve) Hakjin receives. Gyoik. Hakjin! He’s blocked! Gyoik… Hakjin! He’s blocked! (Perfect block) BDP! (Hakjin was totally blocked) (He seems very shocked…) We can get the momentum back! Hakjin. Sorry. (Adjust to Gyoik’s sets) Unlike Ryohei, Gyoik’s sets the ball high. And Hakjin is jumping too early. That means he’s hitting the ball on the wrong place. He can’t find his timing. And Seokjin in the center. He’s a very high jumper. He’s volleyball player Go Huijin’s younger brother. Nice! It’s okay. We rushed a bit. Slow down. Gyoik! Nice set. I’ll slow down next time. Let’s go, Cool Kiz! Let’s go! Block him again. (I’ll try) Seunggil serves again. (Good receive) Manseok… Gyoik… Hakjin! Successful attack! Manseok… Gyoik… Hakjin! Successful attack! Great cover! It went out of bounds. (Tied up again) – 2, 3! / – Let’s go! (What a shame…) (I should’ve had that) Hakjin quickly hit the ball right in the sweet spot from above this time. That’s why his attack was successful. Nice. (Too bad…) The score is 2:2 and it’s Ryohei’s serve. (The best server on the team) Move up, move up. Here comes the serve. Let’s get this. Ryohei’s a good server, so just put it up. Just put it up. Let’s go, Ryohei! (He carefully prepares his serve) (Spike serve) (To break his opponents’ spirits) (A great ace) (Always so reliable) (Ryohei’s serve show) 12 points left. 2, 3! (Gave it his all) (Just dazed…) (Turns) (That was great, Ryohei) MC Ryo! (Big smile) (The score is now 7:8) Wow, it’s so close. (7:8 – Kangnam’s serve) Kangnam, make a nice serve! Kangnam, make a nice serve! – Make a good one. / – Get the ball. Put it up. Just put it up. (How will Kangnam serve?) Kangnam. Set to the back. (Geonil spikes) Set to the back… (Perfect block by Hakjin) (Wow) That’s it! Nice! (Everyone is surprised) (Amazing) – He blocked it alone! / – He got it! (Checks the course of the ball…) (Stays with the ball and blocks the path) (How did he block that?) (Dazed…) No more misses. (It’s a 2-point game) Sangwon serves for BDP. Make a nice serve! He’s a strong server. Just put it up. Gyoik, get ready for when it comes over. (Nervous) Get the ball! (We can’t let them score here) (Ryohei with a good receive) Nice receive. It goes to Hakjin. Spike! Spike! – Diving dig! / – Great defense. They score from the center! Great defense. – Hurry. / – They score from the center! (BDP is behind by 1 now) (They miss the dig) Too bad. Nice try. Let’s score one at a time. (Go!) (Great) (Gosh!) (Now it’s a 1-point game?) Focus, guys. (Our team’s the best) (BDP catches up) Cover, cover. Sangwon serves. Make a nice serve. (A strong serve) Nice one by Ryohei. And he makes the attack himself! He hit it. Nice one by Ryohei. And he makes the attack himself! How was that? The set was perfect. 2, 3! (Let’s keep going like this) (They made a great wall…) (But it was blocked) Now that’s skill. Slightly hitting the ball so that it hits the opponent and goes out of bounds. (Ryohei does it all) Ryohei in the center… – He’s reliable. / – Yes. Ryohei twists his body and hits the ball to the side. (We can’t keep letting him beat us) Make an opportunity. Focus, guys. It’s 13:11. Gyoik serves. Gyoik, enjoy the pressure. Just enjoy this pressure. (Sigh) (2 left) Just put it up. Get the ball. (Spike serve) Nice receive. Left… (Yeonggu spikes) Nice receive. Left… It’s in. (BDP won’t go down easily) (Hits the unguarded area) Why didn’t I hit it? It’s okay. Why didn’t I get that? (Let’s take it up a notch) (Another one like that) Donghyuk, block the straight ones. The other guys will get the ones on the sides. (It’s a very close game…) Let’s win! Focus! Focus! Let’s go! Only a few more points left. Squeeze out all your concentration! Focus! (It’s tense on the court) Call out the plays. Get it over when you get the chance. Will it be tied up or will they continue with the lead? It’s up to this point. Seokjin serves. They need to be calm… Spike! They need to be calm… Spike! They need to be calm… Spike! (So refreshing) (A refreshing spike) (Hands up) (Is this a dream?) Nice! Nice! Nice! Nice! (Match point in the finals!) Let’s beat them! Let’s crush them. Let’s keep at this. This is almost over. I’m nervous, so I’m sure you guys are too. Great work, guys. Let’s get through this. 2, 3! (Let’s calmly get through this!) (4 blockers jumped) (They’re dispirited by that hit) (Hakjin jumps so high) (Sad) It’s match point now! (In every tournament game) (They lost the first set) (But they showed their tenacity) (Every game was a comeback victory for them) (Will they get a comeback victory in the finals?) One point left until the end! What is going on? We were nervous whether they’d pass preliminaries, but now they’re a point away from the championship. That’s right. Let’s get one! – Jaeyoon, make a nice serve. / – Last one! (Everyone is super focused) (Jaeyoon will serve next) (Nervous) (Please, just one) Move the ball around. Just get this one. Weak serve. We have a chance here. We have a chance. (He’s a weak server – great chance) Just get this one. Just this one. It’s okay. Just relax. (If they lose this point to BDP) (They’ll lose their momentum!) (They must) (Finish the game here) (How will Jaeyoon serve?) They need to defend. Here it is! (Hakjin pushes it over) Hakjin! It’s up! Hakjin! (He did it…) It’s up! Hakjin! (To gain this victory) (We worked so long and hard…) (Cheer) (Happy) (The past 5 months flash through their heads) (They can’t stop crying) We won, we won. I can’t believe this! This is insane! (It would’ve been impossible alone…) (A miracle they made possible together) (The first ever championship for the Cool Kiz) (Winning isn’t something that happens every day) (They actually spent more time losing) (But they never gave up) (These players in the Cool Kiz volleyball team) (Because of these 10 teammates…) (They tried hard for each other) (Happiness through victory achieved by teamwork) (Not alone, but together we did this) (On this path together) (We could reach the end) (Gets up) (Great job, grandson!) (Tearing up) Nice job, Gyoik! Nice job, Gyoik! Hakjin! – We’re the champs! / – We’re the champs! (Too bad…) (Good work, everyone) (Their emotions won’t die down) (They hug each other) Let’s go shake hands. Come on. (The Cool Kiz share the joy of victory together) (Good work, guys…) Let’s be polite and shake hands now. (Great job, guys) – That was the best! / – Let’s shake hands. (It wasn’t all good times) (It was awkward at first) (We got angry at each other when we lost) (We were upset over unwanted positions) Guys. Attention! (We became a true team!) Everyone, attention! Bow. (1st official win for the Cool Kiz) Our beloved Gyoik… Let’s bow to his grandparents for their health! Please be healthy! (They all bow) (Good work, everyone) Thank you! (They see Gyoik) (Grandma ends up crying) Go give them a hug. (Hodong ends up crying too) (Their grandson worked so hard today) (And they give him a big hug) (The members all feel warm and fuzzy) (Tearing up) (Hakjin was always pressured as the best player) (Great job, son) (I’m always thankful for you) (He ends up shedding tears) (He overcame the pressure as the best player) (Hakjin played a great final game) (The other guys are happy for him) (The fans even cry…) To our proud Coach Kim Sejin… We salute you with our love and respect! Thank you! (Thank you to Coach Kim for leading the Cool Kiz) Throw him up in the air! (They have to do this for the coach to celebrate) Careful, careful. 1, 2, 3! (Tearing up) The Cool Kiz are the champions. Get more to the side. Get close. Ready. 1, 2, 3! (We’re the champs) I thought I was dreaming during the shoot. I never thought something like this would happen to me. The fact that we could all work together was like a dream. (The Cool Kiz volleyball started in February 2016) After playing a sport that requires teamwork, I felt emotions I’ve never felt before. We win as a team. And we’re happy as a team. I did spend more time on the bench, yet I felt like I was out there with them and I loved it. It’s a shame we have to split up after becoming such a great team. I’m so thankful to meet such great guys while doing the volleyball episodes. I think I forgot about working hard in life. But through this I worked hard like I did when I was younger. I was passionate. It’s so sad that it’s over now. (Next episode) (July 2016 Rio Olympic sports part 2) (Dynamic strength) (Keen Reflexes) (Hitting the fastest ball) (A popular sport in Korea) (The legendary wink) Korean gold medalist candidates… Lee Yongdae and Yu Yeonseong. Hello! (We’re here on Cool Kiz!) (The $1,000,000 wink) (Heart races) (You’ll regret it if you miss out) If you beat me, I’ll give you my racket. (Can’t go easy on national athletes) (Smashing that could pierce steel) (So scary) I don’t like to lose. (Lee Yongdae’s racket…) (They want it badly!) Hit it! (Will their dream come true?) 2016 Rio Olympic special! We’ll start the badminton doubles tournament! (Prepare yourselves) (Don’t miss out) (Everything is dependent in this moment) (The small flying shuttlecock) (Makes people cheer) (More emotional than badminton) (A special match) – Nichkhun! / – Jei! Let’s go!

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    Let me just take this moment to express how much I enjoyed their season. They grew and learned. More importantly, they learned to work as a single unit. Coach Kim is a great coach as well. He always encourages his playera.

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    I was so worried that the finals would end before Hakjin recovered from the fatigue and injury enough to get another good spike in. It might've felt less complete for him, as the member who's always been called the ace, if he failed to score until the end, even if they'd won nonetheless. I'm so happy he was able to make that one last push to win the 14th point. It was such a neat spike in such a crucial point. I started watching this volleyball series because his spike in one of the early episodes caught my eyes when I was just watching random YouTube videos, so it made me so happy that things had ended very beautifully for him.

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