Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Rio Olympic event special, part 1 [ENG/2016.07.19]

(The Rio Olympics are coming up!) (We root for our athletes and their 4 years of work!) (We’ll be rooting for them to do well) (The magic of a 5g shuttlecock) (Badminton returns!) (Fast and dynamic movements) (A popular sport in Korea) (Trying to hit the fastest ball) (The golden players are back!) (It starts now) It’s the Rio Olympic event special The badminton special part 2. Where are we now? This is Korea National Training Center. Where the Korean badminton team practices. – In this place? / – Yes. Hurray! We’re going to meet badminton players Lee Yongdae and Yu Yeonseong. It’s a bit empty here with just us two opening the show. I’m getting the chills. It feels so empty. The guys are all gone now. So we have a cheering squad. (Ta-da) We played badminton on this show before. They’re players that played with us during the badminton special. Original members, come on in! Wow! (Prince of badminton, Nichkhun) (Another welcome face behind Nichkhun) (Lee Sugeun) (He was in the badminton special) (Former Cool Kiz member, Lee Sugeun) (He won’t even lose again legendary players) (He shows brilliance on the court) (Even Lee Yongdae acknowledged Nichkhun) (Follow me) Smash! Smash! (Hard smash) (So good to see him) Sugeun. (He’s back after 3 years) (Original member’s greeting) The original Cool Kiz badminton members. Lee Sugeun and Nichkhun! (Bow) I know you two, but you in the middle… It’s our first time meeting you. Hello. I’m in the new JYP band DAY 6. I’m Jae! – Jae! / – Jae! (Women love his sweet voice) (Turns out, he’s a great badminton player) (Nichkhun really recommended him!) I’m from California… I played on my school team from 10th to 12th grade. He’s very good. – No… / – You can look forward to his skills. I bet… I’m good at reading faces. He does not have the face of an athlete. Just his image… Nothing about him says sports. He’s barely standing now. He can barely stand now. I think… That’s not a dye job and that’s his real hair. (A match against Lee Yongdae later) (Hard smash) Hit it! (Surprised Lee Yongdae) (Look forward to Jae’s playing) What’s with this guy? Sugeun was in the badminton episodes. Shooting those episodes weren’t a big problem. I got through the badminton episodes… I worked with Sugeun on a different show. But he talks more about being on Cool Kiz than he talks about that show and he missed it more. – Really? / – Yes. Why did you miss this show so much? Sports and exercise are my favorite things. He’s a great athlete. This show was the most stress-free. And the drinks would always taste better after finishing a shoot for this show. And I always slept so well those nights. We’ll hurry and go in now and introduce Lee Yongdae and Yu Yeonseong to you all. We’re going in! (Let’s go meet them now) That’s it. Right here. Where they train. – It says YD on his back. / – YD. (Training for the Rio Olympics) (Lee Yongdae) (And this guy draws attention) (Yu Yeonseong) (We root for their performance in Rio) (Welcome) They saw us come in. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello, Lee Yongdae and Yu Yeonseong! (Conquered the Super Series Premier Tournament) (Ranked number 1 in the world) (They’re headed to Rio) (Gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics) Korea wins the gold medal! (Bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics) (Now they’re ready for Rio) Hello. Good to see you. – Long time no see. / – Long time no see. Hello. You got better looking. I copied your hairstyle. You copied me? Cool hairstyle. Please introduce yourself to the viewers. Hello, I’m Lee Yongdae of the Korean team. Nice to meet you. He’s so handsome. We’re going to talk about Yongdae a lot today. And? Hello, I’m Yu Yeonseong in men’s doubles. (Welcome) Yongdae is known for his killer smile. He’s known for being a handsome athlete. But Yeonseong really stepped up his looks too. I always have to be near him. So I should try a little harder. That hairstyle can look really silly sometimes. That’s why Hodong is funny. The last time we saw you was 2 years ago. What was your ranking then? I was number 1 in the world then too. – And you still are… / – He still is. For 2 years. This is the first time I’ve ever met anyone that’s currently ranked number 1 at anything. This feels very… It feels very different. I was an athlete too. But being number 1 in the world… You have to be really skilled, but you also need luck on your side too. – Right. / – True. Luck is a bit of a factor. When you win, there’s that feeling you get. I always try to get that feeling. I heard that from Hodong. A habit of winning. Yes, making a habit of winning. Yes, winning habit. – Bet you’re happy to see him, Nichkhun. / – Right. You did the all-star special together. And Yongdae and I are the same age. – Really? / – Yes. Lucky. You addressed him so casually. Do you guys talk to each other? Yes, we keep in touch. Really? Why didn’t you give me your number? You only gave Nichkhun your number? I’ll get yours today if you give it to me… (Pff. I’m mad) You’re like a senior athlete to me. Right. It’s uncomfortable for him. – I make you uncomfortable? / – Yes, of course. (Hahaha) (Loves being seen as a senior) I make him uncomfortable. (He is a former wrestling champion) I’m sorry, but… I don’t know if this will help Yongdae, but… (What is he going to say?) I feel like I’m looking at Lee Seunggi in uniform. His face… Look at him from up close. He became famous for his resemblance to Lee Seunggi and his good looks. Like the name Seunggi, he seizes victories. Right. The other players must’ve trained really hard too. – Don’t you think? / – Yes. What’s the secret to keeping your number 1 spot? I think it’s our partnership. He’s the only one on the court I can trust. We can’t play right if we’re fighting. As you may know… That’s why we don’t fight. We’ve maintained a great partnership. Yongdae is incredibly competitive. Even more so than me. I know he hates to lose. He’s the play-maker and I just support him. I’ve said this a million times. Athletes even hate to lose rock, paper, scissors. How bad does it feel when you lose in badminton? I can’t even sleep. I get so angry when I think of that moment. That’s how I think. How many times do you wake up at night? We use the same room. Even after losing a match. I can’t fall asleep, but Yeonseong sleeps very well. – This is… / – Right, right! He knows I’m tossing and turning. How could he lose after sleeping? That’s what I thought. “How could he sleep at a time like this?” Right. I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept thinking of how we lost. Yet he sleeps so well. He usually goes to bed early. I bet this happens too. You lost a match and it’s time to eat. You can’t even eat from losing but he’s inhaling food. “How could you eat after losing?” I was just pretending to sleep. I’ve looked into his eyes late at night a lot. I woke up a few times at night. I see Yongdae still awake. I see him toss and turn. But I just ignore it. I don’t think you’re pretending to sleep. He heard you snore. He sleeps so well. For you two have a good partnership, should you two be similar? – We’re totally different. / – Yes, we are. Yongdae prefers Korean food. I like meat and western food. I have to eat whatever he wants to eat. When he asks me what I want to eat, I just say Korean food. Then he says, “How about…” You know that bad feeling you get. (Caught) Stuff he didn’t want to eat. I bet. You spend so much time together. Right. There are some issues with food… 2 years have gone by. You should be fully ready for the Rio Olympics. Is the training going well? We have 4 or 5 weeks left. We’ve been doing strength training for 3 weeks. This is the tough period. We’ll do that until 1 week before Rio and then we’ll train on hitting the shuttlecock. We made it so the training schedule starts at 7 a.m. for Brazil time. (Of course) – Jae. / – Yes. Do you know these two? I’ve respected Yongdae a lot since I was in high school. (Oh~!) He’s from San Francisco. I saw him win the gold medal. During the Beijing Olympics. You must’ve seen him wink too then. Oh, that… Yes, that was really cool. I became a fan. That was awesome. How did you do it, again? Excuse me? – I’m sorry, Yongdae. / – What? I have a favor. That writer over there keeps signaling us with a sign. We’ll get him to wink, okay? We were trying to ignore her. She’s so persistent. That’s our writer Ggotnim. I bet you’re so sick of doing that wink for people. Yet she kept holding up that sign. (She really wanted to see him wink) Your killer smile and wink Can you do this for us? Our writer wants to see it. – Sure. / – Wink toward the writer. (She got her wish) Call out to her. You got the point! You’re the champ! Ggotnim! Ggotnim! (Claps and cheers at getting her wish) (She’s blushing) She’s really blushing. Yeonseong, you wink at her too. (Laughing) (Everyone loved the Oh Jimyeong impression) He stuck his tongue out. Did you know that you winked? Well… I bet he meant to. He was looking right at the camera. The camera was right on me and I saw the display. I knew I was being shown there but I didn’t think it would be shown in Korea. But that footage was shown in Korea. So after the closing ceremony and hand-shaking, I did that not knowing it would air, but it did… And people went nuts. How fast does the shuttlecock go when you hit it? Yeonseong can get speeds from 350 to 400kmph. (No way) – On a speed gun? / – Yes. Are you going to smash the shuttlecock at us? Yes, the racket… (You’re scared) What about the racket? It can sound like it’s shattering because he hits it so hard. I have a small gift for whoever can receive it. – Really? / – Really? Receiving your smash? Can I receive it like this? Agreed. You can try that. Please teach us some badminton. (It takes 0.3 seconds for the shuttlecock to go over) A badminton shuttlecock goes as fast as the KTX bullet train. The fastest ball speed. Lee Yongdae… He got it! (Korea’s unofficial smashing record in 402kmph) Yu Yeonseong ends with a hard smash. (Receive Yeonseong’s smash) So what do we get if we receive this? I’ll give you my personal racket. I want it! We just have to touch it or it has to go over? I’ll give it to you if you can just touch it. Just for touching it? Come on! You’re underestimating us! You’re going to need 5 rackets to give out. Will that be okay? (Give it a shot) Let’s see first. The best person should try. Yeonseong can hit it really hard so use this side. I’ll only use this half of the court. That’s how confident you are? You won’t receive it if I use the entire court. I’ll use from here to here. Hodong is good at badminton. Count it if it hits his face. – Was that it? / – This is it? Hodong, move back more. – Was that it? / – This is it? Hodong, move back more. (Doesn’t go easy) (Hodong could only flinch to react) That was only 30% of his true ability. Wow, I couldn’t even see it! Nice try. – It’s over? / – Yes. I’m out? I hit you a practice shot. Don’t be so stubborn. I was just playing like practice. Come back next year. We’ll see you 4 years later. – I have to wait 4 years? / – Yes, that’s right. (Hahaha) (See you in 2020) Hit it long from here. Like this. – Hit it long like this. / – Hit it long. It’s more dangerous if he hits it off the serve. – Long. / – Here. That’s not going to work. – Here. / – That’s not going to work. Gosh! (Dazed) 4 years. I’ll see you all in 4 years. – I don’t think that was full-speed. / – Gosh… I think I developed a strange new ability. The shuttlecock appears slow to me. – I hit it slow. / – Oh, okay. Sugeun, I’ll hit it towards your body, since I like you. Oh, so it depends on the person. Try dodging it. All I have to do is this, right? I have a good eye for these things. Let’s have a little rally first. Don’t smash it yet. A little rally? Okay. Just a few hits… I got this one. (Oh, come on) I got this one. Wow! (What was that?) I got this one. (Did he get it?) (Even he’s amazed) Did I touch it? Did I touch it? It hit your hand? No, it hit here. It hit here. Timeout. You heard it hit the racket. Honestly, did it hit your body or your racket? Yongdae, you be the judge. The sound… – It hit the racket. / – That was the racket sound. – Yes, I think it hit the racket. / – Yeah, it did. It hit my body after it hit the racket. I reacted after I hit it with the racket. Hold on. So he succeeded? Anyone can see that… Hit it to me. He was trying to dodge it. Anyone can see this is what he did. So that counts? I’m sorry but… There was no standard. Let’s say we have to get it over from now on. I’m ready! (Prince of badminton, Nichkhun) Yeonseong, wait and hit a good one. Just hit it a few times. Have a rally… (Time to warm up) (Yeonseong finishes it in a single hit) One guy left! One more person! Where am I? That was so fast. I’ll keep trying until I hit it over. (Hodong sneaks on the court) Yeonseong is back here after winning a gold medal 4 years ago. – It’s 2020 now. / – Yes, it is. He’ll give it another shot. – He’s back after 4 years. / – I’ve been waiting. (I’ll get it this time) I was so careless last time. (How about this time?) (So much for 4 years) (Hahaha) See you again in 2024. I promised I’d give you my racket if you even touched the shuttlecock. Congratulations! – Hold on. / – That racket! Here you go. We need a photo opportunity. Wow… I… (Sugeun’s lucky day on the show) There are aspiring badminton players watching this now. I bet… But I don’t know any aspiring badminton players. Should I find out for you? Thank you so much. (A promise is a promise…) So… If it’s not too much trouble… Let’s play 2:5 to 11 points. – Sure. / – Okay. – Is that okay? / – Yes. 2:5 to 11 points! We’re playing a match together. Do you need to borrow this? No, you can use it. I’m sorry but does this have a case? (So tactless) (Hahaha) Use that one. I need a case or bag… Gosh, this is… – Use that one. / – Your name is written here. His name is on it? Where? YYS for Yu Yeonseong. Wow, it’s right on the racket! (I’m so jealous…) You have to give that back after the shoot. It was just for the show. You have to give it back. (Poke!) All of us get one. We all get a racket, right? (Disbelief) I want one too… If you can beat us… – I’ll give you my racket. / – Wow, really? (What a great news!) – Hold on. / – How gets it? I think he’s saying you all get one. 5 rackets? 5 rackets? Sure. 5 rackets. This is for 5 rackets. Yeah! We’ll all their rackets! (What luck) Yongdae said he’d give us 5 of his personal rackets as a prize. That means we have no chance of winning. (Bingo) He has no intention of losing. This is basically impossible. – You never know though. / – Right. – Sugeun. / – We have to focus. Do you want a gold medalist’s racket? – I do. / – We have to win. It’s a bigger twist if we win. I could hang it on my wall and show it off to people. Whose is this? I think it’s Yongdae’s. It’s Lee Yongdae’s. Don’t call him Lee Yongdae the athlete. Just Yongdae. Whose is this? It’s Yongdae’s. Lee Yongdae from the Korean team? Yeah, sure. Why do you have Lee Yongdae’s racket at home? (Gosh…) – I got it as a gift. / – A gift? We were just practicing together. – I got it as a gift. / – A gift? So cool. Smell it. Smells like sweat. That’s Yongdae’s smell. The smell of a gold medal. It’s so meaningful. – We can brag like that. / – Right. Let’s win those rackets. – We must. / – Let’s win. It’s so nice how they’re so welcoming to us. Us being here could be therapeutic for them. We can make them laugh… How is us being here therapeutic? No? I saw big smiles on their faces. This is therapeutic for us. Let’s just go if we can’t do anything for them. We’re just getting in the way. I’m not trying to get chewed out… To Korea’s badminton team being in the Olympics. 1, 2, 3. Let’s go! (A 2:5 special match against the Korean team) (I won a prize! Time to show them what I have!) Let’s go! (Fixes his hat and gets prepared!) Guys, play like your lives depends on this. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go! Don’t look down on us. We have trick shots. Don’t underestimate us. Want to try receiving my serve? (A shadow clone serve?) (Meanwhile, he catches them all!) Wow, they still hit all of them. They’re good. Run around! Let’s do this! (A big commotion) Sports are all about energy! (What’s he doing?) You’ll hurt someone. (Then…) (Let’s get started!) ((Hodong raises his hand for the receive) Do you have a question? Let’s go! (Yongdae will serve!) (The game finally starts) Here comes the 200kmph smash. There. Get it! (Jae smashes) (He’s better than we thought!) It’s only going to that side. Why’d you duck? It’s only going to that side. Why’d you duck? Dang it! Why do you keep ducking? (Quiets down after looking into his eyes…) (What are they doing?) I haven’t done anything. Jae, is this my fault? I don’t know. You don’t know? This kid is strange too. (Just kidding) Let’s go. (They start the game again…) (Raising his hand again?) – This side. / – This side is receiving. It’s coming to this side. This is where you receive. (I didn’t know) (Yongdae serves again) (A light serve) – Nice! / – Got this. That’s it! (They can return any shot easily!) Hit it! Hit it! (The Cool Kiz face against them…) Hit it! Hit it! Hit it! Hit it! (Nichkhun’s 3 consecutive attacks!) (He’s relentless on the Korean team) Hit it! Yeah! (They have a chance?) Nice, nice! (He’s a former player…) Thank you for hitting those back. They were going out. I should’ve got that and made them mad. Yeah, we should’ve had that. (Nichkhun serves) (Sugeun barely receives!) I got it! That was me! Look! Look at this… I got it! That was me! Look! Look at this… If he misses from the front, it’s all my fault! He saw it fly by him! Say something! Tell me! What did I do wrong? You should’ve been ready for it! I even got the ones you missed! – You did get mine. / – I got that one! You got it. – Geez… / – I’m sorry. So many misunderstandings in life. You’re not trying because you already got a racket. That’s true! Since he got one already. – Give that racket back. / – Give it back if we lose. Give it back if we lose. – You have to get out. / – I played well. If you make one more error, you’re giving that racket back, okay? So this was my fault this time? (I don’t care…) Let’s go! Hit it hard if it comes at you from high. Alright. Or should I hit it? Let’s go! It’s up. (Smash!) (Like a flash of lightning) (Special smash!) Wow… How do we get that? It couldn’t be helped. How do we get that? We should’ve had that one. Nice. nice. – 3:1. / – We don’t really have a plan? (Here I go again?) Let’s do this. Nice. Hit it. – Nice! / – Yeah! No mistakes, no mistakes. Move it! – I did move. / – Move, Sugeun! (The Korean team is laid back) Hit it! (Can’t break through their defense!) (And then…) (Yeonseong’s smash!) (The shuttlecock just disappeared!) (Plop!) Sorry about that. (That was so fast…) If that smash hits you, that’s like assault. Since it comes at you so fast. Bodily injury resulting in death. Even I could’ve returned that one, but I keep getting pushed back. This time… He was standing here the entire time. – Move it! / – I did move! Sugeun, move! (Pushed out of the frame…) (Is he here to watch the match?) Hit it! (T_T) Nichkhun came all the way back here. This is my spot. I got pushed back. Move up then. Move up? Oh, I should move fast. Since Nichkhun is good. From here. Come here. Stay in front of the net. – From the net. / – Net play. Stand here. Should we just do this? – I feel better about this. / – Should we do this? (What is this?) (It kind of works) Careful you don’t hit the net. Oh, right. Don’t hit my head. Get the ones in the back. (Yeonseong serves) Nice. (They test the waters!) You got this. Nice. Hit it. Hit it! – Hit it! / – Wow, he’s good! What’s with this guy? Hit it! Hit it! Wow, he’s good! What’s with this guy? (Wooooow~~~) What’s with this guy? I told you he’s good. He’s good, right? (Very nice) Nichkhun wouldn’t just bring anyone. A rediscovery. (Gosh, he’s pretty good…) He’s good. This is image training. He looks kind of Malaysian. Think of him as an Indonesian player. (I’ll get you back…) They’re going to come strong this time. Mine! Nice! (That was a good smash…) (The next one hit the net!) – Who was that? / – I’m sorry. – That was me. / – Nice try. You two should just play doubles against them. Why are we even here? Why are you here? I’ve been getting them over. We all have our roles. It’s nice that I can see their faces from here. (Omniscient viewpoint) (He was spectating instead of playing…) I can see their faces. Aren’t you going to try to play? – Please try. / – It’s an honor. (Oh, right! I’m playing too) (Here I go) (Yondae serves) (They have a rally) (They suddenly become faster!) Nice! Nice! (Really intense!) Hodong, cut! Cut! Hodong, cut! – Cut! / – Nice! Hodong, you should’ve cut! Nice, nice. Hit it! Hit it! (Jae’s smash!) (Nichkhun’s smash!) (A great combination play!) Did you break your racket? No, no. (Those two are good…) Nice. I hope we win those rackets. Shouldn’t we have a timeout? I’m tired. Tired from doing what? All you did was shout. Hodong, cut! – Cut! / – Nice! (Just stared off into the distance…) Hodong, you should’ve cut! Hit it! Hit it! (Just shouted and did nothing else…) All you did was shout. We should beat them while we’re moving up. We’re all tired now. – We have to do this. / – We’re pumped up. This is good. We can do this. (So hot) Don’t make errors. You’re responsible. We get to criticize the one who messes up. (Is that so?) (Sugeun’s first serve) It’s sharp (Loses a point as soon as he starts!) Now you made me look like a fool. Come on. That was a serve. (Sorry) Give me your racket. You’re giving that back. We get to play rock, paper, scissors for it. Got it? – Don’t be like that. / – You promised. Give it. Is this how you bullied kids in school? (At a loss or words) Gosh… 6:3? I’m getting sick of hearing that. What are we playing to? 5? 11 points. It’s not to 5 for us? Didn’t we get over 2 points? Score 11 points against pros? (What’s he going to say?) Trying to convince the staff. Are you kidding me with this? Scoring 11 against pros… I thought it was 5 so we had a chance. 5 points? 5 points? Agreed? 5 points is fine… Yes, you can play to 5. (He took the bait!) Really? To 5 points? We have to score 5. You have 2 points left. Yongdae and Yeonseong have to score 11. – And we win if we score 5? / – Yes. Run around! It’s good I brought that up. (A big outcome of the king of the baits!) (I knew what you were trying to do) We have 2 left and they have 4. Alright, we can do this. Focus. (Yeonseong’s serve) (A fast rally) Nice. No! (Yongdae smashes!) No! (Smash!) (Toying with the Cool Kiz…) – Amazing… / – That was killer. Didn’t you say his smash was weak? I meant it’s under 400kmph. That’s like around 398kmph. The rackets aren’t important. We don’t want to lose. So you’ll give them to us no matter what? We don’t need to win. We just want the rackets. This works out perfectly. We don’t have to win. Honestly. (Making a deal?) (LOL) Just say where you’ll put them and we’ll take them. You can’t just hand them over after we lose. We can get 2 more. – Focus. / – We can get this. (Where should I hit it to this time?) Nice. (Shaky) Nice. (Yongdae smashes!) I gave that one away. Dang it… Let’s try not to curse. Even if we don’t get the rackets… Dang it… Calm down. It’s okay. Hit it longer next time. (Come on) I’ll always hit it to that spot. If you’re stressed out, move to the front. – Should we switch? / – Stick to the net. My spot is here. Hold on. We both need 2 points. Yeah. – Right? / – Yeah. This is like free kicks in soccer. – You never know. / – Right. A recreation team can beat pros. (That is true) (But…) Move it. Why would you receive? (So sad…) – I’ll hit it to you. / – Let’s go. (Yeonseong serves) – They start their attack! / – – There. / – Nice! – There. Sugeun! / – What? (And…) Don’t give it to them like that! (You can’t serve like that!) Geez. Don’t give it to them like that! (You set it up for us) Who hit that one? I did. That’s the only way I know how to get it over. That’s how I learned. (Where did you learn?) My mom said to make it easy to hit. Basically, it’s like loading a gun in a war and giving it to your enemy to shoot you. (Shoot me!) You totally set him up for that. Nichkhun, you get them. Let’s go. Everyone, gather. (An emergency timeout!) 1 more point now. – We need 2. / – Right. It could be hard if it was 3, but we have only 2 left. Yes! – Right? / – Yes! We can do this. – Go! / – Let’s go! (On the other hand, he’s relaxed) I just hope it doesn’t come to me. Isn’t it deuce if we get 1 more? – It is. / – It’s deuce, right? (We have a chance if we get it to deuce!) (Yeonseong serves) Jae. – Nice! / – Hit it. – Hit it! Hit it! / – Nice! Smash it! – Attack! / – Jae! Attack! Hit it! – Attack! / – Jae! Move in the front! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! (Ah…) Move! Move! (Hodong and Sugeun tried to distract them!) (But it didn’t work at all!) (But it worked great on Jae!) (Killed his own team!) (What is that?) Move! (All he did was shout again…) (The game ends!) (Sigh…) Since you don’t know what will happen… We tried our best. We tried our best. (Yeonseong and Yongdae win 11:3!) (The two provided a fun game to watch) Thank you. Thank you so much. You guys must be super busy. I bet you want to take a break. – Thank you so much. / – Thank you. Director. Zoom in on his hands. – Right here. / – Yongdae has them bad. – A lot of calluses. / – Hurry. Director, zoom in. This is the most beautiful hand in the world. A beautiful palm. Right here. Amazing. Did you get blisters here hundreds of times? They’d pop and form again. (Yeonseong’s hand…) Why is your hand so clean? (Smooth) You must not get calluses. I guess I don’t practice as hard as Yongdae. This is making me reflect. Please say a few words to the viewers about going to the Olympics. It’s coming up very soon. We’ll train hard so we can win a medal. Thank you. We’re training very hard to show everyone matches that will move people. Please root for us. Thank you. You prepared for 4 years. Believe in those tough 4 years of training and we wish for your safe return. The 2016 Rio Olympics! Korean badminton team, let’s go! (Let’s go, Yongdae and Yeonseong!) (Thank you for making time to be on the show!) (Athlete-level A-list celebrity players) (Legends and celebrities playing together) (Attack any unguarded area) (Provoke your opponent) (World-class matches) (Ready to enjoy some badminton?) (Everyone, make some noise) (KBS Sports World) The 2016 Rio Olympics Special badminton doubles tournament. Introducing the players! (Introducing the players) Men’s doubles gold medalist at the London Olympics. Jeong Jaeseong. A pillar of the Cool Kiz. Athlete and entertainer… Kang Hodong. (Acting cute) (Embarrassed) (It’s good that we’re a team) (We’re going to become the champs!) Men’s doubles silver medalist. Lee Dongsoo. He’ll be playing with singer Hong Seobeom. (Comes out doing an old man dance) We’ll get you! 2004 Athens Olympics men’s doubles gold medalist, Ha Taegwon. Moms love him. Actor Kim Jinu. Come on! (They’re very full of spirit) (What’s with him?) Let’s go! 1, 2, 3. (An awkward ending) Men’s singles silver medalist. Son Seungmo. Original Cool Kiz member, Lee Sugeun. (Let’s go) (Variety show regulars do it differently) (They end with a little skit…) (It’s been a long time) Mixed doubles gold medalist. Lee Hyojeong. The master of the shuttlecock, Oh Manseok. (We did that) It’s the other way around! Let’s go! Yeah! (When else would I get a ride from a gold medalist?) (The only mixed doubles team: Lee Hyojeong, Oh Manseok) – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! 2008 Bejing Olympics men’s doubles bronze medalist. Lee Jaejin. The famous chef Choi Hyunseok. (They seem so disciplined) (We’re here to win) (They were bluffing) 2008 Bejing Olympics men’s doubles bronze medalist, Hwang Jiman. The self-proclaimed original idol athlete, Dongjun. (They have a victory ceremony prepared) (We’re going to win) The top celebrity badminton players have joined. The prince of the shuttlecock, Nichkhun. And the rising badminton rookie, Jae. (Relaxed) (We’re going to become the champions) (The legends and celebrities are together) It’s a big day for badminton. Let’s welcome the legends again! (Welcome) Coach Ha. In the judo and volleyball episodes… It’s uncommon for pro and amateur athletes of the same sport to meet like this. Right. It’s not easy to get together like this after retiring. Think of this as a meeting of former players. Right. Coach Lee Dongsu has the most seniority. He’s the eldest? Yes. But I look the oldest, right? He looks so laid back. But he looks so withdrawn. Did you put the two oldest guys together? I’m the eldest here among the celebrities. That’s true. Why not pair me with a young player? Like Hyojeong. Why’d you put us old guys together? We’re already becoming divided. Look how relaxed he looks. So laid back. He should close his legs. I did some muscle exercises yesterday. He keeps responding! As soon as we met, he said, “My company is sponsoring the badminton gear.” (Hahaha) (We’ve never met a guy like this) Please be good to us, Mr. CEO. (Please be good to us, Mr. CEO.) Let’s go! When I first saw him, I thought he was in my field. In Japanese cuisine. As soon as you saw him. He looks like a Japanese ramen restaurant owner. (Welcome) You’re greeting the viewers after 2 years. Please say hello. Hello, I’m badminton coach Lee Dongsu. (Doubles pair Lee Dongsu and Yu Yongseong) Yongseong’s smash… (Took the world by storm) (During the 2014 Cool Kiz badminton all-star game) (He faced his rival Ha Taegwon) (His team became the champions!) (2004 Athens Olympics silver medalist Lee Dongsu) We met Lee Yongdae and Yu Yeonseong today. They’re ranked number 1 in the world now in doubles. Before that, Lee Dongsu was number 1. (A living legend) Right. (Honored) You were ranked number 1 in the world? I was, and Taegwon was once, too. My partner was Yu Yongseong. We were ranked number 1 then. I take back what I said before. It’s an honor to play with the best in the world. In the 2004 Athens Olympics… Coach Ha… Camera… Coach Ha, please focus here. – I’m looking at the camera. / – Don’t daydream. – Please give us some reactions. / – Sure. Was the Athens Olympics in 2004? Yes, that’s right. Did you meet in the semifinals or finals? Of course, in the finals. Who were you paired with? I played with Kim Dongmun. Dongsu and Yu Yongseong were a pair. A match between Korean players. Great receive by Taegwon. (Taegwon and Dongmun won the gold) Dongsu and Yongseong are more experienced, but they were beaten by the other team. The two winners are trying not to look too happy. We felt a bit pressured. Since we were more experienced… We beat them a lot during practice. So in practice matches, your pair… We beat them a lot more than they beat us. Like how many times out of 10? During practice, we won 8 out of 10 times. No. They won all 10. We lost all 10 times. Myself and Dongmun… We play better when this is at stake. (Embarrassed) I think you’re quite a tactless fellow. Hodong and Lee Mangi were in the same situation. It was older versus younger in the final round. He had that bob and he was like… (Beat a senior competitor) (So tactless) (Gosh) (Embarrassed) So I’ll introduce myself now. Thank you for livening the mood. I’m the head of a celebrity badminton team. I’m Hong Seobeom. (Good to see you) We’re playing badminton today. When was your team formed? Some celebs that wanted to play got together. A lot of people are interested. We got together. Kim Gura, Kim Seongju, and Park Miseon all came. Anyway, actors, singers, and comedians all got together and we started with around 50 people. Kim Gura and Kim Seongju… Stopped showing up after the first meeting. (Laughing) The people that kept coming are still playing, to this day. How good is Seobeom known to be in his badminton league? I’ve only been on the team for 2 years, but I heard that among the members, he’s one of the best players. There are the beginners. Then groups D, C, B, and A. He’s in group B, which means he’s really good. His nickname is the god of badminton. That’s right. If you’re that good, why weren’t you in the first Cool Kiz badminton special? It was crazy that you guys didn’t invite me then. I was like, “What’s going on?” And I watched the show. You guys were terrible. (Geez) Didn’t you feel bad? Yeah, but I still came, since I was invited. – Right. / – I should be thankful and show up. You’re not a morning person. This is very important. What time is it now? Tell me the current time. Probably around 10. It’s probably not even 10 a.m. We got together around 8:30 today. We got warmed up and did the opening. Seobeom usually doesn’t leave his house until 11 or 12. No matter what he has to do, he doesn’t come out. I don’t do morning gigs. I just can’t. I can’t get up on time. But you’ve been playing – badminton for 6.5 years. / – Yes. When was the last time you had a gig before 11? (Curious) Well… Around 6 years ago. (Unbelievable) He doesn’t come out. The writers told me to come by 8 a.m. I told them to find someone else. I begged them that I couldn’t do it. I love badminton, but why at this hour? So I told them I’d back out. Then I got a call from KBS a few days later. I was like, “Who is this?” It was the director of KBS. “Just come to the shoot, Seobeom.” I was like, “Why’d you call me yourself?” (He said this to the director of KBS) The director of KBS called you himself. I was going to come to the shoot anyway. Anyway, welcome, you two! (Welcome, Dongsu and Seobeom) Hello, I play Gu Yeonjae in The Unusual Family.” I’m Kim Jinu. I’ve always wanted to be on this show. I love sports, so I’ve been waiting for this, and now I’m on the show. Great to be here. Welcome. What happened last night? (Over 20% in viewer ratings) (The male lead in “The Unusual Family”) We should get going. (Mothers love Jinu) When I look at Jinu… – I see a little bit of Manseok. / – Me? He loves sports, just like you. I think he really enjoys sports. I’m on 2 recreational baseball teams. I play golf, I waterski… I used to a be snowboarding instructor when I was in my early 20s. I started badminton 2 years ago. You’re just like Manseok. Do you just act when you have free time after sports? No, no, no. He just lives for sports. – And acts on his down time. / – No, no, no. No. That’s my dream. – Just my dream. / – Your dream? I think Jinu and I will get along well. – I think so too. / – Let’s hang out often. – Sure, Seobeom. / – Join my badminton team. If you join that team you two will be the only ones talking. The viewer ratings on “The Unusual Family” have been blowing up, like on the level of Song Joongki. Thank you. It’s probably over 20%. And you’re the lead in this popular drama. That’s why. Yes, yes… That’s why what? That’s why I’m here. Or else I couldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be on the show. It’s not easy to get on this show. I’m among gold medalists here. I heard someone came to cheer for you. She just got here. I didn’t think she’d come. She’s actress Kim Nawoon, who played my mom in the drama “The Return of Hwang Geumbok.” She actually came. Great to see you. What brings you here? My son is playing a match. I should root for him. I brought around 15 people. To give Jinu support? Sure. I was going to fill all 50 seats, but I heard others invited people too, so I brought fewer people. Say a few words to your on-screen son, Jinu. – Let’s go, son! / – Let’s go! – You always look young. / – Thank you. You look too young to play his mom. (Thumbs up) (I’ll make sure to win) Please introduce yourself. – May I introduce myself? / – Yes, who are you? Who are you? Hello, everyone. I won the silver medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics in men’s singles. I’m Son Seungmo. Son Seungmo winning the first men’s singles silver medal was a dramatic event. Give him a round of applause. He came all the way from Milyang. He usually doesn’t go far. You all have doubles players. He played singles. We’re all playing doubles with former Olympic athletes. Seungmo was the only one to win the silver medal in singles. I have to lead this team. I have more experience in doubles. (Disbelief) I know where to move around on the court. So please understand if he’s a bit awkward. You’ve played so much singles you can cover the entire court. Yes, I can. He told me to just stick to the net. I can’t touch it, since that’s a foul. He said to put it right in front of my face. Holding my racket like this… Because he can do it all on the court alone. You’d never guess it, but we’re aiming for the finals. Really? The viewers might not like that, but our goal is the finals. Why wouldn’t they like that? Nichkhun and Jae should be in the finals. That would be a nice ending. That’s what I think. But he came all the way from Milyang. So we won’t back down. Alright. Let’s hope we have some great matches. (Can’t wait for today’s game) Hyojeong, please introduce yourself. I won the gold medal in mixed doubles in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I’m Lee Hyojeong. One more point for the gold medal! (Went to the finals with Lee Yongdae!) Jump smash! Korea wins the gold medal! It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that we won the gold because of Hyojeong. She was an amazing player. Mixed doubles! Gold medalist! Lee Hyojeong! (Nice to meet you) Hyojeong, I heard that there’s someone here you really want to see. – Yes. Dongjun. / – Yes. – Dongjun? / – Yes. Nice to meet you. When I saw him on TV, he looked so cool playing sports. He was trying so hard. And he has a cute smile. So you’re all about looks on a man. – I guess I’m not good enough. / – No… It’s not that… It’s because your first partner was Lee Yongdae. You wouldn’t care about looks if it was Seungmo. I’m sorry. Hyojeong said she wanted to see Dongjun. We just smiled. But Nichkhun felt upset. He thought it would be him. That’s true. He’s really popular. – I’m sorry, but I felt a bit upset, too. / – Really? (Laughing) – You should’ve mentioned him. / – I’m sorry. Be honest. Do you watch “The Unusual Family”? Excuse me? Be honest. Do you watch “The Unusual Family”? I’m busy watching my baby. – So you haven’t? / – I’m sorry. I was thoughtless. I’m sorry. We hope you have great teamwork today. Now it’s time for my partner. Please introduce yourself. Hello. I’m coach Jeong Jaeseong and I won the bronze medal with Lee Yongdae in London in 2012. (He played with Lee Yondae in London) (He played a great game and won bronze) Lee Yongdae and Jeong Jaeseong! They win the bronze in men’s doubles. For your partner… Dongjun and Nichkhun are both athletic. But you have me. What do you think of that? How do you feel? It’s great. First, you’re very athletic and strong. I usually like to play in the back, but I’ll change things up and play in front. Really? We didn’t discuss this yet… You seem very flustered. Hodong is very flustered right now. This is my first time hearing this strategy. So where do I stand? What do I do? You can just attack from the back. – You want me to attack? / – Yes. – You want me to smash it? / – Sure. Do you have another gig today? I guess you want to get this over soon. If he told me his strategy sooner, I wouldn’t have been as surprised. I don’t know how to smash. And from the back, at that. You want me to smash it at Dongsu? Alright then. Hello. I won the bronze in Beijing in men’s doubles. I’m Lee Jaejin. Lee Jaejin and Hwang Jiman of Korea face off against Denmark. There’s one team left in men’s doubles. Lee Jaejin and Hwang Jiman of Korea! – They win bronze! / – What a great, bold play! Chef Choi, it’s your first time on our show. Yes. Please introduce yourself. Hello. I improve the world with food. I’m Choi Hyunseok. Welcome. Your good friend Chef Oh Sedeuk was in the volleyball episodes. Did you see him on the show? Yes, he never touched the ball in a game. He stood around and was quickly benched. I thought, “If I’m ever on that show, I’d better not let that happen to me.” (His friend roused his determination) I see. But this sport isn’t that easy. I saw him practice and I’m a bit nervous. Not because he’s good. His unplanned hits. (Truth hits home) The ones that just drop. A pro couldn’t return that. Those are the scariest hits. Like the ones that hit the end of the racket. Or the ones that hit the net and go over. (Badminton hits aren’t supposed to sound like that) (Clack) (Plink) (I won) He’s the king of unplanned hits. That’s his area of expertise? I saw him do that a lot. My unplanned hits are the most deadly ones. I’m Chef Choi Hyunseok. (Funny guy) Give me a pair of nunchucks. He’ll put on a show to assert dominance. You can use nunchucks? Chef Choi? I learned kung fu. He’ll assert his dominance with kung fu. He must be really good, if he prepared those. They weren’t prepared. This is dangerous, since I haven’t done it in a while. Don’t do anything dangerous. (Don’t try this at home) (Starts off slow) (Speeds up) (The main course) (So fast) (Amazing) He’s really good. (Wait for it) (The cherry on top) (Ends by showing off a clean kick) (Wraps up his nunchucks show perfectly) Hyunseok! (That was so cool) (Nice job) Please introduce yourself. Hello. I won the bronze medal in men’s doubles in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I’m Hwang Jiman. (Clapping hard) Your partner is Dongjun, who is known as the most athletic idol. He practices really hard and he’s a great athlete. He learns so quickly. (Jiman and Dongjun met to practice) (Is he really a beginner?) (The camera can’t keep up with him) (Nice smashes) (Drenched in sweat) Who do you want to play against and beat today? When I was interviewed, I said Nichkhun. He said this to me once. “Dongjun, I’ll end the rally in 10 hits.” He matched that for me exactly. – He received. / – Since it was for TV. “1, 2, 3. I’m ending it.” That was… Humiliating. So my goal is to beat Nichkhun. You want to beat Nichkhun for humiliating you before? You want to crush him? The MVP of the first badminton special. He was amazing. It’s Nichkhun! Hello, I’m Nichkhun. The teaser was memorable. People went nuts. (Cool Kiz badminton special teaser from 2013) (It became a big deal solely because of Nichkhun) (So cool) Thanks to that clip, I got an endorsement deal. When does your contract expire? – It’s over. / – It is? (Posing) (Give me an endorsement deal) That’s why I’m here today. He butted in again. He’s a young Manseok. He’s an actor, too. Once he stood up, he overshadowed Seobeom. (Sad) He’s got his sights set. He’s perfect to use for just 2 episodes. I want him. So I brought my friend here. He’s from my agency. He’s in the group DAY6. (Nice to meet you) Hello. I’m Jae of the new JYP band DAY6. – Yeah, Jae! / – Yes! From the competition show. So is he the one Lee Sunhee was… (Does he mean…) So is he the one Lee Sunhee was looking for? (Lame joke) (The two older guys love it) I thought of that joke ages ago. You’re quite courageous for actually saying it. A few here did not get that joke at all. If you got that joke, you’re an old dude. (Seobeom’s old guy test) True. So you’ve played badminton before? I played on my high school team for 3 years. But don’t get your hopes up. So you both played for your schools before. Yes. I think they’re strong candidates to win it all. Nichkhun and Jae, we hope you play well. (Badminton doubles tournament) (Tournament bracket) (Quarterfinals and semifinals: 1 set to 21 points) (Finals: 3 sets to 15 points, deuces allowed) (The bleachers are packed) (Jae, let’s win!) (Jota and Madtown are here to cheer!) Taegwon and Jinu versus Jiman and Dongjun! The first match of the quarterfinals starts now! Taegwon and Jinu will be playing Jiman and Dongjun. What kind of players are Taegwon and Jinu? Taegwon won the gold medal in men’s doubles in Athens in 2004. He’s a legendary doubles player. Jinu has only played for 2 years, but he’s taken a lot of private lessons. So they won’t be easy opponents. Their opponents are Jiman and Dongjun. What kind of players are they? Jiman won the bronze in Beijing in men’s doubles. He’s a strong attacker at the net. You can look forward to a great game from him. (Taegwon was the coach in Beijing) (It’s former coach versus player today) Dongjun is the first idol athlete. He’s very athletic. He practiced very hard for this tournament, and I’m looking forward to his playing. That’s it. That’s it! (Things start heating up in the stadium) (Even the legends are nervous) Let’s go! (We won’t lose the first match) (I’m going to beat you this time, coach) Let’s go, Taegwon and Jinu! (Coach Ha’s players came to cheer for him) (Let’s win, Dongjun) This is going to be close. (Who will win?) The first idol athlete Dongjun and badminton enthusiast Jinu. What kind of synergy will they have as they play against Taegwon and Jiman? Dongjun serves. Taegwon clears it high. Jump smash! Clears it high… Jump smash! He hit too easily. Push. You want to do this? You want to do this? They defend again. Taegwon and Jiman! Here’s their chance! Smash! Oh, it was a drop shot. Smash. (Another drop shot) (Out of bounds) I was nervous about all those drives. They were hitting fast drives as well as currently active players do. (These two had nothing to do) (Went for the shuttlecock in the middle…) (He actually got in Taegwon’s way) It got through. He’s throwing a tantrum. (Why that disrespectful…) Jiman is still an active player. He can see the shuttlecock and he seems relaxed. (The younger team takes the lead) (Oh, no) (The coach is really working hard) They got in each other’s way. – He should’ve stayed still. / – Jinu should’ve. The real athletes should hit it. (Sorry, coach) (Tough) Jiman! Jiman! (Hehe) You’re going to play like that? Fine then. Try something! Try something! (Calm down) (It’s heating up) Jinu is fast. Backhand! He pushed it over. Another attack. He hit it. Jinu clears it high. (Drop) Jinu clears it high. It hits the net! It hits the net! Yeah! He was trying to go short and missed. The other team saw where it was coming. (Argh!) Too bad. (Sorry, Dongjun) (No worries…) I’m playing with you, right? I bet you’re lonely by yourself. Dongjun, just play comfortably. Like you’re practicing. Okay. (Jinu’s team gets to serve!) (A long serve by Jinu) Dongjun clears it. Smash! Jinu! (Jinu makes a strong attack) A drop shot. – Nice! / – It goes over. Smash! Hit it! Taegwon! Smash! – Hit it! / – Taegwon! (So refreshing) Bring it, Jiman! – Bring it, Jiman! / – Come on! (Coach is so pumped up) (Alright…) (Dejected after that attack…) This is the smash of an Athens Olympics gold medalist! Yes. Jinu played a great supporting role in the back. I can keep playing like this, right? Okay. (Sure) (That was a great hit) It’s Jinu’s serve. Beat them. (Jinu calmly prepares his serve) It’s Jinu’s serve. He moves out of the way. – Dongjun. / – Nice. Back across. One more time. Third time. (Taegwon is playing great defense) They keep hitting it to Dongjun. Jiman receives. Nice recover. He puts it up. Smash! He puts it up. Smash! They defended! Dongjun! One more time! One more time! (Hit Jiman’s racket again) (Point loss from a double touch) (They’re celebrating on this side) Dongjun! (Can’t hold in the adrenaline) – He was good. / – He played well. Dongjun played very well. It’s too bad they missed that one. We’re giving you a doping test after this is done. Someone give him a urine test. Don’t leave after this is done. Alright. – Take a urine test first. / – Okay, okay. This is strange. He needs to be tested. (He isn’t normal) I can’t help swinging for it. I should let the person behind me get it… – But I can’t help it. / – Your body reacts first. You react… Something’s wrong with you if you don’t react. (They keep their lead and it’s 7:5) That guy’s good, too. (They’re already analyzing the other team) Try to come at me. I’ll show you how it’s done. Come at me. Okay, go! (Jinu’s short serve) A light drop shot. Jiman smashes! They return it. Another smash! They return it. Another smash! One more time. (Jiman has the momentum) Drop shot… Jump smash! (Returned all of his disciple Jiman’s hits) (But couldn’t return the final smash…) (He got better) (The epitome of perfection) (See that, coach?) (You’re the best) (My partner’s still got it) He really played with his head. Jiman mixed strong and weak shots to find his timing to attack. (The legends are great) That was awesome. That was great. You should’ve got that, Coach Ha. – Seriously. / – That would’ve been dramatic. Play to make good television. (Jiman serves) Nice. They get it over. One more time. Dongjun, show them! Another smash! A nice return. Push. A nice return. Push. (Great control from all the training) I thought he’d hit it to Dongjun, but he used his drive to hit it to Jiman. A great play. (In top condition!) The score is 18:15. (Come on, Dongjun, get at least one) (I’ll get a point of my own) (A steady return) Jiman. Here it is. It’s fast. Dongjun pushes it over. – Drop shot. / – Nice. To Jinu. To Jinu again. They’re overlapping. Dongjun! To Jinu. To Jinu again. They’re overlapping. Dongjun! (Lets out the pent up angst) Dongjun is getting pumped up and – he’s been showing some clever plays. / – Yeah. Taegwon underestimated him, and Dongjun got the better of him. You startled me. I’m fine with that one. (Let’s keep up this momentum!) (Jiman and Dongjun catching up) (Let’s just get 2) Let’s go! (Don’t lose focus and play properly) Let’s go. (Dongjun’s long serve) (Both teams rally slowly) Drop shot. Pushes it over. Jiman saves it gently. Jinu smashes! Jinu smashes! (A play caused by Jiman’s pinpoint technique) (As good as the legends) (Jimin made a perfect smash) (I could’ve had that) (They did a good job) (That’s my son) Too bad, Dongjun. Nice, nice. That was one point, but it was a big point. It would’ve been 17:18. I heard Jinu got private lessons for a week and he practiced very hard. The results are showing today. (Jinu’s short serve) Jump smash! How did he return that? Taegwon. Another jump smash. Another one! (A heated battle between offense and defense) Here it comes! Another one! He pushes it lightly this time. Jinu… Jinu… – The defense wins this one. / – Yes. (Both teams showed amazing plays) (In this amazing rally) (The people watching look back and forth) (Big cheers after it’s over) 19:17. It’s a 2-point difference. If they focus a bit more, they might be able to tie it up. Taegwon’s team are trying to run off with the lead, but this is a close game. (Jiman serves) Out, out. Out of bounds. Out, out. Out of bounds. 19:18. A 1-point difference. You really caught up. You’re only 1 point behind. This means… Oh, man. (Ahh!) It’s okay! It’s okay! (Coach won’t lose, will he?) I’m not going to hit it. For real. I’ll give it to him. 19:18. A 1-point difference. (Will his mind games work?) Jiman’s serve. Dongjun. Jinu returns! Dongjun. Jinu returns! Dongjun. Jinu returns! Jiman made a mistake. He has no choice but to hide his face. (Yes) (My mind games worked!) (You’re the best, Coach Ha) He’s a veteran. I expected that from a veteran. It’s okay. Idiot! Let’s go. 20:18. Now Taegwon and Jinu have one point left. It’s match point, but they can get this back. Let’s go, Taegwon and Jinu! Thank you! (We feel pumped up!) (Hang in there, Dongjun) Here we go. Who knows what will happen? (Will they end it?) (Or will they catch up?) (Who will win this game?) (Taegwon starts with a short serve) Jiman’s attack is fast. Back to the center. Taegwon defends. Pushes it over. It’s going back and forth! It goes up again. They change directions. Smash! Smash! It’s a backhand! Dongjun! Taegwon, Dongjun… Back to Taegwon… Dongjun! Taegwon, Dongjun… (Double touch mistake) (It’s over) (I won, guys!) (I’m the legendary Ha Taegwon) (He’s pretty pumped up, too) (That’s my son) (His TV mother and son celebrate) (Good work, coach) (Jiman and Dongjun console each other) (My coach is good) (Next episode) We’re having a badminton doubles tournament to show our support for the Korean badminton team. Now only the strongest teams are left. (These hard smashes) (Can turn the tide of the game) (Amazing defense) (Pouring out their hearts!) (Play with the legends) (And achieve the honor of victory!) I’ll play like this is an Olympic gold medal match. This is worth doing. Dongsu and Taegwon versus Hyojeong and Jaejin The match of legends begins! The special match of legends. Dongsu and Taegwon versus Hyojeong and Jaejin. Smash! Smash! Another! This is a special match, but their pride is on the line here. Backhand! Push! Smash! They really are legends. Let’s go, Korean badminton! (“Why So Lonely” by Wonder Girls)

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