Corepunk – Announcement Gameplay Trailer

Rating pending. Let’s be honest – it’ll be mature. Greetings, adventurer, and welcome to Corepunk an MMORPG where you’ll experience fog-of-war in a vast, seamless open world. Miles and miles of wilderness to get lost in. Discover a small camp in the middle of nowhere or a busy metropolis booming with life and activity. You are free to go wherever you want. Use public transport to reach remote locations fast and safe. Begin your journey by creating a hero. Each has it’s own unique role, abilities and a set of fighting styles. Complete quests for NPC’s who are too busy to do it themselves. – You’re gonna need better gear for that! Kill monsters to earn gold. Shred them with your best move. Be careful though, they get pretty crafty when fighting as a unit. Grow crops, chop wood, mine ore, trade goods for missing resources… to craft the weapon you deserve. Suit up! It won’t make you stronger, but you’ll look absolutely fabulous. Choose a set of talents. Boost yourself with artifacts to become the ultimate war machine. Use fog of war wisely to hunt down and ambush your enemies. Attack those who dared to take your farming spot. Then chill in a city, show off your loot and find reckless companions to take on a challenge that no one else has the guts for. We will come again. We’ll come again until we’re done. ‘Cuz only those will win. Only those who stand their ground. No one leaves until we’re done. When we stand as one! We won’t leave ’till we’re done! When we stand as one! We won’t leave ’till we’re done! When we stand as one… Sign up for Beta at

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