Corepunk News #1: About game speed

Corepunk News #1: About game speed

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  1. Really appreciate the devs reaching out to us and giving us more info about Corepunk. Really anticipating this game and looking forward to getting my hands all over it ??, thanks alot! Will be keeping a continuous eyes on the forums and all the social media. Love it and keep the good work up!

    also merry Christmas
    p.d.: the book says "Trolls"

  3. Ребят, со скоростью игры все даже норм!
    Успеваешь насладиться всеми деталями боя и посмаковать эпичные моменты, исходя из показанного геймплея:)
    Это гораздо лучше, чем лицезреть по всему экрану вспышки китайской гирлянды, которую коротнуло. Как это бывает во всех азиатских играх

    Харьков болеет за ваш продукт и студию!

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing more!! 😀

  5. It seems that I was absolutely right to write about the fact that artifacts work like the league of legends items. I'm so glad! <3 Merry Christmas!!

  6. Looking foward to play it!

  7. Okay, this is really cool. But then here is a question. Will there be something op to stack a lot of movement speed, or you can have 1 pair of boots? Having 12 different archetypes is a question too. What about theirs speed then? Somebody will be able to outrun the opponent (in the pvp for example it might be a problem) and explore the map faster? Or maybe when you enter combat in the pvp characters will have kinda similar movement speed?

    upd: oh, and yeah, Happy New Year!

  8. Great job! Still waiting for Closed Beta news 😉

  9. Low hanging fruit.

  10. Только дурачки этого не понимали.Если просмотреть трейлер на минимальной скорости можно было увидеть какие статы дают шотки.А дают они вообще смех.Ясное дело что более хайлевельный шмот будет иметь такие параметры какие показаны.

  11. That was actually something I wanted to know about.

  12. ВОобще не в тему. Не то время

  13. Please get my beta key?

  14. Thank you for informing us. Increased game pace was something most of us was asking for but please, please don't over do it like other games, not the same genre but like Poe and Diablo for example.

  15. This looks really good and thank you for sharing how that works. I'm looking forward to trying this one out. Merry Christmas all!

  16. lol at the trophy woman at the bottom

  17. I like this Dota 2 style.

  18. Хочется более динамичную боёвку. Заснимите и покажите нам как будет выглядеть прохождение данжа игроками со средним шмотом. Мб стрим сделаете с прохождением, так мы сможем оценить скорость передвижения персонажа, и динамику боёвки.

  19. Вполне нормальная динамика, без корейских свистоперделок и скоростей. Очень жду проект, удачи в разработке и скорейшего ЗБТ! 🙂

  20. That fireplace looks cozy. And that explains the movement speed as well. Merry Christmas, Corepunk team!

  21. Thanks for sharing really looking forward to beta period.

  22. Beauties! Leave it as it is. Happy New Year!

  23. Какой слащавый Хуан))

  24. I'm lovin this!❤ Btw, Is this an open world game ? Looks like a moba tho. Great video and Marry Christmas

  25. Интересно, innovoprillium это тоже разработка Artificial Core (ее фарм. подразделения)? 😀
    Домен зарегистрирован 21.12.19, и ведет на WordPress… Это какая-то пасхалка?

  26. А хде на русском

  27. Love the Christmas scene with the wife and fireplace! And the massively multiplayer design book 🙂

  28. Awesome video, thanks for the great information! ?☀️❤️

  29. Thanks for the video keep up the good work have a good christmas !

  30. Hey its nathan drake

  31. I've been waiting for a new well polished mmorpg to come out. Hopefully this delivers.

  32. I'd love to see more variation in my characters death, like if my friend gets his head chopped off or I get burned alive/run through that'd be cool, to be able to have a laugh at each others gruesome ends would just be fun

  33. С открепленной камерой это всё становится похожим на то, как на ролевой системе Warcraft 3 пытаются сделать ммо.

  34. combat: i want throw some oil barrels and…………….u know the rest. muahahahahahahahahaha

  35. Very happy!
    ?Good luck in the development! ?
    Merry christmas! ?✨

  36. I am getting this game Day 1

  37. I'm super excited for this game. Hope I get picked for beta.

  38. Feliz Navidad :3 , Estoy con unas ganas de jugar Corepunk

  39. I had zero concerns. The game is as fast as it needs to be. Really excited to play this

  40. Still combat looks like he need a lot more to be fun for me. But stil cant wait

  41. Cool but I still don't know if this game is more like Diablo, more like LoL or more like top-down MMO (WoW/ESO etc)?

  42. I prefer the Albion online fame system, but sure. I can give it a try when not doing albion online content.

  43. Not able to register for beta in India. Please help. Tried multiple times

  44. Really not sure if I’ve ever been this excited for a game release.

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