Corepunk – Q4 2020 Open Beta

Corepunk – Q4 2020 Open Beta

And we’re back. Research completed….Before we continue guys,
drop a like on the video if you’re enjoying the content. It really helps with my videos and to let
me know you guys are enjoying the content. Alright so straight off the rip they’re saying
it’s an mmorpg. It’s a seamless open world. It has fog of war. Those are big and in bold as soon as you open
up the website. Immediately when I see this game, the combat,
it reminds me of a sort of mix of league of legends because the healthbars, art style
and UI are so similar feeling and then of course albion online a little too. Except albion is not seamless and is at least
in my opinion, very simplified due to being on mobile…So hopefully that’s not the case
with Corepunk. They’re saying that the game has fog of war
to promote dicovering the areas. There’s professions, battlegrounds, challenging
monsters in unique camps, guilds, farms, quests and a lore/story. Okay so there’s also an FAQ…First up, question
I wanted right away is the first one…Game release date. So it’s planned for q4 2020 as an open beta,
so definitely not as close as I’d have liked but also…In the mmorpg genre, waiting a
year to get your hands on a project is…Decent…All things considered. I mean I wish I only had to wait a year when
crowfall, new world, star citizen, pantheon etc…You know when those games were announced,
1 year would have been great and yet here we still are like 6 years later for some. That’s not to say that in q4 2020 is when
we’ll see gameplay, that’s just open beta. They have sign ups on the website active right
now for closed beta which has no date but if open beta is q4 then of course closed beta
could be anytime from now until then, so that’s promising. Just…2020 has so many games set to come
out in the mmorpg genre now, which one are you guys looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments, I’d have to think
long and hard about which one I’m most excited for, there’s so many. Second question you might also immediately
want an answer to is the business model right? They haven’t actually announced that yet. It is a question on the FAQ but it just says
to be announced soon and that they’re fundamentally against pay to win which let’s be honest…Could
mean anything. What they consider p2w and what anyone else
considers pay to win are generally two totally different things, so as with pretty much everything
when a game is first released…That’s totally unknown. One thing they are saying though is the game’s
style is a post apocalyptic atmosphere and a fusion of genres from cyberpunk to dark
fantasy which at least the cyberpunk is very interesting an present in the trailer for
me. Actually something cool to talk about, what
about the company behind the game right? That’s usually a pretty big thing. Well it’s from a company called artificial
core, they have over 100 employees and they have offices in netherlands, kiev and LA….They’ve
been working on Corepunk for over 5 years and they’re a privately held company…So
this is by no means a fly by night indie project with 5 people, no budget and only half a year
of game development under the belt…This is actually a fully featured, fully funded
and large undertaking of a project with an actual mmorpg amount of development time spent
on it which I think is the most interesting factor of the whole announcement. Aside from that what else do we have…It
has action based combat with fog of war as we mentioned earlier as well as the surrounding
enviroment can be used in combat to add to the tactical aspect, then also they have the
holy trinity so tank, support, healer, damage dealer and all that jazz, also saying they
have a lot of customisation options to add a wide variety of builds to the game. Alright so what does the game have? PvP wise it has open world pvp, battlegrounds
and arenas. It also has a small chance on death to lose
some loot from your inventory….But if the karma system identifies you as a player killer,
you’ll lose aratefact items from your character slot…Which I have no idea if it’s a big
deal or not but if it’s a punishment for being a bad boy, chances are that might be a big
deal. So the karma sysem is explained, basically
you kill a player, you get karma points. The amount of points awarded will be different
based on level and equipment difference between you and the defeated player. When you hit a certain level of karma, that’s
bad and you become a crimical, criminals can’t enter regular cities and towns and we just
talked about the dying and losing artefacts. So even 1 kill on a lower level player can
result in becoming a penalty which is cool, a way to punish people for griefing and promote
equal geared/leveled pvp. You can work off karma by doing other stuff
in the game. Then for the PvE players they have a huge
FAQ section. Probably too much to go over to be honest. So I’ll pick out some big deals and we’ll
have to check out corepunk in another video when we get some more news and do a full look
at the features. They have solo and up to 4 player randomly
generated dungeons, they have raids, minibosses, world bosses, wandering bosses and a camp
system with advanced open world AI. The game has mounts. The character creation is a bit odd. So you have initial heroes… You pick one and they can all be anything. Each one though has a certain inclination
towards certain archetypes so I guess like in any game say an elf is better at being
a druid and an orc is a good berserker I guess. You can also at any time choose a new weapon
specialization and swap on the same class to a new item build. They have a crafting system that is ranked,
so you can literally become the greatest of a profession in the world and be recognised
for that, which is kinda interesting and adds competitiveness to being a pure crafter. I should probably stop there. Either way, cool looking game and yet another
one to add to the list of games making the mmorpg genre exciting in 2020. I legit think 2020 is going to be a great
year for the genre and if 2020 sucks…I have no hope. There’s so many promising titles set to launch
in 2020 for the mmo genre that it surely can’t be a bad year…Please. Mercy. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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  1. For some reason the youtube upload put the audio in the first section of the video off by like…0.3 seconds or something at the start and I can't change it without pulling the video so…Sorry for that and forgive me. New to this type of issue, will fix it for next time!

  2. It has a neat style, and that slow combat interests me 🙂

  3. Black Desert was launched like what 4 years ago? So it was in development for 5-6 years before that and look at the combat and graphics and a 100 people studio come up with this to be an open beta in q4 2020?

    This to me looks like a mobile game that was supposed to launch probably around the time Diablo 3 launched.

    Also, it seems that so many people use the word MMORPG very loosely these days just to cap on the potential of many unsatisfied players from this genre. I think they are forgetting what the first letter means. You can clearly see that, based on the combat and map design, this is made for maybe 10-20 players in the same area. Dungeons of 4 players? Man, I miss the days when we were hundreds of players in Lineage 2 to kill any boss on the map and still failed.

  4. Wow Just before you said it looks like league I thought exactly the same ?

  5. The voice over is annoying as F. Who is this lesbian?
    Top down is meh and definitely reminds me of albion which was awful.

  6. Sorry I dont bother getting hyped for smth that "may" come out fall 2020. Im sick of waiting for MMO releases.

  7. Very Good. This game is one of the best news and gaming gems we have found here. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention, Kira.

  8. i would be shocked if this game wasn't designed to come to the consoles as well , seems very slow pace something that will suit consoles/mobile

  9. Corepunk seems like it's gonna put its money where its mouth is, especially since they have such a wealth of information available already. Definitely on the watch list.

  10. Just saw Skylent Games video on this game, I am fairly happy from what I've seen. Loving the graphics, environments/towns/dungeons, combat, that one mount, Fog of War and monsters. I'm also liking how you have characters to play as and not a generic character you can "do whatever you want with", though I am hoping for a Kobold character and or more unique type characters. However, this is also a bad thing, cause it's basically "gender-locked" classes/characters. A story would also be ideal, seeing as most, if not all, sandbox type games have none, giving at least me no reason to sink hours into.

  11. there is not many cyberpunk themed real game sin 2020, there is a number of offshoots who want to ride the success wave and hype of cyberpunk 2077, which si the one proper cyberpunk game it seems, though they need to have third person option available.

  12. its like albion online…

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