“Coroners” play Operation

“Coroners” play Operation

This is a highly competitive sport. Wow! I’m Serinda Swan from Coroner. And I’m Roger Cross from Coroner. And we’re about – Oh from Coroner, obviously! Otherwise why would you be here. And we’re about to play Operation. Okay. Dog located in the foot. Are you a dog or a cat person? You can’t shake it to make it easier! Wait a second it’s like not even… That’s fine that’s part of the game. Yes it is it’s right there! Are you a dog or a cat person and why? I’m more of a dog person. Good answer I have a dog. Oh! And why? And… Oh!! Oh! Oh nope it’s not gone! No I saw it! Ahh! Is that a point for me? Do I get a point? Oh look, I got it. Okay. Alright here we go! Here we go, alright so… Snot, located beside the kleenex. Oh no that, that. Okay! How do you deal with being sick? I’ve been on set majority of the time! That I’m sick. Uh, I sleep on the floor. Robyn, our amazing wardrobe guy actually he used to work on Degrassi for 10 years, and one of the cast gifts was a Degrassi blanket. And he made me a Degrassi bed on the ground. He did. It was really sweet. I slept the whole time. Okay! Acid, grapes. Do you get acid reflex? No I’m kidding. Is there anything you’re allergic to? Um, no. Nothing? Nothing! Really? Really. Ah! Except for this game! Would you stop! I got two! You know what, she totally distracts me. Do you see how she does that? That’s the point. Come on, get your grapes out. Yes! You made me look up as you did that. Yeah this is a highly competitive sport. Wow! Jeez! Here I’m just having some fun. Dirty, dirty. Okay! Rubber band located at the leg. Ah this one is so hard. Okay. While putting a rubber band onto a peg tell us what’s your favourite thing to collect. To collect? Yeah. Uh… oh this sounds so hippy. Well… Books. Are you supposed to be doing that while… I already did it! I already took it out I’m putting it back in. Ok well I just did that, there you go. Books, I love collecting books. And on the other side crystals. I really like crystals. But books, I have a big… What kind of crystals? Like healing? Any kind, like healing crystals. Bird, located beside the head. Bird! Aww, how do you deal with mean tweets? I ignore them. Yeah. Hahaha. Ooooo I… I didn’t touch anything. I totally saw that. We have playback right? Hahahaha. Can I turn it? Ohhhh! I have four and he has two so I don’t know if we need to like declare anything… I think we already have… Okay yes you win. Proof is in the pudding. Awww! You won you won. She won. It was mutual, we all win when it comes to… Awww. That’s the Canadian side. No I won. I won. Totally.

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  1. Wouldn't surgeons be a more accurate profession for this game? They operate on live patients instead of dead ones.
    But I understand that it might be harder to get a hold of a surgeon than a coroner.

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