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Counter Sidespin | PingSkills | Table Tennis

Sometimes in a rally we need to be able to deal with side spin It may be tricky But let’s see if we can help you to return that side spin shot. The first thing is to watch the ball Because the ball has side spin is going to curve in the air So watching and tracking that ball is really important and the second thing then is to make sure that we’re making a good contact on the ball when the ball is curving Because the ball is curving it means it’s not coming towards you as fast That’s why you need to make sure you push your back forward to make contact with where the ball is If your contact is slow, then the side spin is going to take effect whichever way they have span the ball But if you can brush the ball fast then your contact and your spin is going to take over Whatever spin was already on the ball if you are wanting to play just a control shot Then you need to use the angle of your racket to negate the side spin if the ball wants to spin off this direction you need to angle your racket so that now the ball is going to go on to the table Remember to negate the side spin, you can either use a defensive stroke and angle your racket or play an attacking stroke and generate your own spin and speed on the ball to negate the side spin

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  1. Our teacher always says: you have to use the opposite angle to get the ball back

  2. Very well explained Sir.
    My Understanding about sidespin return is 1. As u said check the angle of ur racquet. 2. ur racquet should move in the direction of ball (this is useful when u return a sidespin serve)

  3. Any more info about how to do a pendulum serve which is fast and long with a lot of spin?

  4. Hey Alois and Jeff,
    Just out of the topic but I wanted to know how to mix the different kinds of serves during a match? The thing is I have about 3-4 serves (a couple of them learnt from your tutorials only) apart from the basic backhand and forehand chop and counter serves. How do I use them to full advantage and unleash them as a variety against my opponent in a match ?

  5. Kindly make a video on how to play against LP hitters

  6. Hi Alois,
    Which is better?Hurricane 3 or Hurricane Neo 3?Please answer it,coz I need to choose the right one for regional tournament.Thanks. 🙂

  7. Great video as usual!

  8. Thanks for that, Alois. I generally play a defensive stroke against sidespin. This technique opens up plenty of attacking possibilities for me. Great video.

  9. Alois, what is your favorite short serve and what is your favorite long serve?

  10. How can i return sidespin with lefthand on my forehand?

  11. Really, during the point the variation of the speed left me confused about how to return. Thanks for the tips!

  12. Hi coach
    i want ho know what i must to do with my friend !!!! he returning all my serves with strong and speed hit and i can't return it ^_^ what can I do ?
    sorry for my language

  13. Whats a good penhold serve. Please answer this

  14. The only problem i have with my friend is his unbelievable xu xin side spin shots! It gets me every time and im grateful for your video. And on a pre made factory bat, is ther black side harder or the red side harder? My other friend wanted to know 😀

  15. If you make a passive stroke, the sidespin will dominate you, so you need to adjust the racket angle. When making active strokes, you can dominate the ball and give it a direction even against the spin. Courage is the key.

  16. Make videos more often
    Can you also do reviews of table tennis rackets….if you do can you review the addoy 3000 & 2000 and tell us the difference?

  17. He is the coach at my school

  18. are you players of tt

  19. Hi, I have a question. Can we use these techniques when my opponent doing this sidespin in every shot

  20. How to return the ball from forehand without a loop when the ball is near the net?

  21. how do you negate heavy side spin serve? same method?

  22. 0:58 Anyone hear that?

  23. What if you and your opponent are both right handed then in this case spin’s gonna be different to feel as it moves away from you instead of coming towards you considering hook shot to counteract what can be done to attack it from forehand ?

  24. Thank you for clear explaination. I had a problems with side spin serves, but now a have a plan how to correct my play.

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