Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Abduction Part 1 – Ep 578 -16th August, 2017

Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Abduction Part 1 – Ep 578 -16th August, 2017

Listen. Where’s the Inspector?
– He’s there. Inspector I have a 10-year-old daughter
Nidhi. I wonder where
she has gone. – Take a seat. Since when is your daughter
Nidhi missing? – Sir, she went to school like every day. But she didn’t return. Nidhi, for how long will you
play with dolls? Aren’t you
a grown up now? Back in the good old days,
girls of your age would get married.
– It would have been good had I taken birth in those
days. – Crazy girl. You keep speaking
nonsense. Come on. Take your bag
and go to school. Bye, doll. Mom, I’m going.
Take care of my doll. And you take care
of yourself. – Yes. Bye, Mom.
– Bye. Did you ask her friends? Maybe, she has gone
somewhere while playing. Yes. I checked at all the places
where she could have gone. I went to her school
as well. But they said that
she left after the school. But, sir..
She hasn’t come home. Do you suspect
anyone? No. No one. Where is your
husband? He is also searching
for Nidhi. But I thought,
I should inform the police. Sir, please. Find
my daughter, sir. Please. Do you have
Nidhi’s photograph? – Yes, I do. Here it is. She is Nidhi, sir. Rohini, control yourself. God will set everything
right. We’ll find Nidhi soon. Come on. Eat something. No, Mom. I can’t. I wonder what condition
my daughter is in and whether she has
eaten anything or not. Aren’t you my daughter,
just like Nidhi is yours? If not for yourself,
eat something for my sake. Come. And I have sent
son-in-law to Sanju’s house.
But Nidhi is not there either. Why are you both
after Sanju? Is it that you both did
something with my daughter? And you’re dragging Sanju
into it? Rohini, what were you saying?
You’re accusing your mom? Keep quiet. I won’t spare you both if any harm
comes to my daughter. Don’t be scared.. I won’t harm you. Don’t be scared. Hey. Listen.. Don’t be nervous. Aren’t you hungry?
– How did I reach here? I want to go to my mom.
Who are you? I’ll look after you till
the time you are here. I don’t want to stay here.
I want to go to my mom. Hey. Don’t be scared..
Come here. You’ll get many clothes. I don’t want anything.
I want to go to my mom. Hey.. What happened, dear? It appears like
you didn’t like the food. I don’t want to eat your
food. I want to go to my mom. Dear, you shouldn’t
behave like that. – L-Leave me. Leave me.
– Calm down. Get inside.. I want to go
to my mom. – Sit here. Leave me.. Sit here. The door won’t be opened
now. No matter how much
you bang it. – Open it. You have bitten
my mistress. Open it.. I want to go to my mom. Open it. Open it.
Somebody open it. Open it. Listen. Have you seen this girl
somewhere? She is missing since yesterday.
Have you seen her somewhere? I know her, sir. I have dropped her home
many times. But I didn’t see her
yesterday. Has anyone of you
seen her? She is missing
since yesterday. Yes, sir.
I have seen her. She boarded
my auto yesterday. Sir, will you go to
Tilak Nagar? Yes, dear. Sit. Stop here, sir. How much is the fare? I dropped her
at Tilak Nagar. Had anyone come
to receive her there? No. No one had come. She was alone. She went towards
the locality. Mom. Come and take me away
from here. Take me away. I want to go to you, Mom. Mom, come and take me
away. Please come to me. Mom, where are you? Wow. It appears like the food
is not that bad. Look, stay like this. Have you seen the game
of dolls? We need to do the same. Two dolls. And they get married.
– Do you know? You’ll be our doll. And you’ll get married
to another doll. Yes. With a real boy. He would be like you. A real boy? Isn’t the wedding just
a part of the game? I don’t want
to get married. – Hey. I want to go to my mom.
Leave me. Stay away from me. Otherwise, I..
– Hey.. I..
– Hey. Hey.
– Have you gone crazy? What are you
doing? – Don’t do that. Don’t do that.
– You’ll get hurt. Stay away from me.
Go away! Yes, we’re going.
– Yes. We are going. Mom. Mom.. Inspector. Any information
on Nidhi? First, tell me. Does
anyone stay at Tilak Nagar whom Nidhi or you
know? Because she was seen there
for the last time. Yes. Our ex-maid Sarita
stays at Tilak Nagar. You? – I’m Nidhi’s grandma
and Rohini’s mom. And he is my son-in-law. Sir, Sarita’s son Sanju
used to tutor Nidhi six months ago. But why would she go
there yesterday? Do you have
Sarita’s address? She stays at house number 22
at Tilak Nagar. Okay. Let’s go. Did you see? You were suspecting
son-in-law and me. Your daughter herself
went to Sanju. I think, she went to meet
him only. She is 10 years old. But isn’t she
your daughter? You’d also run away with
your first husband Vishal. After all, won’t
she take after you? Look, dear. You want to go to your
mom, right? You want to return home,
right? Please let us apply
turmeric on you. Wow!
She has agreed. Come on. Let’s
perform the ritual quickly. Come. Come with me. Sit down. Apply turmeric on her,
one by one. Shanti, look
she’s running away.. Catch her.
Come on.. Hey.. Hey, stop.. Stop..
Where are you running away? Stop. Stop. Stop..
Where are you running away? Hey, stop. Hey, catch her.
– Hey.. Catch her.
– Hey, stop. Catch her..
– Hey, stop. Yes, sir.
– Are you Sanju’s mother Sarita? Yes, sir.
But what’s the matter? Had Nidhi come here
yesterday? Yes, sir. She had. She was asking
about Sanju. I had informed her
that Sanju isn’t at home. When did she
come here? – At around 3:30 p.m. Why did she
want to meet Sanju? – No idea. I was in a hurry.
So, I didn’t ask her. I didn’t ask Sanju
either. Did Nidhi tell you
where she would go from here? No, sir.
She didn’t tell me. But what’s the matter? Nidhi has been missing
since yesterday. Oh, God! It had never happened
before. I saw her
with a boy. – Who was that boy? Do you know him?
– He stays here itself. Why did you lie
to us that Sanju wasn’t
home when Nidhi came here? Sir, I didn’t lie to you.
Sanju wasn’t home. We checked with
your neighbours. Yesterday,
they saw Nidhi with Sanju. My mom is not lying, sir. Sir, I am Sanju. It’s true that I wasn’t
home when Nidhi came here. Later, I got to know
that Nidhi had come here and mom asked her
to leave after scolding her. Upon hearing this,
I left to search for her. Why did you ask Nidhi
to leave after scolding her? Sir, she directly
came here from her school instead of going home. It doesn’t look good.
What would her parents think? That’s why,
I scolded her. Why did Nidhi
come here to meet you? Sir, actually.. She needed help in Math.
That’s why she came here. I asked her to
come later. So, she left. Where did
she go from here? – Sir she wanted
to buy something. So, she went to
a stationery shop. Then I met one
of my friends there. I got busy talking
to him. Later, when I looked
there, Nidhi had left. I won’t let you apply
turmeric on me. I am telling you! I won’t let you apply
turmeric on me! The more you delay the longer you will have
to stay here. You won’t be able
to return home. Get it applied. I won’t let you apply
turmeric on me. Stay away from me! What happened?
– Stay away from me. She is not letting us
apply turmeric on her. Stay away from me. Dear, I forgot
to tell you that I am your would-be
father-in-law. This ritual
is very important. If you don’t let them
apply turmeric on you this ritual won’t
be complete. Come.
Let me apply turmeric on you. This is how you should
bang your head on the wall. Call the doctor
and get her treated. Perform the ritual. She wants to bang
her head! Nidhi was held captive
by such people who wanted to get
her married to someone. But their motive
behind doing so wasn’t clear. On the other hand,
Nidhi’s mother was devastated. And the police was leaving
no stone unturned to find her. Had this girl come
to your shop at 3 p.m yesterday? Many people
come to the shop. How many people
can I remember, sir? Do you have
a CCTV camera in your shop? I don’t have
a CCTV camera, sir. This
is the same place where Nidhi
was spotted the last time. She might
have been kidnapped from here. But no
ransom call has been made yet. Tawde, not all
kidnappings are done for money. We cannot
trust anybody in this case. Do this.
– Sir. Scan
the history of Rohini her mom
and her husband. Okay.
– Let’s go. Bhawar, go to the house
of the girl who will become
my daughter-in-law and kill her mother. Fire all
the six bullets at her. She shouldn’t
remain alive. Spare my mom. Please. I’ll do as you say. But spare my mom.
Spare my mom. Meena, make arrangements
for the henna ceremony. Munna, the wedding
should take place tomorrow. Look into
the arrangements. Sir, I got to know
that Sanju is a bright student. And he gives
tuitions to pay his fees. Sir, I didn’t
get any other information on the basis
of which we can suspect him. What about
Rohini and her family? Sir, I found out something
interesting about Rohini. Sir, she had
a love marriage with Vishal when she was
21 years old by going
against her mom’s wishes. Vishal
divorced her eight years ago and
shifted to Dubai. So, Akash is
Rohini’s second husband and this
has been hidden from us. Yes, sir. And Nidhi is Rohini’s
daughter from her first husband. Rohini couldn’t get
married for a long time because of Nidhi and Rohini’s mother,
Janki, was worried due to this. Sir, Akash
married Rohini six years ago and he stays
with them now. But I got
to know something else too. Akash has not been able
to accept Nidhi completely yet. We’ll have to
question all of them thoroughly. Let’s go.
– Sir. Sir, even I was shocked when Akash agreed
to marry me because this was Akash’s
first marriage. But I am a mother
of a school-going child. We didn’t
have any match. But he loves you. Sir,
to tell you the truth I still don’t understand
why Akash married me. You should
have tried to understand this. You may not
have lost your daughter today. We think Akash is responsible
for Nidhi’s disappearance. Sir, even I had
suspected Akash. But.. What are you saying? You are
suspecting the child’s father and are overlooking
everything else. Akash is
her father by relationship and
not by birth. And there is a reason
behind suspecting anyone. Sir,
Akash cannot do this. He is not
that kind of a boy. Why are you
supporting him? I think you are
hand-in-glove with him. What are you saying,
Rohini? I am supporting him because I don’t want you
to lose your husband along with your daughter. Don’t worry. Power cuts
are common here. The electricity will be
back before this candle burns. Stay here
till the electricity comes back. I cannot stay here. It’s your wedding
tomorrow and I have a lot of work. Mom. Nidhi, what happened? Hey.. Come here. Come here. Come.. Sit here. You need not be scared
of the darkness. Mom, why is the darkness
so scary? Because eyes
get used to light. That is the reason. Look at this.
I have brought a candle. There is light
in this room now. I’ll keep it there,
okay? Look!
There is light now. My baby. Mom,
the curtain will burn. What? Oh! It won’t burn now. Study well now, okay? A fire has broken out! Fire! Mr. Keshav!
– Mr. Keshav! Mr. Keshav,
a fire has broken out! How did it catch fire? Douse it soon! But where’s that girl? Hey!
Go and check where she is! Go find her! Get out! Sir,
Akash is missing. Even his phone
is switched off. We learnt that
he’d left the factory at 3 p.m. Borkar.
– Yes, sir We were at Rohini’s home
at around 2:30 p.m. Rohini and her mother
argued over suspecting Aakash. Could it be that Rohini’s
mother, Janki, alerted Akash? That’s possible, sir. I’m very sure
that Akash is involved in
Nidhi’s kidnapping. If not, why would
he have run away from us? Sir, this might
be a well-designed plan. Because sir,
that house belongs to Rohini. In fact, a major portion
of the property belongs to her. May be, Akash married
Rohini only for her money. May be,
he harmed Nidhi because
he is unable to accept her. Circulate Akash’s photo
to all the police stations. If he is the one
who has kidnapped Nidhi her life
might be in danger. Alright, sir. Where did she go?
– Let’s go this side. Over there. Where has she gone? Mom! Mom! Mom! That’s where the sound
is coming from. Let’s go and catch her. Mom.. She’s there! Come.. Where were you
running to? Where will you go after
escaping from us? It’s enough now.
Get up! – Leave me! I want to go
to my mother! – Get up! Leave me! Leave me!
– Be quiet! I said, quiet! Leave me!
I want to go to my mom! Nidhi’s love
has blinded you. You don’t see
Akash’s love. Mom, it is you who has turned
blind to the things happening. May be, you don’t want
to see them. But you are failing
to understand people. Akash is not bad. He loves Nidhi very much. He left no stone
unturned to find Nidhi. If that is true why did he run away when the
police got suspicious of him? Tell me! Was it Akash who sold
Nidhi off to those strangers? Had he run away
now for the same? Was Rohini’s mother,
Janki, helping Akash as Nidhi was disturbing
her daughter’s happy life? These were the questions raising
suspicions on Akash and Janki. On the other hand,
the innocent Nidhi who was still naive was still unable to understand
what’s happening with her. We should write
the groom’s name on her hand. You don’t have to write
his name on her hand. It’s just a ritual.
Wrap it up soon. Get her ready
and bring her out soon. Munna.. Gagan.. Go and dig a pit in
the backyard, near the bushes. She is very cunning. Keeping her alive
will be dangerous for us. But Mr. Keshav.. She has to die someday. So, why not today? Okay, Mr. Keshav.
– All right, Mr. Keshav. Where is Akash? How would I know? You might
have spoken to him. No, sir.
I didn’t talk to him. But Akash’s call records
reveal a different story. Yes, sir.
I had called him up. Just to inform him that
the police has come to our house and that he is a suspect. What? The police suspects me? Look, dear don’t worry. The police won’t cause
any harm to you. Trust me. I will hang up now. That is all, sir. In fact, I’m waiting
for him to return. Do you realise
that you’ve helped a criminal in escaping
from us? I had no idea
that he would run away. Mom, it’s clear now.
Akash has kidnapped Nidhi. Now..
He will kill my child. What will you do now? No, sir.
Akash can’t do any such thing. Then what can he do?
You know him very well. Sir, I think she is
hand-in-glove with Akash. She would despise
my daughter. Maybe she knows
Akash and my child’s current location. What are you saying,
Rohini? Have you lost it?
Sir, she.. You may explain everything
at the police station. No, sir..
– Arrest her. Rohini.. Sir. We came to know from
your neighbours that you
didn’t like Nidhi. Yes, sir. You are right. There was a time
when no one was interested
in marrying Rohini. No one wanted to
accept her daughter. Akash..
He married her and accepted her daughter. Sir, thereafter I didn’t have
any reason to hate her. In that case,
why did you help him flee? Sir, I didn’t help him flee!
He fled on his own. We know of many ways to
extract the truth from people. It’s better for you
to confess the truth. Listen.
I don’t know where Akash is. I don’t know where
Nidhi is. This is the truth.. Come on,
garland each other. Sir, we got to know
about Akash’s location. One of our informers
saw him in a lodge near the bus station. Son, I want to talk
about how to send her home. Please step out
of the room. Fine, Dad. Sir, I’ve married your
son. Please let me return
home now. Please, sir. I’m here
to send you home. I’m talking about
the place where everyone is destined to visit
at the end. The time of visit
differs for everyone. Save me, Mom..
Mom.. Save me, Mom.. You can’t escape from me. Dad, what are you doing? Leave at once! No, Dad.
Why are you trying to kill her? Leave at once! Didn’t you want to
run away? Try running away now. Nidhi, run away! Let’s leave, Nidhi! Let’s leave fast, Nidhi! Look. Don’t waste time. Leave fast!
Run away, Nidhi! I will call back. I think, we are in trouble. Step aside. What happened?
Step aside. Get away. The police is here. Let’s leave.
– Let’s go. Hello. Ambulance? Somebody save me!
– No one can save you now. Got it? So do you mean to say
that those people kidnapped you then married you
off, forcibly, to a 20-year-old? And they let you go
immediately after? Yes. Did they harm you
in the meanwhile? – No, sir. They caused
no harm to me. What sense does
such kind of an act make? Is there any person
who wants to humiliate you or is exacting
revenge from you? There’s no such person,
sir. No, sir.
There’s no such person. Wedding is a celebration
for new two people which they would
never want to forget. Wedding wasn’t
a celebration for these girls but a nightmare. They were kidnapped then
they were wedded to unknown men. No physical abuse
took place with them. But this event had
terrorised her. After Vineeta
lodged the complaint the police had started
the investigation but her family withdrew
the complaint fearing humiliation. And the police was
compelled to close the case. No.. I didn’t do
anything, sir! I’m telling the truth,
I didn’t do anything! Sir, I didn’t do anything! Tawde.
– Sir, I didn’t do anything! Now tell me,
where is Nidhi? I don’t know where
she is, sir. Why did you flee when
you didn’t know where Nidhi is? I was scared, sir! When my mother-in-law
told me over the mobile my mind went blank. I thought no one would believe
me, no matter what I say. I thought,
I would flee for now and return
when Nidhi does. Why did you think
that Nidhi would return? I-I mean.. She would’ve returned
in a few days. I wasn’t really sure, sir. I was an idiot! But I have no hand in
Nidhi’s disappearance. I’m telling the truth,

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