Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 101 – Full Episode – 3rd December, 2019

Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 101 – Full Episode – 3rd December, 2019

‘Case- 21, 2019
Part – 2′ Monica Gomes, your name
has not been found in the staff list
of D’Silva College. The Dean of the college
and the administrative staff don’t even know you
by your name and face. Natasha, her one lie has
been exposed now. Her other lies will be
exposed soon. But George, Monica used to
go to college. I still remember.
– Even I had an impression that she worked there
as a professor. How could she lie
for so many years? She lied about several
other things too. I am growing suspicious
of Paul too. Both Paul and Monica
were behind this conspiracy. Uncle Peter was right. Even I am sure now that all the deaths
were unnatural. I am sure
they are making a mistake. You mean, it’s the fault
of the college staff that they don’t know you. No, I am not talking about them. Natasha and George
are making a mistake. I never told them that I work as a professor
in D’Silva college. I am not sure
if they are making a mistake or they are lying intentionally. I go to D’Silva college.
But I don’t teach there. I go there
for my personal reason. What do you mean? I go there for studying purpose. Now, you are claiming that you are a student
of D’Silva college. No, I didn’t say that.
I am already a graduate. I am fond of reading books. Hence, I go to the library
of D’Silva college. In fact, I visit
other libraries too. Mr. Paul, even you are claiming
that you were not aware of this that Monica works as a professor
in D’Silva college. Actually, I used to assume
the same. But she never told me that she works there
as a professor. When I asked her,
she told me that she goes to the library
for reading books. She is right. Our librarian, Mrs. Gayatri
Kundankar, has confirmed that she visits
our library regularly. Mr. Russell,
she is not a college staff. Nor is she a student
of this college. But she has been coming here
since the last 15 years. How could she enter
the library so easily? How come the college authority
allowed her? Even I am shocked
after knowing this. It’s strange! How can someone lie that she works here
as a professor and why? Whereas, she has no connection
with this college. Why? Why did Monica lie that she teaches
Chemistry in D’Silva college? The
investigating team had no clue why Monica lied. Would we get this answer
after the investigation? The police were considering
these six deaths as murders now. Sir, I had an impression
that she worked here. I didn’t check her ID card
for a long time. She used to come here regularly. Had I known about her truth I would never have let
her enter her. When did you last
check her ID card? I don’t remember exactly.
It was long time back. But I still remember that she
was carrying a staff ID card. Good morning, ma’am.
– Morning. Do you have the list
of the books she took home from here? She never used
to take books home. She used to read here itself. In fact, I told her
a couple of times. Monica. I have noticed
that you read books here itself. Why don’t you
take books home? Read comfortably at your home. Ma’am, I don’t like
to keep anything incomplete. Hence, I read here itself. Moreover, I have other
things to do at home. Even I have no idea
how it happened. She visits our library
regularly. In fact, our security guards
don’t stop her. Even they think that she
works here as a professor. Sir, ma’am has been
coming here even before I have joined
here as a security guard. Everyone knows her. Did you ever check her ID card? How can I ask someone
for ID card whom I see every day? She showed her family
an appointment letter. It’s written that she has
started working here as an assistant professor
since 2004. No matter she told her family I can prove that she never
worked here as a professor. But how is this possible? She
enters the college so easily. No one checks her ID card. And she has been doing this
since last 15 years. Let’s assume that she is
carrying a fake ID card. And everyone assumes that she works here
on the basis of that. But ID card is issued
by the college every year. How did she manage for 15 years? Mr. Russell, it’s important
for us to know if it’s possible for Monica
to acquire Bromhexine or not. If she can roam freely in the
college and library for so many years,
she can enter Chemistry lab too. And she can acquire
Bromhexine from there. It’s impossible. It’s a restricted chemical. It’s used only
for experiments in lab. That too,
under strict observation. I would like to meet your lab
in charge and lab technician. Bromhexine! I heard about this first time
when Philip died. The police informed me
that he took Bromhexine. And it’s one type of poison. I don’t know anything else
about this. Are you speaking the truth?
– Yes, I am speaking the truth. What exactly is it?
I never saw this. I mean,
I don’t know. Are you really so ignorant
or you are pretending the same? You don’t even know me properly. Why do you have such
an impression about me? You can come inside and talk
if you wish. Would you like some coffee?
– Where did you get Bromhexine? From D’Silva College, right?
That’s why you used to go there often,
right? I told you, I don’t know
what this Bromhexine is and where it comes from.
I’ve an interest in science but only in its
learning process. By the way,
what is this Bromhexine? Inspector, these are
our lab technicians. Deepak Mandar,
Biren Chatterjee. Both of them have been working
here since 1999. The chemicals students use here
for experiments are you in charge of that?
– Yes, sir. Sir, we are very careful.
We take an even special care of restricted chemicals
like Bromhexine. Sir, we check everything.
Things like what the experiment is
and how much chemical is needed. And, sir, when we go home
after our duty the security checks us as well. That’s what I was telling you,
sir, that this is not possible. Do you know Monica Gomes?
– I’ve met her in the library a few times. I’ve talked
to her a few times as well. I’ve met her a few times
as well, sir. But I didn’t know
she teaches chemistry. I thought she is
from some other department. Did you ever talk to Monica
about Bromhexine? We’ve talked in the library
a few times. We’ve had some discussions.
But we never talked about anything related
to chemistry, sir. Sir, I talked to her a few times
about space science. But we never talked
about chemistry. Are you sure you never
talked about Bromhexine? I’m sure, sir. I need all the data
from this lab since 2004. Especially on Bromhexine.
Since 2004 how much Bromhexine
was brought here the quantity used
in experiments.. I want the complete record. You two have 3 hours.
I need all the data in 3 hours. Mr. Russell,
I’m calling Deepak Mandar and Biren Chatterjee
to the crime branch. For the investigation. Inspector, you suspect
the two of them? They’re our long-standing
staff members. Mr. Russell, in Monica’s husband
Philip’s case it was suspected
that he was murdered. Because traces of Bromhexine
were found in his body. But we couldn’t find out
where the Bromhexine came from. After that, three more
deaths occurred. Peter Fernandes, Jenifer D’Mello
and Rachel D’Mello. And before Philip’s death,
there were two more deaths in his family.
His mother Maria Gomes and his father Albert Gomes.
Six deaths which were considered
natural deaths now we think they were murders.
Because we suspect that Bromhexine was used
in all the murders. And Monica is our prime suspect
in all these cases. Now, it has been proved
that Monica resorted to fraud to get into your college.
And I’m sure that Monica got Bromhexine
from your college. Now, either she stole it
from your college’s lab or she got it from
one of your technicians who either gave it to her
out of ignorance or did it intentionally
because of some temptation. The probability of it being done
intentionally is higher. Because even though I don’t
know Monica very well I’ve understood that she
is a very cunning woman. It’d be difficult
to make her confess. That’s why we’ll need your help.
And I hope you’ll cooperate. Bharat, immediately form a team
to check D’Silva College’s chemistry lab’s data.
Analyse all the data as quickly as possible.
– Okay, sir. I’ll form a team
and set it to work. Right now, this case
is our first priority. Put all the cases aside.
– Sir, I talked to Paul as well. He says he didn’t even know
Monica is a professor in D’Silva College.
– Paul is lying. His six-year-old daughter
and wife died too. We not only need to ask him
about Monica but about his role
in all this too. Amrita, I need Monica’s phone
records as soon as possible. From the time she bought her
first phone to the present date I need the details of every
number she has used. Sir, from then until now?
Monica is 38 right now. So when..
– She must’ve been 18 to 20 years old when she
bought her first phone, right? That means, from 2001-02
to the present date. If we need to go further back,
then go further back. But get the details
of each and every number. Getting into the college
in a fraudulent manner calling herself a professor,
stealing Bromhexine from the college,
getting fake papers made.. I agree she is a cunning woman,
but to accomplish all this she must’ve needed
someone’s help. Bharat, after forming a team
to check D’Silva College’s data your next task is to talk
to Gandhinagar FSL. Because the forensics team
might tell us whether the six deaths
were natural or they were poisoned.
– That means, other than Philip 5 more deaths have occurred
in the last 14 years. Correct.
And immediately after that you need to get
Monica’s history. Who she is,
where she came from.. I need each and every detail.
Six deaths.. That means six murders, which includes
a six-year-old girl too. Who is this woman? Sir, now I’m sure that George
was not wrong to suspect Monica. And Peter Fernandes’s
suspicion was right as well. He tried a lot
but maybe our team made a mistake somewhere.
Otherwise, Jenifer D’Mello and Rachel D’Mello
could’ve been saved. Now, we couldn’t save them, sir,
but we can at least get them justice.
And for that, sir we need to dig
Maria Gomes, Albert Gomes Peter Fernandes, Jenifer D’Mello
and Rachel D’Mello’s bodies from their graves. Do you think FSL
can learn something from their dead bodies?
Because the last body was buried 4 years ago
and the first one 14 years ago. Sir, I’m certain that those
six deaths weren’t natural. They were murders. I know it’ll be
very challenging. But still, let’s do it. You dig out the dead bodies
and we’ll find out everything we can
from those bodies. After getting the permission
to dig the dead bodies I’ll need your team
while digging. Inform me,
my team will reach there. I’ll start my work on this case.
This case is going to be very interesting. Bhavesh, I’ve sent you a number.
Get the information on it. This one number has been
active since a long time. I know, Bhavesh,
that this task is not easy. But what can we do?
This case is like an archaeological expedition. Ms. Amrita, you’re asking me
to find this number’s record since 2003. And on top of that,
the records of the numbers this number has been in contact
with for the same time period. The servers don’t maintain
that much data. Okay, send me everything
you can find. We need the magistrate’s orders
to excavate the dead bodies. I’ll send a letter today.
– The sooner we get the permission,
the better it would be. I’ll talk
to the church authority. If we need some kind
of permission from them I’ll get it done. But along with that, you also
need to find out where Monica got the Bromhexine from. It is because if
we don’t get anything from the 14 year old corpse. Then, we’ll have to track
the source of Bromhexine. So, all these death
were murder, right? George, we are checking D’
Silva college’s chemistry lab’s records from the last fifteen
years till toady. But digging out the corpse
from the grave and finding out about Bromhexine
from it would be difficult. And if you’re
not able to find out that they had been poisoned. Then, other than Phillip’s
death, everyone else’s death would be considered
as a natural death? If nothing is found
from these corpse. Then, this case won’t
proceed further Until we get to know from
where Monica got Bromhexine. Sir, but you’ve got
to know that Monica is pretending to be a
teacher in D’ Silva college since 15 years
using a fake ID card This means, she is a fraud. Sir, I’m sure that the will
that Monica gave to uncle Peter is fake. We were going to appeal
against dad’s will in the court. But since Phillip died. We both gave everything
to Monica on our own will. And she transferred
everything on her name. All the properties,
business, everything was transferred on her
name in front of me. In fact,
uncle Peter and I signed the document as witnesses. Natasha and George,
this case is not so easy. We’ll have to go 14 years
in the past and state everything that will prove that these
six deaths were murders. First, we have to find out from
where Monica got Bromhexine. How did she have
so much knowledge about a restricted chemical. I’m sure that she
made fake documents to get inside D’ Silva college. Then,
it could be possible that she must’ve made
your dad’s fake will. Uncle Peter was also trying
to explain the same thing. He was the one who saw the
blue mark on Phillips corpse. Oh, my God. This means,
uncle Peter had got to know that Phillip was murdered. Sir, that’s why he was..
– Who all are there in Monica’s family? Her parents, sibling,
any relatives, anyone. Yes, sir. Her parents are there.
They live in Canacona. Leena, I’m leaving. Sebi, don’t forget to pay
the electricity bill. Yes, I’ll pay the bill. And what about her
daughter Jennifer? It’s been a long time
that she has met them. What do you mean? Monica and her parents
were not on good terms. Her parents didn’t come
when Phillip died. I don’t know whether she
informed them about it or not? Six people’s death,
which could be murders. So,
Monica’s motive behind this was only to gain the property? I think something is fishy. Sir, we are also not
able to understand as to what’s
the issue with Monica. Sir, Phillips wife Rachel
and his daughter Jennifer. and his daughter Jennifer. I think, they both were also murdered by Monica. They had nothing
to do with our property. Monica is mentally
stable, right? Sir, Monica has always
been a good person. But now I think that she has
another side of her personality that we have never
known till date. What happened, Paul? You thought I put something in your food? Why did you kiss Rachel
at the graveyard? It is because Rachel
was my good friend, Paul. I Love you, Paul. I haven’t done anything. Natasha and George
have mistaken. Paul, I can’t pretend
to love someone. But I loved all those people
whom I have lost. I also feel very bad
about losing them. ‘Crime branches special
team was carefully examining’ ‘the records of the chemistry
lab in D’ Silva college’ ‘from 2004 till date.’ ‘That from when and how much
volume of Bromhexine arrived’ ‘and where and all was it used.’ ‘Lab technician, Deepak
Mandar and Biren Chatterjee’ ‘was also called for enquiry.’ ‘During this time,
Maria Gomes, Albert Gomes’ ‘Phillip Gomes
and Peter Fernandes.’ ‘The police were granted
permission to remove’ ‘their skeleton’s from their
grave for investigation.’ ‘They also got permission
to remove the skeleton’ ‘from Rachel D’ Mello
and Jennifer D’ Mello’s grave.’ Sir, according to the recent
call records of Monica I got to know that other
than George and Natasha. She used to talk to man named Prashant Kadam,
continuously. You just got one name?
– Yes, sir. She is a very smart lady. Anyway, who
is Prashant Kadam? He is political worker,
who lives in Calangute. Mr. Prashant
is a political worker. He looks after all the political
party work in Calangute. He is a strong person. He has good connections. He is not a big politician
but he is respected in his area. Ma’am,
what connection does Monica have with Prashant Kadam? Ganesh, don’t ask me this. Find out about it and inform me
what the matter is. All these death’s
seem to be a murder. You couldn’t find out
during Phillip’s death. But don’t make
any mistake this time. Sir, informant Ganesh
fond out using his sources. That Monica has been
meeting Prashant Kadam often because of her family business. And she has been meeting him
other than that too. What do you mean? Sir, actually, Prashant owns
a small hotel in Calangute. Monica and Prashant
have been meeting each other over there since years. If we ask Monica about this. It is obvious that she will say
that it was a business meeting. Though she has
allied body relations with Prashant Kadam. But we are not interested
in her personal life. But it is important
for us to find out how much Prashant Kadam knows
about those six people’s death. How about we pick him up
and interrogate him? We’ll have to find another way
instead of doing that. Only Phillips corpse had
been sent for post mortem. And traces of Bromhexine
was found in his body. But there
was no post mortem done for the rest
of the five corpse. Because their deaths
had been presumed to be natural. But now, those bodies
had been exhumed. Their remains were
going to be examined. Would these tests
reveal anything which the police hoped for? Had they all been poisoned
as well? Finding these answers wasn’t
easy even for the forensic team. Praful, you know very well
that after so many years all we would get are
some bones and skeletons and the same happened,
but there’s good news. We were able to extract
their DNA. We need to do an analysis
based only on them. We must find out through that
if they were poisoned. It’s difficult
but not impossible. Mr. Girish, you just said
it’s not impossible. So, it’s possible? Can you found if they died
from Bromhexine poisoning? Exactly.
But I need some time. The case is going to get
very complicated. But we’ll surely find out
if the victims were poisoned. Thank you, Mr. Girish.
Take the time you need. But try to get the reports
at the earliest. Please. Sir, you summon us here
repeatedly. We’ve already told you
everything we knew. We can’t conjure some new story
if you summon us repeatedly. Sir, we’re really innocent. We don’t know who gave Monica
Bromhexine and from where. But we’ve heard differently. Sit down. I hope you’re aware
that a team of ours was checking the record of Bromhexine usage
in your lab from 2004 till now. It has revealed that in 2005,
2007, 2010, 2012, 2013 and in 2015, and in 2015, Bromhexine was
stolen from your lab. And these are the same six years
when deaths occurred in the Gomes family
and D’Mello family. I don’t believe it, sir.
– Sir, so far Bromhexine has never been stolen from the lab.
– It has. And we also know the exact dates
and the amounts. We even found out
how Monica knew how much Bromhexine to administer to induce
a heart attack but goes undetected in tests.
– Thankfully on that day we hadn’t yet handed over
Philip’ body to his family. And Peter Fernandes noticed
exactly then that Philip’s body was
turning blue. Dr. Paranjape, I spoke to
all the doctors who had handled the cases
of the others. But none of the doctors could
detect that they were poisoned. Inspector, as I said
it could be for two reasons. Firstly, they were never
poisoned. – That’s impossible. Because the truth about Monica
Gomes isn’t so ordinary. She’s very cunning and committed
these murders very cleverly. The second reason is
Monica knew very well what dose of Bromhexine
is to be administered to induce a heart attack and it goes undetected. So, Monica must’ve known
the exact dosage of Bromhexine. Maybe. – Monica knew
the exact dosage. And she couldn’t have learnt it
on her known unless an expert helped her. And you two helped her
with the same. By the way, let me inform you that even the other five bodies
have been exhumed and are being examined. And if Bromhexine traces
are found in those bodies, too you two are dead meat.
– Sir, I swear, I’m innocent. It’s a dangerous chemical
and is used under supervision even in experiments. I wouldn’t give it
to just anyone. – Sir.. We’ve already told you
that we met her in the library. We had just spoken a little. But we never discussed about
chemistry or Bromhexine. We’ve maintained the lab records
very well. We just can’t believe
that a chemical was stolen. Even if it was,
someone else did it, not us. What do you mean by
someone else? Who else could’ve done it?
Let me set this straight. This case is very serious. We’re already lagging
by 14 years. Now if anyone delays it
even by a day we won’t spare that person. Sir, we scanned the data from
the college for the sixth time. Any leads? – No, sir.
And you? – No. Deepak and Biren still insist
that they never gave Bromhexine to Monica ever.
– Sir, in all these years even a pinch of Bromhexine
never went missing from the lab. All the records are clear.
Sir, I don’t think Monica found Bromhexine
from the lab. What if Deepak and Biren didn’t
give Monica the Bromhexine and some student helped her
instead? He stole the chemical
during an experiment and gave it to Monica. Inspector, our students
do not have permission to take any chemical
outside the lab. They are given those on the spot
for the experiments and they have to finish it
right there. But when Monica can sneak
into your college and fool everyone claiming
she’s a lecturer there maybe she tricked some student
as well and used him. Inspector, just because
we failed to identify her all those years she came here
posing as a teacher it doesn’t mean you may suspect
all of our staff. And when you didn’t find
any leads from our staff you’re suspecting
our students now. And why are you suspecting
only us? Bromhexine isn’t used
in our lab alone. It’s used in the gold industry
as well. Why don’t you ask around there?
– We’ll enquire there, too. But Mr. Russell,
tell me something. Why did Monica target
your college alone to pose as a fake
chemistry lecturer? It must be for a reason. Check the students
from all those years when these deaths occurred. I’m sure Monica came to
your college with a motive. Okay. Amrita.. – Yes, sir.
– We’ll get all the details from the forensic tests. If it’s confirmed that
they were all poisoned all these natural death cases
will turn into murder cases. But to prove the murders
and to nab the culprit we must somehow find out where
the Bromhexine came from. Sir, should we interrogate
Prashant Kadam? Let’s do that.
Where’s Bharat? Sir, he went to Canacona
to meet Monica’s parents. I’ve got Monica’s parents’
address in Canacona. I’ll be there soon.
Informer Ganesh had me talk to Madhukar Sawant.
He knows Monica and her family since she was a child.
I’ll be talking to him shortly. Good! This is what
I wanted to find out. Bharat, talk to Madhukar first. Don’t question Monica’s parents
as of yet. Or else, Monica will get alert. Mom..
– Yes, dear? Aunt Natasha and Uncle George
were saying.. Dear, just ignore them.
Their claims are baseless. But they were talking about dad.
– James, they’re very upset. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to them. I’ll solve their problems. Monica, James knows
his way home. He can come home on his own.
– Natasha, James is my son, too. We’d decided because of Philip’s
ill health and alcoholism that he would stay with you. Natasha, what you and George
are doing to me isn’t fair at all. And what about what you did? You lied about being a professor
at the college all these years. Why? What was the need? What were you doing, Monica?
– I was studying there, Natasha. I was working on a research. A research to kill
innocent people? Mom, dad, Philip, Uncle Peter,
Rachel, Jenifer.. Monica, you killed them all! Did you do this all alone
or was Paul your accomplice? Natasha, where’s George?
– Listen, Monica! George went back to London.
Forget him. Just answer my question..
– He went back! He didn’t even meet me once. He’s scared of you
and so am I. Hello!
Monica, I’m talking to you. Bye, Natasha. Yes, I know Monica. I’ve known her for years. Well, let’s ask you
some questions then. What do you
want to ask me about? You’re very close to Monica and I’m sure you know
what is it about. I’ve already spoken
to you party president. If you have
something to do with this we can arrest you. Let’s go. ‘Prashant Kadam knew
a lot of things.’ He definitely
had something to do with this. But despite all the odds. It was not easy for the
police to get info out of him. On the other side,
in Canacona the police were about
to find some sensational things about Monica’s past
from Madhukar Sawant. Mr. Madhukar,
please come in. I never met Monica after she got married. And her parents,
Sebastian and Leena. I rarely met them. Mr. Madhukar, we’re doubting
Monica Gomes about a case. That’s the reason
we’re here. Yes, Ganesh
told me about this. Sir, Mr. Madhukar
told me that Ms. Monica
had a weird history. What do you mean? Sir, she was very troublesome
since her school days. She had a very
weird behaviour. Monica,
where is the money? I don’t know.
I’ve not taken it. Monica,
you’re lying, right? I saw you roaming around
my wallet kept on the desk. Didn’t I ask you
what you were doing? Remember what you told me? Didn’t you tell me
you were looking for a book? Did you lie to me? You’ve stolen the
money from the wallet, right? How dare you steal
even after you were beaten? You’ll never learn.
– Monica, say the truth. She’ll never learn! She was beaten everyday
by Sebastian because of her
habit of stealing. The whole colony
knew about this. Are you framing
her as a criminal just because she used to steal
money from her father’s wallet? This is not only about stealing
money from the wallet, sir. She had stolen some jewellery
of some girl in the school. Sebastian was called
to school to speak about this. Sebastian beat her
black and blue that night. Monica, why are you doing this? I was so embarrassed
in front of everyone. You have humiliated me. Why don’t you change? Sebastian, enough..
– Shut up! Leena, leave my hand. I’ll kill her..
– Sebastian.. I’ll teach
her a lesson today. Sebastian..
– She’ll never steal anymore. Sebastian, look at her.
She is hurt very bad. Look at her.
– She has a wound on her hand. Her hand is broken. Let me go..
– Sebastian! Where did
you learn to steal? Monica,
I’ve put the plaster. It’ll take some time
to heal. Make sure you
don’t sleep on this hand. And don’t try to open it. Sebastian
hit her so bad that day he actually
broke his hand. Monica,
why do you do this? Why did you steal
that girl’s jewellery? Dear, you still have time.
You better change yourself. If you don’t,
you’ll repent. Monica,
how is your hand now? Do you feel better? Here,
drink some turmeric milk. Me and wife tried very hard
to make her understand. Monica, your dad
is a very honest man. He is a
man of principles.. And that’s the reason
he is poor, sir. Stop talking like that. His honesty is the reason
the ends meet, right? But that’s
not enough, ma’am. We don’t get
enough on our plates. Stealing is a crime. It is a very bad habit. And if you don’t get rid of it then, one day.. – One day,
I’ll own lots of money. I’ll be rich one day. I’ll buy whatever I want to. I’ll be independent. Whatever your dad is doing
is for your own good. We tried very hard
to make her understand. Even her parents
tried to make her understand. It looked like
she had changed for good. Especially, after she
married Philips. But everyone
was surprised about the face that
a rich person Philips had fallen in love
with Monica who was very poor. But this
was a marriage that made
the whole colony happy. Not only
Monica’s parents but the whole colony
was happy about this marriage. Mr. Madhukar,
we’ve been told that Ms. Monica has not met
her parents for a long time. Even her parents didn’t
meet her for a long time. Even after
Mr. Philip Gomes death. What do you think? Sir, I don’t know
much about this. But yes, Sebastian had accepted
some things in his life. What do you mean
she doesn’t wants to meet you? She doesn’t want to meet
me or Leena. She doesn’t need
us in her life anymore. Let her be.. I don’t know. I had thought
that she’ll change for good after she marries Philip.
She’ll be just fine. But that didn’t happen. She never changed. My only daughter. My only heir. She doesn’t want
to meet her parents even once. Sebastian never told
me why Monica never met them. Mr. Madhukar, you
Monica’s family and her since her childhood. I’ll ask you
a direct question. Please be frank. Mr. Madhukar,
is it possible that Monica’s family knew
that Monica killed her in-laws by poisoning them. Mr. Madhukar,
it’s clear that Monica’s husband
was poisoned. Sir, I’ve told everything I knew about
Monica and her family. I have no idea about what Sebastian and Leena
know about their daughter. There was
definitely a person who knew
about their murder. All the deaths that happened
In Gomes’ family and even Jennifer’s
and Rachael’s murder. There was definitely someone
who knew about this. These 6 deaths, which were
considered natural for 14 years were indicating
towards a conspiracy. And not one but many people
knew about this conspiracy. Bromhexine? I have
no idea about this. You’ve known Monica
from the year 2004, right? When she got married. I met Monica for the first time
in my Calangute shop. We’ve been
friends since then. A relationship
more than friendship. You’re actually right. We both had
a physical relation. It was both her need
and mine as well. So that went on. But I can’t accept
that she has murdered someone. You both are
good friend, right? I’m sure that you know Monica has a fake ID and working as a Chemistry
teacher in D’Silva College. I just know that
she is fond of reading. But I’m not sure if she’s a
student there or a teacher. Mr. Prashant,
Monica could’ve never done six murders all by herself. So, what do you think? Do you
think I’ve helped her? I’ve been involved
in small fights in my area. I have stopped
doing even that now forget about murdering people. I want to contest
for an election and become a politician. Why would I get involved
in such petty matters? Forget about becoming
a politician. Even if you do not tell us,
we will find out and send you where you belong. I am not involved in this,
so I have nothing to fear. Do whatever you wish to do. Prashant was interrogated
every day. The police wouldn’t stop
asking him questions. He would be called
to the police station for the interrogation. Different policemen interrogated
him using varying methods. Prashant Kadam finally showed
the signs of breaking. He had a lot of information
he could give the police but he wouldn’t give up. On the other hand, the police
regularly spied on Monica. She was under
constant surveillance. I missed it, sir. By the time I got there,
someone else had used to PCO. So I couldn’t do the redial. Sharad, do you confirm
that Monica made a phone call and spoke over it? Yes, sir,
she spoke for two minutes. Monica made the phone call
on 1:30 p.m.. This is the PCO’s phone number. Amrita, get CDR
for this phone number. We have to know who
she made the phone call to. Okay, sir. I have no hand in this, though. I didn’t supply Bromhexine. Look, Prashant, you’re
a member of the party now. The police suspects
that woman of not one but six murders! I don’t want the party to be
affected because of her or you.. It won’t happen. I have no hand in this murder. Then tell the police about
whatever you have a hand in.. Or if you helped someone. Listen to me. I helped her a bit
but I didn’t know that.. Prashant, telling me is no use. Whatever it is, tell the police. For the police,
it seemed a great development that Prashant was ready
to tell the truth and give his testimony. The crime that began
14 years ago was about to be exposed. Something huge
was about to be exposed. A clue, a similarity, which
had been hidden for 14 years was about to be
brought to light. All the six deaths
had one similarity which was left in every case
other than that of Philip Gomes. Inspector Praful,
I have the report you’ve so badly wanted. You already have the post-mortem
analysis of Philip Gomes.. You’ll be shocked if I tell
you about the way the other five died. Were all the five poisoned?
– Yes. Yes, according to the analysis,
all the five, like Philip Gomes were given Bromhexine. Maria Gomes, Albert Gomes,
Peter Fernandez the six years old Jennifer
and her mother, Rachel D’Mello. All the five were
given Bromhexine. It caused cardiac arrest. It was so little in quantity that even the doctors couldn’t
identify it and declared them dead. And that’s how all the murders
became natural deaths. ‘Murder of six innocents!
They were considered’ ‘natural deaths for 14 years
but they are not.’ ‘They were cruel murders.’ ‘In 2010, Philip Gomes’ death
gave rise to suspicion first.’ ‘But due to ignorance
and carelessness’ ‘the murder was noted
to be a suicide’ ‘and the file was closed.’ ‘The truth buried for 14 years
has resurfaced’ ‘and demands justice.’ ‘It says that it’s the story
of six cruel murders.’ It’s been proven that the death
of those six wasn’t natural but murders. Have you found out about Bromhexine used to kill them? Not yet, ma’am.
But we’ll find out soon. The college Monica
attends are professor.. I’ve made it clear that only
the murder of six people was found out. Why, who did carried them out
and how is yet to be found out. We have a few leads but we can’t
tell you about them. Prashant Kadam,
your game is up and your political career
is over. I’ll give one chance
at getting less punishment. We’ve found out that you helped
Monica in the murders. You got her Bromhexine’. Sir, I didn’t help her. I was shocked to hear
that she killed six people. I truly didn’t have any idea
that she killed anyone. Hello? – Who is it? You called me up.
You tell me who you are. I’m Assistant
Sub-Inspector Amrita. Monica Gomes made
you a phone call from a PCO six days ago. You were quite
active a second ago. Why did you become silent? Do you know Monica Gomes?
– Yes, I do. What’s your name?
– Lawrence. Only Lawrence?
Nothing else in your name? Kevin Lawrence. – How do
you know Monica, Kevin? I don’t know about Bromhexine. I can tell you about
something else. I don’t know if they
have anything to do with the murder, though. Prashant, use your brain. Monica isn’t speaking,
so you should, you have the chance to do it. Just say whatever you know. Or we’ll beat you up so much
that you’ll be forced to speak. You’re under our surveillance,
so don’t even think of trying to escape. It’d be better
for you to come and report at Dona Paula Crime Branch,
or we’ll come and get you. Do you understand? Everything that had
been found out so far had been believable. This case had more mysteries
and disclosures to be made. The murders had been
in progress for 14 years. The shocking thing
about the case was that the murders
could’ve been prevented to never occur again. The murders and exposures.. When the truth is revealed
and is found out why, how and who did this not only the police
investigation but the entire country
would be shocked. George, the case
has become very serious. I think you should come to Goa.
– Okay, Natasha, I’ll come. Did Monica tell
the police anything? Nothing yet. There’s something
I want to tell you. Something I never
told you about. What is it, Natasha? How the conspiracy was made,
how it was executed and who were involved in it.. We’ll find out tomorrow
10:30 p.m., in the final part of this story. Jai Hind.

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