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  1. Trẻ trâu cowsep

  2. Hello Cowsep! Play on LAN Server xd

  3. As a one trick crit Yi main, I can confirm crit Yi is coming back, my long slumber is over and now I must crawl out from my hibernation cave to climb out of iron, or just afk after giving first blood

  4. Hey cowsep happy new year! 😀

  5. Thầy vẫn đáng yi hay thật thầy

  6. yaww sh*t, here we go again

  7. Old school build hehehe

  8. If you pin this comment riot will remove stopwatch from game in season 10

  9. hail of blades nuke alpha strike then auto attack real quick hahaha.
    crit yi:)

  10. 6:26 666 dark harvest damage definitly evil

  11. Happynewyear COWSEP

  12. Hello Cowsep I'm Gamer in Vietnam . You can doul with me . Ingame Legent Never Win . Thanks . I like you forever

  13. Cowsep: "i dont need ryze ult"
    Zilean: "am i a joke to you?"

  14. Favorite line
    I was on Alpha

  15. Do you think, it is good to use guinsoo's rageblade in this crit build? ?
    Just askin'.

  16. I love being awake at this hours (4:47 am in my country) cuz i can see al your videos just after you've uploaded them, lysm cowsep <3

  17. 5:23–5:24 : it's Relentless Hunter not Ravenous Hunter

  18. Guinsoo's just seems so much better tho

  19. why did he got the relentless hunter rune when he could go for the ravenous for the healing?

  20. cowsep can you play on PH server?

  21. *Fiddle: Dies
    *Cowsep: Maybe he has a plan
    *Fiddle: Motherfcker, I just go out :))

  22. Which is the best Yi for you?


  24. soy español y me encantan tus videos/directos

  25. Yi crit have a weakness: easy to die 8:06 …..

  26. when you've played too much in VN server

  27. I guess you can say it was Crit-Yi-Cal


  28. Its the hail of blades build still work?

  29. Thx for play in vietnamese sever,absolutely we will welcom !! I love your vids

  30. Dat is my Shaco's build!
    IE, ER, DB, MB, TF, SB

  31. 1:06 HIP HOP NEVER DIE
    VN điểm danh phát

  32. 7:00 when he said that zhonyas needed to be removed…
    look at his dark harvest damage…

  33. Is Bloodthirster good as last item?

  34. The real Yi tho is the Lifesteal Master Yi top starting with 3 Doran's Blade into BotRK, then Guinsoo's.

  35. cowsep: I DONT NEED NO RYZE ULT

    sad Zilean noises.

  36. I want ap yi and crit yi fusion

  37. Definatly not RAVENOUS hunter :/

  38. i think ever since one of the more recent ryze reworks they have been skipping frozen heart more often. I think they think the ap scalings are more important now, i'm not sure, maybe the passive since he gets mana from ap. I think mostly though it's a third item+ depending on the game, since he wants to be greedy for roa+seraphs as his first 2.

    crit is fun build wew. a lot of adc's are rushing stormrazor first item, i think if you don't need essence reaver CDR it's the correct move but you aren't a traditional adc as yi so idk.

  39. Cowsep what do you think of getting hunter's talisman first instead of the machete since you won't be building smite early?

  40. ah darkharvest crit yi, thanks for that idea, i havent had so much fun in league for long, thanks alot!!!

  41. He play in iron division

  42. cowsep 2020 be like ; couldn't alpha

  43. Like for ryze :v ???

  44. ienuh aamo mais <3

  45. Some dude on reddit actually made a great suggestion. He wants Riot to make Zhonyas a Summoner Spell. Which would maybe render cleanse completely but it would be much more balanced. Because honestly its power level does feel like on par with a SS (except ofc Flash, Flash is just OP)

  46. When you ask cowsep on Saturday live stream if critc Yi is any good. He then says hope. Then releases a video about 12 hours later about how good crit yi is

  47. Fun fact if your ultimate is active and about to run out if you use mediate it fills the bar back up to full

  48. I just tried the build….ITS SHIT ON HIT IS THE BEST BUILD

  49. Mấy thằng đội đỏ nó gà kinh dị, đặc biệt là thằng rừng

  50. If you Read this coment please say in Spanish "I hate that Item!!!!" ( Odio ese item!!!!) Thanks.

  51. Why dh and not hob? Especially for a crit build

  52. can u make videos for runes?!!! it will be cool by the way i am main YI xd

  53. How long have you been in vietnam

  54. My pc has been out of commission for awhile, i’ve had to play league on my friends for the time being. As a yo main, these videos help me relax and stay ahead of the game lol. ? Thanks Cowsep!

  55. Cowsep you using crit in the game always, becaus crit big damage

  56. Đáng để học hỏi

  57. đồng hồ cát lỗi thật anh em ạ

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