Cross-Country Olympian vs Freestyle Football YouTuber – Training Challenge | Hitting the Wall

Cross-Country Olympian vs Freestyle Football YouTuber – Training Challenge | Hitting the Wall

What’s up? My name’s
Philip Warren Gertsson, I’m in Slovenia.
My name is Vesna Fabjan. I’m bronze medallist
from Olympics in Sochi in
cross-country skiing. She’s going to run through
her training routine with me, and I think she’s going to
work me pretty hard. Oh, hey, hey, hey,
sorry, sorry, excuse me. I’m supposed to meet
a woman called Vesna Fabjan. – I can’t find her.
– Who? – I’m Vesna Fabjan.
– Oh, really? And you’re all kitted up. Can’t
believe I didn’t see that. Of course. And I have a second pair, so
you will join me on training. – On those?
– Yeah. Ready?
– All right, let’s do it. I think it will be
quite funny today to put someone
on roller skis first time. Ha! Leg hair stuck. So I think it will be
quite challenging for him, but I think he will be able
to do all this. – Nervous?
– Whoa, you think? You look so. I’ve never done this
in my entire life. First step, you have
to be careful on your balance. Yeah, OK. – OK?
– Yes. OK, so we can go. So, yeah, this is what we do
when we don’t have snow. We train on this, because
the movement is the same, like on the snow. I’m starting to feel
it, like, in the hip flexor. – Yep.
– And it’s probably because I’m doing this, right?
Pushing outwards. Of course, it’s not
just for quadriceps, but it’s everything,
also hips. Yeah. And this is why we do some
special exercises in gym to do a little bit more
power for legs. This is what
I want to show you today. – Later on we will try it.
– So like this, but worse? Yeah, yeah. OK, so Vesna
told me to warm up. And she’s on the bike,
but I warm up in this way. I use the ball at all times. – Hey, hey, Philip?
– Yeah? What kind of warming up
is this? This is how I warm up. Yeah, but we have
serious work now. Come with me,
now you will see. OK, so we have now… It’s
special training for you. Special training,
I’m looking forward to this. Looks like
electric chair. It does, it looks
even more frightening. I will show you my training. And I’ll just try to keep up. – OK.
– See how that works. It will be funny. Funny and painful. I’ve never heard
those two words in the same sentence
like that, ever, so… – Let’s do this, OK?
– All right. Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. Enjoy your… This is just
for your right leg, you’re strapped up
for your right leg. – Yeah.
– OK. Three, two, one, go. What is happening now? Now she’s doing only
quadriceps work. She’s doing only
concentric part. Back part is done
by the machine. – Yeah.
– Last two. Last one. Back, good, very good. And now, the second part,
ascentric work for hamstrings. So now she will all the time
pull backwards. OK, are you ready? Three, two, one, go. The machine is going
by itself, and she is just resisting. Yeah, the first phase
is from the machine. The second phase is from her. So what is this? With this machine,
we can adjust the velocity, we can adjust the angle. So we can adjust
the training. And we can also differentiate
between ascentric, concentric training. The eccentric training is one of the best
strength training methods. So that’s why Vesna
is doing it. I don’t really know
what to say, people. Looks painful. I bet it is. But you know, also,
races are painful. Yeah, I can only imagine. Success is not coming
from the comfort zone. She’s always
pushing the limits. OK, are you ready? OK, jump in. – It’s your turn.
– Yay! So now you just try
to overtake the machine. Extend and flex. Three, two, one, go. Up and back. Up and back. Now, all the time you pull
your leg backwards. Four. The goal is to stop
the machine. And the last one, and stop. Whew. And…go. More, more, more. You need to stop
the machine, come on. More. Very good. I know exactly
how you feel now. Look, look,
something is popping out. Oh, wait, is it sweat? Oh, really, is it? Now it’s time to
push our limits to the sky, – or go over our limits.
– All right. – You decide.
– Let’s go. OK, let’s go. So three, two, one. As back as possible, so the
knee doesn’t go over your toes. OK, and back spring. You’re a freestyler. You should have
good coordination. Selective coordination,
it’s called. Now the second one
is for eccentric strength of the hamstring. Balance. Right, now the core muscles. Maintain the balance. Don’t bend your knee. With the forward lunge
we are activating quadriceps in the lowest part. Also the hamstring muscles
are co-activating. Don’t go back with
the pelvis so much right now. Because of the weight we need to stabilise
a lot more the trunk. And now the last part is also
the eccentric training. All the time you are pushing
your heel towards you. And with my help
you activate your muscle. Up! He’s an Olympic trainer. Of course he’s strong. Go, go, go, go. – Very good.
– Yeah, good. – Fine. The hamstring muscle
is working eccentrically. Those are the main muscles
that are all the time working. Three, two, one, up! And now the last exercise that
you do is for hip abductors. So because you are
cross-country, you are always having
the skating motion. That’s why we are also
eccentric training those kind of muscles. Up, push up. Up. Last one, up. Very good. Whoohoo! Let’s eat! That was painful. As we promised, sir. But thank you very much, I’ve learned so much
from this gym session. No problem,
we’re here to help. You’re really lucky to have
this guy on your team. Yeah.
I hate him before training, but after the training
it’s OK. I’m really thankful
for all this in preparation for
my winter season. And you survived. And we’re going to do
some stretching before we have
to wrap this up. Yeah, definitely,
you really need it. But thank you once again.
Thank you very much. I grew up with,
like, being a fan of cross-country skiing. Always wanted to, like, see how
it is, how you guys work out. And I anticipated cross-country
skiing to be, like, the beast of all beasts
when it comes to sport. And it’s been incredibly
exhausting. Yeah,
it’s a hard sport. Every muscle is working. So I was trying
to show you everything. Leg muscles are
probably burning now. They’re shaking. And I’m glad I could
show you my work. Well, yeah, I’m really
happy to be on board. And thank you very much
for showing me around.

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