Crossout Show: Scorpion Boss

Crossout Show: Scorpion Boss

In this episode: Don’t need that! Scorpion Boss Stallion of steel Speed Buggy No one in his sane mind would want to end wheels up. It sucks. Your weapons are plowing the ground and you can’t move. But The Jericho’s case was a little different. His ride was beaten badly and now, turning upside down is actually the best way to move. Ok, let’s see how well he’ll do! Good job! 1000 coins will soon be sent to The Jericho. They say that to win in Scorpion duels, you gotta be quick and smart! Looks like we have a new champion in the house. Meet Ex Fox! This guy is so good, he did 25 frags, yeah, seriously. This is an absolute record of the show, so far! Way to go, man, way to go! Sending 1000 Gold to Ex Fox in addition to his golden medal, stand by! Players usually install more than the standard four wheels, sometimes going to absurd numbers. Krisstal cares little for trends. He goes backwards, reducing the number of wheels, instead! Yes, you heard me, he built a combat bike. This thing not only looks good, but can also hold its own against a battalion of tanks! Using his trusty bike, he was able to defeat a classic ride in a brawl for a capture point. He won the match, too! Hm i wonder if some sort of unicycle is possible…? Anyone wants to try? Hey Krisstal, here’s your reward! Little pigeon can carry great messages! Check out this ride made in after a certain cartoon of the 70s – Speed Buggy. This buggy, unlike its original, has a couple of guns that stand ready to remind the bullies, that it’s bad to pick on someone smaller than you are! A job well done by DjNexa! Stand by for the prize! Now it’s time to pick the best comment of the past week: Leonardo Bertotti says: moose torrent: irrelevant, my armor is too THICC. Please respond to your original comment with your in-game nickname and email address so we can send you your prize. Please, be advised that the prize gold may take up to five business days to be added to your in-game account. Thank you for watching this episode! Okay, let’s recap the three simple steps on how to submit your video to Crossout Show. STEP 1. Record and put together a video. ATTENTION! The submitted video must be made by you, must be published for the first time, must have public access for viewers and must not violate any copyright laws. STEP 2. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and hit the like button below this video. STEP 3. Upload your video to Youtube and send us a direct link to [email protected] The covering email should contain the desired category for your video, your in-game nickname and the email address registered with your game account, so we can send you the reward should your submission win! Every week four submissions will win 1000 Gold! We will also be awarding the best comment of the week with 300 Gold. So, get your engines revving, make some content, send it to us, or simply watch and comment, either way – we’ve got plenty gold to go around! See ya in a week!

Comments (44)

  1. I guess I'm first? XD

  2. Congrats The_Jericho! Ayyy lmao!

  3. Cannot wait until January for the new Faction. Keep up the great work Targem!

  4. Looks like KrissTal took the inspiration from Robin the Boy Wonder's motorcycle

  5. EX FOX : Boom your Dead
    Boom your Dead Too
    Boom your Dead Aswell
    Boom Another Dead Raider added to the wasteland Graveyard

  6. Only a true madman would attach a pair of 70 millimeter cannons to a motorbike.
    Luckily, the wasteland is full of madmen.

  7. I want to ride my bicycle i want to ride my bike…

  8. Okay here's my problem level five new to the game I don't know how to get parts do I need to do the story or just battling out will get me more parts which is better

  9. Unicycle? call the Circus

  10. Enemy 1: I saw a familiar car in the waste, but I don't know if I saw it before in an old tape of cartoons.
    Enemy 2: *Sees DJNEXA's car
    Hey! Is that what are you talking about?
    Enemy 1: Uhm… Yup.

  11. There's nothing 'common' about that ride.

    The_Outlaw_X – IGNN

  12. Shoot scoot and buggy

  13. That little scorpy had a lot of sting in it.

    The_Outlaw_X – IGNN

  14. Jericho: looses hovers
    Also Jericho: So anyway i started blasting.

  15. Ah it looks like my bobbycar

  16. Wait wait wait… How did DJNexa get the last 1000 coins? I don't even see the dudes name in the rooster. I'm 95% sure that ride is Throgall's.

    Did some dude just steal a ride?

  17. How to be effective in crossout PVP:
    Build an armored chunky vehicle
    Build a scorpion drone

  18. The little bike that could ?

  19. Jericho with it's back hovers destroyed, "this isnt even my final form"!

  20. when do we get wheels designed for bike construction ingame? that would be neat!

  21. Motor, Chassie, engine, drones, destruction? Speed Buggy!

  22. Hmm … Wheels are very expensive

    Nick: FreeKiller58
    Platform: PC
    Email: [email protected]

  23. Jericho: looses alot of hovers
    enemy team realizing what skill and luck can do: CHUCKLES IM IN DANGER

  24. "What next? A unicycle?"
    engineers: I am four parallel universes ahead of you

  25. Jericho = All the blood is rushing to my head but i will still blast you with these cannons

  26. When the meta is being shown once again

  27. Who needs to build a tank when you can build a battle bike

  28. A sting of that beast destroys a clan.

  29. Lol musta been a slow week. A turret spammer made the top

  30. The Jericho: strike me down and i will become more powerful than you can possible imagine

  31. Nobody:
    Me when i am trying to do the unicycle:*I am doing 1000 calculations per second and they're all wrong*

  32. Ha! Who said you need 4 or more wheels to drive good?? If there's such thing as a Killer Bike on a radioactive and dusty road.

  33. Guess we have the new Scorpion King of the Wasteland.

  34. When Combat Happens:
    Enemy 1: ima shoot nothing and get shot
    Enemy 2: o k then noob

  35. That wee toy red buggy build was fantastic 🙂

  36. Yal realize that 1000 is basically nothing right? You can't even get anything really good for it unless you're a spanking new user who doesn't have any epic parts yet.

  37. I can ride my bike with no handlebars
    …no handlebars
    …no handlebars
    But I can ride my bike two cannons on
    …two cannons on
    …two cannons on

  38. Who put the pffbfbt Little Boy…pfbfbt. On my … Carburetor

  39. buggy buggy let's jump 🙂

  40. I love your game and I was playing and I just installed it and it doesn't open, please help me, Mr. Producers

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