Current Overview of Amazon’s New World MMO – And Why We Need Open World PVP

Current Overview of Amazon’s New World MMO – And Why We Need Open World PVP

What’s up folks, my name is Ser Medieval and
today we’ll be jumping back into none other than Amazon’s New World yet again. For today’s video we’ll be diving into recent
details that have surfaced in both the new world community and the first media impressions
themselves. And we’ll even be jumping into the open-world
PVP aspect which has been on everyone’s mind for the past few days since
the announcement. For this one I’ll be following most closely
the MMORPG article posted on their website that also features a few direct
quotes from the New World Staff. It starts off by describing Amazon’s New World’s
reveal during the game awards, the first look at the upcoming prject from the studio which
looks very promising. Set in the
twilight age of exploration during the 17th century, we’ll be exploring the island of
Aeternum, also known as the eternal isle. This upcoming game is being showcased as an
open-world MMO, complete with player-run settlements,
guilds which are known as companies in this game, skill-based combat, and classless character
progression. And of course it’s
being developed and shaped by none other than Papa Amazon themselves, which means for good
or bad, we’re in for one wild ride. Now Aternum itself, at first glance looks
incredibly beautiful and varied, with magical places, ruins, and settlements all dotting
it’s landscape. We can see a bit of this in the trailer but
we also see these very same locations get heavily corrupted and tained to show a
very different side of the island. One thing that was mentioned a long time ago
was that when the game goes from Day to Night, you’ll see a very different type of assortment
when it comes to the creatures and humanoids you’ll encounter, I really hope
that will still remain a thing going forward. They then follow this with a quote from Christoph
Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games in a press release that accompanied the announcement. They state that they want their players to
feel the depth, and the danger of the New World from the moment they step onto
the shore of Aeternum in May 2020. They have been working tirelessly to create
a deep, immersive world that delivers challenges and surprises at every turn, and they are
very excited to reveal more about that today… It’s also important to mention that although
the launch for New World still remains in May, we will be seeing the closed beta for
the game beginning in April after all. The next topic they go into is one of great
interest to me, they state that how us as players will establish ourselves in New World
will depend on the player. As mentioned before,
New World is classless, our weapon and armor choices will help determine our playstyles. And in terms of the combat itself, hit volumes,
physics, and both timing and location will matter in this aspect. The reason this part is interesting is because
they go on to say that for us that enjoyed the alpha previously, we’ll be noticing a
change in the combat as well, because now New World will be using a weapon
mastery system as opposed to what we used before. They also give an example for this, for instance
if we want to focus on sword and shield, we can choose to focus on damage with a set of
different abilities and possibilites that we can choose from. Or we can choose to focus on working with
our teammates to tank and support them. This reminds me a lot of the system that albion
online utilizes and I’m hoping we’ll be seeing echos from that system
when going down this classless based progression, I think it’s an amazing change that a lot
of players are going to love. For me personally
I’m planning on going straight down the crafting line, I’ve got some unfinished business as
a blacksmith in sandbox mmos, and that’s a journey I intend to continue down. The next thing they talk about is the weapon
swapping, stating that New World wants its players to be fluid in their approach to combat
allowing us to easily swap out weapons to change up what they bring to any given
combat situation. Stating that one of the staff members also
mentioned that one of the more enjoyable aspects of their job is designing
the AI of each enemy to force players to come up with cool and unique strategies to defeat
them. I can only hope that means that we’ll have
quite a few mechanics to overcome when fighting monsters and maybe even bosses. Continuing on, proper planning is a big part
of the game as we reach the higher tiered content, assessing what we’re up against and
adjusting accordingly will be very important in ensuring victory. And then one of my favorite parts come up. They state that weapons aren’t the only thing
we’ll be using in new world, as the world of Azoth imbues and amplify the
power around it, giving the Eternal Isle the opportunity for Magic. And with that I really really hope that we’ll
be seeing the magic on the launch of the game, that’s one of the things that players have
been waiting for so long to experience, and I’m
really excited to see it coming to fruition. They say that we’ll be able to join different
schools of magic and discover the supernatural surrounding Aeternum, and even us crafters
can imbue weapons with power to create wonderful and magical artifacts. They then go into player-run settlements being
a huge part of Aeternum. Companies can be formed and claim land all
on their own, with all the territories in new world being
controllable. We’ll be able to manage tax rates, crafting
fees, upgrades to settlements and so on. However one part they do talk about is that
although many games have free-form creation tools, New World will instead
have Pre-defined settlements with pre-defined layouts. Governers can also choose how the settlement
wants to focus it’s economy, crafting, or how they upgrade the settlement based on their
focus. There will also be chances for
other people in the territory to help out contribution wise, so when a governer wants
to upgrade their crafting for instance, they can create a town project to upgrade the crafting
stations. This allows everyone who lives in or around
the settlement to pitch in to help on this project. In terms of how players would conquer the
settlements, that’s when we get into the spicy bits. According to David, The player experience
lead on New World, one of the main factors of the game is it’s territory conquest. We and our companies will capture these different
settlements and hold them verses other players. Now for the conquest part, it
appears that we’ll be doing it via a 50v50 battle to determine who controls the fort,
these forts will be powerful structures with siege defenses and high walls. And while
the number of people in a company is not locked down, right now the maximum is 50v50 for the
territory war itself, to obviously prevent zerging. They then state that holding territories is
going to be difficult, especially because these forts will be highly desired. And trying to hold more than one will be a
very difficult thing to do and will require dedicated groups. One of the cool things about this territory
system as well is that not everyone living in a territory will belong to the same company,
you may build your house in a governed territory but you will still be apart of it and contribute
to it accordingly. they say that new world is heavily pushing
to be a full featured MMO with a lot of systems to keep players
busy and advancing in Aternum. It’ll be very interesting to see where New
World goes from here but of course, to conclude the topic we’ll have to finish off with talking
about the PVP aspect. Now of course the
50v50 battles aren’t that big of a problem because that means you will just need to take
your 50 most skilled players into the fight to overcome the enemy, and I’m sure the majority
of people that want to play new world would prefer it be more about skill than sheer numbers,
even though there will definitely be some that want that kind of thing. But there has
been concerns regarding the flagging system, so far a few articles have worded their description
of the PVP system in a way to make it sound like you could toggle the ability to get
pked on and off, some have stated that these articles have been translated from other languages
and that it’s important altogether to take them with a grain of salt because
it could be possible they didn’t fully understand how the system worked. And so because of that, a lot of members in
the playerbase are waiting on an official statement from amazon game studios regarding
this, they want to know if PVP in the open world will be optional or not. Which of course is a valid concern and I would
definitely stand on the side saying that you should have that player-killing and open world
skirmish experience going on, it’s very important for
a sandbox and in some cases really helps to provide those many unique experiences that
only games of this type can provide. And of
course a good example of what not to do is like how legends of aria first handled their
open world PVP system, if you allow everyone to be safe at all times, it removes the danger
aspect and also it allows players to skyrocket to the endgames of progression so quickly
that they will just end up being bored as a result. Because the challenge aspect is no
longer there. Now that being said, even though I want that
PK aspect to be there, and am saying that as someone who loves gathering and crafting,
I’m not an idiot when it comes to thinking that there shouldn’t at least
be some safeguards in place. Because you see, although having too many
restrictions on PVP has in fact driven away a large portion
of playerbases, having too little restrictions can definitely do the exact same thing. Some of the best PVP sandboxes still have
examples of restrictions like this as well. I think personally, if you want to do it right
then you’ll need to have some sort of criminal
system in place, people that constantly flag and kill people can only travel safely in
certain areas or are in danger of losing all of their gear
upon death instead of just their inventory. Or you could put out NPC guards, both in the
cities and outside of towns, maybe patrols on the roads and things of that nature. Have specific
outlaw regions that players who are criminal have to stay around to access crafting/building/etc… Or their own territories. The final suggestion I’d have is it could
be done like albion, give players a green zone, more than likely being the starting
regions, and then a yellow zone where there are guards
in certain areas or protections in place but you could still be attacked and looted, and
then a red or black zone where the most expensive and rarest resources are, where anything
goes. That way players would have to work their
way into it or buy what they need from those lands to avoid exploring into them, there’s
many ways this could work overall. But
right now people are waiting on an official statement from Amazon regarding this. Hopefully everything will work out for them
from this point on, and with that folks that is all
the info we have for today. Thanks so much for joining me and you have
a wonderful night or day, farewell.

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  1. You know it's a serious (brief) discussion when we don't put emoji's in the title.
    If the rumors were true – it could actually end up being detrimental to the economy let alone everyone's overall game-time.
    And for crafters/gatherers like myself, if no one's dying or going to war outside of territory, whose going to keep the supply & demand in check?!

  2. I mean at this point because of the articles speculating, you now have some of the top posts on reddit saying things like "To Those Of You Whiners (people who want open pvp) you are the minority". So if pvp is still a thing everywhere outside outposts then those "majority" will get mad. Far as I see it the situation is f**ked either way.

  3. Legends of Aria is the perfect example of what happens when you try to cater to just PVE players instead of both sides.

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  6. As I understand it it’s open world PvP. If you kill another person they don’t drop their equipped items, the killer becomes a criminal, if the criminal dies they drop everything!

  7. I was seriously concerned when they said openworld pvp might require flagging, also what is this 50 cap siege instancing bullshit? I was desperate for New World to finally be a Darkfall online replacement but now Amazon might kill the game before it even launches. If you can opt to farm good materials in total pvp free safety it will ruin the economy like Elite Dangerous. NO OPTING OUT DAMNIT!

  8. I love mmo but im play on ps4 and we get only old games from pc this is sad becouse evrything you can find on YouTube is 0 fun.good video

  9. I am only open for open PvP if there are rules against grieving.
    When it comes to open PvP in my experience mobile games have the best one like after a certain amount of death by the same player they get protection for some time.

  10. Keep doing these videos because this game is gonna pop off and you’ll get a decent amount of subs so you’ve just gained 1 🙂

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  13. One thing to keep in mind is that Amazon said alpha was a sandbox, but the full game will be "an open world mmo." The pre-designed settlements for sure tilts it away from sandbox.

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  18. I think they should really add some kind of pvp, even if it's open world in dangerous areas, no ones even going to bother if you can just turn it off, furthermore when they say 50v50 it makes me think of instanced battlegrounds, which are so against the original ideas for the game.

  19. so wait u want them to put same Albion pvp system that u have no choice at the end game that stick to black zone and get camp and kill by a bunch of people with no life that is stuped and the result u can see it clear on albion only 1 server after 3 years of release only cuz the game is all focus on group of people and the solo player has no life so do not recommend albion plz if u weant to recommend a game system i said OSRS successful game for more than 10 years with really bad graphics

  20. I really hope they don't take away the open world pvp, I like the constant state of threat that keeps you alert, knowing that at any moment someone could attack you. If they do anything they should have separate pve and pvp servers entirely so people can play what they want. But I do agree that there do need to be some systems set in place in terms of safe zones, guards or something like that in order to prevent as much griefing as possible.

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