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(holiday music) – I found Sparky, come on! Jordan wanted to wash her clothes… not today. – [Mom] Sparky’s in the washing machine! Er, the dryer, Sparky’s in the dryer! Whoa! Do you wanna go do advent calendars? – Yeah, let’s go! You gave me nothing.
– It’s 12. – I know this is 12, I have nothing. – Time to see what we get. – Mine’s heavy.
– Mine’s light. Oh, a dollar– oh this is fake! (laughing) – [Jake] What is this for? – [Ty] It’s fake! – [Audrey] You got a
fake dollar, you got a– – [Mom] What does that fake
dollar mean, do you know? – No. – [Mom] Isn’t it a Roblox dollar? – Oh, yay!
– Yes! – [Mom] You can cash it
in for a Roblox dollar? – Yeah.
– Yeah! – [Mom] Yeah. – I got bubble gum lip scrub! – [Jordan] And I’m here, ta-dah! Day 12, oh mine’s heavy, wow. (gasping) Yes! Mint lip scrub, oh, oh, oh! Yes. That smells really good, I’m gonna use this like
right after this video. Let’s get on with the video! – Hi guys, welcome back to That YouTub3 Family! – And today we’re playing Curses. You guys wanted us to play Curses again, but this time we’re
switching it up a little bit, we’ve got some props
here that we’re using, and we’re going to do a
holiday Christmas edition. – So the way you play this game is that, we’re gonna go around and you have a challenge card that you have to complete and then by doing the challenge card, you get to pick up a curse card and give it to somebody else. Then they have to keep that card, and they have to follow
the rule on that card for the rest of the game. If somebody catches them
not doing that rule, they can ring the bell and say, “Hey, you aren’t doing that rule.” And once they get three
curse cards flipped over, they’re out! – [Jake] Duh, duh, duh! – All right, let’s go, who wants to start? Audrey, start that way
and we’ll come this way. – So a challenge first? – [Mom] Yep.
– [Jordan] Yep. – My challenge is a… – [Jordan] Ah… – Oh these cards are hard to pick up. “Describe to everyone “what it smells like in Santa’s workshop.” (gasping) You guys, Santa’s workshop is amazing. When you walk in, it’s automatic
peppermint in your nose. – Oh! – Like, when I made slime, it was peppermint everywhere cause that’s what it smells like. And like a little dash of gumdrops and– – [Jake] What?
– [Audrey] Very sweet. – Is there anything
hanging from the ceiling? – Mistletoe everywhere,
so you gotta beware. (laughing) – [Jordan] Oh man. – So, curse card is– hold on. “It is cold outside, you
can’t stop shivering.” (yelling) (laughing) – Everybody against Dad! – Is this only when it’s not my turn or the whole thing? – [Mom] The whole time. – [Jordan] The whole time,
you’re just shivering. – That’s the easiest one. – [Dad] All right. – [Mom] You’re gonna have
a headache by the end ’cause think about when you clench, like, you’re like, “uh.” Oh, good luck with that one. – [Audrey] Go, Jordy. – My turn, let’s see what I get. (laughing) Dad’s so cold. “You are Santa, tell
the person next to you “which reindeer they are and why.” – [Audrey] We already talked about this! – You are Dancer because
you like to dance. You are Prancer, because
you like to prance. (laughing) Next question! – Wait, back up, how do you prance? – De, de, de, de, de, de, like that? – That’s prancing? – I don’t know.
– Okay. – Okay, what’s the curse? “You are the Grinch, speak like him.” (screaming) (laughing) – What? – [Mom] A cold Grinch! – [Jordan] Dad!
– [Mom] That works! – It’s cold in here! – My turn. “You are Santa, tell everyone
how you became Santa.” – Yeah, tell us Santa,
how did you become Santa? (laughing) – Ty-Ty. – So, I was a boy and I
wanted to build a workshop. – Okay. – And so I built the workshop
and I had magical powers. – [Audrey] Magical powers? – From my candy. – Is that all you have to
do is build a workshop? – From candy, he’s got magical powers. – Oh, that sounds so good. – They have the right kind of candy, what kind of candy was it, Santa? – Not telling. – [Jordan] Oh!
– [Mom] A secret, smart. Keep those secrets safe. – Now pick out a curse card, Ty! What is it? – “When the player on
your left reads a card, “shout Merry Christmas.” – Mom! So every time Audrey gets a card, you gotta shout “Merry Christmas!” – Time for me to go. “Act out The Night Before
Christmas without using words.” – You know that story? It’s the time I came
and took your presents. (laughing) (holiday music) – Oh, goodbye! – [Dad] He’s sleeping like a mouse! – [Jordan] What just happened? (laughing) – [Mom] He has to play all the characters! (all talking simultaneously) – [Audrey] Multiple personalities. – [Mom] All right, and we went to sleep and Santa came basically, boom-boom! – We’re supposed to sleep like this. (laughing) – All righty, curse someone. – Okie doke.
– I’m already cursed. – “You are an elf on the shelf, “only move when nobody is looking–” (all talking simultaneously) – Mom! Mom! – Give it to Dad, give it to Dad! – Okay, give it to Dad. (yelling) – Looks like he can’t move anymore! – [Audrey] He can only move
when nobody is watching. – I’m being nice to you. – That’s including the viewers. – All right, my turn. – Okay, you can’t move anything. – Hey, you blinked! – Mom can only move on her turn. – She’s blinking. – All right mine says, “Tell everyone why they are
on the naughty or nice list.” Naughty! Naughty, naughty, naughty, because you’re all crazy kids. – I didn’t give you the card! – Nice… (laughing) because you never laugh. (laughing) Don’t you smile… (laughing) Don’t you smile! All right, here’s the curse: “You are Mr. Scrooge, act
like him, bah-humbug!” Audrey. (screaming) – Yeah! (laughing) – It’s your turn, you can move. – Woo, okay, gotta get all my wiggles out. (laughing) Okay, “I am an elf, you are an elf, “state what your elf name
is and do a funny dance.” – Do the jig, Mom. – My elf name would be… – Sparky.
– Sparky. – Mischief. – Mischief, oh. – Here’s my dance. (singing bango strums) (laughing) – Back to seriousness. – What, you didn’t draw a challenge. (yelling) – So close. – All right, I can move again. – My mom’s like… – “You are Frosty the Snowman, “every time someones rings the bell, “pretend you are melting.” – Ah! – I think that Jordan
needs to melt a little. – Oh, no! – Melt, melt, melt. – Okay, it’s my turn. – What, you can ring
the bell no matter what? – “Re-enact Christmas morning.” (bell ringing) – Oh! – You didn’t say “Merry Christmas.” (yelling and clapping) We’ve got one curse on the elf. – Wait, if we keep on staring
at her, she can’t say it. – You ready, here we go. – Woot! Okay. – Audrey, wake up, it’s time for presents! – I’m not Audrey! (laughing) – I know, I’m Jordan. Audrey, wake up, it’s time for presents. – [Jordan] Try again. (laughing) (bell ringing) (yelling) – Ty got me. – Stop clicking the button. No! I have one card flipped over
because I forgot to match. – Dad got cursed too because
he laughed or something and didn’t do it like the Grinch. – Let’s see what the challenge card is. “The holidays are all about giving, “state three things you
could do to give back.” You could smile, you
could donate to a charity, and you could hold open doors for people. – Aw. – Let’s see what the curse card is. Duh-duh-duh! “You love to carol/sing “whenever the person to your
right speaks, not sings.” JJ… – No, no, no. – Looks like you’re missing a card there. (yelling) So ready, go Ty! – [Jake] Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells jingle all the way. – “You are the Grinch, show
how you would steal Christmas.” (laughing) – Oh, oh, Ty. – He’s off the camera. – Oh! – He’s grabbing presents under the tree. – And he’s coming back. (laughing) – He’s all, har, har, har. (all talking simultaneously) (laughing) – [Jordan] Go Jake.
– [Mom] C’mon Jake-o!” You got this, c’mon, let’s
make Christmas great! – “Go outside and bring in a snowball, “give it to your favorite family member.” – Good job, Little Elf. (screaming) – [Audrey] He dropped the
snowball on the floor. – [Mom] Oh that’s your
favorite Little Elf? – [Dad] I’m already freezing! – Oh yes, get the cold spirit in! It helps us get in the mood for Christmas, good job Little Elf. – It’s snowing!
– Oh! (laughing) – All right, Big Papa Elf. We got this, teamwork, come on. – Call someone on the phone and tell them they’re on the naughty list. (yelling and clapping) – We’re calling our Nana. – Hey Audrey. – [Nana On Telephone] Hello? – Hi. – [Nana On Telephone] Hello, Hi. – I was told I need to
call you and tell you you’re on the naughty list. – [Nana On Telephone]
Uh oh, what happened? – I don’t know, but you’ve been naughty. – We need to get on Santa’s nice list so we can bring Christmas cheer! – [Nana On Telephone] Uh, huh, really. – Okay, so get working on it. – [Nana On Telephone] Get
working on some Christmas cheer? – Yep, ’cause you gotta
get off the naughty list. – All right. – Your turn, Mama Elf. – Mama. – Go find a Christmas candy and give it to the next-oldest person in the game. – Dang it! Make it a good one. – Any Christmas candy I want, you say? – Make it a good one! – Yes, you’ve been so
good this year Papa Elf, you get a candy cane. – Yay, I love candy canes!
– All right! – Do you hear what I hear? (laughing) – Go ahead and you eat
that the rest of the game. (bell ringing) – You stopped shivering! – Oh! (yelling) I’ve been shivering this whole game! (all talking simultaneously) – This candy cane smells weird. – If you eat candy canes, it’ll make you work harder, faster. We can do this! – Eat the whole thing, it’s delicious. – [Ty] I’m Santa. – Isn’t that yummy? We love sugar! – I’m Santa! – [Audrey] It’s gravy isn’t
it, where’s the bacon? – It’s gravy! (laughing) – Gravy candy canes for the win! Let’s go, elves. – Gotta get the protein.
– Tastes like gravy. Like gross gravy. (laughing) – Ew, and it smells like gravy! (shrieking) – Santa’s workshop smells like gravy. – Okay, “You are allergic to
pine trees, become itchy.” – Oh.
– Jake. – Jake, oh! – I actually had an itch
right then and there. – [Mom] Well, there you go! – “You are Santa, carry an
extremely heavy sack of toys “and don’t set it down.” – Please not me because
I already am Santa. (laughing) I’m already Santa though. – So I’m always carrying a sack of toys? – Yep. (laughing) – Let’s hurry, this sack is heavy! Go Dasher! – All righty. – “You are a ranger,
describe Christmas dinner.” Today’s Christmas special is some lovely, nutritious protein-licious
gravy candy canes. – Oh, it’s so good. – Here we are! – “Speak only like a toddler
excited for Santa to come.” Oh, Johnny! (laughing) – That’s on top of
carrying Santa’s big pack! (laughing) – Your turn, Ty. – Sit on the person to your right and tell them what you want for Christmas. (laughing) – Oh no! You want a video game? Wow, I thought you were
gonna say fidget spinner. – You got this, Santa. – “You’re Buddy the Elf,
put the costume on.” – “You are an elf, wear an elf hat.” Dad? – Yeah! Dad gets the elf hat for the win! Your turn, Dad. – I’m so excited for Santa to come. (laughing) – [Audrey] That’s what Dad looked liked when he was a little kid. – Ah! – “You are the abominable snowman.” (bell ringing) – You’re not carrying your sack. – I put it down so I could read this. – You can put it like this. – Okay! (grunting) (laughing) This sack is heavy. “You are the abominable snowman.” (yelling) (laughing) – Uh oh, only one challenge card left? – “You are a candy cane loving elf, “wear an elf hat and taste
your bacon candy cane “whenever someone says Ho, Ho, Ho.” (laughing) Who likes bacon? I’ll give this to Audrey. – No, why? (yelling) – Audrey has to eat the bacon candy canes. – Okay elves, listen up,
Santa put me in charge. I want you guys to all sing, and get the Christmas spirit
back here in our workshop. All right, so we went
through our stack of curses, it looks like we still
have a bunch of challenges. I guess we could save
those for another time. – Yay! – Let’s see who has the most curse cards, Mom and Dad are automatically out ’cause they have two curse cards out. Now it’s just between us kids. – But I put on the costume. – Wait, Ty didn’t have one! Ty won! – [Mom] Ty won, Santa won! – Santa won because he didn’t
ever flip over a curse card. – Yeah, good job! – Ty’s the winner of the game!
– Woo hoo! – Your present is this candy cane. – All right, this was super fun. If you guys want to see
more fun games like this, let us know in the comments down below. Thank you guys for watching, we’ll see you next time. – [All] Bye! – Merry Christmas! (“Jingle Bells”)

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