Cute Girl Teaches Me Korean in VR – VRChat Funny Moments

Cute Girl Teaches Me Korean in VR – VRChat Funny Moments

just to love to eat carers what I just get into this fact I don’t want to be like this bad no Priya do so Paul tanita character Anita Tariq Torretta ties cha-cha-cha but BR Tata Tata Tata Tata port it’s pretty hard hey everyone it’s me Kermit the Frog and today we’re gonna be we’re gonna be trying to make some new friends ah hey can I help you guys hey hey nice kitty we’re gonna make friends which is happening already do you have anything to say to the camera yeah you heard of this you heard it themselves you know can I help you both are you both looking for something are you lost what’s going on over there hey hey hey what are you what are you guys doing here huh you’re under arrest what that’s all you’re doing illegal things legal hey hey you can’t just be a big fluffy bunny doing what you’re doing you need a permit for that just to love to eat carrots what I just forget into this fact I don’t want to be like this bag no well you know what you gotta go on a diet okay new year new you yes can I help you right no it’s it’s papa fear gaming now getting really close shaking yo and you just spin your huh personal space personal space okay as you can see everybody I’m surrounded by these bunnies um I think I think they’re planning an attack on me I’m not really sure what’s going on here I’m bunny brother hello he’s my bunny brother okay all right well hey hey hey what do you do hey leave that hey leave that person alone we have to blur this what’s happening hey what are you hearing what’s going on over here what are you guys doing oh geez nothing bro bro you look familiar I’ve seen you before somewhere I think God broke the Kermit never forgets okay hey hey you’re under arrest get back here you’re under arrest no no no you can’t catch me missus is this commander Rock gentleman bothering you hey will you do so how about you translate huh can you ask her if she you’re bothering her can us check it’ll piss it on you ask her if she’s single wait she’s 18 first no she’s not I know it then never mind tell her she just can’t handle the frog legs how long hey do you guys wanna did you just did you just high-fived me yes come one come what come over here all right so so tell me all right tell me how long how long have you both been in in VR chat huh oh no quite embarrassing this is the birthday okay this is your first day I don’t want to alarm you but um there’s a demonic armored guy from Skyrim so how are you fighting it so far do you do chemo to now think I can could they rule this is just a thing just a thing that she imagined before wait so so this doesn’t shock her at all this is exactly how she expected this would be not at all not at all oh she’s just expected this so so so what about you huh I’ve been playing this game about maybe two or three months that I you don’t have PR so yeah and what about you a little bit well do you guys know each other no no we just we just met at the we just met you so where are you guys from South Korea South Korea and what about her yeah she’s also from South Korea and what about you know you’re from Skyrim we got a Russian elderscrolls guy two South Koreans a panda and then there’s me the Frog from The Muppet Show that’s really all you gotta know you know what I think it’s time to change things up no you like these muscles look at this flex shot she got what she got sha Shan Shan please just just just change your avatar for God’s sake oh my god no he’s dancing oh she’s not looking at you hey you why don’t you want to look at these muscles I work out whatever are you a gamer watchin are you oh this is not a dedicated gamer kid can you guys teach me some south korean hangul to impress urgency of a horrible taste I’ll point over with it guys I can’t afford a translator just tell me what’s happening yeah don’t worry but don’t worry about we didn’t say anything how do I say VR did it better be our thought on it though put a chart on it but it’s pretty hard hard word viata pas de chat is the R word see you outside porta via three a day Paul Paul tanita Tata Tata Tata Tata Tata Tata okay let’s try something else how do I say Papa fear gaming in Korean uh-oh jokey pop-up pop-up it means like father yeah yeah yeah Papa is Appa Appa Appa is Papa okay Appa and fear ear is sopa sopa sopa sopa sopa mu SOTA game game pin sticking up a mulatto game no no no no we just we gotta change the you know change that I have two words between there gamers Wanda you want to make a sentence wait upon an abundance all Honda who saw a Honda yeah oh yeah you did pretty good Honda [Music] come o come o come us to meet the coma tomorrow you just say Kamala Kamala do you want to say politely or just one yes do you want to say polite okay so you want to take lightly you guys say go mop Smita Kumar’s no meter sip needa go maps Tomita come up centimeter yeah exactly collapse namida yeah yeah yeah you did pretty good yeah is there a lot is there an accent actually yeah there’s accent boom you a Muslim most of Americans may come you’re not a very good way I’m a Pokemon non-canadian I’m sorry about this okay okay cool coal moths mamita yeah kumusta meter yeah that’s right Komatsu amina yep that’s right that’s right I know South Korea now are you sure you’re not a you’re not streaming I’m not no no of course not no it’s no way no way I’m just filming oh oh oh you’re youtuber or something oh yeah let me know your channel it’s popula wait hold on crap how do I say it South Korean okay so oh yeah I just I just searched it so use it very clear gaming haha but but it’s pretty hard to hard translate in Korean ponen gamer this away what sorry game um I’m not saying is enough it’s not gamer it’s not gamer it didn’t say my riches which is a attachment attachment after the game okay you know what it’s it’s fun whoa okay we got surrounded by a bunch of people here what’s up all right well well guys I gotta say this is this is this is quite the treat and I don’t really know I still don’t I still don’t really know how to say South Korean words very wall yes that’s right that’s right come to Daddy thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe and South Korean is that possible can you guys do that oh yeah sure could you both it out too okay all right well guys thank you so much for watching I want to I want to shout out everybody here who’s who’s been following us and I want to shout out these two right here what you guys names Osprey Osprey asar a and this panda logo you can call me Rogo Rogo Rogo you yeah you can come you’re ugly well I want to thank these guys for teaching me a bit Korean that’s pretty awesome I’m gonna let them do the outro so take it away guys a video budget comes out we’ll do part Y or epitome they said they said Lee they said comment like and subscribe [Music]

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