Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Walkthrough Part 1 (PS4) English ~ No Commentary

Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Walkthrough Part 1 (PS4) English ~ No Commentary

game industry a world that exists in a
dimension other than our own where the four goddesses watch and rule over their
Nations last station
ruled by the goddess Blackheart Loie the nation ruled by the goddess
white heart lene box the nation ruled by the goddess
green heart and planet oon the nation ruled by the
goddess purple heart though the nations faced the threat of destruction many
times the four goddesses have always banded together to defend game industry
in their current adventure however they have been selected as beta testers
for a brand new online game that game is called just like me in real life but I might
have gotten a little carried away I should introduce myself
the name’s Neptune the goddess of a little nation called planet tune not to
mention the series protagonist but here are the four goddesses online I’m but a
lowly apprentice paladin’s I’m just here taking a break for my work
I’m supposed to play this any of the others today but where are they whoa right on cue hey I’m over here you’re early Neptune I didn’t think
you’d be the first here no one’s ever late when it comes to playing a new game
lon you’re a priest Wow it’s giving me goose
bumps seeing you in that outfit this is incredible
well I usually play DPS characters and games so I thought this might be nice
for a change hey um so and what about my outfit
you’re a Black Knight you are hit interesting choice
are you burning too hot with rivalry against me the noble paladin it’s not
like that but there’s no way I’d lose to you when
it comes to playing an online game goodness everyone is here already I
apologize for making you wait we all just got here don’t even worry about it
what class are you that outfit looks so elven I have chosen the enchanter class
it is the only class that bestows attributes upon players depending on the
situation your weapons Arabia in real life noir has a sword and you have a
spear but here you’ve switched it would seem everyone has changed quite a bit in
our short time here looking at the balance of our classes we should make a
splendid party all righty now that everyone’s here I
guess I’ll introduce these three here to you guys on the other side of the screen these girls who are she’s the goddess of
a little nation known as last station she’s usually a bit of a loner but since
she’s in our party I guess she doesn’t have to be so lonely this time around
way to go new are when all is said and done noir selfie win is a great foil to
my finely tuned sense of slapstick please take care of her everyone next is
blonde she’s the goddess of a nation full of snowy wonder the land of white
serenity the wintry the wonderful lovely loi she’s a shy homely girl who loves to
read but once she loses her temper she’s unstoppable also she’s occasionally
frustrated with her shortcomings in the UM chest area but it seems like her
loyal subjects are fine with that last up is ripped even if she might seem
like the calmest of us for she’s a super hardcore gamer I cut above the rest as
you can see she’s got a lot of um volume she acts like our older sister sometimes
but she’s actually the only one here without a sibling but anyway
this hair lady’s also known as the goddess of layin box please give them
all your support hey who are you talking to and I thought I heard something about
being lonely hey what’s this about shortcomings a sister did you mention
something about me having a little sister huh you’re just imagining things
you guys are so silly hmm really now come on let’s stop the
chitchat and finish up these tutorials oh hey there’s a sign over there where
do you think you’re going don’t run away from me Neptune I agree with Neptune I
would like to try the combat here as soon as possible
come now blonds we should catch up to them good grief it’s like this every
time normally our nation’s compete against
each other but in this world we can actually have fun and play together the
party shares a common destiny there will be no rogue players we work
together I will personally lend a hand if anyone needs help you know Bert
you’re the first person I’d suspect of being a solo player in running away from
the party yep I agree I’m not sure if I’ll be able
to keep up with your playing style vert I don’t really do all-nighters so I’ll
leave that to you not to worry just this once I will not concern myself with
completion or ranking lists I will simply and sincerely explore this new
world I will make new friends and tell others about this wonderful new game
that is my responsibility as one who received an early access invitation from
the four goddesses online management I take this seriously I’m shocked that MMO
monster Bert isn’t going to try and be a top ranking player seriously I can’t
believe what I’m hearing somebody pick my jaw off the floor while playing
casual you would be a good break from work and this doesn’t feel like a game
meant for competition I can respect that Bert Thank You Noir that being said let us
let loose and enjoy ourselves I believe this episode will take place
on a different stage than the one from the previous four goddesses online I am
exploring this world for the first time and along with all the other beta
testers I am beginning at level 1 I am so thoroughly excited hey I found the
event point for the tutorial wow what a beautiful new it’s so inspiring it’s
just like if we were out sightseeing in the real world our new adventure is
about to begin now then everyone let us move on towards the new horizon of four
goddesses online yeah Konishi
gimme money don’t be Oh I mean of you we’ve seen this super cool opening the
game’s gonna start it’s been a while since I’ve played an MMO I wonder what
kind of story this one has you said this episode takes place on a different stage
okay then tell me this are these dungeons not like the ones in the normal
four goddesses online verse yes that is correct
this land is completely new to me and I have been looking very forward to the
element of discovery in this game an untouched land that stretches out as far
as my eyes can see these kinds of games are the most fun
we’ll meet all sorts of new people – I totally agree the best part about being
online is being able to make new friends I only play with close friends but
perhaps if I feel like it maybe I’ll try feeling other players in this game I am Oh would you like to become my
younger sister chill out Burt what in the world are you
doing he’s given the poor girl in nosebleed bouncy bouncy you’ve got to be freaking
kidding me no calm down that’s something so stupid getting wait
a minute she’s an NPC but she’s reacting to the
player’s actions in real time so you’ve noticed this is another one of
the elements in the game that I was becoming very excited about that element
is the game’s communication systems NPCs in this world are equipped with a very
powerful a eyes that has the ability to learn you can just tough normally with a
character and they’ll carry on a conversation with you super cool just
monitored specialized in communication hi how are you not familiar with this planet whose technology is number one in
game industry so that makes sense number one you know last stations tech
is unparalleled and basically every other area
Tepes on the wing is certainly the best we have a long history of supporting a
wide range of citizens through children to the elderly
now now vert you’re coming on way too strong
okay are you alright has appeared before
down vert just calm down let’s listen to what she has to say Adventures about this band descended from the divine man
other birds Purple Heart the goddess estate
the goddess of prosperity white heart disorder the goddess pretty otherwise
what is the source of his magical power it’s from the smallest inserts devolve
largest elements thousand years ago the goddess’s feels
great an invader from the German Manchester royal post about age migrate in
under once ago those caring their presence shall appear
remember the secret treasures in a box so guarded with trousers until that
we retreated to the divine realm and slums for generations are you to revive toothless chosen
at the secret treasures by offering them to the altar the Germans the models for the four goddesses are us
right I wonder what the goddesses of this world are like I want to meet them
already it sounds of a classic fairytale it
feels exciting to go through a story like this for once now that we know the
final boss where she would go first you mentioned several Mainers that all
sounded rather important fishery which is a piece for all the
vultures at the heart of the city lies a sacred
place called Colin from the bedroom where the goddesses are revered
please appear first I see even in this game it seems to be a very important
building we understand thanks for giving us all that info just watch we’re gonna
clear the first dungeon in no time please don’t rain adventures
cannot be all scarred in your office Oh wait a minute okay will we meet again my
mission is to buy the country’s complete or after your truck Matt is believing to
hear we have only just met I do hope we are able to deepen my
pension I’m so sorry bouquet you don’t have to
pay this lady any attention okay bird she’d shut her mouth for a while let’s
focus on moving forward now regrettable I suppose it cannot be helped
all right let us head to the Cathedral in wish well monster already it’s time to show my
stuff just so you know it’s your own fault
that you waste all your energy too soon for help later even even keep up with me I’m a pro now
you’ve done it you’ll never obtain me not you not in a
million years oh just don’t die out there
to me now everyone let us begin the battle down does anyone see the go and swinging
against the boss but for now I’ll do my best to help with
support is everyone ready let’s go that means we cleared the tutorial that
was as easy as tea time cake now then we are almost at the hub for adventurers
wish you well let’s head back and rest you here we are at wish ul Wow look at all
the facilities this town has this really is a hub for adventurers yeah I’d really
like to take a look at all the shops let us not forget to visit our checkpoint
the Cathedral oh I do wish to see bouquet as soon as possible well I’m
sure there’s an event at the Cathedral we can check that out first then take
our time looking around the city is it alright if I pick let me think of
what to do Oh a new version of the city it is so
refreshing to see an updated cityscape and four goddesses online I can
appreciate that enjoying the cities and fields in any
game is a super-important fun factor you walk around in them all day after all my
Neptune you understand quite well don’t you yes it is fun to be immersed in the
environment of this world that is precisely how it becomes a beloved game
that one can spend so much time with I see that’s how it becomes nicer in this
world instead of real life and then you can no longer escape are you addicted to
online gaming Neptune you know the first step to recovery is admitting you have a
problem no no any denial the lack of self awareness is a textbook symptom it
might be too late for you buddy does this mean I’m going to end up like
Evert goodness is it so horrible to be like me how very sad okay okay yeah enough with the fake
tears well jokes aside I can’t understand how you can lose yourself
just walking around in a game like this it’s a beautiful world this is the bulletin board it is an
essential tool for any kind of online game you can request or search for
parties ask for strategy tips or simply chat your games world can expand greatly
depending on how you use it so you can interact with other players here let’s
use this to our advantage if we use this bulletin board even someone as lonely as
you could make like 100 friends in water Karif leave it to Noir to lose her cool
oh speaking of blonde dear the realm of online gaming is quite coarse it would
serve you well to build the tolerance towards instigation here yeah would it
and just who’s the one who’s always instigating me this seems to be a general store run by
an NPC we can purchase recovery items and equipment I’m sure everyone out
there knows this already but buying the equipment is only half the battle don’t
forget to equip it we can sell items we don’t need anymore – let’s remember that
if we ever need more funds during our journey welcome please come again this is the guild it is an organization
we’re adventurers help each other out here various quests are collected from
the residents of all scarred some of these quests will progress the main
story as well hmm so we accept a quest fulfill its
requirements then report it that’s how we complete the quests right lots of
games have quests there even in our real lives but hey can’t live with them can’t
live without them whether in a game or in real life the importance of work
doesn’t change for some people I can’t hear you welcome to the gills you’ve accepted the quest and lodge
you’ve accepted the question you’ve accepted the quest you’ve accepted the
quest but you’ve accepted the quest you’ve accepted the quest you’ve
accepted the quest blockers finish the quest huh good job be careful
out there this is the training area it is the
perfect place to practice the basic controls
it’s important to have a facility where you can learn the controls having a good
foundation before a real battle is very reassured just figure it out while I’m
fighting in a dungeon whatever happened to winning it good
luck with that Neptune to know the enemy won’t go easy on you just because you
don’t know how to fight welcome I’ll be waiting so this is the Cathedral a place like
this can make you feel a little tense the atmosphere is so solemn
yeah but for a priest like me this feels like home
oh look they have statues of the goddesses Wow so pretty I mean the other ones look
nice too but purple hearts looking real good oh really I think black heart
statue is the most magnificent it clearly exhibits the perfect balance of
charm and elegance well maybe but isn’t white heart statue just lovely the
designer who created this has fantastic taste it’s quite inspiring blonde my
dear if it’s a muse your feast your eyes upon green hearts enchanting figure
aren’t you inspired by her voluptuousness hey why are you only
saying that to me and now now all that aside it looks like this really is the
cathedral that worships the goddesses chosen ones welcome to come a prim
cathedral I’m so very happy to see Mulligan oh dear oh my bouquet I am
simply overjoyed to see you as well okay have you ever considered that our
name sound very sisterly do you believe it as possible we were separated at
birth folks it appears Verte is pulling a new one out of the play books and
attempting a much softer approach to this round let’s see what happens alright break it up break it up let’s
get on with the event ladies your nose is bleeding again bouquet oh let me heal
you sorry no need to apologize hey since you’ve
shown up again does that mean we’ve cleared the trial yes you really are the
chosen ones the ones that shall be interested with the great mission
I would now like to finish what I started explaining to you last time I
wish for you to know how to save this world yes please go right ahead your
mission is to either in the goddess’s in order to save this world I told you this
much correct correct in order to defeat the demon king we
will need the power of the goddesses wait why can’t the goddesses just come
down on their own don’t they know the world is in danger ah this is what I’d
like to tell you next allow me to explain more about the goddesses in the
demon king when the goddesses descend to old guard
they expend much of their power this was never an issue thanks to the
restorative magic of lumber day after defeating the demon king however
Langford a was unable to restore the power they spent they were forced to
return to the divine realm to heal you should have recovered by now but the
demon king cursed them they are unable to wake up by their power alone there is
only one way to wake them the secret treasures must be used to build a
rainbow bridge and travel to the divine realm
the four sacred treasures are the treasures of this world the amethyst
glass the black diamond sword the maan stone hairpin in the Emerald mirror the
treasures were sealed away in various lands so they wouldn’t be used for evil
only the chosen ones should have been able to release the seals but a powerful
dark magic has destroyed the seals and two of the sacred treasures were taken
by those working for the demon king the Allied forces of the Paladins and the
Black Knights have been trying to retrieve them but normal people cannot
fight against powerful monsters so by offering the forest sacred treasures to
the altar the day to the sanctuary and the divine realm will open and the
goddesses can return okay two of its sacred treasures are
still sealed away right do you know where we can find them
yes two of the sacred treasures are still sealed away one is at the Logan
mountain and the other is at the ER forest we should definitely start by
heading to one of these places since we know the sacred treasures are there then let us pay a visit to Logie
mountain at once that was a quick response any reason for that bird
I’m sure either one would be fine because if there is a mountain it must
be climbed my heart is telling me we must go to Logie mountain that is all
there is to it also if I may add there’s simply the
recommended level progression of the dungeons so your heart is telling you to
go really you sure it isn’t that rare metal collector in you telling you to go
there absolutely not now let us hurry on words to say bouquet
in the world and once we gather all of the sacred
treasures the beautiful union of the goddesses and my younger sister will
take place an incident has occurred in the cathedral bouquet is being drooled
over by a female player my heart is already pounding oh this is ridiculous I
hope she isn’t a bad influence on the communication ai I won’t let her do
anything weird so don’t worry don’t let her get to you bouquet it’ll be a great
help if you could advise us as we progress right of course we look forward to our
next meeting a sister is an elusive shadow and the
more I chase her the farther she runs perhaps instead of pursuing her I should
try drive her in ah right to ensure my feelings reach
bouquet let us pray here at the Cathedral
your feelings aside it would be good to see what sort of functions this place
has welcome to the cathedral through the
goddesses protect you you

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