Daawat-e-Ishq | Official Trailer | Aditya Roy Kapur | Parineeti Chopra

Total fifteen lakhs? Ok, make it nineteen lakhs. Two gold sets… And one car…
That is compulsory nowadays… I’m just asking your
father for some help. It’s not like I’m telling him
to build the Charminar! In our country, you cannot
buy a house without black money… And you cannot marry without dowry. Since she’s come, she’s been
making faces about everything. Hyderabad Hurricane Gulrez You want nothing
less than a Mr. World! Why Mr. World,
I’ll get Mr. Universe. Myself big boss Haidari Kabab I order cheap and best Hey Mateen…
Two plates kababs, two seekhs, two meat balls, four chapattis
at table number sixteen. Lucknow Lover, Tariq Let me tell you… I want not the moon, nor
the night-bird, nor a slice of sky. I want not the light,
nor an angel, nor an angel-face… You’re not getting married
under any pressure, are you? You’re marrying for love, right? You cheat! Where have you learnt all this from? The internet has everything… from child delivery to
bomb making… all recipes!

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