Daenerys & Dragons save Jon Snow and his band – Game of Thrones Season 7 Ep 6 Beyond the Wall

Daenerys & Dragons save Jon Snow and his band – Game of Thrones Season 7 Ep 6 Beyond the Wall

Yah! Yah! ( screaming ) Fall back! – Fall back!
– Tormund: Come on! ( grunts ) ( Tormund screaming ) Help me! ( snarling ) ( screaming ) ( shouting ) ( screaming ) ( grunts ) ( Drogon screeches ) ( roaring ) ( grunts ) ( wight screeches ) Go! Jon! ( shouts ) ( wight snarling ) ( screaming ) ( roaring ) ( Viserion screaming ) ( screaming ) ( roaring ) – ( wights snarling )
– ( grunting ) ( roaring ) Go! Go now! Leave! ( muffled shouting ) ( Drogon roars ) ( roaring ) ( shouting ) ( roaring ) ( gasping ) ( grunting ) ( panting ) Uncle Benjen! How? – You ride for the pass.
– Come with me. There’s no time. – Go!
– ( horse neighs ) ( wights snarling )

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  1. And the writers chose Jon to kill her, they really ruined all the characters in the show man

  2. I don’t get how the wights fight like just people or zombies here but in season 8 they were like world war z

  3. problem with dany shr was too nice. had she show no mercy she would still be alive.

  4. The number of people condoning genocide in these comments is actually quite concerning…

  5. This is the real Dany. This will always be the real Dany.

  6. What a waste of time .cersei didn't even help and Jon Snow was danys Down fall

  7. She should've yelled viserion name

  8. the people who say "and now he has plunged his dagger into his heart" you clearly did not understand, he loved her, he trusted her, he put the North back to her, he defended body and soul in front of her family, and she betrayed him by killing 1 million innocents, he tried to convince her to calm down … he did that to protect his sisters who was not bending the knee he did that to protect the world and his sisters. Dany will remain forever the true queen of Westeros but unfortunately the writers decided otherwise ….

  9. So Game of Thrones is still anti Feminist?

  10. What is with Uncle benjen actually? No explanations

  11. Danny the quennnnn! Fuck you D.D

  12. Schon eine Recht spannende Folge mit spektakulären Szenen. Jedoch unsagbar taktisch dumm. Deanerys scheint eh keine gute Taktikerin zu sein

  13. why did the mad king kill the one who was flying and not the one that was in front of him, on the ground, with all the people that want him dead?? I dont get it

  14. This episode was such of a nonsense

  15. ?????????????????

  16. When Jon didn't hold her hands was foreshadowing season 8 episode 6 .Jon does not want to be with her Dany flew away with Drogo

  17. Stupid tourmond ( or whatever) only a mad man rides a dragon! You did it too ? so ungrateful all of them minus jorah

  18. Too bad for Dany. I have an Iron Throne she can sit on anytime

  19. The dumbest plan ever led them in this situation …

  20. I’m ok with the NK killing Viserion like that – cause, you know, magic and stuff. I’m not okay with Rhaegal’s death. I mean, it would’ve made more sense if he was killed during the battle in episode 3, but, oh well, who am I to complain – just another fan girl of the show and books

  21. damn i wish emilia clarke could act, the scene could have been so great

  22. Truth+Targaryen theme= EPIC SONG

  23. While watching season 8 i was like.. Someone give me poison i wanna die.. Fuck you script writer

  24. Given the time when we saw this scene, the impact that it had on us (the audience) as well as the characters was immense.
    We see a titan of a creature in this world, a dragon, a beast that can take a lot of punishment and dish it back out in spades and interest, get taken out by one well placed spear.
    The magnitude of this scene was so shockingly awe-inspiring and horrifying.

  25. Night King could've directly shot Dragon it would've been game over LOL

  26. And Jon and Danny live happily ever after….. feck off Season 8…. does anyone know I good hypnotist? I need my Danny back 🙁

  27. What is the music starting at 3:17?

  28. Live the soundtracks sad that the dude who made hasn't earned any Grammys or etc

  29. She should’ve listened to Tyrion don’t save that bitch

  30. The best episode in the whole GOT series

  31. They basically created a strong character and just killed it.

  32. Are you telling me that in all this time 4:58– 6:10 he didn't have time to climb on Drogon they were not even close to him. He literally stood for a minute there observing Vyserion's death (and guess the dead stood too giving him some time for dramatic effect LOL). And that Drogon was not able to start firing in Jon's direction against the 2 or 3 zombies left in his side? Yes, I call them zombies because I still don't the difference between wight walkers, white walkers.

  33. Fuck you Dumb and Dumber!

  34. John snow farming xp while people wait in extraction, shame

  35. I'm still rolling with Dany. She's my queen, F D&D for fucking her character into the dirt

  36. I remember getting chills when dany and the dragons showed up. Dragons were my favorite part of the show

  37. although i understand the way that it finished and i'm sort of ok with it, Dani really was an excellent character who should have followed her own heart, Olenna said she should be a dragon and that she should, badly advised, i would have preferred to have seen her take the throne, whether or not that would have been to 'convenient' and not very 'thrones'….

  38. They did so wrong. Daenerys is such an iconic character, so courageous, ambitious, brave, a freedom fighter. Turning her into a mad queen wasn’t a good idea. They could have shown her death by poison or by some kind of betrayal. They could show she killed some innocents and Lannister soldiers burned a few buildings but showing full mad on innocent civilians when they surrendered was such a sad moment. Even if this is how she ends up in the book they shouldn’t have done this in the show.

  39. I mean the woman takes a huge risk to save you even though she has nothing to gain from it, how could you not believe in her after this

  40. The detailed special effects of the 3 dragons is just incredible. Seeing them in motion, Dorogon landing and taking off, to the untimely death of Viserion falling from the sky. To even Rhaegals feet moving as he climbs higher. It’s truly something to watch what they can do for tv these days. The budget and technology they have to play with I’m sure helps tremendously.

  41. Damn I always want to know what happens next when I rewatch these clips. It ends too soon I tell ya.

  42. Tormund has plot armour for days ??

  43. Common they are just dragons. This is not an excuse for burning an entire kingdom ???.

  44. Omg stop the Jon slander you guys are forgetting Dany burned down KL she had gone mad there was no turning back he had to kill her. But he should’ve just fucked her in episode 4 but also Daenerys should’ve understood that it was weird for him and trusted that he still loved her deep down and given him more time to adjust. She also should’ve understood that it’s in Jon’s nature to be honorable and tell the truth, especially to his family, which is why he had to tell Sansa and Arya that Ned never dishonored Catelyn. You can’t blame Jon for wanting to trust his family, you can only blame shitty writing for making Sansa a bitch and making Dany go crazy

  45. I think viserions death was a good way to show the night king’s power, however rhaegal’s death was a bad way to show off dany’s and D&ds stupidity.
    “sHe FoRgOt abOUt ThE iROn fLeEt”

  46. Dragons were the biggest symbol of Game of thrones
    And they killed two of them
    She should had found 2 more eggs from Dragonstone in the end and she should had been alive sitting on iron throne with 3 big dragons protecting the kingdom… this should had been the ending

  47. IN All honesty i think the free folks shouldve trusted her after this….

  48. Even after knowing he killed Danny’s dragon he tried to go after the Night King?

  49. Too much salt in the comments lmao


  51. Stupid jon snow. He made viserion killed??

  52. Why the night king kills viserion instead of drogon which is right in front of him? That’s bad writing, seasons 7 and 8 were trash. jon and the suicide squad did not deserve to be saved by Daenerys.

  53. So if she could do in Kings Landing with one dragon, why didn't she just destroy the army of the dead with her 3?

  54. Actually bad writing killed dany 🙁

  55. Thank You for riding with Drogon Airlines.

  56. So Jon just wanted to swing his sword around zombies more just cuz

  57. She saved him more than once and that was the way he thanked her

  58. Daenerys is such an iconic character man, TV won't be the same without her presence

  59. Poor Drogon, he saw his two brother died and then his mom ???. He Will be 200 years alone…damn☹️

  60. They shouldn't have come here just to persuade cersei the dead are real it was stupid idea

  61. How could they just destroy her amazing character and why was Jon acting liked a dumb idiot? D&D can suck my toes.

  62. And everybody's talking about how John's ungrateful and how she risked herself here but so did he… he didn't say wait for me he said go leaving himself behind against a horde of undead. I don't like how people are acting like Jon snow has no honor! and this is coming from somebody who's favorite character is Daenerys…..

  63. Bring me the head of Jon Snow.

  64. Y pensar que aunque mal cap, es de los mejorcitos si comparamos con la 8va temporada.

  65. An ice spear against a fire breathing dragon?

  66. That Targaryen theme when the dragons do their strafing runs, gets me feeling everytime.

  67. Where is the white truck?

  68. All of this… just to convince that prostitute queen in King’s Landing that they need to “cooperate”?


  69. Rhaegal tried to save viserion?

  70. I wished she never got to westeros in the first place. The series ended BADLY!!!! Hadn't she got there, Jon and his crew would have been completely decimated and I don't think their plot armour would help. I mean Sam surviving that carnage is just a joke!!!!

    To me I have appreciated the special effects, great acting and the amazing visuals, I just hated the story, how it ended, left ALOT OF unanswered questions and the way it spoiled the series and peoples stories. I stopped watching the series after season 6 now, as it ended well. The night king crap was like wtf?! What was the point then????

  71. They impailed the white on drogon ?

  72. Jon was the one who killed viserion because He delayed them from taking off.

  73. No time to also jump on the horse? Really?

  74. Come to think of it did she need to take 3

  75. good boi dragon didn't deserve to die ):

  76. 6:50, drogon had a hard time taking off for a few seconds cuz of the ice berg he was standing on broke his jump to take off . DEATAILS !!! amazing

  77. Jon snow is a dumbfuck. Viserion died because of his stupidity.

  78. Danaerys should have just let this ungrateful piece of shit freeze his ass to death here.

  79. Mission impossible

  80. now that i think about it, daenerys should’ve been the one who ventured to the north, not jon. she doesn’t have to step on the northern land cause she’ll be on drogon, rhaegal and viserion are both with them. then, when she sees some night walkers walking about, she can just tell drogon and the others to swoop down and grab them with their claws. that way, they’ll have more night walkers and then fly back to the south, and drop it on cersei’s doorstep. “here are the night walkers that you’re skeptical about.”

    which also slims the chance for the night king thinking of killing viserion.

  81. Jon needed 2 get on Drogon now! 4 him showing off the Night King killed Viserion and turned him into a Wight and destroyed a piece of the Wall!! I wished she had grieved 4 Rhaegal & Viserion more.

  82. Why does every body hate this season!!

  83. I hate it how love got in the way of the greatest ending that this show could ever have, starts with a mad king and ends with a mad queen

  84. I think that another reason she went north is because of Jorah she just got him back and didn't want to lose him again

  85. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but for both Stannis and Daenerys, one of their finest moments was their arrival north of The Wall to rescue Jon Snow and his comrades.

  86. I really liked this scene. For the first time Dany risked everything – years of enduring suffering, surviving horrible events, so much pain and hard work, somehow raising the only dragons in the world – just to go save Jon. And he was worth it.

  87. is uncle Ben still alive?

  88. The writing may have been bland, but you gotta admit the cinematography, effects, music and Kit Harrington's beautiful face have always been a extraordinary part of GoT. I still live the series so much.

  89. Every one of drogons entrances is spine chilling man !!

  90. This show ended so horrible. What a waist

  91. Anyone who thinks this warrior Queen was badly treated by Benioff & Weiss, please SIGN HERE: _

  92. Why do I think Daenerys could come here 2 hours before but she didnt coz she was busy in makeup? Seems realistic. That dress and all

  93. Si technically she could've gone without doing this and would've kept a dragon from death… Prolonged any possible long night…. Still have been able to defeat the night king I'd arya was to be destined to do so… And stayed alive. Yes we would've lost jorah and toemind and the hound earlier but … Oh what could've been.

  94. Everyone forgets that dany didn’t just ride north to save Jon , Jorah was there as well (her most beloved friend and protector ).

  95. Season 7 Daenerys was probably tha finest lol.

  96. Who's plan was this?!

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