DAMN WE’RE CRUSHING BALLS!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 9

DAMN WE’RE CRUSHING BALLS!!!  || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 9

Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball get up there Joe get a block or
something I’m on it can’t freakin score on me anymore my defense is getting so
good hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming
we’re here playing volleyball unbound I’m having a blast playing to this game
we’re coming off a big tournament Continental Masters win down in Santiago
Chile now we’re going to another Continentals Masters Tournament and
we’re hoping to get to that next tournament in Buenos Attucks so we need
to have our ranking up high enough so we’re looking for a good result here to
get into that and get the big-money tournaments so let’s get to it yeah I
hey nobody cares about us I will plan dinner cruise and a viaduct we rowing
one against these guys we owe these guys some revenge
Albertina has got great shots so we’re not gonna go to him dela Cruz is the guy
he’s shorter no he’s taller okay he’s the taller guy Dilla Cruz we’re coming
at you buddy all right after we side out Oh guys
serving scene go Joe lying whoa look at this angle Joe sharp angle I love that
we’re getting better we’re improving alright Dilla Cruz should I go short to
him yeah let’s do it shorty a little bit off bait the line roll then go oh I’m
there put me on bounce it this way oh he’s on it oh but it’s good yes okay all
right we’ll go short to dilla Cruz again go Joe Joe Joe go Joe like quit fartin
around man like wake up what are you doing like it came right at you dude oh
god what an idiot you here you go in the middle what are you gonna do she was
just founded twice already that one that guy didn’t even moved just
went right off him look at this boom you didn’t even react it just hit him Sagat
bad all right pound it Joe oh I hit that one
hard yes ace attaboy Joe keep it hitting it hard match ball for revenge against
these two we owe them boo all I can still wait longer on that you can hit
that harder Joe I got it Joe Joe like why am I
making a play on that why aren’t you just taking that easy all right for to
match ball you Joe I’ll put it away for the win
oh oh oh we got it oh shit it’s out Joe yeah good scramble why are those guys
but that’s for last time we are owed you pay back all right we’re playing as L
and Berkley again we played these guys already we beat them I think we played
them last tournament maybe in the final I can’t remember like that all these
teams they’re all for another fighting the same damn guys every time what did
we do what should we do guys yeah yeah we’re
do that that’s what we’ll do I don’t know what we’ll do
I’ll just side out and how about you Joe here you go I’ll set you up do something
with it nice Joe is automatic these days I’ll
rip a spinner no I’m not gonna rip a spin there’s no point I don’t know let’s
serve short to the short guy maybe I don’t know they’re the same bait the
line roll Cuddy I’m on it you see that shit now too sharp
oh yeah that’s wait that good yeah I did okay Oh short to the short guy I guess
it is oh I’m on it Joe what you doing oh hey
that’s a big guy now block cross will run the switch play Oh Joe
free ball pound it oh you got your shit slam Joe dude I kid it somewhere else you go Joe
here I’ll set you up pound it Oh again Joe are you gonna lose this game
for us dude come to me guys sir at me I mean they’re going Joel good thing I’m
such a good centre roll shot you idiot I’m there I’m gonna cover your frickin
ass Joe yeah come on I’m tearing this frickin team Joe pick it up dude maybe
with an ace here would help rip one over at that guy oh I screwed it up
completely Joe come on three all this is tense you Joe I should have taken it
though there you go buddy do something with it nice way to turn it back the
other way and not get your shit slam Joe alright match ball here’s our chance
come on good set Joe Joe way to make up for it buddy nice win
yeah oh there’s a fair sized crowd here I will playing Boris and fescue off from
Brazil yikes a squall is a good attacker look at that
spike I think we just have to go the other guy because that guy’s so skilled
we’re gonna bore she is here we go are they gonna keep serving Jo now they’re
serving me cuz they like me good pass by me
pound it boom that’s all I gotta say on that one
gorgeous we’re coming to you buddy you’re short as well I’ll serve you deep
get up there jo get a block or something I’m on it can’t freakin score on me
anymore my defense is getting so good all right we’re coming well recover well
it’s okay it’s one all just recover well may you’ll be fine
you just got to get a good pass nice pass up to the net don’t get blocked
again go Joe I got blocked again but Joe covered it so it’s all good nice Joe way
to save me buddy put it in save me I was saving you last game you save me this
game all right Joe crush an ace on this guy this guy nice rib it’s a good play
though I’m on it Joe go how would we do that
holy shit watch go Joe I’ll put you on dude put it away
we’re scrambling so are they free ball Joe Joe Joe after all that you do that
dumb shit Joe – all we’re in a battle I got it
shit that was a bad pass I’ll just roll shot at maybe deep always on it watch
the two ball oh we’re in a fast offense I’ll go back no I won’t Oh damnit throughout three two I’m screwing
up I got it put me back Joe nice back set they hate that play I’ve only run it
once but nice okay yeah all right gorgeous we’re coming for
you buddy I’m a good defender I’m a good defender I think I’m all in it go Joe
come on oh oh gosh I was on it but I couldn’t quite make the day match ball
for them we’re fighting we’re fighting shit oh come on it Joe go
oh he’s on it watch watch Joe Joe I’ll put you on dude go that was weak watch
the second ball go Joe that’s a free chance do something with it yes the weak
a shot scores were scared Oh Joe if there was ever a time we need
an ace it’s now crush it deep that was deep free chance you I know your shit
tired Joe but put it away yes Joe huge match ball come on Joe
number your ass up there I know you’re tired let’s suck it up watch watch it
I’m on it Joe outside what am I thinking
should I press the wrong button sorry guys did I lose this Morris I’m on it
one arm dig just pound a deep mate that worked yes
what a battle no we’re in the final looking over playing another Canadian
team wasn’t what these Canadian teams doing so well no let’s go
yikes I’ve never played these guys before they’re from Canada and looking
out good they are green across the frickin board Bono is a great setter
they’re both pretty equal on their attack
I think Pomeroy has got to be the guy they’re around the same attack see but
he’s jump and speed is lower defenses lower shot and spiked about the same
like the other guys setting we can maybe catch them off guard with some weight so
these guys are ranked number one in the world before look at that they’re
currently ranked number one in our country instead of us ranked fifth in
the world this is a huge chance let’s go Gojo they’re serving a short to tire you
out put it away though I got you covered oh
that’s a smooth shot Joe great start buddy Jane here we go
Pomeroy right I think so he’s a good setter well she’s still
getting a good set go off the antenna these guys are falling up I’m gonna keep
them outside oh good pass watch it Joe I’m on it put
me on cross or blind or something John’s gone hey boys you’re on fire can Canada
today let’s go for a rat baby by now only one team can go for a park and rip
its man fuck cuz you can’t even get over there yeah fuck you idiot sorry that was
a bit intense public are can kick at our spot let’s go Pomeroy’s pulling up Joe
Joe I’m on it though that’s fine put me on sneak it by him yeah so we’re talk
come on that was a five-oh set win in the final
against the number five ranked team in the world we’re moving up it’s the great
strategy though Pomeroy doesn’t like it outside and the guys not giving him the
best sets in the we’ll see look at this he’s trapped I’m on it though
Joe Joe gosh dude wait why was I celebrating
what happened here Joel made a dumb ass play that’s first he made a nice dick so
he sets a nice switch dangle there he sets him up then what happened did it
hit him and then go out or did it go off the block it out huge bad rich Joel I’m on it
hit it see causing a little o go what that was a weird play Joel on to I like
it they did the second ball off the net that bumps it over play that was a bit
weird but besides the point let’s go come on oh that’s a good play by that
guy I copy going the wrong way all right side Oh Joe whoa that was a good sir why is the crowd
cheering for them don’t they only the fan favorites
yikes that was a good sir we just managed to get over watch the second
ball yikes they’re coming back you got a
battle here Joe this guy’s got a great trick concern
I’ll pass it up mediocre sneak it sneak it yes God three all we need something here Joe
pound it deep causing a bit of trouble great set by that guy though Joe with
the block I got it set me up Joe sharp angle yes Todd sure freaking angle match
ball for the tournament win and defeat the top-ranked team in our country Joe yes huge prick and win ah that feels so
good ten three feet down on the number five
ranked team in the world we’ll move it up all right so we’re ranked 15th in the
world after that big win that’s it where are those guys we just played ranked
let’s see where they’re at every fifth they’re still a fifth after taking a
loss to us brutal but we moved way up we’re 15th we’re coming for them we’re
definitely coming form we’re working our way up the standings 15th in the world
pretty good but I got to thank you guys so much for watching that’s it for this
episode I hope you guys enjoy watching these videos if you do hit that like
button or maybe leave subscribe or comment down on some of your favorite
moments so maybe some other volleyball games that you know though cuz this one
I’m having a blast playing through this one but thanks again so much for
watching and I hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball

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  2. Classic Canadian first name, 'Clitus'…

  3. What a game! Nice! Congrats

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