Dana Joins the Team: Part 2 | Mecard | Episode 26

Dana Joins the Team: Part 2 | Mecard | Episode 26

(JASON) Dana Joins the Team,
Part Two
(DANA) Juliet, what kind of
training is this?
(JULIET) You’ll see.You expect me
to bake cupcakes? What’s wrong? You
can do it! Huh? No, you
don’t get it!
I can’t bake!I’m even worse
at that than
I am at
battling. Dana, put aside all
those negative thoughts
and just give it a try. Come
on. You can do anything, that’s what
this exercise is all about.
Besides, there not cupcakes,
they’re mugcakes… cupcakes that are baked in a
mug!Thatsounds fun.It will be! And
when we’re done,
we get to eat our
hard work! [giggle] (JULIET) You just need some
eggs, flour, and a dash of
self-confidence! And voila!
Yay! I made
cupcakes! In a
Y’see? I knew
you could do
it. And they
look just beautiful. [chuckle] Yeah, and they
smell even better! Now comes the tricky
part. Finding out if
they taste as good as
they look and smell. I’ll do it! [chomping and chewing]…
Perfection. (JULIET) [sigh] So good!Yeah! I only
wish– [whimper] What’s the matter? I just wish
my brother was
here. Oh? He’d love these so much.
Someday, if I can ever get him
back from the Darkness, I’ll
have to make him some. Oh, you’ll get
him back. And
I’ll help you
make them!Ican do
it. I’m a
mugcake expert! Hm!
You are, huh? Whatever
happened to that girl who
kept saying she couldn’t bake
anything? Never heard of
her. [raspberry] [chuckle] [heavy breathing] Tanatos! [heavy breathing] Where’d they all
go? Anybody here?…
Tanatos? Hey you were
right, Evan. I
wasn’t so sure
she’d come back. Where are you
g– Oh! Tanatos. (TANATOS) Something on your
Yeah, as a
matter of fact.
I want a
rematch. What would be the point? What
makes you think the outcome
would be any different this time
around? [whimpering] Look! You’re already
crying. Am not! I just
got some playground
in my eyes, that’s all!
[whimper] (TANATOS) Playground? That
doesn’t even make sense.
[sniffle] There, I’m fine.
So, whatya say? I’ve been in training and
I’m ready. Ready to battle
you or anyone! (EL TOPO) Glad to hear it.[gasp] El Topo! What’re youdoing
We’d better get
out there. So you’re this
El Topo guy,
I am. And you must be
that Jasonboy…But
I’m not here for you today.
I’ve come to see Dana.
Won’t you please give
me back my brother? Just
let him be his normal self
again? But he is
his normal self.
What? This is what your brother has
always craved: immense power,
the power to dominate others… He has no desire to return to
the way he was. He has embraced
the darkness. But… I have freed Dabby to fulfill
his dreams, to become his true
self… But there is still one
thing he lacks if he is to
fully realize his dark
destiny… The one missing
thing… is you,
Dana, by his
side. [gasp] Come with me.
Join your brother…
You belong together. I– I– (TANATOS) Dana.[gasp] It’s true, a
brother and sister
do belong together. Dabby needs you.
He’s right. Yeah, but think
about it, Dana… There are two ways
to do it: you can either
go to Dabby or you can bring
Dabby to you. (EVAN) That’s right. Stay with
us and Jason and I will battle
beside you.
[unsure groan] Why do you
hesitate? Don’t you
want to be
with Dabby? I do, but… [gasp] Way to go! [grunt] Sorry, but I
think I’ll stay
with them.Your decision is…
unfortunate. Yeah, for you,
C’mon, Dana, let’s
show him! Yeah, let’s! If this bucket-head
wants a battle… …we’ll give him
one! Set up… Mecard! Let’s do it, Evan!
Showtime! Three, two,
one… Mecardimal, go! We’ve got this!
Right, Tanatos? Mecardimal… go! Serve your master
well, Babel! Mecardimal,
go! Game on! Here we go, brother! Ready for battle! Ready to roll! Babel is ready
to battle! [grunts] [grunt and growl] (TANATOS) Babel… It’s been a
long time.
You don’t seem
so confident now. Oh, we’re super
confident! And how! Make your move,
then. Faster than lightning!
Super Dash Speed! Right! On my
way! Hm! Amusing… But what
good is that against this?…
Defensive Shield! Right! Shield on…
and up! He’ll run right
into it! Oh, no he
won’t! Equip! Shield Buster!
Go! Evan! Heads up! Huh? Whoa–! [pained grunt] Go on, take
it to him,
brother! You got it! [grunts] [pained grunts and groans] Knocked him flat! Hooray for us! [chuckle] Hmph! Burn, fools,
burn!… Flaming Trident! Yes, master!… [heavy breathing
and grunting] (EVAN) Someone might wanna
consider coming up with a
counterattack… Hm! Take him down,
Tanatos! Colossal Blade! Right! [grunt] [grunting] [gasp]… Tanatos! My turn! Equip!
Blade of Ice! Okay! [grunting] [grunt] Oh, Evan? Hello? [grunt]
Anytime, bro… [grunt] Hang in there,
I’m coming!
[grunting] [pained grunts] It’s called teamwork,
El Topo!Icall it
[pained grunts] C’mon, don’t stop
now! You haven’t seen
the big finale! Yeah! Unleash a world of
pain on him! Final ability!…
Orb of Destruction! Oh, yeah! Final ability! Rock the
heavens above and the earth
below!… Earthshaker! My pleasure! [grunt] [grunt] A combined attack! Your guy’s in
trouble now!Doubletrouble!Yes, quite powerful… But
not powerful enough! Final
ability!… Rain of Fire! [grunting] Behold! Your attack
has failed! You’ve
lost! [chuckle] [groan]… I’m gonna win! Yes, I will…
I will because
I can make
[pained grunts] [grunting] What madness is
this? (DANA) Yay! We did i–! Oh…Does that mean–? [sigh] It’s a tie. We didn’t win. I am as surprised as you are…
You have impressive skills…
But I have your brother.
[chuckle] [gasps] Don’t worry, Jason. We’ll get him
next time.

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