Daniel Goleman Introduces Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman Introduces Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence refers to how well
we handle ourselves and our relationships, the 4 domains. Self-awareness, knowing what we’re feeling,
why we’re feeling it, which is a basis of, for example, good intuition, good decision-making. Also, it’s a moral compass. Say, in part, is self-management, which means
handling your distressing emotions in effective ways so that they don’t cripple you, they
don’t get in the way of what you’re doing, and yet, attuning them… to them when you
need to so that you learn what you must. Every emotion has a function. Also, [marshalling] positive emotions, getting
ourselves, you know, involved, enthused about what we’re doing, aligning our actions with
our passions. The third is empathy, knowing what someone
else is feeling. And the fourth is putting that altogether
in skilled relationship. So that’s what I mean by emotional intelligence. There’re many definitions out there. The part of the brain, it turns out, that
supports emotional and social intelligence is actually the last circuitry of the brain
to become anatomically mature. And because the neuroplasticity of the brain
shapes itself according to repeated experiences, so my argument is, hey, we should be teaching
kids regularly overtime, in a systematic way, self-awareness, self-management, empathy,
and social skill. In fact, there, now, enough programs and they’ve
been around enough in schools that they’re about to publish a huge meta analysis, looking
at hundreds of schools and kids that had the program versus those that don’t. Guess what? All anti-social behavior, you know, disruption
in class, find that… it goes down 10%. Pro-social behavior, liking school, well-behave,
up 10%. Academic achievement scores, up 11%. So it really pays. Executive function, which is mediated by the
prefrontal lobe, both helps you manage your emotions and helps you pay attention. So as kids learn these skills, they also learn
learning… basic learning skills. I think that the fact that that was an argument
was one thing that caught people’s attention. Then, there was a little chapter on… called
managing with heart, which argued that leaders who were sons of a bitch were actually defeating
the company’s own mission. And I think that made a lot of people happy
because they work for people like that. I don’t know… Some people gave it to other people because
they thought they needed help in this domain. I’m sure there’re a zillion reasons why
people like the book. I hope more. I know IQ has been going up for a hundred
years as children encounter more sophisticated cognitive environment as they grow. I don’t know that we’re becoming more
emotionally intelligent. I like to hope we would but I think that the
number of intergroup wars going on, the intergroup hatred going on, the, you know, levels of
familial abuse, in other words, indicators of emotions out of control in dangerous ways
don’t look that great, which is why I’m a very strong proponent of getting these social,
emotional learning programs in every school worldwide. Well, I get asked that question in a different
way, which is, are women more emotionally intelligent than men? And you have to remember that emotion intelligence
is a range of abilities, self-awareness, emotional self-management, empathy, social skills. Women tend to be better than men on average
at empathy, particularly emotional empathy, sensing in the moment how the other person
is feeling and also, at social skills, at keeping things feeling good between people
in a group. Men, on the other hand, tend to be better
on average at self-confidence, particularly in group, and at managing distressing emotions. But what’s very interesting is if you look
at leaders who were in the top 10%, there’s no difference between the men and the women
on any of those variables. In other words, you have a whole human being. So I would say that on average, there probably
are differences men and women in this domain of ability. But as people develop their skills, as people
become more effective, they pick up strengths in areas that they need. Well, I think that emotional intelligence
as a universal but it looks different in different places. You know, Japan has a very rigid set of rules
of social interaction, lots of subtleties. Americans typically blender in to the Japanese
system, don’t get what’s going on. And, you know, it’s embarrassing but they
wouldn’t recognize, necessarily, emotional intelligence in Japanese setting. Brazil is a very different culture. It’s very outgoing, you know, kind of like
an Italian culture. And so, it will look different there but I
think the fundamentals are the same.

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  2. 1:42 …a "yooge" meta-analysis! The Trump effect LOL

  3. i dont think you can learn that kind of stuff in school.

  4. EI is an attempt to encompass the values we follow , in terms of our culture, intuitions, intentions and discipline to confirm how capable we are to control ourselves and then the other's issues come

  5. why was this in paces business exam

  6. Truth be told, I'm only watching this to pass my finals since I don't copy notes. The joys of college….

  7. emotional intelligence refers to how well we handle ourselves & our relationships: the four domains; self awareness, self management, empathy, putting that all together in a skilled relationship

  8. Human relationships are fulfilling

  9. Does anyone know any good books on this topic?

  10. My business tutor showed me this today, im doing a diploma and emotional intelligence is the key to success.

  11. A theory to put on into our lives to learn, to control, to succeed in your life ?

  12. They say grief is the root of compassion. Once you get in touch with your emotions and understand them, you can use them to read people etc.. ADHD is also correlated with EI

  13. can anyone share the link for Goleman Emotional intelligence questioner?

  14. HC1052 student check in

  15. Emotions are a great tool to have in your box to listen to others and helping them listening is a strong tool.

  16. Guess what? nobody Cares about your emotional intelligence.

  17. I always think I had some special power?? I could literally tell how person is feeling I was fascinated to know what was it. Thank you?

  18. I watched this for the Misha Mansoor ad.

  19. 532,602 people had to watch this to pass a lame ass assignment

  20. EQ is on the steady decline.

  21. very useful videos
    thanx alot

  22. "Emotional Intelligence Needs a Rewrite"

  23. why is anti social considered an outward and projected emotion that is disruptive? In my own experience I consider myself anti social but I make all of my judgement and criticize individual; character, morals, and ethics within my mind. not in an outward publicly disruptive influential way.

  24. Thank you for good read!… difficult to find browsing shelfs things that speak to you… very clearly winner.

  25. Emotionally intelligent people get beat down in modern society, because there is too much emphasis on left-brain rationliaty, so emotionally intelligent people's productions go unrewarded. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes too much of a toll, even on highly emotionally intelligent people.

  26. I'm a little confused on feelings when feelings is something that is developed from the infant stage, each individual and feelings are not the same, feelings stand alone separate from emotion's.
    Emotion is the expression of feelings.
    Intelligence, is deciphering the appropriateness of suchfeelings, under what circumstances?

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  28. Meditation books like Practical meditation and The way and goal of Rajyoga can help in similar ways, they are at 'omshantistore'.

  29. the book is really precious…it affects my own life in a positive way

  30. Emotional Intelligence!
    The book I read
    The video I see about
    The mentor I believe somewhere
    Even God I think somewhere
    I have recovered a lot ,
    Today ,now video,I see…
    I must not miss any if I can.
    Will you?If you 're excited
    Know more about Emotion!
    -Damodar Boruah,
    Author of 'Whispering Windows'

  31. I may have referred to this on another video, but I felt it was important enough to repeat. All of these Big Think videos are a miracle cure for prolonged chronic constipation. When I watch one of these, I hear and feel a great growling – an incredible rumble. Then, just as night follows day, explosive projectile diarrhea. I mean immediate and uncontrollable . The force is comparable to a dislodged fire hydrant. A riot-control water cannon. The sensation is that of riding a jet-pack. It’s an incredible sense of relief…..particularly the architecture videos.

  32. very interesting topic. The military when training senior NCOs, Officers, help them in their war time Peace time missions. Solid presentation and well appreciated!!

  33. His voice and accent reminds me of Ronnie James Dio.

  34. Emotional inteligence should be taught in schools. Starting to learn these sort of things in adulthood or in your professional career through "soft skills" workshop is NOT enough. We should all know how to deal with our own emotions and how to respectfully communicate with others. It's a skill to be learned and our children need to learn it now.

  35. emotional intellegence……

  36. 1. Self Awareness
    2. Self Management
    3. Empathy
    4. Social Skills (Culmination of 3 things above in one package)

  37. I read many positive think like book but emotional intillegince very relibale and practical.

  38. My bro told me about this on May 16 2018… I'm about to buy the books and take notes… I need help

  39. lol, just passing by for study…..

  40. So, I have a question: Since clothes are connected with emotions due to recent studies of enclothed cognition and the way clothing can change and shape our mood, emotions and way of thinking, is it possible to increase emotional intelligence and develop new skills in emotional area, by changing dressing habits?

  41. Thank you so much Prof. Daniel. Now says, I we see many people esp young people lacking basic social skills, they need to learn " emotional intelligence".

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  43. Interesting how society has rediscovered this concept. I would suggest this is a natural corrective reaction to the PC trend that tends to negate individual responsibility for what they do with their emotions and places it on everyone around them – the "I'm sad and its your fault, so fix me" attitude. Focus on emotional inteligence allows critique of individual reactions born of emotional impulse. Hopefully it will give acceptance to the notion of individual responsibility in pulling ones self out of a sense of victimhood, but without destroying the concept of justice needed for social order.

  44. Relying on IQ is like walking with only one foot.

  45. I've been called emotionally intelligent too many times by people that are older than me and there are too many definitions of emotional intelligence. So if someone can reply to this comment telling me the definition of emotional intelligence in a couple or more sentences would be great

  46. Two issues regarding leaders that fail to be addressed – 1) a lack of necessary technical skills to operate independently and successfully in their field, and 2) the lack the ability to think or argue rationally – this is an issue that I think will continue to be problematic, especially since these are not really considered …

  47. My definition of emotional intelligence is the effective, efficient, and the self-discipline we use to "process" the nuances (like the rainbow) of anger through rage, sadness through grief, and fear through terror. This is not only a mental activity even though I use self-talk with "Animated Laughter with Feelings". The processing of emotions reflects how we experience stress and or distress in our lives. . In order to be effective in "processing" the nuances of emotions one most have methods that resonate with the temperament and the personality of the individual. I teach both Peer Counseling and Animated Laughter with Feelings (which I created). Animated Laughter with Feelings reflect one of my books, "I Dare to Heal with Laughter". To achieve, a high degree of cognitive intelligence one most have effective, efficient and self disciplined emotional methodologies. However, the cognitive and the spiritual cannot be separated from the emotional. It's an integration of cognitive, emotional, and spiritual. The twelve step programs is most certainly a huge step in the direction of emotional intelligence.

  48. Emotional intelligence is for minorities ???

  49. this video is stupid, and the definition is stupid. Emotions are not something you dominate with detachment and logics. Embrace your fucking emotions you bastards. More than intelligent you look like emotionally retarded, literally. LEarn rather when to use them, express them and not become dependable.

  50. Great video! The speaker is referring to a meta-analysis. Does anyone have the link or name of the article?

  51. It has nothing to do with men and women being wired a certain way. It has to do with their current repetitive tasks and the cultural environment they are bound to.

    Men have held jobs of results driven, start an earlier stage, and are surrounded by culture of similar individuals, and even when they’re not, they are thhougjt of being a certain way… as if they can handle it. So they react accordingly, as a self defence mechanism, when they lack a higher awareness of their feelings, which is 98% of the population.

  52. Why is it that I embed this video in powerpoint and I keep getting a message that this video is unavailable?

  53. Very interesting and useful analysis.

  54. Imagine surviving 20+ years of pituitary Addison's disease. The human Amygdala is my Silver ball. Two branches, one emulating the pleasure center, the other ready for physical combat. I not only had to play my own emotions like a virtuous, i had to "possess" the Amygdalas of the people around me or else i would die. ~ Cue the Pinball Wizard. Thank you for sharing this with people. You are saving lives out there. ???

  55. Is having a high IQ often an indicator for low EQ?

  56. 0:21 So nobody noticed that they wrote ecological instead of emotional intelligence? 😀

  57. Ive learn this skills as I stater practicing meditation.

  58. To became awarded of your own emotions and pick up more emotions in your surroundings

  59. Emotional Quotient doesn't exist. He is a journalist, not a psychologist.

  60. EMOTIONS ARE ENERGY-MOTIONS!ANGER COMES FROM FEAR-both lower energy,except for the flight or fight reactions.ONLY fear&anger block LOVE(HIGHER ENERGY).EMOTIONS come from SOUL not brain tissue.the brain translates thoughts&feelings from SOUL, INTO LANGUAGE!PHARM.CO'S WANT US TO BELIEVE OUR EMOTIONS COME FROM OUR BRAIN TO SELL US TOXIC DRUGS!

  61. The Holistic intelligence

  62. Read the Bible daily and join a church can help you with your emotion.  You will learn how to love yourself and others.  We are so worried about each other feelings nowadays and forget about each other SPIRITs or SOULs.

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  64. I'm in. We need more training on Emotional Intelligence.

  65. I love Dr.Golemans 5 keys to EQ. Just came across and article recently on this topic I found interesting:

  66. Thank you very much for such simple explanations!

  67. The 8 Simple Steps To Master Emotional Skills

  68. He's right. SJW's need to learn this: how NOT to be TRIGGERED.
    People should manage their own emotions, not expect others to do that.
    In other words, SJW's need to GROW UP!

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  70. Working on this myself, never too late if the Millenniums “ get it”. ❤️

  71. To every culture emotional intelligence can be learned with practice, but in saying that some are not very open and flexible

  72. Simple words to understand yet very powerful knowledge about human emotions. Thank you for the video

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    1. Recognize your EMOTIONS.
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    4. Recognize emotions in OTHERS.
    5. Manage your RELATIONSHIPS.
    The video our teacher chose didnt have the answers at all ?

  76. The whole concept of "emotional intelligence" is crap.

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  78. What if you try to get better, but your face always look evil and sad. How can you change a disgusting face that has a bad reputation.

  79. This is an AWESOME video Emotional Intelligence! Emotional Intelligence is the first of the eight Principles we teach! Thanks for making such a wonderful video!

  80. I question if you can actually teach empathy to those who have none.

  81. Doing research on emotional intelligence. Thanks for this video

  82. We don't have time to teach Emotional Intelligence to our kids.
    We're too busy teaching them how to calculate the trajectory of a cannonball,
    and teaching them how great George Washington and other slave owners were.
    You know, character-building stuff.

  83. what is the audio used in the intro of this video?

  84. only watched it because my teacher made us to get an answer

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