DAY 4: Double Zwift Day – CANYON//SRAM Racing | Zwift Academy Finals

DAY 4:  Double Zwift Day –  CANYON//SRAM Racing | Zwift Academy Finals

From Andalusia in Spain, it’s day four and the halfway point of the CANYON//SRAM | Zwift Academy. Yesterday, Mary, Ella and
Ione faced off against each other in a race to the top of a brutally hard climb
where Mary emerged victorious with a powerful show of climbing prowess ahead
of a fast finishing Ella enabling us for the very first time to see their real
strengths and weaknesses. Remember from the 5,000 initial entries to the Academy
there will be only one winner of the coveted professional contract so there
can be no holding back. As you can see it’s pouring with rain outside today but
you know what it doesn’t matter because on the menu today is a double serving of
Zwift action. In the morning, our three finalists faced a brutal ramp test
which would test the resilience and resolve as well as raw power of our
finalists and then in the evening it’s a fast and furious Zwift race around the
volcano course. I’m coming from the rain. Lars the feared ramp test, not exactly a
race against each other, more a race for the individual to see how far they can
push themselves. How deep they can go but for you what in particular you’re going
to be observing? Yeah we want to get the watt per kilogram out of them in like
typical lab testing environments and then we can compare that to all our
other riders and see where they’re standing. And from a physical and mental
perspective these are something that riders get very nervous about because
they are brutally hard aren’t they? I don’t think so. It’s a pretty short test and
only the last few minutes are you going deep. I found and never it’s that hard.
Maybe it’s just me then. To be fair regardless of what Lars says, I think
these tests are brutal. I think Mary and everybody else is going to agree with me
but basically they start off at around 100 watts and then once they warmed up
every minute the watts increase by 25 watts basically until the rider can
pedal no further. Ella just over the halfway point are you
happy that you’ve given it everything so far. Yeah I think so, I mean I’ve given
everything 100%. I think I’ve performed to the best of my ability I mean I did a
new power PB yesterday so can’t ask fro much more than that. Ione your reflections on the first four days of the Zwift Academy. Are
you pretty satisfied with the way things have gone so far? I think so. It’s
definitely been a bit up and down for me especially with the climbing day
yesterday because I really wanted to be there but I know I’m not a strong
climber as the other two. And then with the descending I love descending it so
that’s what makes to my lack of climbing abilities. I think I would have
got okay feedback from that and yeah that’s definitely gonna fit up and down
but we’re enjoying it. Mary four days in now. Simple question
where do you think you’re ranked amongst your rivals.It’s an evil question. Yes we’ve had four days to kind of assess each other. You know physically on the hilI climb yesterday, I was the strongest there so that’s kind of a tip for me. Handling-wise, the sprints, I learned a lot. It’s not something I naturally do in a race so that was probably not my strongest point. Where I rank, I’m still on the fence. Fair enough. The
moment has come. Nerves are jangling, heart rates elevated. It’s time for the Zwift
race. Now coming in to the final lap, all of
our three finalists still in with a shout. This is gonna be a thriller. Ione, tough hill climb but no mistakes
are made. Amazing sprint you produced there at the
end after a very, very difficult race. Yeah it was pretty hard but I know I have the kick so I just sort of had to sit it and try. I just keep my
power low as I could within the bunch. At the little pitches, I just try to stay in the saddle and keep on top of the gear but increase the power instead of out the saddle. Yeah I’m pretty happy. It’s nice. It was nice something like this after a day like yesterday. Fantastic stuff. Well deserved. Thank you.
Thank you. Beth what a day! Ione wins this Zwift race yesterday
Mary won the Hill Climb and Ella well she’s got the best watts per kilogram
has rocked the ramp tests, so that’s all the physical stuff looked at but what
about the other side of the coin? How do these riders stack up when integrating
themselves within the team? That’s a very very important factor, let’s start off
with Mary.
Mary’s the probably the most sensible, she’s very modest but you can
see in her eyes she’s got drive, she’s got focus and her eyes are on the prize.
Okay Ione. Ione she’s probably the quiet achiever until this evening but now
you see she’s very passionate and she definitely packs a punch. Pocket rocket!
And what about Ella finally. Ella probably the cool, calm, collected of the bunch and she’s a joker at times but she’s also she’s very confident.
So you’re gonna stick your neck one the line, who’s leading at the moment or you going to keep that a secret? I’m definitely going to keep it secret, got
a big day tomorrow coming up and actually know you what no one’s a standout
now, we’re still undecided. Epic is going to be the name of the day tomorrow
five hours on the bike and a three-hour hike to the Sierra Nevada. Well what a story could this be any
tighter? An epic day tomorrow as I just mentioned – do not
miss it! I need a lie down!

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