Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here to check out Dead Pool and his
skills. First thing you need to know about this guy,
is that he has two modes. The dual sword mode wherein he’s a close ranged
fighter, and then the dual pistol mode, where he becomes a ranged fighter. His skills change depending on what Mode he’s
in. It’s pretty much like Roger, and a bit of
Lapu Lapu in terms of mechanics. So first let’s check his skills first in his
sword mode. First skill is the Blink, or the “Catch me
if you can”. This guy has a lot of weird names for his
skill, so this won’t be the last. It’s pretty basic, a short dash that gives
you mobility to either chase down opponents or escape. It also provide a bit of damage, it hits any
enemies along it’s path, twice. You can see the range of your dash in the
video. Second skill is a damage reduction skill,
or “Can’t hit me” This is a chanelling skill, you have to hold down the skill button to
keep it going, meaning you can’t attack while using it or else it will get cancelled, but
you can move around though. Again guys, you can run around, while using
this skill. This gives you a 20 – 90% damage reduction,
depending on how long you’ve been using it. Basically, 20% damage reduction at the beginning
of the skill, and it increases as the skill goes on, going all the way up to 90% damage
reduction. Also, it deals a bit of Energy damage to anyone
near your. (btw, energy is like the magic damage on this
game) Another important fact that you need to remember
is that you’re actually immune to crowd control effects when you’re using this skill. So not only is this great for escaping, or
tanking, but it’s also great to soak in those crowd control skills that the opponents team
throws at you. Make them waste their CC skills. Just be a bit careful, since Deadpool is still
squishy, it’s better to take damage once you’ve got the skill going so that you have more
damage reduction. Third skill is the “Ya Can’t Hide” It’s a
crowd control skill that also deals a very good amount of damage. It knocks up your target and also knocks back
any enemies near your target. Aside from it’s base damage, it also deals
10% of targets missing HP. So, the lower the HP your target has, the
more powerful this skill becomes. And now we’ve covered the skills for the dual
sword mode, next let’s go through the skills of his dual pistol mode. First skill is, “Katana time” He basically
just throws his katana and deals damage. You can see the distance of this skill on
the video. Well, it says Katana time but it’s actually
a shuriken. It spins around dealing damage, pretty much
Like Karrie’s skill. It provides lots of damage IF the opponent
won’t move from his position after he’s been hit. It deals damage as it spins. Every 0.35 seconds. Ideally it’s better to use after you’ve stunned
the opponent with your third skill. But let’s get to that later on. Second skill, is a buff skill, or “Showoff”
It proviedes 25% attack speed for 5 seconds. The buff stays there even after Deadpool switches
modes. As long as it’s withing 5 seconds. Third skill is a crowd control skill or “Fire
in the Hole!” It stuns for 1 second and can hit multiple
enemies. As you can see, the bomb u throw is a bit
slow before it hits the target, so you have to keep that in mind as well. Stunning them with this skill and then using
your First skill, the spinning shuriken, is a great combo. More so of if it’s a bunch of opponents clumped
together, since you can hit multiple targets with both skills. Another one is the fourth skill, the skill
that you use to switch modes. You can also use this skill to either chase
or escape, as well as do a bit of damage. Swithching from sword to pistol, actually
let’s you jump back, or jump forward, depending where you’ wanna go. You also shoot target as you jump back. Your opponents, can’t target or aim at you. So we’re still not sure if that’s complete
immunity while switching, or like, would you still get damage, if there’s a huge AOE skill,
placed within your area. We’re gonna have to check that out. Also, one thing you need to learn with switching
modes, is any sort of attacks that you inflict while in pistol mode, can mark the target
up to 3x and inflict fear, which slows them down by 65% for 6 seconds, Also, any attacks
from Dual blade mode, will inflict 35% more physical attack power, IF, your target has
the mark that you made from the pistol mode. In short, it’s better, to hit them with pistol
mode first, and then finish the job with the sword mode. And finally we’re done with all the skills,
all that’s left is his passive skill. Deadpool is cursed to never die, and will
always have 0 deaths displayed. This just hurts my brain man. What does it mean. I mean I know his story, but what does it
mean inside the game. Coz you still basically die, it just doesn’t
show in the charts, so, why. Another Passive skill is that you get 40%
movement speed bonus for 2 seconds after switching modes, so you can also use switch modes, when
ur chasing down opponents of escaping. Just be careful where you aim it at when it’s
the sword to pistol switch. Since it’s a jump backwards. So there we go guys, hopefully we’ve covered
the basics on how Deadpool works. If you’ve got anything to add, please comment
it below. That’s all for this video, thank you for watching.

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