Deception Cross Service Return , Badminton

Deception Cross Service Return , Badminton

We have a really cool deception
shot in the doubles service return. I’m in my right field returning the
serve from my opponent. What I want to do here is that I want to show my opponents that I am doing a short straight return Just before hitting the shuttle I move down and then I block it all the way cross. Let’s take a look… When I make the cross it’s important that you rotate just a little bit in your forearm And you push just a little bit with your fingers. Just move it really really quickly cross like this. Let’s have a look, at it one more time…

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  1. Good video.i will try it today with glasses on.?? Thank you badminton family

  2. excellent deception ?

  3. see this move so much on double and single and mix

  4. I m trying in this shot Good…short…????? thank you…

  5. I can do that.. thanks

  6. Awesome trick. More videos on doubles. ????

  7. Great… as always

  8. How to get rid from knee pain in badminton…please rply

  9. Thank you for this video

  10. Nice job coach , put more videos on doubles

  11. Among all the deceptions …….
    I think this is the best and best….
    Thanks for this

  12. This is what i need thank you

  13. ?? Excellent stuff!

  14. This is excellent. Great explanation and camera angles. Keep up the good work coach! ?????

  15. I actually did this move, not during service but in the middle of a rally. It's a practical trick shot. Thanks for breaking it down @Badminton Famly

  16. Nice deception, going to try at the court. Thanks.

  17. anyone is a good badminton player

  18. Please apload more videos

  19. Damn Good!! Very deceptive

  20. is this world champion thomas laybourn?

  21. Interesting technique.

  22. woW!! ? LoVe ThiS..

  23. Do you have a video on how to smash harder or what to do when your opponents in doubles keep lifting and after a few maximum strength smashes you start to feel tired and cannot smash much longer continuously?
    Great video,will definitely try this out.Cheers

  24. This is a famous and vey useful deception, used by pro like Lin dan for example. I have to agree that you do it very very well, could even say better than pro…

  25. I really like how this video explains the mechanics of this difficult shot in a concise and straightforward way that is easy to understand! Will definitely try this shot out!

    I was also wondering how I can improve my shot placement in singles, as I often find myself hitting and placing shots on the court with a blank mind, and without much reasoning. I understand that I need to know the position of the opponent, their weaknesses, where to look, etc. However, thinking about so many of these factors does get overwhelming, and therefore causes me to just react to the bird without thinking about the placement of my shot.


  26. when do you swing your racket when clearing or smashing?

  27. Please help me to improve my backhand and smash shot please answer me soon

  28. Lin Dan use this deception a lot

  29. Gideon used this a lot

  30. Did learn a lot from it, tks!

  31. lol the way he does it look so weird

  32. Nice Video. Which Software you use for video editing ?

  33. Looks good. I'm going to try that out, thank you.

  34. that's genius, but i feel uncomfortable doing it. can u show how u grip the racket?

  35. excellent coaching

  36. Same trick I done to the back corner bax

  37. Honestly, these deceptions are worth learning. These videos help amateurs like me. ??
    Thanks for making these videos

  38. Good but service in behind?

  39. Let's more video on foot work technique pls

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