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Dhee | Full Length Telugu Movie | Vishnu Manchu | Jeneliya | TeluguOne

movies subtitles: This film is about 5 boys. You find these boys on any street corner
in Andhra Pradesh in any bus stand Especially you can find them opposite
to women’s college gate. This boy’s name
is Babu Kalyan For style he has changed
it to Bob Gully. This is their house. They sold it for living & are presently
staying in the out house. They are Tamils. Hey, where’s Ghee?
– Wait, l’m coming. He’s studying economics
in Bullaiah College. His favorite subject
is Fashion Designing He knows to play Guitar a little,
and you very well know, why? Can l know why you
Iaughed at me? – No. l’ll die if a beautiful girl laughs &
refuses to tell the reason. Your zip is open.
– L know it. You must see.
You must ask me. l must talk to you on that pretext.
That’s why, l kept it open. Will this innocent face
also drinks beer? This innocent face’s
name is Kumar. They live in these
Housing Board Tenements. Their family is running
n this petty shop. Parent’s are uneducated. They think their son will become
a Collector if he goes to college. He’s studying B.A. History
in Art’s college. This boy’s name is Krishna. His father is an Industrialist. He has no time for family,
always in business. Mother is a proud wealthy lady. He thinks girls will fall for
him if he plays drums. Parents wish him to do M.B. A and
plan to hand over business to him. But, look what he’s
interested in? What do you want?
– First send him. Give that book. Look! The boy going hands outstretched
on seeing girls is Juju. Little well to do family. Father is a Mathematics Professor
in Andhra University. Mother is a Lecturer in
a women’s college. lf you study with concentration
only then… He’s interested in Music.
Parents want him to become an l.A.S. Officer. An educated family always
pestering him to study How are you? Lt’s long time
l’ve seen you. – Yes. Bloody The one who’s coming like a hero,
his name is Munna. He’s studying computer science
in Arts college. He aspires to become
a Software Engineer. Priya, are you twin tower? My hands are becoming flights
and flying towards you. Fantastic boy! He has started it. The only bad habit he has
is writing poetry. His father started as a waiter
in an Udupi Hotel, and now he’s a Supervisor. His parents had ran away
from home to marry. When the first day o, f
the month arrives House Rent, Current Bill, Provision
Vegetables, expenses for all this The difficulty to stay
within the budget, lt’s a typical middle class family
to wipe tears with mega serials. Can you please guide me
to this address? lf you go straight, on the 3rd left
you’ll get a Vinayaka Temple. Vinayaka Temple lf you go into the
street next to it. On the right side there’ll be large
house with 10-15 portions. l think it is that house only. Do you know there’s
a smart guy Munna? No Better know it.
It’s me. That’s my house only. You would’ve understood
them by now. They want only 3 things
in their life. Girls… girls… girls Babu, greetings Where did you get this dress?
It’s fantastic. Do you think, l’ll tell you. What if you also
buy & wear it? Then, babes will see you,
won’t they? We know it, boy. We must pass comments
in a comical way. Then only babes will
play attention l must fit a silencer. For your scooter?
– No, for you. We must always be silent. As if we had lost something, Act as if you’re not
interested in girls. They would just go away
without even looking at you. Talent! Just talent will not
work out, boy Body! We must bamboozle them
with our English. You all are just up to
the words only. Total waste. Any one of you’ve a girl friend?
Just lying. Shall we go to St. Joseph’s convent?
– They’re veterans. They’ll ask matches to
light cigarettes. They’ll go in cars, picking them up
is very difficult. For us, Poona Market Junction
is the right place. Festive crowd.
We can ‘dash’ against them. Like wise, Seema Jewellary,
Bommana Brothers. lf we enter into it
super aunties! They’ll stand without any sensation
We can get our heaters switched on. He’s mad over aunties. TSK complex is a super joint.
All are class l grade. Pea, gooseberry, lemon,
guava, sweet lime, pumpkin. You can find
different varieties. Today… l want… want… l want a 16 year old girl friend. l want a girl friend like a
fresh bloomed jasmine. Entering the website
opening the love file She must chat over E-mail. lf l get sweat or
get wet in rain, She must wipe it
with her face. Girl friends are a
boost to the boys. lsn’t life a waste
without girl friends? Claiming my friend’s poem as mine&
finding a place in her heart Going to a flop cinema
booking a corner seat, Exchange the bubble gum
from mouth to mouth. As cell phone bills touch the
skyline & gives heart attacks. All SMS messages are
from girl friends only. l want a girl friend
to walk with me. l want a girl friend who can
talk on and on and on… Like moonlight and a drop of
rain in the bedroom She must be a
fragrance of love on me. She must become
my another shadow. Become my another life, She must become
20 fingers to me. Roaming all over the city
on bike Giving a treat to friends
at the drop of a hat Giving a kerchief for
a simple sneeze Showing a temple when asked a kiss
Rapping on the head My eyes brightened on seeing her l want a girl friend with
a perfect figure She’s Harini
B. Sc. First year. She’s aspiring to
become a doctor. Wealthy family Father loved a woman. He married this lady for the
customs job & other riches of life. She’s daughter of
Bangalore Theatre owner. A high society lady who’s
very prestige conscious She calls her husband
by his name. An American son-in-law will be
definitely waiting for such people. You’re Anita’s sister
aren’t you? Anita! – Oh… yes. l’m Tarun. Anita told me a lot about you.
l never expected you’ll be so beautiful. Shall we go for a coffee? l’ve run short of bill by Rs.500.
l’ve forgotten my credit card. Can l make a phone call?
– No problem, come later & settle it. Give that watch & go l’ll surely tell Anita.
What a great chap Tarun is! Tarun, what’s the time now?
– Hey, come. He’ll not spare you easily. He tried to show off.
l gave him a nose cut. Be careful.
Never tease such boys. What happened now?
It’ll be all right if l learn Karate. Brother, ball What is your sister’s name?
– Should l deliver her a letter? l thought of buying shoes for you.
If you don’t want, get lost. These boys!
Unable to bear these ogles Left up your dresses,
or else it may get wet. One or two in this bunch
seem to be passable One among them is okay.
Isn’t it? Look, he’s slowly pushing off. Hello, it is my cycle. You’re married. l’ll also come with you.
– Oh, no. Hey, he’s ogling at you. Munna, don’t show off
too much. Munna, return my T- Shirt. Look, he’s coming back. He looks like a trained buffoon
from Jumbo circus. lt would be good
if he falls down. Look, how he sought
blessings from me. First he hailed you and
then sought your blessings. How come you’ve come back with
2 cycles going with one cycle. How much ‘change’ did you
pick up on road? Looks like a
chopped beet root A sign of bravery Munna, give us a treat.
– Why? For falling down! Did Krishna give us a
treat for farting? Juju, she laughed at me. Yes… yes… the entire
area laughed at you. Then, you must definitely
give us a treat. A quarter Monitor…
– Quarter Monitor! For you?
– We just came with him. What else do you want, sir? Do you want chicken or mutton, sir?
– Today, we don’t eat. l think each will get just
a mouth full only. Pour little more. You go kaput on just
spraying a little. You vomit on just smelling it. Hey, actual thing isn’t there.
– Then, you sponsor it. He’ll never take out his purse.
– Shut up, free loader. Wait, we’ll find a foolish donkey,
Iet’s put the burden on him. Drink in drops or else it’ll
get over quickly. Hey, Tata Sumo.
Park little aside. What a great smile she
gave on seeing me. ln fact, she’s thinking
about me now. Look, a man here’s floating in
imagination in slow motion. lf you give us a treat,
is she yours? She’s common to all till she
falls for anyone of us. Who’s the smartest kid
in this bunch? – Me! You don’t know English.?
There’s no chance of getting her. You’ve a squint.
Will you get her? You’ll all get beatings
from me. You’re looking at her
like you look at others. l’m trying for her sincerely.
– Look at him. l’m going. Hey, don’t get upset.
Comes here. Munna, we’ll all
show our talents. Whoever wins her takes her
others will quit, okay? Okay! Pour boy. Pour! L must pass urine only.
It’s empty. Munna, let’s finish his whisky. What? So what? Where did you buy this shirt? l stole it from next
house terrace. Can’t you see it,
it’s Alien Solley Rs.1500! – Super sir. Can l take a cigarette? You’ll smoke
but from the other’s pocket. You’re speaking very funnily, sir.
– Sometimes, l’m very serious. ls it chilly chicken?
– L don’t know. Lend me one piece.
l’ll return after my order comes. For your size entire thing
is one piece… have it. You’re drinking.
But you don’t have a punch. l don’t drink beer.
Only whisky. That’s why… What’s that sir? lf we stir with it
it’ll remove dust!. lt’s good on our liver. Morning, you’ll have free motion. l think you’ve faced many
failures in life. You’ve learnt many
Iessons in life. Are you all trying for
one girl only? How could you find it? Can l take a small? Hey, bring another Half,
eggs & chicken. A great OTMP! What’s that OTMP?
M. P means Making hole to his Pocket. What’s that ‘O. T’?
– ‘O’ means dash. ‘T’ means Treat. ‘O’ is dash, Treating Making
hole in other’s Pocket We call it as O.B. ‘O’ has the same meaning.
‘B’ is ‘Bhajana’ (yesmen). All 5 trying for the same girl?
– Yes, sir. You’ll not get results
if you go in a group. Approach her individually. Bravely, without getting scared,
softly… talk with your eyes only. Good idea Then, we’ll go tomorrow and
talk to her individually. Brothers! Love means… He’s going into flash back.
Let’s escape. Nice meeting you, sir.
– We’ll take leave. What man? What? Having drinks at my cost. When l was about to
share my feelings, Are you trying to escape? l’ll not spare you. Allow me to ease the
burden of my heart. Or else vomit here all that
you’ve loaded freely here. Pour out your heart. Bring a half bottle for him. l fell madly in love with a girl. Did she die?
– No, she died in my heart. This is little too much. l was unemployed then. l asked her a year’s time to
find a job & marry her. Did you get a job?
– L got a job. Orissa, Faisalabad, Dubai Not only in these places,
l got a job in America also. Thinking l’ve to stay
away from her. l gave up all those
good opportunities. Not only that l got all night
duty job also locally Fear of missing her in evenings,
l gave up that also. l’ve got you. You thought you’ll find
a job in her lap only. This is what you call as
eternal love. One year passed
away like this Suddenly one day, She came and said l’ve got
an American proposal. And flow away to
America marrying him. Next?
– What next? Beer, Drinks
Railway tracks, Noose. Leaving it all behind now… Look here. L’m in a good job
with ICICl Bank. To forget that bitch. Everyday once this.
Once in a week that. Will you apply oil
on your navel? lf l tell Manikyam
he’ll bring girl. To forget a marriage.
A marriage every week. Sir, can you please give
Manikyam’s phone number? Are you feeling the urge on
saying Manikyam’s name? You all are kids.
Don’t spoil your lives. Not for us But, to tell friends
if they are interested! ? Social service l too got it from a friend
like this only. Did you see this?
This is his visiting card. Cell phone, pager number &
E-mail Id everything is in it. Next week he’s starting
a web site also. Who started the bike? Sorry sir, Kumar has thrown up Lift him up. Thrown up! He has vomited
all over the place. lf you change brand,
you’ll end up like this only. Even if l change brand for every peg,
l’m always steady. Kumar, give us a treat.
– Why? For throwing up! Who’s that? That guy has also thrown up. Don’t worry. l think the drink was original,
so l threw up. Sir, kerchief No need of it
l’ve an attached a handkerchief Sir lime… – No… no need lf you move your beer van,
l’ll take rest here only. l think l’ve seen this mansion.
– You reside here sir. Be careful with your head.
– Sir, cut my auto & then go. Very nice auto! Why do you
want to cut it? – Greetings sir. What’s this you’ve made me
into a Shakeela? Do you want a sari? Why? L’m wearing a rain coat,
am l not? To forget her, l had
few extra pegs Suddenly my bottom half
is feeling free Sir, your purse l like you 10 boys very much. Take, this is my card. Any time any help, just give me a call.
l’ll come… l’ll come. Hey! Tomorrow… that girl…
don’t forget. Come, let’s go Hey, you left to America saying
owner of a software company. What he turned out to be… Don’t stick on to me like fevicol.
Stand separately. He’ll try to impress
like this only. Do you know what he
said in this? There’s something fundamental
wrong in our ethos. Did you ever hear Phil Collins? At least did you see
Kurasowa films? The last English film
l saw was ‘Sholay’ Will this bus to the
Mental hospital? lf you board,
any bus will go. ls it itching here?
Why are you rubbing against me, then? Conductor, take him
near the Iron rods. Aren’t you Aishwarya Rai? Bloody rogue What did you ask me?
– L said, are you Aishwarya Rai? Do you want to talk to me?
– No. Then, go. – Okay. Yuck! Why are you like this? Why did you fall into my eyes? l feel like going out with you. l know it can’t happen.
l don’t know, what to do? Show me a way out please. Do you want to touch me? Where? – Here. What? – Touch me! Put your hands on me.
Put your hands on me, Rascal. Munna, we’ll return day
after tomorrow. l’ve kept tea for you
in the flask. Don’t spoil your health
in studies? Sleep at 1 A.M. and continue
studies at 6 A.M. again. l’ll go… – Okay, mother. Do you think they’ll study?
– L don’t believe it. You’re always pessimistic. My mother has gone out. Kumar, go & get a beer. Let’s pour out our hurt
feelings to Kalyani (beer). Why Kalyani (beer)? What if we invite a Kalyani (call girl)
herself to home? Girl? We got a phone number
from that philanthropist. Shall we call & arrange a
good girl for tonight? We may end up with AIDS?
– There’re safety measures. No… it’s wrong. Tomorrow we’ll get married
we mustn’t be green horns there. There must be thrills in life. l feel like going to
toilet now itself. l feel like l’m having fever.
Touch me. All are useless. They’re kids.
We both are enough. How much you’ve? Come on take out.
– Here, take this. Me too! – Bloody. l’ve just Rs.50 only. lf my parents come to know,
they’ll rip off my skin. Leave it on us. The place is yours,
so you needn’t pay for it. Who’s that? – Uncle. When did you come from village?
You didn’t even write a letter. Mother & father left to
village just now only. My boy, how are you? Come in, let’s go & talk inside.?
– Come. Who’s the party (client)?
– These boys. These chilies You must send her
back by 1 A.M. Rani, l’ll go now. She’ll ask about rate
don’t tell her. Hey… hey… – Go out boss. Did your night dress got torn? He’s farting there also. What’s your name sunny? Apt name What’s in a name?
Is it really important now? He has come. What happened?
– Tell us… tell… tell us. Super! What a great
company she gave. Great figure What’s this?
– My daughter’s diaper. ls it your daughter? Yes Why? Do you need
a virgin only? Sorry Terrific!
She refused to leave me. She said l’ve a great body. She offered herself free
whenever l’m interested. ln fact, she made an
offer to pay me. ls it first time? – No. Many times… in my dreams.
– That’s it. l’ve a doubt. – What? lsn’t it illegal? – Yes. Will police arrest?
– They’ll arrest. You? – Me, you & all other boys. Will they send us to jail?
– One month for Immoral Act. lt’s night security. l’ll go. L’ve some thing
very important work. More important than this.
– L’ve to renew my bus pass. Are you finished with her? She underestimated me
thinking l’m a kid. But, l showed her though the bird is small,
it can shatter with its voice. l didn’t hear any
noise from inside. ln one shot, she just
went into a trance Auspicious thread! lt’ll hurt, isn’t it?
l’ll remove it. Come, it’s getting late. No, please. – Why? l feel l’m doing
a wrong thing. Will you do me a favor?
– What? lf l go out immediately,
my friends will taunt me. Wow! Munna is really a man.
– He’s going great guns. l had all misconceptions. l’m not able to guess
any one’s abilities. lt’s happy end. The one who’s going to be your
wife is very lucky girl. Thanks Munna, you’re great.
How many? What? 3! How?
– Did she praise you? She said my future wife is
really a lucky girl. Wait! Where are you
going away? lt’s 1 A.M. now.
– But, l haven’t done anything yet. What can l do?
– We paid for you, didn’t we? For that 4 people are too much. You’ll have grace time, won’t you?
– Give Rs.500. l’ve just Rs.5.
– Keep it with you. Please take this Rs.5 and
sit here for 5 minutes. Or else they’ll consider
me as a kid. Please… sit down. What happened?
– She got scared. She cried to leaver her.
l felt pity & left her. She ran away. On the whole, we had
a gala time. Take out these cigarette. Friends, we are no more kids.
We’ve grown up into men. Hey, is it funny to you? You moved close that day and
refusing a date now. ls it written on my face,
l’m a fool? You’re the reason for it. You came after me
l taught you a lesson. What about my Rs.3000 then? You touched my hand,
it’s over. Why are you saying
it is settled? Rs.50 for touching your hand.
For the balance? Will l spare you? Rs.1000 for this.
Rs.100 for this. – Leave me. Rs.500 for this Next… Rs.500 for this
and Rs.500 for that Me? That boy is misbehaving with me. He’s touching all over my body.
Please help me. Hey, who are you?
From which area? lt seems you misbehaved
with a girl from our area. Hey, who are you? lt’s a problem between us.
You don’t interfere unnecessarily. Shouldn’t l interfere if you misbehave
with a girl from our area? Hit him boys. No, you’ll feel for this later. Why are you shouting us down?
Hit him boys. Why are you getting enraged? Leave me… Ieave me…
– Hit him… hit him. Try to snarl at us. Move. Hit him. Please join us and hit him. Madam, please join in hitting him.
Hit him. He misbehaved with a girl
from our area. Hey, he’s running away. Catch him. Stop. You’ll pay for this.
– Get lost. You can always count
on me for any help. We always sit on
this wall only. Just a thanks Then? l can’t still believe it.
You’re sitting next to us. Shall l touch you & see,
if it’s dream or real? Show me your hand. Wealth & Education lines
very prominent You’ll earn a doctorate degree also.
You achieve national fame. lt’s rare that heart line &
lifeline are not meeting. You’ll have a love marriage. Hey, what’re you doing?
– L’m designing a dress for you. Show me. lf you wear this costume &
walk on the ramp. You’ll become Miss Andhra, Miss India
you can be become Miss World also. There should be a limit
to tell lies also. You’re right. These fashion shows & pageants are
for showing dash… dash. ‘Dash’ means?
– Dash means dash. Why are you calm?
– He’s fitting a silencer. Shut up.
l’m writing a poem. Can l take a look?
– No, it won’t be good. Peas, goose berries, oranges,
are these poems? Why did you copy the menu?
– Turn it back & see. All these will reach
heaven today. Not good?
– B.O.R.E.! Forget it.
l’ll tell you a joke. An elephant…
it went to see a bride. Eating everything that was served.
It rejected the proposal. Why – Why? Saying bride is dark. Hammering me! Okay, l’ll tell you another one. An elephant went to see a bride. After eating what had been
served, it rejected her. Why? – Why? Saying girl has elephant legs. Okay… okay… l’ll tell
you another joke. An elephant, went to
see a bride. After eating all that was
served, it rejected her. Why? – For big ears. No Small eyes? – No. Then? lt seems it saw a girl Harini
on the way in a restaurant. lt seems after seeing her,
it’ll never like any other girl. Didn’t you like this? l’ve understood one thing
from your behavior. No need of this
Iove and it’s pain. Why to fall in love and
then feel later? Losing concentration and
spoiling our studies, is it necessary? lf you insists on loving
then, stay away from me. Why are you all silent?
Hey Fatso! L’m asking you. Go, Harini. Shall we put an end here only? No… no… – No, please But on one condition You must introduce all
your friends to us. Why?
To try your tricks on them Then, do you want us to
become their brothers? Do you think am l a broker? Won’t you do this for
our friendship? You’re making me agree brilliantly.
But, modern girls are very clever. They’ll not fall so easily
for guys like you. Never under estimate
the ability of boys lf they decide on a girl…
even if she’s Aishwarya Rai, They’ll trap her in just 6 months.
Isn’t it? Let us see. – When? Tomorrow noon show
at Jagadamba You must buy tickets. When did girls ever took out
money from their purses? Why did you buy 20 tickets? 10 tickets for us and 10 tickets
to be sold in black market. Black? lf we sell Rs.30 ticket for Rs.60
we’ll get back our investments!. We can watch movie free. Those boys. That side! – Then, let’s
sit there only. No problem.
– No, we’ll sit there only. We can exchange tickets if they come.
You please sit here. Hey, why are you sitting
in our seats? Get up…
– Get up. We’ve come together.
Will you please sit there? No way. We’ll put our bums on
our seats only. Hey, get up. lf l give one punch,
all your English will roll out. Get up. – Why? Come to the bathroom
l’ll tell you. We are not getting it. We are getting, you join us.
Get up. You keep watching. lt’s our college matter. Hey, don’t give me a jerk. Hey, enough! Stop &
Ieave immediately. Still there is balance.
– Go & deposit in a bank. Hey, what’s this? Do you consider yourself
to be a hero? Our punch & your face
will get shattered. Brother, why are you beating us? Finding our area boy alone, will you
5 boys join & bash him up? Why haven’t they come back yet? Brother, we really didn’t know
he was from your area. l beg of you,
please don’t beat me. English again.
– Brother, don’t beat me. l beg you holding your feet
we committed a mistake. Please, brother… please… We beat him without knowing
his back ground. Forgive me, brother. l’m not at all feeling pain.
– Aren’t you feeling pain? No, it’s not paining.
– Aren’t you in pain? lt’s paining. Come; let’s call the Manager. Hey, who are you guys?
Catch them… catch them. Be careful. Good punishment for showing
our buts that day Rub it with your hands. Who are those guys? Tarun, who came after
you that day His henchmen Just a sorry only. Or else, do you want a treat
for getting beaten up? We don’t want a treat
but a date. Bloody bird watchers! lt’s our mistake to have
saved them. Even after getting up thrashed,
your pride is still intact. We got thrashed up for you only
isn’t it, Harini? You knocked me down
with your sentiment. l feel pity on them.
Okay, let’s go. Where? Shall we go? – Sans. Just a bye… bye only.
– What else? Can’t you rub at the place
l was injected? Go home, your mother will rub. We’ll meet for
Iunch at san tine. l don’t want, Munna.
Keep it with yourself. Why? lf l take kerchief as gift, Our friendship will
come to an end What exercises do you do to
keep your body glamorous. What for this?
– To keep your waist line thin. This one. To improve size. l’ve seen in ladies hostel
they’ll do like this to improve. That is for developing firmness. What’ll girls do if they
get ‘those’ feelings? We’ll cry. Not that feelings.
…but ‘wet’ feelings. Fatso! You’ll get bashed up. Tell me, dear. What we’ll do?
We’ll cross legs & sit tight. Mischievous boy Allah for Muslims Christ for Christians Shiva for Hindus You’re for me lf 6 letters can be called as
Poem, then it’s ‘Harini’. lf 3 letters can be called as Love
then, it’s ‘you’. Very good l’ve written my thoughts. lf the girl who loves you reads it,
she’ll be very happy. My heart wished… No. – Why? l’m not feeling hungry. Not feeling hungry
or ‘silencer’? lt’ll make fear vanish.
It’s a little tragedy. lt’s a great tragedy.
…silence… Yuck! Lt’s an embarrassment. For this climate another
cool drink would’ve been good. Didn’t l say no?
– Gave a little jerk. Hey, clean your mouth. With whose permission you
barged into my heart? Will you add my name as
your lover with your name? Don’t make boys to yearn. Don’t wear a helmet
on your heart. Don’t put a full stop
to boys saying friendship. You’ll not lose chastity
if you fall in love. Don’t make girls
a chewing gum. Don’t try to put up a hut
in a girl’s heart. Don’t try to excavate old things. Don’t try to show a red rose
for friendship. Go man… Iove is just a strain Friendship is RAC, love is
confirmation, do it my love. There’s full safety in friendship.
There’s no such guarantee in love. Friends will turn into foes, if they
spend from their own pockets. Love will lead you to
paths of destination. Once you fall in love
you’ll never get up again. There’s love bird on the other side They’ll not take love serious…
It’s a bore we don’t want. Youthful age is forcing me to do
little mischievous good things. We don’t know many things…
…it’s all dash… dash… Let’s fill up the blanks. We’ll not commit any wrong doings.
But we’ll be little mischief. Our purses are empty.
Fill it up with your kisses. Samatha, get on the bike.
– Kumar, l’ll come with you. Thank god, l’m saved
from this Dinosaur He really bites.
– Get lost. What’s the problem
between you two? Harini is ignoring me. Sincerely – But, she hates love. Can’t you help me?
– L’ll try. Munna, your love will not
work out, forget her. lt seems she’ll agree if you
do a thing bravely. What does she want me to do? l feel ashamed to tell you.
– Tell me quickly. Evening at 6.30 P.M. lt seems you must cross the road
at peak hour traffic. Oh, that’s all. Nude! What did you say?
You mean stark naked! lt seems you must prove that
you’ll do anything for her. She’s testing me if l’m sincere or
just a time pass lover. Will you really run naked? You mean stark naked.
– Will you remove mustache also? Who’s mad?
You or she? Perfectly normal.
l read in a psychology book. lt seems girls will like if we do some
thing thrilling like this. Munna, you’re great.
After Adam, you’re the one for love. Do you want us to become walls on
4 sides holding newspapers? lt’ll be cheating. Simple Munna Run closing front & back
with each of your hand. lf l do like that, it’ll be
like hiding my love. You apply odomos on your body or
else mosquitoes will bite. Munna, l think they’re
making us fools. You were saying something.
…look there. lf they were up to something,
would they come here? Why did you bring us here? You’re now going to see
a super scene. l’ll take my bike and
wait at opposite side. Samatha, did you plan
anything foolishly? Hey, my dress Hey Lorry! Stop please… Stop… Iorry, my dress…
stop the lorry. l told you’ll love him if
he runs naked for fun. l never expected
he’ll do it… but… Hey, my dress man.
Hey, stop… Munna, get on the bike.
– Start the vehicle quickly. What’s the time now, sunny?
– L don’t have a watch. Go man – Oh, don’t you’ve
anything on you. Juju… police.
– Get down and push the bike. Go quickly… quick…
– Hey, stop there boys. Go fast… fast. l’m going fast.
– He’s catching us up. Hey… go the wrong side. This nuisance is coming from
the wrong side. Go faster man.
– Watch out. He’s catching us up.
go fast… faster. Hey, did you inform at home
before hitting the road? Do you’ve any sense? Hey look! Someone is going
naked on the bike. Juju, go-fast, we’re dead
if we are caught. Go fast. Die elsewhere.
You found our vehicle to get crushed. Go man. Bloody crooks! Hey, catch them.
They’ve hit an auto. Hey, what’s all this? lf he doesn’t have sense
what happened to you all’? ls main road any cricket ground?
To run naked. We did the wrong. Please sir, help us in
getting out Munna Sampath, he’s our boy. See that the case winds up
with just a fine. l’ll pay it.
– Free case. That’s why l’ve bought you
half pack of cigarettes. What’s this? Will you jump into river if
your girl friend asks you? l’ll not… – Why? l want my life. Tell him the truth. Cry, shed tears saying
you did it unwittingly. Does that girl has any sense? Don’t scold her, sir.
– Sentiment? Did they bash you up nicely?
– Yes. We’ll have a treat
after you come out. This boy is too much. You’ve given the name
as Bellam Konda. ls it apt name for this case? l’ve doubt if this is
his real name? You’ve been charged for running naked
on main road near signal. Do you accept the charge? Why did you do like that? My friend challenged me
with an Rs.1000 bet. So, l did it. Don’t you’ve sense?
Aren’t you a college student? Are your parents sending you
to college for doing this? Don’t you’ve any sense
for betting such things? Accept a bet to get
100 marks in Mathematics. Accept a bet to win in Tennis. You’ll get sense only if
l punish you severely. Sir, keeping in view the future
of the youth… You keep quiet, man. Do you know how much property
got damaged due to him? Sir, will he be
punished severely? Yes, he’ll be sent to
gallows… silly boy. Under Section 294-A of l.P.C.
for this irresponsible youth, For misbehaving in public place, Rs.1000 fine & one day jail
term in sub-jail And a bond of good conduct for a year…
l pass these orders. Aren’t you coming to class? l’m not feeling well.
You carry on. Are you happy now? Police have arrested Munna.
Do you know that? They beat him black & blue
Iast night in station. He was fined Rs.1000 and
punished with one day in jail. Even in court he refused to
reveal the truth. Fearing spoiling your reputation &
future, he didn’t tell the truth. At least now try to understand
his love, Harini. This cell. God promise, l never told
to do like that. Samatha told you like
that to fool you. Okay, Harini.
Now, tell me seriously, what do you want me to do? Really! Hey… Harini… stop When l jumped, l hit the sky. My feet have become birds. Flowers bloomed from
the tip of my fingers. My eyebrows came down
to become my moustache. l got drowned in the
tears of happiness. l grinned heartily. l walked like an ant
carrying a sugar cube. l walked on water like a leaf. The moment l found love is the
moment l had a glimpse of God. My heart is flying away like air. A lightening is passing
through my nerves. My body is shining bright
like moonlight. When you touched the moon,
l shattered like stars. A seed has sprouted at as
a plant from the heart. lt has grown over my head. l was a serene pond. l got dried up when a
frog jumped into it. All sand is now sugar. Entire sea water is now
drinking water. All shores are your footmarks. All waves are you smiles. The thoughts flying out of my heart
have become a book of poems When l flew high touching
the rainbow. Even this crow has changed
into a peacock. l want to take a photocopy This is what l want to
take a photocopy. Hand? – Yes. When this machine arrived, even the
owner put his face on it. The copy wasn’t good. Who’s your owner?
– It’s me. Look at him. lt was my son who ran
on the road stark naked. Do you know who made
him to do like that? Your daughter. lt seems your daughter
Ioves my son. Hey, what’s that non-sense? Your daughter went to jail &
wrote this edict. This mad boy without washing his hand.
Eating with his left hand. He’s roaming with his right hand
like a wooden doll. Leave her. We’ll discuss about it later. Tell us who loves whom here?
Let’s finish it off here only. They’re always sitting
on that ground wall. Shaking their legs,
smoking cigarettes. They’ll ogle & pass comments on
girls going through that street. Now, they’ve started drinking
in the name of treat. Hey, are you drinking?
– No mother. l’m running a petty shop.
l ask him to look after the shop. But, he’ll never stay, always
sitting on that wall. Their friendship is spoiling him. That fool takes hours to come
out from bathroom Ask me, what’ll he do there? He reads sex books. Why are you insulting me
in public, daddy? Will you go against me & talk? Dear… please. – If l hit back,
you’ll not be able to bear it. Will you hit me?
Come on hit me. You please sit down sir. What’s this, Krishna? Above all this, dating.
– What’s that? They have started it newly. Girls & boys go on bikes visiting
beaches, hotels & discos. Eating all junk food. After that hugging each other,
they’ll kiss each other. After ruining their lives,
they’ll come back to home. We are not such girls. Keep quiet.
– Mother, what’s all this? We enjoy talking over
ice creams & cokes. Look, we’ll do whatever
you advise us. They must be shown their place.
That’s all. Excuse me, can l say something? Put some sense into
them strongly. lt’s you, who need it most now. No use in telling these poor kids lf people around smoke cigarettes.
He’ll also feel like smoking. lf he sees people drinking.
He’ll also feel like drinking. Not only that, if he
sees a beautiful girl He’ll definitely fall in love.
He must. No one can stop it. ls it your good advice? Do you want us to lock
them up in house? What’s the use of locking them up? What is being shown on T.V.
day & night? Take a look. A ribbon on top an,d
a kerchief below Calling it as modern dress,
they walk on ramp, closing & opening it. Are they stopping with it? Check midnight masala programs Playing tops and making omelets
are old things They’re pouring honey into the navel
and hitting it with grapes. Can’t they watch Discovery channel
and animal Plant? They are no better.
Take a look. Yuck! What’s so better in this?
Mating of 2 giraffes. We’ll switch off T.V. and
come to Magazines. Why do you want Ramba to
advertise pump set? Why do you need a Bipasha Basu cover
for Adbul Kalam’s story? Take any magazine. You’ll find a half naked girl’s
photo as the center spread. lf you take the
art for stories. All are with low hips & low cut jackets.
Sex in everything. How can they stop themselves
from spoiling their thoughts? Do you want us to be mute
witness for their ruin? l was just telling, it is
natural in this age. Only the wearer knows where
the shoe bites him. Leave them.
Don’t torture them. He appears like a gentleman
but gives us advice. Stop it boys. Who’s he? He’s blabbering &
you all are listening to him. She’s my wife. l fell in love and married her
in my student days. Result, threats from
both our families We lost our parental support. My studies abruptly ended
half way through For my needs & education,
all l got was a waiter’s job. And a kid to boot
in this situation. l thought of begging or take help
to start a small business. Fearing l may be forced to beg for
livelihood & milk powder. l had to continue in my job. Till now, l could never
settle in life. Taking loans after 20th of every month All this was due to this
useless love. What he said is 1000/o true.
l too fell in love. But, l didn’t commit the mistake
he committed. lf l fall in love while studying,
fearing my studies will get spoiled. And future will be in jeopardy.
l sacrificed my love. Today, l’m a custom’s officer. We are in a comfortable
position, lacking nothing. l can buy my daughter
anything without denying her. Why? For sacrificing my love. Tell me now. Should he clean tables like me or
settle in life like him? One side, parents who gave up
career for love. Other side, parents who gave up
Iove for career. But, l’ve lost both and
taken to drinking. There’s truth in what
they say, Munna Parents are struggling
to educate you. Stay away from
Iove for few days. Press the pause button for it,
and concentrate on your studies, please. Your friend has also told you.
Have you got it now? Hereafter no one must
meet each other lf college gets over at 4 P.M.
you must be at home by 4.30 P.M. Or else you’ll not get food. Let them go to sleep without food.
If they come late, don’t open the door. lf they go against you,
cut their pocket money. Sitting on the walls &
ogling at girls. lf you want to do all this, go away
from there never come back to house. Bloody crook lf my son ever comes
to your house, Beat him with slippers,
send dogs on him. Did you hear him? Stop meeting boy friends,
talking on phone for hours. And sending e-mails. Though we feed a dog,
with milk and mutton When the season comes, it’ll go
to mate with street dogs. You are also like that only.
It is disgusting to see you. Why have you come back
so early from the college? One of my professor
died today No college for half-day.
You go to sleep, l’ll study. ls it a love letter Krishna? Sex story – Read aloud. A cockroach entered into the
jacket of Malgoa Aunty cooking. She cried aloud, Krishna!
When l entered the kitchen Malgoa Aunty dropping her sari
upper end was jumping. Do you all eat food or cow dung?
Get out boys. We had advised you
so much that day. Didn’t you get any sense? Hey, come here. Rascal, what’s that? Will you write sex stories? Bloody, you were born to spoil
our family. – Please don’t beat him. Stop, beating him.
– You’ve brought him up very nicely. My hands are paining beating him.
Senseless creature. Get me a can of petrol.
l’ll douse him and lit fire. He’ll be reduced to ashes. Give me a kilogram of mutton. Give me this bulb also. Can l make a phone call? He had gone to bring mutton and
hasn’t come back yet. l feel like dying if l don’t see
you for a second. Go & die, bloody rogue. l had sent you to bring mutton,
are you romancing with the girl here? Don’t you’ve sense? ls your family sending you to college?
Or sending you to romance with boys? Then, what? Do you want me to arrange a room
and bed for you & my son? Mother, cool down.
Why are you scolding her? Slipper will get worn out. Look, if l see you again
with my son. l’ll get you arrested for prostitution.
– Get lost, sambar. Am l sambar?
Street girl… bloody street girl. Mother, keep quiet please.
Look, what is she saying? l’m getting abused because of you.
Bloody rogue, l’ll not spare you today. Stop… l’ll… bloody rascal. Stop… l’ll not spare you.
Bloody rascal… stop. Oh god! Didn’t l tell you not
to come here? l came here to study.
Is it wrong? Can’t you study at home? Can’t l study at the place l like?
Don’t l’ve that freedom also? l know why you are sitting here.
Waiting for those dogs, isn’t it? But, only one dog has
come now, hasn’t it? Are you calling me a dog? l’m calling myself a dog.
Go to home, bloody rogue. lf l see you again here,
l’ll kill you like a crow. Are you calling me a dog? Hey, stop. College gets over at 4.30 P.M.
Why are you late to home? K.P.R. told you don’t have
any special classes. Wait. Daddy, that is my personal. Only people with character can
have personal things Who’s she?
Your mother. Please daddy.
It’s my personal. Take your hands off me. Hey, come here. Read this. My dear Porcupine! Last time when you
hugged me tightly. A few pines got stuck
to my heart. When l don’t see you and take bath,
l feel like taking bath in Acid. When l wipe, l feel like wiping
with emery paper. l feel like l’m sleeping on bed
of thorns when l sleep. When l sweat
blood is coming out. When air touches me
l feel severe pain. Why are our parents like this? l don’t know whether you’ll hit
a nail into your father’s bald head. Or tie your mother’s plait to it. Somehow you must meet me. l feel like millions of kisses
from my toe to head. l’ll not even consider
you as my son. l’ll pump bullets into you both.
What do you think of me? l was surprised to see
you going to bring ration. Are you sending messages in rice? Clear it. – Father. Clear it. Clear it Where are you seeing?
See here and pick the rice. Pick every grain. Why are you beating him?
– You keep quiet. Renuka, your son’s great doing. Who did like this here? Who else?
Our neighbor’s daughter only. He wrote a message in rice.
– Rice! We picked up everything.
Don’t give him food for a week. He’ll not come to sense until then. Look at this print out. Moreover a love sign in it. No father Father! – Hey, go…
go inside. Father… father Let her study in America. We’ll arrange your
marriage there only. Are you interested? People accept even after
6 divorces there. She wrote just on his head,
it doesn’t matter to me. Where are you going? To the next room, mother. Do l need your permission
for that too? Come here and
sign these papers. What’s that? Why to U.S. A? You’re going to continue
your studies there only. Harish has come
to take you there. My semester is in November. l told you to sign why are you
bothered about semesters? May be she’s up to some plan
of eloping with him. Come, let’s go out They say is 6 on the
Richter scale. lt means like our ordinary
6 inch scale. These will be mercury in it.
It’ll record it. Don’t tell lies. Richter scale means
seismograph scale, l too said the same thing. Milk was boiling on stove,
suddenly it jumped & fell down. ln fear ran out. When did we last met, Harini?
– 10 Eras ago. Munna, we are forced to
take a decision now. l can’t stay without you.
– Me too! They are planning to send me
away from here. Oh god! Where? They told me to sign visa application.
God created an earth quake. What was our crime for
such cruel punishment? l feel like running
away from house. Yes, me too l fear they’ll separate us. Boys & girls come tomorrow
here at 5 A.M. We all are going to Tirupathi.
– Why? With great difficulty
she’s managing to feel shy. Look at her.
– Come & stand here. Today it’s Lord’s birth star day.
Very auspicious time. lt’s your good fortune
to get married on this day. Didn’t your parents
come with you? He’s our fiend, guide,
philosopher & parent, Shastri. l’m Sharma. What’s this?
You’re falling at my feet. Bless us sir. ln future you must
become a great man Don’t feel shy.
Go & stand with him. Long live happily.
Shall l take leave now? Go quickly. You must conduct few
more marriages, mustn’t you? You said it right. When are you getting married Samatha? As soon as l find
a good groom. lmmediately if my parents bring
my marriage proposal Am l your guardian too? What happened Harini? l’m scared. Going to America and
marrying your uncle ls it better to cry thinking about Munna
or is this marriage better? Why are you dull like that? When l think about taking care of her.
l’m scared, sir. Everyone will come to marriage
wish & then walk out. We are with you only.
You don’t worry. That’s it. Sir, a treat.
– In Tirupathi. Lord Venkateswara will
take us to task Vegetarian food for all.
l’m sponsoring that too. Have we reached home?
– Home? For you kind information
you all have run away from home. That’s what l said.
– Don’t fall on me. l think we’ll go back to
Tirupathi in near future. Commissioner is
my family friend Shut up Get down. All of you get down. They have been arrested by police
and beaten up black & blue. Hey, don’t get enraged
Cool down. Look, what he has done
– Uncle, bless me. Bless you. Bloody rogue. Why are you scolding my son?
Leaving your daughter on prowl. Shut up idiot.
– Talk respectfully. This man is the main reason for this.
We must first beat this man. Leave him.
– You keep quiet madam. You shut up. ls it an age to marry?
Didn’t even develop moustache? l’ve shaved it.
– Yuck shut up. Why did you marry in hurry
while still studying? They are responsible
for our marriage. They know we love each other. lf they had promised to get us
married after our education. We would’ve kept quiet. They restrained us from meeting each other.
They confined us to our homes. They tried to separate us,
so we rushed to marry. This is not a marriage at all. Charge him with abduction and
kidnapping charges. And send him to
jail for 6 years. Send my daughter to my home. Look sir, they’ve right to take
decisions after 18 years. No one can do anything. According to law this
marriage is valid. He’s her future husband.
He lives in America. Let him stay there only. She’s going to study M.S. there.
We have made all arrangements. With whose permission?
– We don’t need to take anyone’s permission. l’ll beat you with slippers.
– You keep quiet. Shut up. Hunger will bring
him back to us. They’re married & face their troubles,
you come with me You tell them to take Munna &
Harini to their home. We’ll come home. lt’s their family problem.
How can l interfere in it? This is friendship problem.
We’ll not come home without them. We’ll all stay together. We’ll stay with Munna & Harini
to support them. ldiots! They can’t live
outside the home. They don’t have a
penny in pocket. Never even washed
a kerchief at home Today on ordinary paper costs
Rs.60 per quire An Economics book
costs Rs.60O A semester’s fees is more
than Rs.6000. When education is so costly.
How can they live without parental support? They committed a mistake in
the rush of blood. Please forgive them
magnanimously. Don’t ruin their lives
with your anger. First, we must beat you.
You’re responsible for all this mess. One more word you utter,
l’ll become a beast. Do you’ve 2 horns?
Why don’t you be just a parent? Why do you unnecessarily
want to become a dinosaur? Get out. lf you walk out of the house,
where will you stay? How’ll you continue your studies?
You’ll find difficult to eat food also. Didn’t we tell you the hell
we had been through? No. Why are you unnecessarily
pestering him? l’m cursing you. You’ll never come up in life.
You’ll struggle on streets. Why do you always say lovers
will never come up in life? You say love has
ruined your lives. He says he come up in life
after sacrificing love. Can’t any one win in love
& life also? We’ll succeed in both
and show you. Well said Though you said it at last.
You said the latest. Come, let’s go.
– Go and ruin yourselves. Munna, l can accommodate
you all in my mansion. But ladies are not
allowed to stay there. Only 2 boys are allowed.
– No problem sir, we’ll stay together only. l too wish to offer
accommodation to you all. But, it’s a problem Harini. Already, you’ve let it out
for a rat’s family. ls this space enough for you? Enough! We can huddle
together & sleep. We’ll manage. Don’t make noise. Sleep after everyone has slept.
And leave before they wake up, okay. l’ll ask Krishnamurrthy
to find a new house. l’ll arrange for
part time job also. Keep this for your expenses. Give me Rs.50 for
a quarter bottle. We’ll meet tomorrow
Call me on phone. No problem, there’s a seat in
the car and l’ve a hand. To put under my head. Munna, it is very easy to cross limits
since we are married. ls it important for us now?
Think over it. Do you want to spend time on
pregnancy, delivery & milk powder? Or spend time to study, pass & find
a job & then go for all this. Then, no non-vegetarian Not even an egg?
– No egg or nothing. Teju, come here.
– Hey, Porcupine. What? – L’m very thirsty. Take it. Go away. What’s that noise, Teju?
– It’s Rat, grandpa. Hey, who’s that? Hey, stop that. l thought there’s another
earth quake. l thought of marrying after earning
flat, fridge, A.C. & Car. Now, in a motor room
with greased face. l’ve seen TV & Fridge.
There’s no happiness in it My happiness is in staying
with the man l love. There’s no end to
that happiness. l can live with him happily in
a slum tenement also. l can live with him happily in
a slum tenement also. Who’s that? Who’s that? Will love ask you to get
this & that things? Will love bother
about status? Won’t a crow sleep
happily on thorns? Doesn’t a rose bloom happily
on garbage? lt doesn’t matter even if
it’s just a hut. Just love will do. No need of a feast.
Just plain water is enough. lf you fall in love, even bronze
will turn into gold. lf love enters a sieved box.
It’ll seep out. With wooden chaff.
Let’s make a bed of flowers. Let’s live as lamps
in broken bottles. Let’s spend time hugging
tightly in mushrooms. Let’s swing in the cob webs
like springs Let’s become earth worms
in rain. Let’s become twin insects
in a rotten mango. Move man. How many letters? Fill the tank. Do you need this?
You must be studying M.S. Wearing dress like a joker in
a petrol station filling 2T oil What’s all this ill fate?
Why are you so stubborn? Even now you can take off this
dress and get into the car. Why did you name me
as Harini, father? That’s because… l know father, your lover’s
name is Harini. You’ve still not forgotten her. That’s why you still keep letters,
kerchief, key chain, photo. You’ve a strand of her hair also.
You’ve kept it safely in a book. Father, l’ve seen you
stealthily seeing it. You’re cheating yourself by claiming
to be successful in life. l don’t want to marry some one else
and name my son Munna. Madam, take. Your change.
– You keep it. They pay me salary. Take it. ls there any one on the
verge of death? There’s a man on next street
taking his last few breaths. He’ll die tomorrow.
l’ll inform you. What’s your address? Krishna, Bullaiah College, Il BBA Thanks sir.
– Student! Okay. Life in death Will you do any work?
– L’ll do. You’ll not get any salary. You’ll get different varieties
of food to eat. For now, that will do. Very good.
Take it. Take it. lf you go straight, you’ll find
temple of Lord Venugopalaswamy. They’ll offer
Hot Tamarind rice there. They’ll prepare very nicely with
chilies, cashews & pulses. Fill up both the boxes.
One for you and one for me. All right sir.
– Keep that bag here and go. lf you go away with the box,
for safety. Oh! He has come. Sit down. Eat Hail Lord Shiva Boy, get up. We are late.
Take this. Where’s the almanac? What’s today?
– Saturday. lf you go to the temple
of Lord Anjaneya. They’ll offer curd rice and
vada made from Bengal gram. Fill both boxes
one for you and one for me. Go quickly. May be it’ll get over.
Go… Go. Hail Lord Shiva What do you want sir?
– One half bottle, please. My father is shouting at me. Give me another Rs.300000
without your father’s knowledge. l’ll double it. What did l order you?
– You asked for Beer only. l asked for a 5000, you brought
a Kalyani on your own. Call your owner. What happened sir? How many years l’ve been drinking
beer in this bar? Did l ever touch any beer
other than 5000? Bloody rogue Hey, did you give him a Kalyani? l don’t know sir.
– Don’t you know? Look at his face.
Get out. Don’t shout on him. Subba Rao, exchange
this beer quickly New kid! He did it unwittingly. Ask him to get it quickly. Don’t beat me. Don’t mistake me for beating you.
He’s my regular customer. He spends Rs.500 every day here. Hey, get a biryani
for the boy. Till now not even my father
had beat me. Your insult is more
painful than your slap. Eat Don’t take it seriously.
If you want, slap me. No Eat and come to duty after
combing your hair properly. 2! One and two.
l’ve finished. l’ve won your coin also. This is All India Radio.
Now the time is 7.30. Boy, take this. Who’s that breaking into the line?
Come in the line. Take offerings coming
in a line. Have you come?
It hasn’t become cold, has it? Eat fully. Hail Lord Ayyappa l’m asking you ignorantly.
Is it a life? You’re a free loader without
moving from your place. You’re a owner and
l’m your servant. Why should l bring & give you?
If l take and go away. There’s a trade secret in that. Tomorrow if you go to the same place,
you’ll not get anything. l’ve complete details of offerings
made in different temples. When free food is offered
in Simhachalam. When will politicians
offer free food. ln which street who’ll offer
which item When’ll they offer offerings
at Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple. Festivals, Umbrellas
Irons, sewing machines, specs. Only l know, when, where
& what is offered? Did you see this? l’ve a scheduled program for
all 365 days of the year. These details are my
principle investment. What l’ve offered you is not food?
Information. information is wealth. Why are you toiling hard
to earn money? lsn’t it for this?
Information. What is your name, sir? Nimmi is shouting isn’t it?
Take it out for toilet. Yuck, my fate.
l must water the garden. l must buy vegetables.
l must get her blouse ironed. l must clean drains if
it doesn’t flow freely. Above all that
this duty too. Will you pass urine or not? Hey dog!
Are you constipating? Why are you giving me trouble? Useless creature.
Finish it off quickly. Are you irritating me?
Bloody! Wait. For next 10 days, no toilet for it. Are you torturing an animal?
Are you a human? l must get you arrested
complaining with SPCA. You needn’t come to work.
Get out. Kumar, you didn’t give
your income. l’ve brought food from
my earnings for everyone. lt’s Rs.15 per plate.
My share is Rs.90. There’s no chutney or sambar also.
– It smells sacred Ash. He has collected it from temples. Did you beg? Don’t insult me like that. He has done what he could.
He has contributed, hasn’t he? Any way we must eat.
Now food expenses is saved. Sorry, buddy Our earnings are enough to meet
our day-to-day expenses only. Pizza delivery,
petrol station, wine shop. They can’t support our education. Book, semester fees, it’ll not
meet anywhere near. We must do something else and
improve our earnings. Shall we open a Idli shop?
– On road? They’ll eat on credit, troubles with rowdies.
We’ve to pay Police their cut. Do we need all this? Shall we start a
finance chit company? He hasn’t come down to earth even
when our chips are down. Think practical. Shall we start anything
on these lines? Shall we sell pickles?
– You’ve shown your background. Harini, l’ve an idea. There’s only one-man who
can save us, Ayappa Who’s AyAyappayappa? Your friend.
– God. When l was sitting near the temple, l saw a cassette shop
next to the temple. Cassettes of devotional songs were
selling like hot cakes 25 cassettes in 30 minutes People will lap it up
whatever we sing. Shall we start a cassette shop? No, let’s release an
Ayappa cassette. One cassette will sell for Rs.30. We’ll get Rs.15 after
deducting all our expenses. Even if we manage to sell 1000 cassettes
we’ll get Rs.17, OOO as profit. Hey, you too have brain. Who’ll write songs? Who else?
Poet of Imagination, Munna Swami Harini will sing.
Munna will also sing. We’ll sing in chorus here & there. Juju, you’ll take over the keyboard. Krishna, for a change
you’ll play for living people Bob, you’ll play guitar.
– How can l? l learnt just to impress
girls, that’s all. Will it help in recording music? The horrible cassettes
l had heard there. l’m confident we’ll do much
better than them Song is not important.
Devotion is more important. Okay! Who’ll invest for this?
– Our Man-Friday. Buy a bike. For their Ayappa Cassette,
they have made me to walk. l must get back my bike. Hill… hill… hill
Sabari Hill A hill scaled by a new devotee
taken a vow. Thorns & stones are like
bed for his feet. Hey, stop it, boys. Wrap of turkey towel & dance You too are going for
film tunes only. Don’t copy other’s music. Can’t you think
something new & fresh? Harini sing this. Oh Lord! When a new devotee is
climbing the hill towards you What’s this screeching
sudden brake sound? Come to high pitch. When a devotee is climbing the
hill for the first time l’m a devotee wearing
black shirt. Lord Ayappa will ease
all over hurdles. Harini, is this scale 5?
– It’s 6, isn’t it, Harini? Yes Don’t rush, maintain the tempo. You’re son of a king. A boy who’ll protect and
do good to us Excellent A lord who brought Tiger’s milk
for her mother A good boy who’ll think of
our welfare only Who’s that singing without
rhythm in the chorus? Hey, Tousled Hair!
Go to the back and sing. Come, devotees of Ayappa Fill both the boxes. One for you and one for me Who are you bloody idiots?
Get out. Do you think is this your
grandfather’s property? l’ll lock this room and
keep the keys with me safely. lf you come again,
l’ll break your legs. Are you married?
– Yes. Take your commission. Not just house.
Ask me anything l can arrange it. Can you arrange this girl?
– Slipper will wear out. Not you sister Go upstairs. Hey, good place to enjoy drinks Why do people boil
milk in new houses? You can brew liquor also?
But police will arrest you. Didn’t you both pay
examination fees? Your names are on
the notice board. We are finished. lf we don’t pay fees before 10th
we’ll miss our examinations. We have paid all money
we had for house advance. What next? Don’t worry.
There’re 108 Goddesses. lf we release one cassette
for each Goddess. We can finish our studies happily. Brother – Me? Your Ayappa cassette was very good What next?
– Goddess Kali. l think this is not the season.
– Oh god! Then our fees? We are going to stage
a play ‘Kanuvippu’ (Enlighten) Can you write a song
and compose music for it? Can you pay money?
If we don’t pay the fees before 10th. They’ll not allow us to
take examinations. Who has said that?
l’ll burn down the college. How much you’ll require?
– Rs.50,OOO. We’ll pay you.
– Really! But the message must be
new & modern. How? lt must be like poor taking
on the rich. lt must be like people
taking on ministers. l’ll definitely do it.
– It must have a knock-out punch. lt must be like we’ll dismantle your
single minded edifice of dictatorship. Only then, the drama
will enlighten people. We’ll create sensation
Take advance. Keep the song ready.
We’ll come to your house tonight. My address is No.18, Siva…
– L know. He has agreed.
Tell Jeeva to keep Rs.50,OOO ready. To night l’ll send it. Tell him to call me immediately
after money is ready. We’ll take care of
other things. Politics is full of thieves. Are you down with shivering fever
if our thoughts are fired up? Hereafter you’ll not
get anything free. You’ve to go to ration shop
even for Rat’s mutton. Excellent brother.
It’s all powerful. Munna, isn’t this line little strong?
Behead the leaders. lt won’t create
any problem, will it? They want much more strong words.
Hear this. Will youth leave these people? Freedom is our right. This government will
go up in flames A new government will
come it’s place. Rowdy is ruling roost here. He has build another
trap for us. We’ll shout and bite. Violence has increased and
non-violence has been beaten up. Youth will remove this hurdle. lt’ll behead the leaders
spreading poison. Arrest everyone.
Don’t leave any one. l’m not able to study properly. Emotion are over taking me.
Just a little bit of non-veg lf you want l’ll go and
get safety measures. l’m not able to
hold myself. Please… Munna is begging. We are married. Just tonight only.
Let everyone go to sleep. l’ll go to the shop & come. Kumar, police Who are you?
What are you doing here? Where’s Jeeva?
– Who’s Jeeva? Where did you get this? Where have you hidden the rifles
stolen from station? Do you’ve take currency notes,
Brown sugar? – No. Heroin! Who are you in this? Suicide squad or RDX?
– We are not able to follow you. Are you PWG or
Sivanna group or ISl? – No sir. We are Nellore Reddys Who wrote the song
behead the leaders? – We. Who wrote this government will
go up in flames? – We only They gave money after hearing
our Ayappa Cassette. We sang. We don’t have any
connection with them. We want to make a call to
our friend Mangalam. We must consult our
Iawyer Sampath. Not that side… come this side.
Come. Move. Why are you seeing there? Move. Pick pocket?
– Eve-teasing? Drugs addicts? You look like tender lady’s finger. What’s your crime?
– We sang a song… Did they arrest you for singing a song?
– Yes. Sing a song.
– L’m not in a mood to sing. Smoke this.
You’ll come into the mood. Maddelapalem Mallanna.
Holy cross wearing Victor. We thought of becoming
another Ambani. We’ve ruined our lives.? It’s all over now. Hey, Central jail.
Look at our love’s plight. Hey foolish mosquito, don’t bite.
She’s an infant. l turned an innocent girl into
a hardened criminal. For the sin of marrying me,
l gave her nothing, but troubles. Like a lemon crushed under a heavy
road roller. My heart is getting crushed. A rose is distressed in jail. Where’s the toilet?
– Look there. Enough, go. ls there water in the tank or not?
Who took a bath here now? Hey, move fast.
Come in a line. Don’t you want? Hey, come fast… You were asked to sit in the sun
Are you sleeping here? Get up…
Move… move out. Sit here. l lived with your thoughts only. l regained my life after
seeing you only. They didn’t even give information
about you for a month. Only after arresting the chief, Court ordered you to be released
finding no connection with them. That too after begging & falling at
the feet of Home Secretary l don’t even have strength
to say thanks. Buy me a tea, sir. Come. What’s this so many
covers are here? All of us have got a letter. According to the decision taken by
management & board of directors, For the connection with
terrorist organization and to record songs to
incite anti-socials We are forced to dismiss
you from the college. Gone. Everything is over. Her dream of becoming doctor.
His dream of becoming a fashion designer. His dream of an MBA degree We dreamed of coming up in
life the hard way. All our dreams lay shattered. We challenged our parents to
succeed in love and life. All our future is ruined. Stop it.
What has happened now? Why are you crying like
mourning a death? What else can we do? We struggled so much
for education only, didn’t we? We did all odd jobs
sang songs, went to jail. Who said life will end if
you stop studies? Education is not the only
choice of career. Every person will have
an inborn talent in him. lf you identify it
and work on it hard. You can achieve world fame. What talent do we have?
– You’ve music in you. Do you want us to
go to jail again? Why do you want to try
cassettes like that? You can cut a pop album. When everyone was making
soulful music. ln your devotional
cassette on Ayappa. With good arrangement
& using percussion With good lyrics
you made it interesting. That’s why, it’s sales reached top. You sent shivers down the government
with your revolutionary songs. Your youth & freshness
is your plus point. Then, can we cut an
album tomorrow? We can only prepare savory.
We can’t release an album. We must toil very hard for it. We can’t become a Yanni overnight.
First let’s meet Sony. l don’t think Pop songs
in Telugu will sell. A few exceptions are there. ln Hindi these singers
have good sale That market is very big. Sir, don’t say like that. You can create a market. How?
Did anyone sing in films? Did they compose music
for any film? Listen to this
Ayappa cassette once. This platform songs will not help. Will you listen to just one song?
– L don’t have that much time. Recognize the talent we have. Make our dreams come true. Allow us to play drums
with our fingers on moon. Won’t songs come out pouring if
he plays strings on the lightening. Hail Lord Ram We are birds singing
melodious songs. You’ve a lake on which
we birds seek refuge. When your merciful
eyes fall on us. Our struggling lives will become vocal chords. Go away Go away Hit… hit a four
six & a century!. My salutations!
Let’s say it with our music. Let’s get awards
from Abdul Kalam Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta…
Iet’s unite them with our music. London, Melbourne, Atlanta…
will clap hands to our music. March forward with
great enthusiasm Cross the barriers
and surge ahead. lf we wear a earring
it’s a mistake lf we drink rum
it’s a mistake. lf we sport a tattoo,
it’s a mistake. lf we go out with friends,
it’s mistake. lf we sport a ring on navel
it’s a mistake. Wearing tight pants
is a mistake Pedicure, Manicure
Waxing, grading is mistake. lf we keep awake all night
it’s a mistake. lf we wake up late at 9 AM,
it’s mistake. To laugh loud is mistake. lf we stretch our body,
it’s a mistake. lf we keep quiet they’ll say
many more things. lf we pocket the exam fees,
it’s a mistake. Playing cricket in examinations
is mistake lf we reach home late
it’s a mistake. lf we watch fashion channel
it’s a mistake. lf we like Hrithik Roshan
it’s a mistake. lf we gossip on phone,
it’s a mistake. lf we stand in balcony,
it’s a mistake. lf we counter argue them,
it’s a mistake. lf a humble bee sees a flower
it’s a mistake. lf 2 humble bees meet each other
it’s a mistake. lf we sit, it’s a mistake. lf we stand, it’s a mistake. You’ve talent. The freshness in your voice,
l like it very much. l’ll give you one
month’s time. Conceptualize 10 songs.
Compose tunes for it & come to me. lf it is good,
we’ll record it. Sign the agreement. Give them a lakh rupees
as advance. Hey, treat man! – Shut up. On whose name should l
make the cheque? Make it on ‘BOYS’. Who are you?
– L’m… l’m… He’s manager of
our troupe ‘Boys’. Your name. What type of Album shall we do? Jungle beats. We can create sensational
music like this… Don’t produce music.
You extract it from your lives. What’s this all of a sudden? l’ll break all bottles. Just beer! Barley water Shouldn’t we enjoy to celebrate
an occasion? Just one day only.
– You need a reason to drink. You’ll drink even on
Gandhi’s birthday. Harini, one half boil egg, please. You guys will never reform. l’m very happy. We must drink together like this even
after becoming famous in future. We must buy 5-bed room flat
and live together. Forget about 5-bed room flat. l gave you Rs.500.
Where’s the account for it? l spent it on Beer & eggs. What’s the price of a Beer, Munna? Beers Rs.300. Eggs Rs.3O Where’s the balance of Rs.170? Bisleri water he mixed
in Beer costs Rs.170. All of you are frauds. Where’s the balance of Rs.300
after buying chicken? Hey, isn’t she asking
you the account? Cone on tell her. l spent it.
– On what you spent it? l forgot. – l’ll tell you. Will you put me into a fix? All this literary works
cost him Rs.30O Are you such a cheap person? You’re shocked for this. He writes porno stories
on Malgoa Aunty. Evenings he’ll go to the
Poorna market He’ll rub against aunties. You’re talking as if you
all are gentlemen. Didn’t you all rub against aunties? We 5 go together,
ogle together, rub together. Not only that We had called a call girl & all 5
together had enjoyed her. Krishna, shut up First it was me.
Next he, after that he… After that he.
– Hey, shut up. That to in his house only. What was her name? Wasn’t it Rani?
– Krishna, don’t blabber. Am l blabbering? Didn’t she say she’ll come free
whenever you call her? Krishna, you’ll get beaten up. Will you beat me if l tell truth?
Didn’t you do it 3 times? l’ll tell the truth, even
if you beat me. How did you shout? What did she say while leaving? Didn’t she say your wife is
a lucky girl? Harini, you’re a lucky girl.
– Hey, shut up. Rani gave a certificate
that day itself. Munna, stop. ls it true?
– He’s drunk & blabbering. You brought a girl to your home,
is it true or not? Nothing happened
as you’re thinking. ls it true or not?
– True. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier? Nothing happened then to tell you. Definitely not Krishna said 3 times. Fearing they’ll tease me,
l lied 3 times. What did she say while leaving? She said my future wife
is very lucky girl. She didn’t mean in that way. Telling truth…
lies have… l didn’t even touch her little finger.
l just acted. How nicely you’re lying? Leaving everything.
l came behind you like a mad dog. Nothing happened there
…please… l came wherever you called me.
l slept on ground. l eat whatever you brought.
l went to jail. How could you cheat me?
– No. – Get lost. You’re also like others. You’re a garbage. You’re a pig.
– Please, don’t go. You’re a street dog. Harini, please listen to me.
Stop… Please, don’t go. Listen to me. Listen to me. Harini, don’t go. Harini, don’t go. Heart burned like fire. Why did you come here? l’ll never go back.
l’ll follow all your orders. Please allow me in mother. l’ve came back as l had
gone from here. Why are you still wearing it?
Throw it outside and come in. l’m not a human at all. Scold me. Beat me.
Push me down from here. Go We were wrong.
We shouldn’t have incited you. We shouldn’t have got drunk.
– We shouldn’t have called Rani. Which Rani? Cat eyes, with a child You too had come to
our house, hadn’t you? Oh! The colony behind the temple l’ve forgotten that girl’s
original name A new girl has come from Bombay. Are you interested?
She’ll be better than her. We are not here for that. His wife has left him in
anger over Rani issue Nothing happened between them lf Rani doesn’t come & tell the truth
they can come together again. We’ll never keep anyone for
more than 2 months. We’ll change hands immediately. Don’t know under whose
control she’s now. Where she may have gone? Calcutta, Kerala, Dubai
or may have entered politics. lf you get any details about her
call me on cell immediately. Okay Sir, about that Bombay girl…
– L’ll come. A family is in shambles here.
You’re bothered about Bombay girl. Great man We’ll come to meet Harini. He has dropped from America
at the right time. lsn’t he like a Zee T.V. model? Aunty, what had happened was…
– Enough of ruining her life. She has removed the
auspicious thread you tied. lt must be somewhere here only.
Pick it up & leave the place. Never again come into her life. Open the door, aunty. Are you making fun of me? What a great opportunity.
You’re behaving so irresponsibly You were given the contract
for her voice only. There’s a lilt in that girl’s voice.
There’s silken touch in her voice. These boys voice and
the girl’s voice. lt’ll create a magic only
if they go together. The contract is valid only
if that girl sings Or else return the advance We’ll send a notice. Aunty, l’m Samatha.
Please call Harini on line. Are those mad dogs making
you to call her? Never do this again. She doesn’t need your
friendship any more. lf you call her again
for those boys. Hello… move please Hey, where’s Kumar?
– He’s in emergency ward. Who’s the driver? Were you driving blind folded?
– Who are you guys? l’ll kill you.
– Stop. Why are you attacking the driver? lf he travels on foot board & gets killed.
Are we responsible for it? To pick up a girl he was
hanging on the footboard He moved towards her seat
calling her Rani. He slipped and he’s leg got
stuck to the tire and you’ve come to attack
driver & conductor. Go away. Kumar, open your eyes.
Get up, Kumar. lf you don’t get up,
l’ll kill you. Doctor do something
Give an injection, press him lf you don’t open your eyes,
l’ll kill you. Where’s he?
What happened to him? What happened to you Kumar?
Nothing happened to him, isn’t it? He’s fine, isn’t he?
Nothing happened to him, isn’t it? What did the doctors say?
What did they say? Uncle, Kumar has left us forever You’ve killed him. You took our son and
killed him mercilessly. Have you left me? My son has left me.
Oh my god! Did l give birth to you
to see all this? Can you give back my son’s life? You’ve killed my son mercilessly
for you welfare. Bloody sinners Harini, one minute Do you know how Kumar died? He saw that prostitute
traveling in the bus. He tried to bring her to you
to tell the truth. And unite you both. He slipped from the
moving bus and died. You’ve seen him, haven’t you?
Come, let’s go. They are taking away, my son.
Don’t take away my son. l want my son. Tell them not to take
away my son. l committed a grave mistake. l should’ve followed
my parent’s advice. What did l achieve running away
& marrying? Harini has left me.
l’ve lost a friend Kumar now. Why should l live? l’ve spoiled your lives also
along with mine. l’m a zero. You go back to your homes.
l don’t want to lose you also. That’s all.
The show ends here. lt’s curtains down. Better than talking like this. Give us poison, all 4 will die together Only 3! Hey Harini, come out. Hey, come out. Hey, come out. Hey, who are you?
– Go man. Are you throwing a stone? Go away. – Go. Throwing a stone again Our friends had walked out
of homes for us. They struggled with us for
our welfare only. Kumar gave his life to unite us. l’m not worried about
our patch up. Our friends must win, they must
win in love & career. Their future depends on this album. We must help them for their
unstinted support. At least for that you come
& sing with us Harini will sing for one last time. Munna must sign a paper. Divorce by mutual consent. Sign where you find an ‘X’.
She’ll come. Munna, don’t sign. No need, come let’s go. Can’t we get a better
singer than her? lf an occasion comes
Iet’s get L.R. Easwari to sing. Come… come. My friends future is more important
to me than my personal life. We don’t want a future
with a price. Allow to happen at least
one good thing. Get to know
Iuck, labor & love. Enhance your devotion & talent A pack all together is… This song is our own music. A song born in agony Song is the secret of success. Sitting on walls and gossiping
about girls to while away time Lost studies in love We faced many failures going for
happiness at adolescent age. We took the wrong path and
found the right path. We ran away to discover ourselves. We took up work for her. You’ll get insulted if you say you’re
right always stubbornly. Will it come knocking the door?
With a label on forehead? You get a chance, seize it Honesty is the secret of success. Our Babu Kalyan Our friend Kumar is behind
our winning 9 awards tonight. But, he’s not alive to share
these moments of joy. He’s the spirit behind the
formation of Boys group. The idea he gave for
Ayappa cassette. lt has grown now to cut a pop album lf he wasn’t with us
today, we wouldn’t be here. Kumar, you’re in our breath. You’re in our music. You’ll live forever
till this music is there. We are there for Kumar’s family. There’s another man behind
all our success. He recognized the talent in us and
brought it to the fore. He’s none other than
our Manager Mangalam!. We don’t want to say thanks
and lose him. l was novice trying a hand in poetry. Love turned me into a good poet. For any artiste his lover
is the first audience. The attempt to impress will
become creativity My Harini turned a talent less me
into an artiste. l must thank her. Because… Tomorrow, we are divorcing. Munna, no need to marry me
make me your concubine Are you going marry him
after divorce? When are you getting married?
– Tomorrow. You married at young age and
have come to take divorce? Reason. Family courts aim in India isn’t
for breaking families. But to unite Law is giving you a last chance. Do you agree to this divorce? lt was my mistake to
call a prostitute, Nothing happened between us. l don’t want to justify my mistake
as done in the rush of blood. A mistake is a mistake. lf you feel divorce is the
punishment it deserves, l’ll accept it sadly. What do you say? lt’s like a doll’s marriage. lt was a mistake committed without
knowing its seriousness. We wish they be divorced. My brother has come from
America to marry her. lt’s good for my daughter’s
future too. Who said that? Jenny, take it.
l think it’s Canada call. l’ll talk to you later,
l’m getting another call. l’m not able to hear anything. Who’s on the line?
Swiss Madam. Are you missing dates?
Meet a doctor quickly. Oh program dates!
l’ll take care. We’ll give another 6 months time
for the girl to decide. No need Mr. Judge, why are you over stretching
a simple issue? They’ve signed the paper,
give them divorce immediately. They are many commitments. Many girls are just waiting
in line for him. Hundreds of girls photos have
flooded in his e-mail Separate them. l’ll pronounce judgement
after the interval. Subbaiah, get me a bucket of water Look, how many
proposals have come. One has come Pakistan also.
Every girl is ravishing. Select one immediately. They are competing with each
other in beauty. Look at her. lsn’t she like Kareena Kapoor
from this side? She’s fantastic. She’s young & sexy too. l like this girl very much.
Fix the girl. l thought and you said it. Super selection,
made for each other couple. l’ll ask her to send her horoscope
in SMS immediately. Aren’t you getting the smell
of something burning here? Paper or heart? Will you marry another girl? Do you need another girl?
– Leave him. Mad dog! Rogue! Why are you behaving
like a hysteria patient? Get lost man. Will you get us married and
arrange another girl for him? l’ll kill you.
– Harini, listen to me. Don’t talk, dog.
Do you want a young girl? ls she sexy? Hey, this is a problem between
me & my husband Stay away out it. Show this bossism
on your husband. How proud you are? Listen to me Harini… please Where are you running away? Please listen to what l’m
trying to say. Where are you running away? Dog… fox… Bull. What are they doing sir?
– They’re having a wrestling bout. This is hot & spicy stuff. Mr. Judge is coming,
please give way. Please listen to me, Harini.
– Will you throw me down? Are they fighting here also?
Then, it’s correct to separate them. You’ve misunderstood it, sir. This is a different kind of fight.
– They’re holding each other’s hair. lt’s with love.
– Then, have they come together? Yes sir – How? That is possessiveness. She went away thinking he had a
flying with another girl. Now, fearing another girl
will come into his life. She has come back to him. To unite them at least in
these last moments l incited that girl.
It has worked out very well. Then, those photos? They are applications to sing
in place of Harini. She got enraged thinking it
as proposals for marriage. To sing with you? Yes, you never allowed
me to tell. Will you leave me & make
another girl sing in my place? Pig, dog, fox, bull! Will you make another
girl sing in my place? Traitor! l’ll… Why did you push me down?
Don’t come near me. Get up, you elephant.
Go away. Please give me way. What sort of a kiss is this? They say shut your mouth, isn’t it?
– This is it.

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