Diamond casino heist beginners guide – GTA Online guides

Diamond casino heist beginners guide – GTA Online guides

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  1. i guess JB700 2 is going to be JB700 with working guns

  2. Theres a tunnel where the racing track is at and inside there should be a garage door and a camera. Lester should then talk about how you guys can pose as guards once you have taken the picture.

  3. So does that vehicle request also apply for the oppressor and other non MK2 bikes?

  4. Thank God!!! WAITING TIME FOR FLYING CANCER!!! Wait, but why they don't nerf opressor mk2?? Wtf rockstar

  5. A fire truck… cost more than the best vehicle in the game the flying broomstick

  6. So over rated it was shit and i got 55% payout it was 700k thats a boomer

  7. Anyone know which approach gives the most cash

  8. Bruv yesterday I just brought the opressor mk|| and now they do a time limit. I don’t mind tho cuz I just got it so I didn’t get blown up every second

  9. Bei mir steht bei Sicherheitsinfos ein schloss bei Infos steht ich soll helfen das casino zu übertragen????-

  10. can someone please help, arcades don’t show up so that i can purchase it

  11. The Jb700 will be Sure a car that can shot like in story mode

  12. You missed something, there's a new radio station

  13. Just a cool down on the Opressor or all motorcycles

  14. This heist has terrible payouts, at least with the method I did. I did the big con method and did every single prep mission (which are supposed to make the heist easier), I got the best crew with the best hacker which gives you the most amount of time in the vault and you get no where near enough time to get all the cash from the vault. You have to start hacking keypads in the vault to get to more areas with cash in but each hack is really complex and takes at least 30 seconds to do. And you only have just over 2 minutes before the room fills with gas. I did this with the lowest amount of people possible (2) and I only got 500k. Complete waste of time

  15. Why can’t I buy the cars and how do we get the trade price???

  16. I cant start any missions after the sourcing mission this update is trash

  17. What a shit update

  18. What is the car on the wheel?

  19. Ms bakers office you can take pics of the vault and go to the roof terrace and meet some nigga and unlock an alternate way instead of going in as bug exterminators

  20. Give it to R* to nerf the mk2 in the worst way possible. How hard would it have been to put the cooldown on mors mutual instead? This Hurts peaceful motorcycle drivers.

  21. I like this update a lot, but the heist is a lil difficult with randos.

  22. Is the extras worth it

  23. Oppressors are triggered

  24. There is a Corsa!!

  25. So how much do you make with the businesses

  26. You seriously did the bare minimum? ??‍♂️

  27. Can I just point out how weird the motion capture on Lester looks?

  28. Have they patched the livery bug on mk 2 weapons?

  29. The blueprint in her office

  30. Do you need a penthouse to do the heist

  31. Need a good router for this. If someone needs one can take a look on my channel. I spent some time to review them (based on users reviews).

  32. Need a good router for this. If someone needs one can take a look on my channel. I spent some time to review them (based on users reviews).

  33. Thank you for the video pyrealm! Helped me a lot! Great video!

  34. Why is the fire truck 3 mil?

  35. Why your character looks always that ugly, and wearing same shitty clothes?

  36. Bogdan problem glitch patched or not? Xd

  37. Where is the vault controls

  38. What is the minimum amount of players required

  39. What are the new guns?

  40. No dodo classic or esperanto

  41. guys how do you get the maintenance approach prep

  42. PyReReAlM is TrEnDiNg (in gaming)!?

  43. Lester is looking good

  44. Did you guys know that Rockstar changed the Oppressor MK II to have a white speedometer now instead of a black one like before? Just an interesting observation.

  45. There are plans for the vault in ms bakers office which you can take a picture of, Bruce is on the roof terrace who can get you in ( cut scene ) along with multiple doors on both the terrace and roof.

  46. This is doggys doodoo…..

  47. you are on trending. Congrats

  48. it wont let me start the finale

  49. Dear God u work fast in getting. these videos out

  50. Do you have to be a VIP or mc president to do this

  51. How many people do you need to do it

  52. For the loves of god, dont get the paleto arcade! Everything is 6-7 miles away

  53. Na I prefer the rcv it has 2 overpower water cannons

  54. I lile this update, but mostly for the clothes. I with they would have added something like an MRAP, stronger but slower than an Insurgent with bullet proof windows, and an M16A4, with really short time between bursts.

  55. Still can't buy Caddy, Lawn Mower, Jet or Cargo Plane. Complete fail.

  56. Oh ffs, the last thing this game needs is more pistols, I have like 10 of them already and the only one I use is AP because its easily the most powerful.
    Why can't they add some unique weapons like Crossbow or Spear Gun (which could work underwater). Or some oldschool weapons like flamethrower, katana, chainsaw, stun gun.

  57. Just noticed they have added yet another HAte Rap station, FFS, why! We have like 10 of them already. How about adding a few more Rock Tunes, or the Classical Station that is painfully missing?
    Or the ability to block stations you don't want? To have your apartment radio be settable by the audio menu and your personal vehicles to remember your preferred station? No. Just another crappy modern "music" station that offends the ears, fk them.

  58. We need to be able to buy the Noose vehicles….the Granger and other cars unmarked with squad lights

  59. Thank you, I had to sift through like 10 MrBS For The Loss clickbait vids before finding a video I wanted to watch. Clean and quick.

  60. What do you mean guide??

  61. I’m liking the background music ?

  62. 0:14
    When you realize you have to spend over 100k on arcade games that only cost $300 in real life.. ?

  63. Can the heist be done alone or do you need full crew or just 1 mate

  64. the best thing about this dlc is the wait time for the mc spawning menu

  65. 3 Million or 2 Million for a firetruck …. Lmao

  66. And more anoying phone calls

  67. Got my free arcade from Twitch Prime.
    Worst gift ever

  68. I cant even do the Heist. Me and 3 other mates did all the set up and prep work. Got to the finale page and it just shows me, i go to hit start and my character and everyone else's disappear until I leave my arcade. Ita glitched out and its bugging me.

  69. Hold on… a waiting time means that if you’re being griefed and get taken out by a mk 2 you can’t counter or escape

  70. Do I need to buy a penthouse to be a able to buy an arcade????

  71. Best dlc update EVER….

  72. Yes oppressors cant be extra cancer so i can slaughter them with my scramjet and don't have to worry

  73. I have a question! How do you restart the heist once you’ve already done it?

  74. Don't buy it not worth such a waste of time and money payout is such bullshit

  75. Anyone know how to get this step unlocked?? My is locked and idk how to unlock it

  76. i hope that the jb700 2 will have working gadgets.
    the gadgets are already in the game file for story mode.
    and we already have cars with guns so it wont be op.
    more a novelty

  77. Lol,they are making payday at gta V
    I guess lester lines :
    „Thermal drill go get it”

    Rip Bain 2018

  78. You can get blueprints in ms bakers office

  79. How do I buy it coz I don’t have enough mlney

  80. Beginner guide but doesn't know how to doe the extra stuff

  81. JB700 MK2?

    Hope it is actually good, not just machineguns. I REALLY HOPE that the things from single player are there (Spikes, catapult, and machine guns)
    This wouldnt be OP because we allready have Spike mines on some arena war vehicles, so the spikes wouldnt be op at all, and catapult would be useless cool adition. i really hope this is the car from single player mission!

  82. I need help on this mission any body know how to hack the doors I'll give 50'/. Percent to who ever who helps. Ps4: orangeassassin12

  83. Bruh… do i need to buy shark cards to ONLY PLAY THE FKN HEIST

  84. HAIL anti Cancer Waiting time

  85. Do you need to buy anything to start?

  86. Dude there finally gonna add the glock! Lets goooooo!

  87. Can you do the heist solo?

  88. How do u get painting ?

  89. After selecting an approach are you able to change it after? I regret choosing Big Con.

  90. 2:21 Revolver is in game, but you need to find 5 clues to get it. When you will get this revolver you have to kill 50 persons(NPC) to get 200K$.

  91. Anybody knows why the ammunation man in singleplayer just leaves after the update? ?

  92. How do we replay the heist?

  93. All of that for one heist jesus fing christ i cant do shit

  94. Ok. I’ve been doing this heist since it came out. I mean I’ve been burning it out. If you have 2 – 3 people (including yourself) doing all the preps it’s a breeze. The heist itself ( once you’ve done it a couple of times) is easy to know where to go in and where to leave. Personally, I enter through sewers and leave through garbage disposal. Once you have hosted all choices then you get to steal different rewards. Better pay outs each times. You want to know what you steal each times we’ll I’m not going to tell you. Do it yourself ?

  95. Nice video, but the update is amazing, and terrible at the same time. (Imo), when it comes to making money the arcade and the heist are terrible, the budget cuts out of the heist make you lose so much money that the 2 hours setting it up isn't even worth it, especially if you buy upgraded and stuffm and the arcade just makes next to nothing. When it comes to fun though I have to admit it is a little fine, I enjoy the missions and all that and the arcade too. But like I said they're pretty much a money grab with no give. I'd like to hear other people's opinions too

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