Did the INDORAPTOR imprint on Maisie

Did the INDORAPTOR imprint on Maisie

Is it possible that Ripper imprinted on Maisie? Throughout many of the trailers we’ve seen Ripper takes such an unlikely fascination with the little girl in the movie This is interesting of the twist because in previous Jurassic Park movies, the kids were usually just getting chased as well The indoraptor seems to specifically be hell-bent on chasing after this little girl could it be that he’s just following her because he’s Imprinted on her as far as we know Maisie also lives at the Lockwood Manor It’s possible that Ripper could have seen her at an early stage in his life It’s possible that she was even kind to it at some portion of his life We have to all agree that it doesn’t make sense that while she’s in bed Ripper would take his sweet time reaching out to her as though fascinated by her existence It may be a King Kong situation, you know because he probably just finds this particular human mesmerizing maybe she’s the only small human he’s ever seen a completely innocent untainted version of the larger ones that he associates with pain in his captivity his Frustration may lay with him trying to catch her so he can take her with him to escape from Manor It would be interesting if near the end of the movie when Ripper is about to die Maisy on the ground backing away from him and as he gets close to her. He coos softly and nuzzles her. It’s at that moment She realizes as well as everyone else that he’s not dangerous at least not to her and she shakily reaches out a hand to pet Him as a light leaves his eyes It could just be an I am Legend situation where they never figure out what it is Even though it’s completely obvious to us as the audience they’ve done a hell of a good job at spelling things out in the early Jurassic Park movies when They basically witnessed the dinosaur exhibiting certain types of behavior but in Jurassic world They changed it up with the indominus rex Owen Grady and the others completely misjudged what the situation was If you don’t know what we’re referring to then go check out our video “The indominus was not that smart” in the card It may cause you to think twice about what was really taking place in the Jurassic world movie so From the outside or initially it may seem as the Ripper is trying to kill Maisie Something about this little girl has him totally intrigued enough to cause him to continuously chase after her any moment He gets, but when he’s close enough to her he does no damage when she was in bed And he reached out his long arms to try and gently pet her or touch her, when she was backing up to the cage He did the same. I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that with anybody else He stalks him only to ambush them violently when he’s close enough But he doesn’t do that with Maisie even though she’s well within distance to do so So what do you guys think Ripper would do if he actually caught Maisie? Even the scene with the hunter in the cage. He didn’t kill that man right away. Is it possible that Ripper… Can distinguish what’s an immediate threat and what isn’t he didn’t do that with Owen either It seems as though our boy Ripper is a little bit more forgiving than Indy when it comes to attacking It’s as if he’s intelligent enough to watch wait and to see what the creature in front of him is going to do Before he makes a decision to attack. Either that or he can’t really see unless something’s making a lot of noise That’s the only other theory he seems to only readily attack things that are making noise The little girl is quiet in her bed, and it’s clear that he can use some sense of smell to detect What’s in the area However, he behaves as though he can’t totally see what’s right in front of him Which would explain him reaching out to feel for it. You can probably Experience the same thing when someone’s in the room and your eyes are closed You just know that there’s a presence there. And of course, this is a hybrid creature that has acute senses So I’m pretty sure he can sense things before seeing them He can probably sense something’s presence from the warmth or his echolocation, but he’s unsure as to what it is Maybe we are really stretching our wings to fly off the edge of a cliff with this theory But what you got think let’s hear from you also if you’re interested in another theory between blue and Ripper check out our Indoraptor and blue love story in the card as well or in the endcard. Thank you so much for watching This has been Alteori. You ask, we answer.

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  1. Ripper could sense that Macy wasn't like the others that much is oveious and since Ripper would probably be like 2-3 months old and forcefully grown to that size he's basically a baby in a adults body trying to learn who or what he is and since Macy is the only thing close to his age and is an oddity like himself he was more likely trying to see how much alike thay were and if she could help him figger out what he was

  2. i think ripper is half nice half evil because the jurassic world with the indominus rex, the indominus rex is evil and fallen kingdom blue is nice

  3. I think he likes her and just wants to be her friend and they would be in love with her and just wants to be with her or by her side and become the brother she never had.

  4. Maybe he wants to play with her? You now?

  5. Maybe he wants to torcher her. So maybe Ripper is insane?

  6. I think Maisie is part Raptor. She 'hunted' Iris, in the scene with baby blue she did the same thing as blue. She probably ran to owen because she saw him comforting the baby raptors. The indoraptor touches maisie, but doesn't want to kill it and she was alive like the dinos.

  7. ….Aren’t all the dinosaurs female?

  8. I'd say Indoraptor was chasing her, because they try to grab Maisie when in the basement then snap at her

  9. Here's a theory…give it another 10 seconds and it would of ate her…

  10. its a film its not gonna have a real meaning is it!

  11. Indoraptor is a girl not a Boy

  12. even the creators said thet the Indo is bloodthirsty maniac. I highly doubt he had anything for maisie. Just like a cat, playing with its pray.

  13. Why do people think that blue and indoraptor would fall in love? The indoraptor dies in the movie, unless blue some how brings it back to life! It’s crazy.

  14. Did you know Maisies mother WASN'T her mother?
    Maisie is a robot version of her "mother" (lockwoods daughter) because lockwoods daughter died when she was 11 or 12.
    But I think that the indo raptor was NOT trying to hurt her because when blue comes to the rescue (again lol) the indo raptor Instantly aims for blue so was he trying to protect Maisie or say that she was his dinner and not blue's?

  15. The owner of the never meant to her to Macy the owner of towards a good person he wanted to be friends with blue my theory is because he didn't go over and hit by two Maisy he just pulled out his claw but didn't attacker so what we're thinking is is that yeah that was a good man

  16. I think ripper got cold so he asked for a blinket

  17. So indoraptor is like a quite place monster
    Indoraptor and indominus rex vs quite place monster

  18. i think the indoraptor is her grandma and thats why he didnt kill her and the indoraptor didnt die and he will not die until is with the litle girl this teory i think its true and why after the grandma dies we see the indoraptor not a moment before and not a moment after and thats why is posible that there will be jurassic world three than it will stop and start again with the name jurassic kingdoom and i hope jurassic world three will appear with the indoraptor you know what if a gold fish stays to much in darkness he becomes white what if the indoraptor stays to much in light will he turn white?

  19. Wait I was ripper like the grim ripper and I am pretty sure ripper is a female because it would been the indomus would be it's Mom and a veloraptor would be it's dad so would that mean it's like it's Mom but like blue, like blue is his dad even tho blue is a female so that means he has to Mom's? Because you said he is kinda like blue and when he feels theater he is like the indomus so does that mean the blue and the I Rex are Mom's to he Indo?

  20. The indoraptor likes little girls but not adults.

  21. My family's theory is that Ripper was actually partially made with the little girl's DNA and thinks she is part of its pack

  22. It's a good theory

  23. Ripper huh… That's that's new.

  24. If they did get blue maybe they took some of her DNA to make indoraptor obay but got part of the DNA that makes her humane

  25. Whos riper if riper is the indoraptor well first the indoraptor is a girl

  26. He was like me very awkward

  27. GUYS THIS COULD BE NOT TRUE THE GIRL HAS NEVER BEEN DOWN THERE BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED edit: I realize that massive is also engineered to I might be wrong but who knows

  28. It’s sad indoraptor was really only going for her


  30. The indoraptor was incredibly smart, possibly as smart as a human but that doesn't mean that he was capaple of compassion or empathy, I believe that he only knew cruelty towards any living being around him because that was how he was raised. I believe Ripper was not killing out of hunger but rather out of cruelty, because why would the handlers starve him prior to the auction. I believe he was after Maisie because he knew she was somewhat associated to Eli Miller, whom Ripper hated. He wanted to kill Maisie because it was the closest thing to getting revenge on Eli and Ripper the Indoraptor was going to take his sweet time.

  31. I call the indoraptor indo.
    And the indominus Indy.
    Edit: if the indoraptor caught the girl he would pick her up in and kiss her. LOL!

  32. It doesn't make any sense though. Ripper was a classified creature, why would they let a child see him being born, when most people associated with the scientists didn't even know about it? I personally think he was curious about her being so small and innocent compared to the people that locked him up and tortured him. I really don't think he imprinted on her.

  33. RIPPER?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  34. Maybe he wanted to mate with her. That would be so hot!

  35. Or her "mom" Might have imprinted on him

  36. My theory is that in the scene that the indoraptor touches Maisie’s hair, she got so close to the cage that the indoraptor could smell her and remember her smell. Then in the scene were the indoraptor has Owen and Claire trapped behind the logs their to hard to get so he decided to go after Maisie. When she gets into the little elevator the indoraptor finds a way out on to the roof and starts to sniff her out. When he finally reaches her bedroom he can’t see her. Maybe he doesn’t have a good eye site. So instead of looking for her he starts to sniff around until catching her scent again. He slowly heads forward, sniffing intensely. Maybe he could see her but she smelled very nice and was sniffing for fun. Well, if he couldn’t see her and if Owen hadn’t entered the room, the indoraptor’s nose would of got to touching her face telling him that she was there. He would have probably kept sniffing a little longer because the indoraptor likes playing with his food until finally gobbling her up. That was my theory, sorry if you found it weird that I mentioned so many times the indoraptor snnifing her but that’s just what I think.

  37. Alteori alteori, running out of ideas? No subscribers, open your script, *opens script ahhhh ahhh ahhh,

  38. Wait, the indoraptor is called ripper?


  40. Hey, I just found a picture that may further prove that the indoraptor may have imprinted on Maisie

    This pic made me wonder if Maisie had met the indoraptor before while it was still an infant

  41. lmao that thumbnail though

  42. I think that the Indoraptor realized that she was a very close friend to it and it was able to find that out.

  43. What of Ripper has a human brain and is actually related to her in some way and is trying to let her know that

  44. Wait what????? The indoraptor has a name? WHY WASNT I INFORMED OF THIS!!!!!

  45. I think he would like her in the face

  46. If he got ahold of masy he would prodaly try to see what she was

  47. I think the indo rapter is Maxie's mother ?

  48. what if some of masie's dna is in the indo raptor? You know how Dr. Wu said the indo needs a mother with a similar genetic makeup. Blue would be the obvious choice. But what if the dino related to masie instead? Far fetched theory but since at one point they thought of making a movie with dino/human hybrids this could have been a subtle way to introduce those ideas.

  49. One theory is that Maisie has a bit of raptor DNA in her. Indo might have found that to be very interesting, but probably not to the point of imprinting, but just curiosity.

  50. That’s because Maisie is a clone like ripper

  51. The indoraptor was

  52. Indorator can see in the dark

  53. I say ripper wanted to be her dinosaur

  54. Like you know blue

  55. Or he has a connection with her cause she's a clone

  56. Maybe indoraptor is smart enough to be a pedo

  57. I always thought it could sense she was "different". It recognizes she not like the other humans.

  58. I think that ripper inpinted on masie because he thinks she is the mother to him

  59. Indoraptor has Original Maisie's genes…

    It's possible..

  60. How do you send fan art?

  61. Ik I'm late but I always loved the Jurassic universe whether the script is gud or not.
    I honestly felt this moment from the second trailer and I had a assumption that they the would try catching with maisie as a bait and that's when Owen actually understand that ripper isn't trying to kill her.

    But the script had other ideas.

  62. I think the indoraptor will kill her if the indoraptor will get her because she was keep screaming I know she's scared but the indoraptor hates loud noises the reason the guy who was in the indoraptors cage is because he tried to get the tooth we know that.He was getting the tooth which the indoraptor got mad.

  63. I think hes more friendlier as everybody thinks! For sure!

  64. How would you know if it did anyway

  65. I know why ripper was after macie, remember what doctor wu said hybrid indoraptor needs a mother, macie is a cloned girl and since they're both clones macie must be rippers mom

  66. Like and ex cape love

  67. I think he somehow knew that Maisie was a clone like him. But she was a different kind of clone. She was a human clone. And Ripper is a dinosaur hybrid. Since he has skills/powers, I think he had a sense that Maisie wasn't like any kind of human he saw.

  68. There was actually a line from Wu that supports this in the movie. Wu saying it needs a mother

  69. Why do you keep calling her ripper :/ ya I call em a girl not a boy

  70. Maisie: scare noises
    Ripper: stahp trembling I'm tryna hug u
    Maisie: major scares
    Owen: shoots
    Ripper: why u shoot me I'm tryna hug dis little gurl

  71. It’s not a he every dinosaur in the jurrasic series are female

  72. My cousin said all Jurassic world Dino’s are girls so indoraptor a girl

  73. Indorapator the dino version of terminator

  74. The reason indoraptor didn't room easy because he wanted to touch her first and see if she would order your act and scream and if she screamed he would have killed her right but she didn't she screamed a little bit but it didn't but he didn't mind

  75. Wait so is the dinosaur The dude who found This intro Welcome To Jurassic Park

  76. Pfft! No!!! I just liked her hair…

  77. what if jurrasic park made the hybrids look cute?
    thats kind of what i did with my megapholosophis cats kaiju

  78. +at first i thought it said impregnet as well

  79. ???? Indoraptor love her ?????????????????????????????????

  80. Maybe Ripper was trying to protect her? He never really tried to attack her, he just chased her around. You’d think he would just attack her right away, but he just slowly approached her, and when Maisie turns her back to the cage, it strokes her hair. It doesn’t try slashing at her or anything. But they killed him off, so that sucks.

  81. Im the ripper im indoraptor!!!

  82. It would've killed her eventually. It doesnt have morals.

  83. Well I don’t mean to be rude but you forgot one other aspect of this theory .they’re both clones is it possible ripper knows this

  84. This little girl had fictional potential. It would be cool to see some good romantic themes between her and the indoraptor. But unfortunately the film turned out to be shit.
    Total chaos. The first girl runs away from dinosaurs and screams. Then she want to release them so they don't get poisoned by gas. Because they are alive. What is the logic in this. This is not normal and realistic.
    Every normal child wants the death of the animal that attacks them. Don't release them into the world to attack others.
    It's too bad an indoraptor. He had the potential for a cool story. This laser motif was really stupid. Cats chase after the laser.
    Indoraptor could afford more. He deserved more. After all, he was the main antagonist of the film. And so obviously killing him is disappointing. Unfortunately, Blue didn't do much either. Everyone hoped that she would create a new herd with the indoraptor.
    And it should be like that. It would fit.
    The indoraptor should be mating Blue.
    The creators would not have to show it.
    Although it would be cool to see it, I would like to. But there was not even a suggestion.
    There are so many things done wrong. So many mistakes. I was counting on a stylish twist so much. unfortunately the film is disappointing in the story. Movie was supposed to be cool, he proved weak.

  85. I think he didnt try to kill her to probably to harass her or just to make the movie longer maybe even to keep macie stay alive for the sequal

  86. I'm not gonna bother watching cause the answer is obvious. N. O. NO!!!! If it imprinted on her then why is it trying to KILL her? It was slashing and biting. When it chased her it was trying to bite her. "Hey Mom can I eat you?" When she was in bed it was about to lunge if it wasn't for Owen she would of been dead

    This theory annoys me just as much as the worst star wars theory I've ever seen… "Is Finn kylos apprentice" this theory makes the list as the most irritating theories…. Nothing personal but it's aggravating when it's so obvious they're not and people make these "theories" when it's just for views

    I'm sorry it just frustrates me

  87. + he didnt kill the little girl …… bc he killed that man very fast .3.

  88. Well it is normal for animals or for anything to imprint on a human based on what happened before. Like in Jurassic world blue Delta echo and Charlie imprinted on Owen when they were raised by him in after they all died blue was the only one standing and she gave everything to help Owen.

  89. what if the Indoraptor was a failed attempt on creating Maisie?
    And instead of destroyed it they just made it into the Indo Raptor????
    i know,i know, it sounds stupid…

  90. It could be the indo-raptor smells that she is a clone, probably made in the same lab, and either sees her as a sibling or mother. When ripper chases her it is possible he sees it as playing, being raised in captivity he does not know how to socialize, and he was only trained to attack.

  91. The indoraptor, in my opinion, did not imprint on her, like the I. Rex the indoraptor was psychotic and malicious and enjoyed toying with his prey whenever he got the chance
    Had Owen not got in that room in time, the Indoraptor would have most definitely killed her, he was just savoring the moment because he enjoyed how terrified she was

  92. Sounds like a fanfiction

  93. Is it just as likely that they did not want a little girl to get killed?

  94. He or she would probably find a way to comfort her to show her it's not a threat.

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