Discover a day in the life of gaming streamer, Sacriel | Powered by Intel | Intel Gaming

Discover a day in the life of gaming streamer, Sacriel | Powered by Intel | Intel Gaming

As a streamer in my position it’s impossible
to shut off the online world. I would say the hardest thing about being
a streamer per say is the anxiety of having to always be working, the feeling of always
having to be live. Because of the new diet that I have my energy
is much more balanced, I’m less prone to mood swings, I sleep better at night, I have
less anxiety. I’ve started eating properly and taking
more time off and it’s had an amazing impact on my life. If I didn’t have Shannon I would have to
invent a machine so I could work 30 hours a day. Every decision I appear to make on stream
is actually a combination of me and Shannon working together. So, after Chris starts his stream I’ll come
down into my office and that’s where I check in with the moderators who are the facilitators
for all the information that they’ll need to pass on to the community. They’re also our greeters for the community. Then I’ll check with our management firm
and check out business opportunities there, and then I will handle both mine and Chris’
emails. Finally I’ll check on social media. It’s spinning plates. So I’m sat here playing the game and then
I need to read chat, and I need to make sure I shout out my supporters that take that extra
step to help support the stream. I need to be checking on my moderators and
my coders and my artists you know checking all these things while trying to play the
game. I’m in front of this camera with a microphone
and I have to be my best. Technology is an absolutely vital part of
streaming; the more technology advances the more routes I have to connect with the audience
that mean so much to me. I’m going to be PUBG’ing my socks off
all night and it’s going to be fantastic. You should be in the middle When you got to 36 degrees then you start
lose your health a little bit. You’re right, 10 gifted subs are very generous
you can have some digestive biscuits too. It’s amazing that I get to share my adventures
with so many but it’s really important to remember to switch off.

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