Later in this video… Oh my gosh! Why are all of our friends on dates with villains? Yay! School is over, let the weekend begin. Yay, what are you guys gonna do this weekend? Well, actually Kristoff made us reservations
at the new Pizza Planet that opened in Arendelle Village. What! I didn’t know you guys were going there. Jack and I are actually going there too for
a date night. Wait! Jack as in Jack Frost? Yeah, he’s blowing through town so we thought
we’d have a date night. I mean, long distance is really tough, but
it’s snow worth it. That’s awesome! And crazy, because Prince Adam just texted
me right before 7th period that he made us reservations there too! What are the odds? You guys are never gonna believe this… yeah,
we were all just talking… and we realized that we all made reservations for date night
at the same restaurant. Pizza Planet! Ha ha ha. Us too, you know great minds seriously do
think alike. This is so crazy, I have to make a post about
it. Do you have any 2s? Go fishing, I don’t have any. First of all, it’s go fish, you Sultan wannabe
and I can see your 2s by the way you’re holding your hand. Hey, that’s cheating, you can’t look at my
hand. It’s cheating not giving me what I asked for. No, it’s strategy. Quiet you two! Ugh, this villain clubhouse seemed like a
good idea but you too are getting on my nerves. Seriously, I’m trying to Instagram over
here, Instagram, you know, because I’m cool, hip, up on current trends. Oh, that’s so last year Gothel. The new thing is live streaming. I’m live streaming right now. Say hi guys… Oh, my fans are saying hi back. Who is even watching, LeFou and those three
silly girls? Oh, no, so rude! Oh, thank you fans, I wish I knew what the
other stuff said though. Wait a second, it looks like on Jasmine’s
Instagram that all the princesses are going to Pizza Planet, tonight! Oh, that place does sound really good. I’m more of a pepperoni fan myself, but I
do love the occasional pineapple. No, you fool! She’s saying this is a great opportunity
to get them all together, then, take over. Mwa ha ha ha, but how? Well, looks like they’re all going on a date
night. These princesses are all stronger with their
counterparts, If we could separate all of them, then we could all take over the various
kingdoms. Oh LeFou wants to know – I mean my fans want
to know um, how we plan on doing that. Well, it seems that I can distract Aladdin
so that he’s late to his reservation, and then I can show up instead to meet Jasmine
myself. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but great
idea Jafar. I shall do the same with Anna and Kristoff. Perfect! We shall all distract them. First, we take over Pizza Planet, then all
of fairytale land. Ha ha ha. Later on Saturday night… Perfect! Can’t wait! Perfect! Ah, I think I’m ready. Looks like its go time. Come in other villains, I made it under the
sea. Gothel, what’s your status? The eagle has landed. Wait… Eagle! Eagle, I didnt get an Eagle. Okay, if anyone is getting a pet eagle,
get sure to be moi. Shhh, be quite. It’s just a figure of speech, it means I’m
in. Okay, now to get this hairbrush, try being
on time for dinner with tangled hair Rapunzel ha ha ha ha. Oh, got it. Jafar, what’s going on there? Oh, just turned on the lights on Aladdin’s
carpet, try flying with that. Ha ha. Even a magic carpet can’t fly with a dead
battery. Wait! Is that right? Well, let’s hope that works. I’ve stolen Ariel’s mermaid potion, so that
should delay her for a while. Hans. It’s go-go- going great, I go-got the turkey,
turkey sandwich. Turkey? Yes, everyone knows from Thanksgiving that
tur- turkey makes you sleepy… so I plan on feeding the turkey sandwich to Sven who’ll
then fall asleep and then Kristoff will have no one to pull his sleigh. Mwa Ha ha ha, I can’t even laugh properly
in this cold. Ha ha ha. I guess that makes sense. Wait! Gaston, where are you? I’m outside the Beast’s castle. I’m gonna throw eggs at his carriage. Ha ha . It’s hard though, wasting all these
perfectly good eggs, but a villain’s got to do what a villain’s gotta do, am I
right? Sorry guys, I gotta go though I can’t talk
on a walkie-talkie, stream and throw eggs to the carriage at the same time, am I
right? Stop all the streaming. Slow, Oh what! I can’t hear you. Hello, my friends… Gaston here and I’m about to egg my arch-nemesis’
house. Have you ever gotten even with somebody? Let me know in the comments… Ok Nessie, we delayed each part of the couple,
now how are we going to make them stay at dinner with us? Leave that to me. I just have to add a special ingredient. Now, to make a little delivery, I think everyone
will love my little magical appetizer. Hi there, welcome to Pizza Planet, do you
have a reservation? Hi there, should be under Jack Frost. Yes, sir, you’re the first to arrive. Right this way. Okay, I’m almost ready to go, just need to
brush out all these tangles. Where did my brush go? Pascal, have you seen my brush? Oh no, I’m gonna be late. Oh, hey Flynn, good to see you. Eric, good to see you too, it’s been a while. How is it ruling both land and sea? Well, you never know what the tide may bring
in. Ha, ha. We’re just seazing the day, ha ha. Things are just fintastic, okay, I’m done. How are things with you and Rapunzel? Great! We’re thinking of opening a restaurant ourselves,
with her frying pan skills and my um, business skills, we think we could really be successful. Business skills, I thought you were a thief! Ai, uhm. Hi, are you here for your reservation? Yes. Two under Flynn Rider, businessman extraordinaire,
definitely not thief. Um, I don’t have any of that. Ugh, she probably made it under, Eugene. Oh yes, I have it right here… Eugene. Shh, don’t say it so loud. I’ll be right back with you. Sir, if you want to come this way. Why are the lights on, on carpet? This is weird, I didn’t even know he had lights. Let’s go carpet, fly. Come on, up up and away. This date night is gonna go great. Great food, great atmosphere and I’ve been
working on my smolder. [Music] Excuse me! Oh, hi, I uh, I was just working on my smolder;
it’s a thing from my movie, uh… I wanted to see, if you cared for a little
appetizer. Oh yeah, thanks. Oh. It’s my pleasure. Okay, Sven let’s go… it’s time to go on
a date with Anna and have some delicious pizza. I even talked to the chef to have them whip
and wrap her up a pizza sandwich. She’s going to be so surprised. Sven, why are you sleeping? Sven, get up we gotta go, we’re gonna be late. Sven, wake up! Sveeeen. Can’t believe we all got here at the exact
same time. Right, seriously… You guys look so cute. Or snow cute if I do say so myself. You guys, I see Jack, okay, I’m gonna go meet
up with him, I’ll see you later. Uh, have fun Elsa. They are so adorable together, I’m totally
shipping them. Excuse me ladies, can I offer you a piece
of a garlic bread appetizer while you wait. Yum, yes please. Oh my gosh! I love breads of all kinds. There’s this guy in the village that makes
the best baguette. I know, I might even like it more than Pizza. Okay, well have a nice date night. That’s weird that that waitress knew we were here
for date night. Hi ladies, sorry to make you wait. I can seat you now. Sir, I’m running late to meet my girlfriend
Belle at dinner and I come out, and my carriage has been egged! Any idea who would have done that? 100% sure it was Gaston. And what does this Gaston fella look like
anyway? Big crazy, muscles, hair, looks like Elvis
but it’s long and like it hasn’t been cut recently. Crazy vacant look behind the eyes, like there’s
not a lot going on up there. Does he hang out with another short guy; they
go to taverns, sing songs about eating eggs and stuff like that? That’s the one. Oh, man, I’m running crazy late to dinner. I hope Belle’s not mad. Excuse me, uh, garlic bread appetizer. Sure, how could I say no to that? Oh, no, I can’t find my potion anywhere to
turn back human. Flounder… Sebastian… Oh, I can’t believe I’m gonna be late for
date night. Well, I think we all cleaned up nicely. Yes, I spent two hours on the sideburns for
this. Same here, this beard takes work you know. All right followers, it’s time to put our
plan into action, and if you want to follow me on other platforms, my handle is @gassymuscleman,
@gassymuscle-man. Gassymuscleman! That’s my nickname. What! What! All right you guys, I gave them the magic
garlic bread, so when your person sees you, they will instantly fall in love. # Nofilter. [Music] Hi, how can I help? Excuse me, we’re trying to pose over here. Yes, dont you know a good montage when you
see one? I am sorry, I – I… we know where to go. Okay, divide and conquer. Oh, hello Flynny, are you ready for our date? [music] I could definitely see a future. I’m so happy we ended up together Goth Goth. I love these youthful face masks. Isn’t it romantic being young together, ha
ha , more collagen smoothie. I love this smoothie. Well, here we are, the love of my life. The apple of my eye, the taco to my bell,
hmm, because her name’s Be – Oh, ha ha Its Belle. Ha ha Gaston, I didn’t know you’d be here. Oh, Belle, you think you know everything,
but you don’t know what you think you know, because you know so much but not what you
don’t know obviously, let me know if that sounded smart. You see, Belle, I knew if you stopped reading
all those books, you and I would get along so good. You’re right Gaston, I had no idea what I
was missing. Uh, timber! I think it’s time for a snack… Oh, Belle, did you bring our favorite? You know it! Eggs… And, there’s five more dozen where this came
from. Ha ha ha. Hello Eric, we meet again. Remember, Vanessa, we almost got married. Vanessa… yeah. You know, I never really knew what happened
there. Same zees. I mean, we could always give it another try. Where there’s a will, there’s a wave. You know, being here with you, it reminds
me of a certain song. Oh yeah, what is it? A love song? Baby Shark doo doo, doo doo doo doo Baby Shark
doo doo, doo doo doo doo Baby Shark doo doo, doo doo doo doo baby shark. At least you’re cute. Jazzy, it’s me Jafar. Remember how we were going to be social media
celebs together? Well, I was thinking a whole reality show. Oh my gosh, yeah! What have I been doing with my life, that’s
the dream. Fire… fire… Ha ha. Jaffer, we have to get rid of those
parrots. It is so annoying and keeps repeating everything
that I’m saying. Wa, he keeps repeating everything I’m saying. Jasmine always gets like this about our pets. One day it’s the parrot, the next day it’s
the snake, but let’s really talk about her tiger. Ah, hello Anna! You know I’ve been thinking… we had that
whole song together. Now, I know things went a little awry in our
movie, but I think we should give it another go. You’re right! I mean, we still finish each other’s sentences –
sandwiches. Ah, yes, Sandwiches! Ah, right. You know, tomato, potato, they’re both vegetables. So right Hans, I didn’t know what I was missing. Like I said, you got to feel the burn… the
sideburn, that is…ha ha ha. The twins agree with you Hans. Ha ha ha . So anyway, the Guardians and I
were all discussing our various holidays, when tooth… the tooth fairy says… Oh my gosh! Why are all of our friends on dates with villains? Uh-oh, this can’t be good. Crazy! I can’t believe we all got slowed down like
that. I know, and on date night. Well, we’re all here now right? Exactly, better late than never. Hi there, can I get your names for your
reservation? Hi, I believe mine is under Anna of Arendelle. Oh, I’m sorry, but that reservation has
been filled, both people are already here. Wait! What! Wait a second, Anna is over there with Hans,
and she looks happy. Oh my gosh! There’s Eric with Vanessa, and he’s laughing. Jasmine’s with Jafar… that can’t be right? Ah Flynn, what are you doing? Get away from Gothel . Rapunzel, get out of
here I’m with Gothie now, we are over! Gothie! What! I can’t believe this. Belle, what are you doing sitting with Gaston? Adam, I’m so sorry but it’s true, no one’s
like Gaston. I’ve got to go, my heart is just broken. I can’t believe this is real. I guess I should have just stayed under the
sea. At least I still have Sven, uuh. It’s a whole new world of loneliness. Wait! What’s going on? We’ve got to stop this, this is insane. I’m gonna research what I can, and get to
the bottom of this. Okay and I’m going to talk to them myself
huh. Anna, what is going on, what are you doing
here with Hans? Elsa, let it go, this is none of your business. Eric! Where’s Ariel? Get out of here ice queen. Snow, no one wants you here. Jasmine! It’s Jazzy. I’m sorry, can you leave? I’m not signing autographs right now. Okay, so something seriously fishy is going
on because nobody is acting like themselves. Yeah, they’re all posting about their new
dates. Wait, hold on. I just came across this. Uhh, “Just to catch you guys up, I’m here
on a date with Belle… The magic garlic bread worked! Shout out to Vanessa. You smell like carbs, Belle”. They put a spell on the garlic bread? They always take such a good thing and ruin
it. We have to fight fire with fire. Or we fight appetizer with dessert. I bet we could come up with a reversal chocolate
or something sweet. Good idea Jack and, I think we’ll need some
waiters to serve that dessert, and we know just the people. Hello, it’s a me, your waiter. Here is your deliciouso dessert. Oh some sweets, for my sweet. See what I did there. Oh Flynnie, ha ha. Enjoy. Oh, wait! What’s going on here? Yum, chocolate is like, the sandwich of dessert. Wow! Yeah, it’s like you read my mind. Woah, Hans! Ha ha. Exit, stage left. Jafar, take a pic of me eating this chocolate. I need it for the Gram. What in the whole new world! Chocolate! No thanks. Dairy and I do not agree. Sure, I’ll take some. Get it Nessie? Like the shore… Just eat your chocolate, Eric. Whoa, I feel like I just got hit by a tidal
wave. Look followers, our waiter is an authentic
Italian man, probably all the way from Italia itself. Yes, it’s me, now eat your chocolates. Uhh, uhh. Belle’s about to eat the chocolate. Oh, Belle, they want to know what kind of
chocolate is it. Is it dark chocolate, milk chocolate or “Bellegium”? Ha ha, get it, Belle. Let’s see. It’s the flavor of… got you. Wait! What has just happened? Why am I sitting with Gaston on date night? Where is Prince Adam? I’m right here Belle, these villains tried
to trick you into seeing a future with them, and ruining our date night. What! Oh my gosh! Can’t you guys get hobby or something? Ugh, I do have a hobby, it’s my live streaming. Oh, how rude! Yeah and thank goodness it is, because that’s
how Jack and I were able to piece it all together and figure out how it all went down. And thanks to my amazing wait staff. And my incredible boyfriend Jack, we were
able to stop the villains and save this date night. The real question is, what do we do with these
villains? I think I have a pretty good idea. So, can I have your autograph? Aladdin, don’t even joke, I don’t even like
reality TV. Jazzy, who even is that. Eww, I’m just still so grossed out by that
whole incident. I think in our future we were cutting down
trees and I was juggling eggs. No one cuts trees like Belle or eats eggs
like Belle. No no no no, that’s gross. don’t even joke about it Adam, ugh. I’m just so glad we’re back together on this
date. How do I look? can- can you see any sideburns? No sideburns. You look beautiful, more beautiful than pastrami
on rye. Aaaw Kristoff… I’m so sorry that happened, Ponzi. You’re the only girl I would ever want to
wear facemasks and drink healthy smoothies with. Uhh, don’t worry. I know you were under a spell, all good. But hey… I’ve been working on something. What do you think of this? [music] I’m impressed! Dare I say that may be better than mine. Oh Eugene… Rapunzel, X-nay on the Eugenay. I’m so glad you saved me Ariel, Vanessa was
so mean. She didn’t even like my jokes. You know what I always say, “sun’s out,
puns out”. Ha ha . Oh Eric, I love your puns, and I
see what you did there. Ha ha . My delicate hands are getting pruney
washing all of these dishes. Ah, that’s why you have to invest in some
cleaning gloves my man. I mean, if you’re gonna be stuck washing dishes,
you might as well do it in style. Uh, does this dishwashers costume make me
look old? So followers, our plan was spoiled again, tear. But what did you think of the plan? Let me know. Gaston, can I see your phone? Oh-oh you guys, Vanessa aka, Ursula the seawitch
wants to be in my live stream. Oh here, say hi to her. Hi, you poor unfortunate soul, ha ha. No, my fans… luckily I have this backup
phone, ha ha. Hello, you guys, sorry about that, I was tricked. Anyway, these dishes seem to be endless…
do you think Jafar is gonna get the stain out of that one? Let me know in the comments. Yeah, I was out on the fjord trying to collect
as much ice as I could when all of a sudden a huge tree dropped all that snow on my head. I think I still have ice in my ear. Oh my gosh, the same thing happened to me
last week when I was playing hide-and-seek with Olaf, it was not pretty. Yeah, so what do you want to do now? Do you wanna grab a slice of pizza, my little
snowflake? Aaw, I wish I could, but I told Elsa that
I’d meet up with her and we’d go over Arendelle’s annual bake sale. “Arendelle’s annual snake sale”. Huh? Yeah we were short about a dozen cakes. “Yeah, we were sure about a dozen snakes”. What an interesting event, you guys put together. What do you mean, every town does it. They do? Yeah, I just don’t know how we’re going to
find them in time. I had no idea. I guess this is the kind of stuff you miss
out on when you grow up with trolls. So, Oaken is cool with us holding the event
at his trading post this year? Oh, yeah, definitely he was like “yoohoo , big
big sale blow out” and I was like, “oh my gosh”, I know right? This is going to be snow much fun! Oh, I’ll get it. Who is it? Oh, nobody but there was a note it says, “I
hope this helps your event out, 12, just like you asked for. Love Kristoff”. Uh, is that what I think it is? Kristoff is so sweet. Uhhhh! Anna, there’s a s-, s-, snake! No Elsa, there’s a dozen snakes. Definitely not what I asked for. Uhhh. No you hang up. No, you hang up first. Okay, on the count of three we’ll both hang
up, Okay? One, two, three. You didn’t hang up. Sorry, Kristoff, gotta go, Elsa just walked
back in. I’ll meet you at the mall later, okay. To buy cakes. What a buffoon! What does Anna see in Kristoff anyways? Just think if him and Anna got married someday,
he’d be Prince of Arendelle. If Kristoff marries Elsa, then he’ll be king
of Arendelle. And Anna will be so upset she’ll basically
run into my arms and beg me to marry her. Then, if Kristoff keeps up his buffoonery,
which we know he will, the people of Arendelle shall revolt and kick Elsa and Kristoff out
of the kingdom forever. Ha ha ha. Hans you’re a genius. Now, if I can just figure out how to get Elsa
to want to marry Kristoff. Thank goodness, we were able to get all of
those snakes out of our house. I know, I can’t believe Kristoff thought I
said snakes. Why would we sell snakes, the whole thing
is kind of funny when you think about it. Come out already you stupid Genie, I know
you’re in there. Are you talking to that lamp? I know they say us villains are cray-cray
but you sir, have officially lost it. Anyway, I need your help Jaf. Jaf?, My name’s Jafar, and what do you want
anyway? What I’ve always wanted… to marry a princess! Oh precisely what I was going to say next. So, which princess do you want to marry now? Well as you know I did have a short romance
with Anna, we even had a song together, but I decided Elsa being queen would be better. But upon thinking about it, actually Anna
might be the better option. Oh, so you want to marry Princess Anna? You see, I do but I also want Elsa to marry…
you want to marry Elsa? If I married her, I could become king, but
she’d never marry me. Been there, tried that. Uuw, yack, no way. #sorrynotsorry. But, if Elsa married Kristoff, I could marry
Anna and then kick Kristoff and Elsa out because Kristoff is a buffoon. I don’t have time for this, I’m a very busy
villain. Here, take these. What is this? Jellybeans! it’s magic jellybeans you fool. Whoever eats these will fall madly in love
and want to marry the other person who eats them. Easy enough, thanks for Hansying it over, ha
ha ha. But Hans, there are rules; the princess or
prince who eats those must continue to do so to stay under the love spell. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve got it. All this snake-catching is making me really
hungry. I wish we had something sweet to snack on. Not me, I am still stuffed from the pizza place
earlier. That’s weird are you expecting anyone, or
should I say anything else for that matter? No, definitely not. Well, I guess I’ll go see who it is this time. Where is she, these jelly beans aren’t going to eat themselves. Uh, here she comes. Hello… Huh, that’s strange, there’s no one else out
here. Huh, wait, what’s this? It looks like a gift. Maybe Kristoff is trying to make up from earlier
and the snakes. So, what did we get? It’s a gift. From who? It says “to the ice queen, love. Your secret admirer. PS, this is not a trick.” really? And here I was thinking it was going to be
for you. Wait, you have a secret admirer? This is awesome. Well, open it up and see what’s inside. It’s jelly beans! That’s great. Were you just saying you have a sweet tooth? Yeah, you’re right. It’s like whoever said these to me just knows
me. That’s how Kristoff and I are, we finish each other’s…. Jelly beans! Huh! I think that was a jelly bean flavor I just
said, so yummy. Do you want one? Oh, no thanks. I have a confession to make; I want… What what! I wanna marry Kristoff! What! Oh, you’re so funny Elsa, you almost had me. Your face was all “I wanna marry Kristoff”. I’m gonna go profess my feelings for him right
now. Are you feeling okay Elsa. I never felt better in my whole entire life. I wanna marry Kristoff! What! Yahtzee! Ha ha ha, my plan is working perfectly now
for stage 2 of Elsa Kristoff marriage ish gets kicked out of Arendelle and then I shall
marry Anna and become king! Oh, I want to marry Kristoff? Elsa, wait up. Elsa! Oh, take that and take that and take that,
ha ha, easter egg. I can play this game all day long. Just a second, turbocharged power. Elsa, what are you doing here? Wait, how’d you get in, the door’s locked. I climbed through the window. Kristoff, I have something important to tell
you. Wait, hold that thought Elsa, there’s someone
else knocking at the door. It’s an emergency Kristoff, I have to tell
you. Tell me what? I wanna marry you, Kristoff. Elsa, are you feeling okay? Why does everybdy keep asking me that? I’ve never felt more better in all of my life. I just realized today that I wanna marry Kristoff. I wanna marry you, Kristoff! What! Married to you? Whoa, what about Anna? What about her? She’s your sister and I’m her boyfriend. Like, you’re nice and all but you’re like
a sister to me Elsa. I mean, if you marry me Kristoff, you could
be king. Who doesn’t want to be king? Well, that’s a nice offer and all… I’ll marry you, Kristoff. Oh what! Do you want some jelly beans? I mean… Sure I guess. But listen Elsa, what I was trying to say
to you is… I want to marry you ,Elsa. What! Anna, what are you doing here? The front door is locked. I climbed through the window but that’s not
important. Right, what’s important here is… I wanna marry you, Kristoff. What? Do you guys hear what you’re saying right
now? Come on my little snowflake. Ohhh. Yeah and then she was like “I want to marry
Kristoff”. What! No way. And then Kristoff was like “I want to marry
Elsa”. Anna, this is crazy, I can’t even believe
what I’m hearing right now. I know, I can’t even believe I’m saying this
right now. Do you think they felt this way for a while? Honestly, it was just like they woke up today
and wanted to get married. Time for stage 3 of operation Kristoff Elsa
marriage ish, gets Elsa kicked out of Arendelle and I marry Anna and become king, ha ha ha
ha. Belle, can you hold on for a second, there’s
another call coming in, it’s a restricted number. Yeah sure no problem. Hey, maybe it’s Elsa and she’ll say that this
was all a big April Fool’s joke. Maybe, except it’s not April. I don’t know, okay hold on just one minute
okay? Hello.. Want a good dinner “Anna” movie tonight? Ha ha ha, get it, “Anna movie”? What, who is this? It’s me, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. I wish to speak to my little Anna banana. Hans, why are you calling me? And why are you calling me a banana? If you were a piece of fruit on a tree, I’d
pick you, ha ha ha. Get it? I’d pick you.. Anywho, the reason I’m calling you is to see
if you wanted to grab a hot cocoa or go to the movies or get married or whatever. Hans! Hello hello… Hmm, she must have lost service. Hello. Hello. Sorry about that, it was Han’s. Eww, I hope you hung up on him. Oh, I did. Anyway, what was I saying? Something about.. They just woke up wanting to get married. Oh yeah, so anyway, Elsa was eating these
jelly beans and she was like “I wanna marry Kristoff” and then Kristoff kept eating these
other jelly beans and he was like “I want to marry Elsa”. Well, that seems a little unusual, don’t you
think? That’s it, Belle, I think you’re on to something
here, there is definitely something fishy going on. Can you grab some jelly beans and meet me
at the church? Yeah, you got it. But I still understand what’s going on. Let’s just say I think we’ve been Bean Boozled. Anna… What was that? Anna, I think your phone cut out. Something about Bean Boozled? We’re gathered here today to witness the marriage
of Queen Elsa and…. I wanna marry Kristoff! Kristoff right? The Iceman in holy matrimony. I want to marry Elsa. That’s great. I want to marry Kristoff. I want to marry Elsa. Okay yes, I get it, you two want to marry
each other… Great, that’s just great. I want to marry Elsa. Perhaps you should stop eating jelly beans. I’ll take those. After all, sweets are not allowed in the church
and this is an official marriage ceremony. I’m putting them down. Now, what were we saying? There they are. Belle, do you have the jelly beans? Yes, one bag of Bean Boozled jelly beans. What! No no, I said “we’ve been Bean Boozled”. Oh my gosh! I’m sorry, I – my phone or your phone, someone’s
phone cut out, sorry. No matter, I think these will work. I’ll distract them and you swap up the jelly
beans. You got it. Yes, found them. Oh man, I could really go for a jelly bean. No Belle, remember they’re enchanted. Right, okay. Leave these, okay. I object… Because you’re keeping the jellybeans from
us. Fine fine, if it means that much to you, you
two can share these. As I was saying, if there’s anyone in the
audience that doesn’t think that these two should be wed, speak now or forever hold your
peace. I object, Kristoff is my boyfriend. Spoiled milk! Actually, I believe the saying is “no sense
crying over spilled milk”. Rotten egg! There’s no reason for name-calling young man. No, I want to marry Anna. Not Elsa… What’s happening? You do? And I don’t want to marry Kristoff. You don’t? No way. I mean, no offense. None taken. But what are we doing here? So, you guys aren’t really trying to get married
to each other? No no no. No. I’m starting to think whoever sent us or well,
the other jelly beans put us under some sort of spell. Ahem, I’m here for the one o’clock Hans Anna
wedding. Hans!

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