Disney’s 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS1)

Disney’s 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS1)

we return to the adventures of
thunderbolt in after these words from our sponsor hey I’m ball let’s go to for
pirate treasure in the yard you bet but Domino do you think it’ll be okay with
mom yeah no sweat mom and dad will be back from their walk soon what could
possibly go wrong hey Domino what’s this that’s just one
of those crummy robot toys girl at the villas making who we want such an ugly
hunk of junk I’m ruined ruined I say my toys my
marvelous splendid toys they’re selling worse and brussel sprouts
no worry mr. Hill I’m sure this new one will be a big hit no can’t you see the
spoiled brats of England must be spending their pocket money I’m
something else and we must eliminate that competition yes there’s no other
choice professor bars boom get your head out of your toy programming and arms of
a boat oh yes Cruella my sweet falls boo my
high-tech hireling initiate plan a beep hey everybody were bad mom dad hey where
is everybody oh look dipstick their oddball and
Domino at least they are still here listen it’s coming on the TV right now
and all over England pets of every kind are vanishing without a trace Scotland
Yard is now on the case and I just can’t believe it
our puppy’s gone it’s that horrid Cruella de Vil up to her old tricks
I just know it but what can we do darling
I’ll tell you what we can do we’ll go over to that evil woman’s toy factory
get our pups back and have it out with her once and for all
you’re right dipstick oh I could just bite that woman now oddball in Domino
you puppies stay right here take care of our humans while we’re gone and don’t
worry we’ll be back with all your brothers and sisters as soon as we can
goodbye my darlings and be good so you want to stay here and be good or do you
want to go help rescue our family my thoughts exactly sis let’s go hello
there puppy names waddlesworth welcome to regents park high wall is
worth I’m looking for my brothers and sisters I think they may be in trouble
yes Cruella de Vil and robotic toys to catch all the but why
what is she gonna do with them the robots are locking the pets into
crates like this one and taking them to Cruella’s toy factory outside of london
can we stop them of couse the toys are dangerous if you’re not careful but they
are very poorly made a loud bark at close range will destroy the cheap
electronics what about my brothers and sisters trapped in the crates try
telling into the Crites you should be able to smash them open
and rescue the puppies inside thanks waddlesworth I’ll see you soon I don’t
know if you has henchmen Jasper yet when you do bring him back to my tree I bet
we could play a funny check on him see you later come back here you much okay fidget now what you’ve gotta make
empathy what is it better coming up no I got yet I’m looking I’m looking
were that you doing oh you just a real still like and now for that to the draw
sake oh that against Jasper got the point in
the end he’s not allergic hey now that that’s for second carrot sure what’s
that I lost my favorite nuts I go searching for it my mom doesn’t let me
go very far from our tree if the assignment would you please bring it
back to me you bet fidget hi kitty cat what are you doing here
ahem I am sergeant Tibbs and I’ve been sent to help you save your brothers and
sisters and track down Cruella Deville what do you know about karela well let’s
just say that I’ve done battle with that harridan de Ville before I’ll take any
help you can give me mr. Tibbs we’ll see you soon so tips I eat from
the country I’ll buy Cruella’s please yes I’m quite
familiar with the area nearby her filthy decrepit mansion her mansion is that
near her toy factory how do I get there let’s take it one step at a time you’ll
need to get through this toy store and up to the top of Big Ben via Piccadilly
Circus the top of Big Ben but why from the heights of Big Ben’s bell tower you
can contact The Barking chain at Twilight those dogs should be able to
help you get out of London and make your way through the countryside to Cruella’s
mansion wow thanks tips pagon fidget where are we
when you’re Piccadilly Circus with like the card shop I need to get the big bed
can you port me the right way you can start by following the bus to Trafalgar
Square it’s over there with mournfully some extra mods blue underwear with
yellow polka dot d see you what i feet look over there next the horse lover who
allegedly door or a manhole cover just waiting to have it covered
boy stuff yeah watch this Oh amazing good I think Horace is feeling a bit down
today Oh are you interested in a solid
zirconium roof for your home let me tell you why oh hi papi my name is Yvonne
because you type Thanks I think I’ve got a bit of a head cold
hey Yvonne I need to get to the top of this tower to contact The Barking champ
can you give me an advice oh sure I know this place like the back of my wing as
you make your way up I’ll drop in every now and then with some advice thanks a
lot for your help Yvonne Falls boomer I’m at big bed and ready to deal with
the mongrels we’re not gonna be able to contact The Barking chain with karela
hanging around you’ll have to get rid of her somehow
even those what steel catapults oh right now that the old witch is gone
we can contact the parking chain Oh it’s loud enough to reach the bar and
chain Domino try again okay Oh louder Domino hey volume control the chain
started now we have to do is wait for an answer
oh how could those vile puppies defeat me Cruella de Vil I know it must be your
fault but mom we tried to get him but they
silence just go get those puppies now is the super group ready almost my darling the few bugs to work out and then and
then the fun begins I can’t quite make it out it’s hard to
hear he says go Royal Museum the Museum that’s just a few blocks away let’s go hi there I’m fluffy welcome to the Royal
Museum wow this sure is a lot of cool stuff around here I wish you got time to
look at it all who are you gotta find a way out of London don’t worry I’ll help
you find the information you need but I’m afraid that first we have a few
tasks to complete like what I think Cruella’s henchman
lepelt has been prowling around here because a few important artifacts have
been moved around we have to put them back in their proper places before the
museum opens up tomorrow okay what can we do to help the first artifact is an
old coin made by ancient Romans I need to put it back in the Roman exhibit so
would you go get the coin and bring it back to me okay see you in a bit
heads up buddy I’m pretty sure lepelt it’s creeping around the museum
somewhere I bet he’s trying to set up some kind of
lame trap but I wouldn’t worry too much about him
yeah the belt has got to be the clumsiest Frenchman of all time well
there’s the pelt strap joke anyway even if I didn’t get caught in there that
hole on the side is plenty large enough for me to fit through hey that gives me
an idea and boy is lepelt gonna be mad now all I could do is jump into that
sarcophagus what my ingenious trap a failure oh good
the poopy is trapped anyway as usual I am victorious now where are you mumfie
teacher poor love he’ll let me out it is very dark in here well and wheezes mummy
loves him here’s the crown are we done yet not quite yet you need to find a
missing jelly donut a jelly donut I’ll explain everything when you’ll bring it
back whatever you say fluffy okay we got the
donut what now hey fluffy you read the Joey
donut back that’s what was boring I was really hungry so how do we get out of
one min well now we put all the artifacts back in their proper exhibits
and the night watchman has just opened the back door you can use the back door
and you’ll be ready for the next part of your journey down through the
underground and out of London thanks Ruffy don’t eat too many donuts
hi there where am I greetings puppy
hi I’m Chester a rat of fine standing you are in the London Underground
station my temporary residence until my studies are complete your studies what
are you gonna be a lawyer hmm strange every one presumes that but in fact I
intend to become a successful stockbroker work my way up out of the
gutter as it were that’s great say someone told me I can get out of London
to hear any ideas sometimes the new tube tunnels head back to the old underground
water-wise perhaps if you could find those messages
they would take you where you want to go thanks for the info
hi again Chester going for a swim I don’t know the water looks a little icky
and I’m afraid I might not swim well enough
oh I swim through these waterways all the time and the water is actually quite
clean I promise that the water is safe for dog paddling even the big world who
further on the heads a waffle oh yeah it’s great fun but be careful of true
Ella’s robot toys I saw some of them floating around down there okay I’ll see
you later hey Chester where are we now I’m not sure but I think we might be in
an old abandoned subway station from the Victorian times what a discovery are we
near the exit yes I think so try to turn on the light I’m sure it will help you
find your way out thanks a lot Chester maybe I’ll see you
again someday come on you me my name is Shelby isn’t
that funny Shelby because of my shell I kill me
yeah I kind of thought that might be the connection hey Shelby what is this place
why this is the carnival of course we travel around the world bringing fun and
excitement wherever we go I’m sure you do
Shelby hey you’ve got me doing it hey is there anything you can tell me about the
carnival in just a few short words well you need tickets for some of the
attractions like the roller coaster the shooting gallery and the fortune-telling
machine you can probably find some tickets just laying around if you look
for that’s great Shelby
see you later hey papi I just remembered there’s a strange looking man around
here he’s tall skinny and ugly that sounds like Jasper bed and a real creep
alright thanks Shelby I’ll keep an eye out for him a dunk for guns
how are you Jasper knows how to swim where’d that mongrel get to yet can’t
hide from me in there runt hey let it go oh I’ve done my dog cities who’s that
the puppy and I do sell hates the water hey Chester what are you doing out here
I just wanted to make sure you got out of the subway okay besides my cousin
Nigel he lives out back in the sawdust pile well gee thanks Chester is there
anything you can tell me about this place
hmm you might want to turn on any equipment you find around here
the vibrations might shake loose some hidden stuff okay see you later well we must have taken a wrong turn
there’s Khurana again oh I have the puppy trap this new vehicle of yours had
better work by looking at the figure arts and windstar Corolla in fast that was yeah I bet Carrillo spend a
week getting seeds out of her hair yeah well I guess we better get going
hey mom and dad should be close let’s try to catch up with them okay let’s go too far this time don’t take it so hard Seville it’s not
all your fault entirely to blame and repent I expected so much more from you
a bit of bad luck madam that’s all have no fear I
lepelt will deal with these pesky peas dude sweet I would not know get out of
my sight false boom my dot-com darling do you
have any good news yes Clara the super glue formula is complete as soon as your
army of robotic toys return to the factory with all the captured vets we
can begin the process and be frozen in shiny shells of super we shall sell them
throughout England as my new line of perfectly realistic animal toys daddy L
you look like one cool cat daddy Oh cat when I’m a dog who are you no blow your
top pop my name is Manny and my verse is uncanny most folks just called me jazz
mo yeah and you did nice to meet you Manny what’s going on
around here everything is free and easy out here in the sunshine but you should
check out the cave behind the tall waterfall thanks for the hint Manny
hello again puppy chow hi Manny boy it’s great today isn’t it it is most
definitely a beautiful day in the neighborhood
speaking of hoods that louse forest is peddling his affinity hereabouts him
again don’t let the bad ins negative vibes
bring you down papa child manny has misty observation to share with you
what’s that not far from here you will find a circle of ancient stones
I believe the stones will help you deal with the Horace problem okay I’ve got you oh sure I’m lucky the ground was soft
now how am I gonna get out of it I think that stone made a big impression on
Horace hello puppy my name is Priscilla hi Priscilla why are you so sad well the
lazy farmer around here haven’t been taking good care of the barnyard so
there’s lots of stuff that needs to get done
around here that’s too bad for Silla actually I was just on my way to karela
de Vil’s Factory but I keep getting parked by fences do you know how I can
get out of here hey I got an idea if you help me with some chores I bet we
can get the farmer to open the bake gate and then you can leave that way sounds
great what should i do first well I’m real
thirsty because the farber hasn’t filled by water trough since yesterday I think
the faucet handle is inside the barn I think that sounds easy I’ll be right
back hey you’re a super puppy thanks a lot hey why are you still sad Priscilla
well it’s my birthday today and no present so if you want to leave now
Greg adds the gate is opened what’s the birthday without a present hmm I’ve got
an idea Oh y-you found the present for me you’re
my new best friend thanks a lot Priscilla I had a great
time helping you out have a great birthday that’s cool crystal but I’ve never skied
before can you give me an advice oh there’s
Jasper Baron again I wonder what he’s up to this time how’d chase know puppies on
an empty stomach so first I’m gonna catch me some fish
and they number to catch me some chips hmm I wonder what chips are made of
anyway I bet if I snuck up close to Jasper I can give him a real surprise
okay here we go Shh yeah gulsta be very quiet when
you’re efficient hang on I gots me and bye easy now that’s it come back here
you stupid dog oh what a crack-up
easy now mate easy why you little that Jasper he’s the coolest guy I know
hi Yvonne long time no see hello again oh I guess I still have my
cold gesundheit what’s this old place these
are the ruins of an ancient castle from the Middle Ages I think you need to go
into the castle and make your way up to the highest tower hmm it looks like the
drawbridge is closed how do I get inside you’ll find switches like this one
located around the castle each switch opens a door or it causes a secret area
to be revealed sounds simple enough hey Yvonne it looks like we opened up
the key after all oh good work once you finish down here you should go up to the
higher part of the castle but that’s gonna require a little bravery on your
part ah what do you mean the only way to get up there is to launch yourself with
this old catapult no offense Yvonne but is your gold
making you well crazy oh it’s completely safe I promise just hop on and press
your action button ah if you say so Yvonne oh and once you’re up on the
battlements look out for the strong wind but it’ll blow you around if you’re not
careful mmm I smell trouble
I wonder where Cruella is hiding no I’ve got that little whip in my sights I
don’t know how we’re gonna get all the way up there maybe you can use yourself
cannibals than that then the weaker parts of the wall why this wall is
barely 300 years old but good work so far now if we can only get the world low
enough we should be able to climb a cruella one this from poppy but the next
time we meet we’ll be all doom they don’t do my say that was cool but
we better get a move on if we want to make it to the factory before dark take
a break Domino I’m bushed – what I bet ugly old karela is a lot
worse off I don’t think she’s going to be
bothering us for a while hey don’t you think we should have caught up with mom
and dad by now yeah we’ve made great time I wonder
where they are don’t worry I’m sure we’ll find them soon if I never see one again it will be too
soon whoever it is you’d better have good
news better than that madam Cruella I have brought you a gift present for me I give you Dottie and dipstick the parents of those
let’s get to peace with the parents here those pathetic puppies are all little
out there we do those vile beasts know that the most dangerous part of their
journey yet to begin it seems kind of dark and spooky in here well we’re
getting closer to Cruella’s mansion and it seems like she’s like everything
around her in a bad way any sign of cruel those henchmen I haven’t seen
anything but now that you mention it I can smell a trace of the pelts hello all
deep on fates I’ll keep an eye out for him see you later crystal what’s that hmm it just might work crystal he’s
certainly too big to get through it right now I think the pelt is barking up
the wrong tree hi Manny do you know where we are
I say I’m lost you may be in a haze and you are certainly in Cruella’s maze but
with the jazz mole everything’s under control dig it uh
yeah I dig will you help me get you the mates I will meet angry along the way
okay great what can you tell me about the maze here’s the lowdown those crazy
Deville cats built this maze that keep strangers out dig to get through the
maze you must learn to turn throw a switch and you’re rich Mitch so I use
the switches to turn the barriers thanks Manny hello friend
Tim’s here again the colonel sent me to help you through this area I’m certain
one of the baton brothers is in the house
so I’ll scout ahead and try to find a good place to set up an ambush
thanks Tibbs see you soon good work now here’s the plan I’ve
sabotage the clock just bark at it and the clock will make a noise to raise the
dead or at least poorest okay that sounds easy then one when Horace comes
into the room lead him under the chandelier and I’ll take it from there
we’ll know here he comes right get to your mark there’s nowhere
to run this time Matt hey lordy too much stop I guess it’s lights out for horse Java’s no mad at me wow you made it all
the way to COO Ellis toy factory that’s great how did you get here well actually
I got captured by one of Cruella’s toys it packed me into a crate and dragged me
back here how did you escape luckily I’m skinny and I was able to
squeeze out through one of the great air holes so where do we go from here you
need to get past the factory scary machinery less either last of your
brothers and sisters and make your way to the center of the factory where you
will confront Cruella one last time is that all it’ll be a snap boy even though she’s gone I can still smell
the scent of that Cruella woman it’s like pepper don’t worry dotty all
our puppies are safe and the police will make sure that evil woman won’t bother
us again for a long long time now let’s go home well Knights this might be an opportune
time to make ourselves scarce we’re a despised traditional dress and
apparel I hear someone are coming let’s hide tell me again more how long with
the gloop keep us like this approximately 20 years my sweet not
quite as large as their prison sentences is it safe to come out more that shows a
love second I do I sure hopes one of you brought

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