Disney’s Donald Duck PK: Out of the Shadows All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Gamecube)

Disney’s Donald Duck PK: Out of the Shadows All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Gamecube)

sighs prepare for invasion oh I don’t know what I’m gonna do mr. Donald Duck please go to the middle
of that yellow circle and stand still do it now and see oh the position proceed that’s it who you see or a superhero with a little
KN controls detected in a real important chemicals research lab well if it wasn’t
on the job training this is going to be your competition DJ
let’s get moving what is up easy really cool new voice good work so far PK my
sensors indicate an enormous amount of toxic energy coming from the levels
below the Iranians are up to something no good
who are these Aronian my research has discovered that the Iranians aren’t
alien empire that thriving planets all over the galaxy
together we will stop these savage villains all right let ya what on earth
does PK mean PK stands for the scientific imagine classification trust
Iran coast connecticut’s conflated loosely it means energized duck put the
P and K together and you have PK okay okay
make me proud PK Wow being a hero is way too simple but
then you are off to your next assignment what already hey don’t I even get a
coffee break no rest for the weary my scanners have been picking up abnormal
activities in the Nevada desert area 52
this would be the perfect place for that psycho scientist software to be stirring
up trouble oh is this zoster scientific general
softer if one of the higher ranking ammonium I found some traces I am
scanning some data in the laboratory PK be careful my scanners indicate a large
force of energy coming from the other side of this where everything to have an Earthling
pretending to be some sort of superhero how dare it insect-like you try to stop
me of Rodian and fire you cannot stop the inevitable surrender no I’ll
surrender on your ugly face makes contact with this he hardly for then
fearful raging power Oh hasta this must be no social
miscalculation on its calculation oh that’s rich
I don’t think so now crawl back to the corner of the galaxy you came from and
now the rest of your Aronian friends that earth isn’t barn baiting and look
at me thank you do not think that this is over just yet
earthling come in PK get back up duck left our
soft brilliance up everywhere finally the bad guys are beaten the
world is safe once again and I am going to bed what Yuki it became we still have
one last problem to deal with ah I can’t wait till tomorrow I just
discovered the place where all these are aliens are coming from and it’s parked
just above us in Earth orbit it’s some sort of huge spaceship on maybe a
warship my sensors indicate they are alerted to
your presence we don’t have much time PK try to get to the control room of the
ship and watch her for general song bang Shh don’t tell me he’s the highest
ranking military officer in the Aronian empire and your data tells you that he
is on board ship so how can this be possible one measly little person
causing so much trouble come bow before the mighty generals on that or feel my
wrath the only thing I’m going to feel as a ground shake after I’d knock you
out I’m going to make sure your face hits
the ground nice and ahh I can’t believe you’ve defeated me who
are you just call me Kiki fantastic work pk
you save the day and have become a true superhero now hello those engines and
get out of there John did a pair became I knew it I knew I could be a superhero
all alone all I needed was the right equipment and thanks for giving me a
chance people still fairly with robic and
social occasion Wow hey okay can we just rent for a moment believe and he’s
saving the world take a lot out of you you know that was adorable okay when I think you

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  1. i have a question for you. you've been doing this YouTube thing for awhile. and it obviously seem like you enjoy it..but have you ever had any major problems with YouTube

  2. Seems like a short but fun game. Love the ending to, a holographic beach is always welcome.

  3. why don't you talk in your videos?

  4. I really like PK's hero voice.

  5. Looks like Rob Paulson was trying to imitate Jim Cummings as Darkwing Duck and he did an decent job.

  6. Why can't they make a tv series of this?

  7. Reeeally weak compared to comic.

  8. Do you think uno or one will tell Donald his name?

  9. I thought he had the Infinity Gauntlet for a split second

  10. I want this game on PS4

  11. I had nearly forgotten about this game. Glad I'm watching this. Ah memories

  12. I just remembered the general looks like batman or should I say bat duck

  13. We need more games about PK.

  14. I hope Donald becomes Pk in Ducktales 2017 series.

    If he does I will have joy overload like Webby.

  15. They outta incorporate Paperinik into the DuckTales reboot.

  16. He almost sounds like Daffy.

  17. I see where Nick Fury got the idea.

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