DISS TRACK SONG BATTLE ROYALE Challenge! (Matt and Rebecca Zamolo vs Game Master Inc Roast)

DISS TRACK SONG BATTLE ROYALE Challenge!  (Matt and Rebecca Zamolo vs Game Master Inc Roast)

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  1. Who is going to win this rap battle challenge for the best diss track? Also, what did Agent C say at the end?

  2. Matt took your wedding ring or d2 if you look when you and Alice where getting ready he put it in his pocket

  3. Rebecca I know where your ring is. …..when you and Alice were changing to make you music video Matt took your ring and put it in his pocket. hope this helps♡♡ ^-^

  4. game master network but i dont think we can trust the gmi

  5. i think alice rael name is amilia

  6. Daniel hasn't beem in rebbecas vids lately

  7. gmi is going to lose

  8. Sofie dossie is there

  9. What is your Roblox account can you please can you please shout me out and tell everyone itThank you Rebecca Samola I’m a big fan of you

  10. I think Alice's name is Amber ?????…

  11. Alice should be a YouTuber

  12. he said Cloe Veronica Vanessa Ro Sofie Kurt and there’s more to go can i have a shoutout

  13. In the last video Matt took your ring

  14. In the last video Matt took your ring


  16. He said cloe,veronica, vanessa, ro,sofie, kurt and there more to go

  17. Agent C said the Cloe, Veronica,Vanessa,Ro,Sofie,Kurt are be watched but he also said there’s more to go.

  18. Gamemaster network

  19. I think Alice's real name is Amanda if you think her name is Amanda drop a like

  20. . If you saw matt take rebcca ring. ? ?


  22. The name is cloe,veronica,vanessa,ro,sofie,kurt and matt took your ring

  23. Agent c told Cole, veronica,vanessa, ro,Sofie, kurt and other more to go

  24. They still work for the GMI

  25. He said cloe, veronica, vanessa ,ro

  26. Chamber is here that's why there wearing the white shirt

  27. gm is winning boo gmi

  28. I think the he said sofie.kurt.cloe.vanessa and veronica and ro and I think that Alice is Amy or amber because you said it start in am

  29. Alice's name might be Amy or Amber .
    Love you Rebecca

  30. GMI RO GM GMI IS GOING TO WIN ?????????????

  31. I think amelia or Amy is Alice's real name!!

  32. Cloe veronucs vannsea ro

  33. The mames are that agent C said were Cloe , Veronica ,Vanessa , Ro , Sofie , Kurt and lots more . ❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?

  34. Matt has your ring he put it in his pocket when you put it down

  35. matt took your ring

  36. Rebecca i know who taked you ring. In the vidéo that you make the song with Alice you let your ring on that table. The in the back round Matt secretly taked your ring. Zamfam go watch that vidéo agains and you will see in the background when they got ready for the tea party

  37. Rebecca team is going to win

  38. Cloe, Veronica,Vanessa,Ro, Sofie.,Kurt

  39. Close , Veronica , Vanessa , Ro , Sofie , Kurt and more to go ! That's what he said.

  40. Who liked mats dance moves at 2:40

  41. I like but I love ? Rebecca Matt and Alice

  42. I know it’s gonna be ok but when you get a chance

  43. Please make a Another video

  44. GM I are so weak I can't even talk like some week because they are even weeks so they're sick because with a G

  45. I think that everyone is very beautiful just the way they are.

  46. He said chloe Veronica Vanessa Ro Sofie kurt and there’s more to go

  47. Nice rap zamfam it's way more better than the gmi

  48. cloe roie pansino kurt sofia verinica

  49. alice has a crush on agent c a.k.a chambers

  50. Agent r and agent s are back in the gmi

  51. Matt Has your rain

  52. Kiss Matt ok rbeco

  53. Love you Rebecca you hit it again

  54. When u was putting a the glove ? on I saw Matt taking it I put it in his pocket

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