DIY Instagram Heart Wall | Valentine’s Day Ideas

[MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAMS] -We reached a million. -Oh my gosh. Guys, we’ve been waiting
for this day forever. -Ah, this is great. -So great. -Someone pinch me. I’m in a dream. Thank you. I’m– oh, looks like I’m awake. OK, I’m awake. Thank you. -[LAUGHS] -We’ve reached a million. This is crazy, guys. Thank you so, so much. We’ve reached our goal. -Now we want to continue. -(BOTH) Two million. -And today for our
DIY, we’re going to show you this
lovely Instagram heart, using purely Instagram pictures. So all the pictures from
Instagram is what we used. -We were originally
going to just put this up for Valentine’s,
because it kind of looks like a Valentine’s decoration. -It’s a heart. -But we love it so
much, we decided to just leave it up forever. -Yearly. -Yes, forever. -All year long. -All year long. And this is like the last bit. -Project– -Then we’re all done. -For our studio. -For our studio. So next week, we’ll be putting
up an entire studio tour. -Which I know you guys
have been asking for. -I know. I know. -So prepare. It’s going to be amazing. -Awesome. -Now, it’s time to show you guys
how to make this amazing heart. The supplies you will
need for this DIY heart are a measuring tape, a pencil,
double sided tape, a level, and Instagram pictures
that are 4 x 4. We went ahead and used a website
called Prinstagram to print off all of our Instagram pictures. It prints them off
kind of like they’re in a frame like a
Polaroid camera. And it makes it really
easy to do this heart. -As for the measurements
of the heart, we are just going to mark right
here on the 36 inches and also down at 0 inches,
so you have 0 to 36 across the wall for the
width of your heart. We’re going to also mark
18 inches because that will be the middle of the heart. Now, just repeat the exact same
steps, 0 to 36 for the height, making sure that your centers,
your 18 inch marks align. Now, that you have finished
measuring your heart, go ahead and take
your double sided tape and begin taping the back
of one of your photos. -After you have finished placing
the tape on the back of one of your photos, go ahead
and take your leveling tool, and make sure that it is
set straight on the wall. That way when you put
your pictures on the wall, they will be straight,
so your overall effect will be a straight heart
instead of a crooked one. -Now you’re going to want to
line up six other photos on top of the original photo, making
seven down in a straight line. Now put five photos
on the third line, three photos on the
second line, seven photos on the fourth line, nine
photos on the fifth line, nine photos again
on the sixth line, nine photos again
on the seventh line, and eight photos
on the eighth line, skipping the middle photo. And last but not least, four
photos for the ninth line. -Readjust if needed. And ta-da! You have your Instagram heart. I hope you guys enjoyed
this heart video as I did. I definitely, for
one, thought this was one of the easiest
DIYs I have ever done. -Ever! -It was so quick, and I think
it is so cute and adorable. -Speaking of
Instagram, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram
@BrooklynAndBailey. Click Arnold the Unicorn
to subscribe to us. Hashtag Arnold’s
protecting our heart. -[HUMS] -And we will see
you guys next week. Bye. -Bye. [SHOUTS] -I love it. -It’s freaking cold. -I just stuck those on
my cheek, right here, right here, right here. -Where? How many are there on
there, do you know? -1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10. -There’s only 10? I bet there’s more than that. Are you silly? Hi Brooklyn. -Hi. -How are you doing? -I guess not I got stickers
I got on a necklace. -What’s your name? -April [INAUDIBLE]. -You are? What’s your baby sister’s name? -[INAUDIBLE]. -What’s your name? -I can’t talk. -Well, you put the
frogs on your mouth. Bye. Say bye. -(BOTH) Bye.

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