Do you procrastinate?? Then this one is for you!! – Mere Pyaare Kal! (Latest Poem 2018)

Do you procrastinate?? Then this one is for you!! – Mere Pyaare Kal! (Latest Poem 2018)

My Dear Tomorrow, My dear tomorrow, got to know you are coming tomorrow and when you will arrive, you are going to make me do a lot of things You will wake me up on the first alarm, without snoozing it and after a long time make me reach my office on time as well Please do stop my midnight overthinking sprees Don’t forget to pay my electricity, phone, credit card and Wifi Bill You will help me to control my anger, laziness, sleepiness and instagram usage You will make me clean up my messy room Please make me start working at 9 not 11 for 11:30 o clock deadline Do make me read newspaper atleast once before throwing it the garbage You will bring me the determination to study 6 hours in a day and show the ray of day’s light to the first page of that novel buried under numerous layers of dust I have promised you that i will be finally serious about life Have to put control on certain things as they have become quite frequent these days You will be the one who will make me go to gym every morning Make me eat home cooked food and put a total stop on junk food You fill finally make me meet friends who make plans to meet everyday And will make me do that long overdue call to the loved ones sitting miles away The Guitar, Canavas and badminton racket lying in the store also awaits you Do check that To Do list as well, it has just some thousand work pending There is so much to do, but only thing comforts me Tomorrow when you will arrive Then you will become TODAY! and we are planning to do every thing TOMORROW!!

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  1. Thank God!.. Was eagerly waiting for your new creations..

    Keep stirring our hearts..?

    God bless! Carry On.. Keep shining and keep soaring high

  2. Write in comments what all are you planning to do tomorrow? and don't forget to subscribe to our channel! Keep sharing 🙂

  3. Kitna kuch hai karne ko
    Bas ek hi baat ka chain
    Ke kal jab tum aaoge… Toh aaj ho jaoge…

    I was sold. Tooth and nail.
    I was listening to it so seriously and then There was this wide smile forming at this. You are amazing Rajat. Am slowly but surely becoming a bigger fan of yours. Your concepts are amazing and at the same time, the recitation is… ?? which actually touches the right chords. Man, you are talented. Hats off.
    P. S hve watched every other video of yours too. Thanks for sharing this. Will be waiting for the next… ?

    And tomorrow… I wish to bunk work maybe?

  4. Everyday I Think To Go On Running From Tomorrow… Yes From Tomorrow (Kal Se…) And That Tomorrow Never Comes To My Life… ??
    Another Great Video Which I Am Eagerly Waiting For…
    Love You Sir…

  5. Try beard u look damm more sexyyyyyy

  6. Rajat…just take a note in ur diary…U r very talented…just keep the good work going…N yes u look better with beards…☺

  7. Hahaha…… it's nice…????
    Ye SB to kl krne ka plan hai??hihihi

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