Dogs: Should Their Owners Be Held Liable? TVJ Midday News – September 26 2019

good afternoon it’s Thursday September
26 I’m Herman green with the midday news especially welcome if you’re watching
online at one spot mediacom cabinet is now considering whether to make the
owners of dogs who attack persons criminally responsible the disclosure
was made a short while ago by Justice Minister Dell white chalk the issue is
now a fiery topic in the public domain following a ferocious dog attack on a
teacher in Cooper’s Hills and Andrew as it now stands on the Jamaican law dog
owners cannot be held criminally responsible for the attack of their dogs
they can only be held liable for damages minister chuck stressed that the law may
have to be changed given recent dog attacks as children and
adults need to be protected now if cabinet approves the proposal and
it is passed in parliament owners of dogs could be imprisoned and or fined if
they’re animals harm persons meanwhile some breeds of dogs could be banned from
public spaces that proposal falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of
Agriculture and mr. Chuck said dialogue is taking place with Agriculture
Minister oddly Shaw on the issue no mr. Chuck further highlighted that in
other jurisdictions some breeds of dogs are deemed too vicious and dangerous to
be anywhere near public areas residents and members of the Jamaica Constabulary
force this morning continued their efforts to find the nine-year-old boy
who was swept away by heavy waters in August Toni yesterday on TV J’s Kirk
Wright has been following this story and now reports Herrmann with him here in
both mix below where lots of residents came out this morning because the search
for the little boy who was washed away and he was washed away from Connor with
the boat two feet wide it was no search the way out they said that he was
cleaning the water the water took him from that channel to a gully and it went
into the whole river no the residents of the community formed themselves into
different teams and several of them right along there’s no sighting of the
little boys but residents continue to search nevertheless at the moment is
raining so they have all of the search and the council who is here along with
the residents is asking for help to chop bushes and so on more detail search just
said to me that the ma’am general Williams hasn’t funded and said that he
would provide them with Rick measures and other items to help them along with
the search but as I said before Herman the call of the search right now because
it’s raining and they intend to continue as soon as the rain subside Herman all
right thank your reporter Kirk right there in August on following that story
business owners in st. James are being warned against facilitating known
criminals for profit this was one of several issues which surfaced at a
recent Caribbean policy research institution meeting Capri panel
discussion in that parish TV days and other press use in our reports the forum
was held to discuss the findings of a report by the Caribbean policy research
institution Capri on lottery scamming gangs and violence in Montego Bay San
James in it Capri traces the history of the illicit activity which has been
linked to the ongoing gang violence in San James
a major challenge highlighted however was the lack of an official figure
of the value of lottery scamming in Jamaica this and how these cases are
being investigated one of the things that we found in this study and we
mentioned is that there’s a lack of coordination that takes place in some
regards to the investigations so you have the book you have Moka
investigating you have fib investigating you have the lottery scam task force
investigating and these individual agencies are all doing their individual
investigations with not much collaboration from my understanding on
the issue of investigations this appeal to the authorities in the United States
we need to see we have a relationship with the United States in terms of once
we identify a source we collaborate with them and there are 50 states in the u.s.
in this instance you would say probably 12 states that would be direct routes to
Jamaica as well as all the ports around Jamaica as mr. Bailey just alluded to
the open borders so it’s very difficult to police all of that but despite the
crime threat Montego Bay continues to flourish a fact highlighted by the
city’s mayor we have seen the economy of Montego Bay still growing at a much
faster rate than the national economy over the last ten years over 10,000 new
housing solutions of common stream development of Barnet Etling of limited
where it is a major BPO Tech Park the Fairview commercial center with a
village the expansion of the BPO sector with over 8,000 new employment it is
felt however that this is due partly to the fact that the proceeds of a lottery
scamming is used to stimulate the economy we need to create
structure we have my legitimate businesses who do not support persons
who engage in illicit activities are given some form of incentive the acting
ACP also offered this view about social intervention programs I don’t see how
social intervention is going to get out of this problem we have to ensure that
there is adequate laws that are enforced and the penalty in my view is
significant to send the message as well as to take the profit out of the crime
the Ministry of National Security is in the process of changing faulty cameras
which form part of its closed-circuit television CCTV system Jamaica I
national security minister dr. Horace Chan said new cameras are being
installed in st. James May pen Spanish town Negril Mandeville all tourists and
sections of the corporate area most of them will be finished by should be feel
very sweet being tested information is that would be fully online with all
cameras the end of this month so I expect any tested no and I checked at
last week the contracts reward is the beginning of the month and they’re
always replacing and installing camera replacing that we’re not working and
they’re putting in some additional new ones what families cameras acquired and
have been installed and the system which is interconnectivity between the main
torrents was complete and I expect I said that deadline I’ve been given with
the fulfil that I’ll inform another one and we don’t take a break here on the
midday news but stay with us more news after these messages welcome back continuing the midday news
thanks for staying with us a warning this afternoon that there could be
instability in the ganja industry ifs more small players are not included
parliamentarians raised concerns and demanded quick action at Wednesday’s
public administration and Appropriations Committee meeting TV J’s Krista Campbell
reports chairman and members of Parliament’s public administration and
Appropriations Committee P AAC painted a picture of a cannabis industry in danger
at Tuesday’s sitting they stressed that the industry runs the risk of toppling
if regulators do not move swiftly to include more small farmers Lincoln Allen
is CEO of the cannabis licensing authority CLA he explained that
currently 44 licenses have been issued 21 of them for persons to legally
cultivate marijuana but of the 21 cultivators licensed only seven have
been issued to persons with one acre of land that’s the small farmer nine
licenses have been issued to persons with one to five acres of land and
another five to persons with over five acres
what’s even more offensive is that there are persons we the Jamaican people have
said to farmers who have served their time in prison all 20 years ago or 30
years ago whether they were trying to export alta ting agro allocating our
culturally we have said to them that their records cannot even be expunged of
PA AC member hollando Tara long wants the Agriculture Ministry to push the
Justice Ministry to address the expungement issue there are also
concerns about the licensing of persons to transport gun job so the person who
has a transport license for the purposes of the industry can only transport
cannabis for life that person is the only lies in the transporter at this
time but there are alternative arrangements that have been put in place
while the industry matures not for the first time PA AC members
were upset that the application cost is quoted in u.s. dollars 300 US per person
and 500 per company this is not the US Senate it is not and we can’t buy
anywhere in the world and talk about Oh jamika on dollas PA AC chairman dr.
Wickham Neal insisted he will not support the industry if it continues
operating as is he urged the CAA take – he urged the CLE to make the necessary
adjustments and be prepared to share updates when it reappears before the PA
AC in a few weeks Christa Campbell TV J news mediation the
answer to reducing deadly disputes it’s a view being pushed by the justice
minister as the ripple effect of violence continues to impact other
sectors including transportation and the economy hence a call for other groups to
support his mediation cause for justice minister dell white chalk the recent
shutdown of a transport system in the corporate era is just a glimpse of
person’s inability to resolve conflict which threatens society at all levels
argument developed one question the other one stopped one and guns are
readily available guns are brought into play toward it a country cannot solve
problems by violence this approach he says creates an ongoing
cycle of crime and violence with threats and reprisals going on for years it’s
why he’s again pushing for more focus to be put on mediation as a way to resolve
disputes for months the ministry has been toting improvements in the justice
system to include case management and infrastructural developments mr. Chuck
says mediation is to be part of the development plan but not only in the
justice system in the justice centers we want to have a mediation room where
small mediation can be done but I will be appealing to all the churches to open
their doors so that mediation can be done
during the week when church is not on so that we can get less disputes and where
their disputes settled by mediation additionally he stated that while the
justice ministry and by extension the government seeks to address these issues
law-abiding citizens also need to play a part in solving the problem as there are
some who are bent on causing chaos this is where all of us not only the
government not only the police not only the minister of national security our
justice but all of us must take responsibility and play a part in
identifying the criminals exposing them and ensuring that we can make Jamaica a
peaceful place mr. Chuck was addressed in new justices of the Peace in st.
Thomas recently Herman Greene TVJ news the lay magistrate Association of
Jamaica LMA J is calling on lawmakers and law enforcers to deal with drivers
on the nation’s roadways who have scant regard for or failed to exercise due
care for other road users of other users of the road it is also calling for the
new traffic laws which have been a proven gadget of more than two years ago
to be enacted and the companion regulations put in place to support the
laws the car by the LMA J follows the high number of motor vehicle crashes on
the nation’s roadways since the start of the year of concern to the LMA J is the
number of students that have been injured in road crashes it pointed to
the recent three-vehicle crash along the elegant cardones and James which left 20
students in hospitals nursing minor two serious injuries they say at as a result
they already burdened health sector is being put under more pressure and just a
clarification to a story we are aired earlier in this newscast cabinet is in
fact awaiting a response from the Attorney General’s Office for
consideration on whether to make owners of dogs criminally liable for injuries
to persons tourism minister edmond Bartlett says October may prove to be
most challenging for Jamaica as it tries to navigate the fallout from Thomas
Cook’s crash the company was the second the largest
global tour provider and when it folded it carried implications for thousands of
vacation seekers who were destined for Jamaica Jamaica is also projected to
lose close to ten million u.s. dollars from the bookings impacted for October
we’re looking at how no can we have really booking and how other airlines
can no we brought into the picture to pick up the slack
certainly virgin and British they they both operate here for us but the problem
is that they don’t operate out of Manchester they operate or to Gatwick by
a match so we we will have to make some discussions when we go to London as as
to how we can make sure that those 18,000 plus to Jamaica in for my own
take on it is that we probably gonna lose some and we probably might lose
somewhere about fifty percent maybe we go down to news in sports water hose FC
will have a mountain to climb in the return leg CONCACAF League qualifier
final contest against Motagua after the visitors recorded a to nil win on
Wednesday night at the National Stadium after a goalless first half Marcelo piri
Pereira gave the underand club the lead in the
66th minute and insurance goal was added in the 71st minute by Kevin Jose Lopez
which proved to be enough on the night I guess with a little lack of discipline
unfortunately we come out on the losing end but that’s football you lose
concentration the good teams gonna hit you so you just have to refocus and try
to regroup and come again for the next leg Waterhouse will also be without
Nicola Finlayson for the second leg after the central defender was shown a
red card in the 82nd minute the return leg will be played on October 2 and that
wraps up the midday news I’m Herman green please join us at 7:00 for the
prime time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams

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