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  1. Did riot really just fixed the meditate bug??

  2. @Cowsep what about sanguine on yi? Is viable when you go conqueror on hit yi build? Tnx for your video, good work!

  3. I am the best Yi sever Việt Nam =))

  4. Honestly, you didn't play BAD but you just had a good team there. Definitely not a DOMINATION ..

  5. Ughjuddfh cowsep 🙂

  6. hey cowsep, is it viable to use w as a aa reset?

  7. No chance i am going to bed before watching this

  8. Posted on my birthday! Thanks cowsep 🙂

  9. i had a game once where i carried using udyr but didnt win cuz my team sucked. I couldnt get objectives since mid and bot kept losing even when i successfully ganked them once or twice. I focused top since he was winning and got RH but was kinda useless. At the end we loss and the enemy udyr called me trash even though I went 12/5. Bot kept blaming me that they lost lane even though I got them 4 kills in the early game and the enemy udyr is a real trick2g fan boy that everytime he destroys a tower he kept yelling "D GATES D GATES". Tilted me so hard that i didnt play for days. Seriously they dont know what the hell does lane prio even mean.

  10. hello cowsep I'm a big fan of yours, I live in Brazil always watch your streams and YouTube videos. I just wanted to say that I really like your videos 🙂

  11. it was awful, I was fighting a alkali, graves, malaphite, jhana and vayne, as yi and it was cancer.

  12. I have been sick for the past 3 days, but getting better now, still RIP PH Server lag

  13. Whats that instrumental song in 9:20?

  14. "And top lane we really dont care about"

    Hashinshin joins the chat

  15. Cowsep… Do you have try master yi dark harvest full damage…. Easy pentakill…

  16. Imagine a Garen being more useful than Malphite

  17. I am learning too many to you and i think i do not change my main now

  18. you played so good :v

  19. Bloodmoon masteryi (prestige) is comming . Cowsep, let's have give away event

  20. Your thumbnail is getting annoying.

  21. Sao việt sub to quá không nhìn thấy ông ấy đánh

  22. 11:40 okay so just so you know, it's not they don't go to anyone who isn't you, it's just master yi it's freaking broken with items, either you kill him or get pentakilled….

  23. Yesterday was such a beautiful day! I hope everyone will have a nice december 😉

  24. 8:15 that face you make after being hit by a fat malph ult

  25. "cowsep but every time he says "i WAs iN aLPhA" his voice cracks more"

  26. from Viet Nam with love <3

  27. Today was my Birthday, and it went awesome! haha

  28. My daisies are great, thank you. FINALLY, someone cares enough to ask!!

  29. I see that he in these videos is not as young as his previous videos and I am very happy to see him grow up

  30. I feel not good today because i have to read news by "English" (i'm vietnamese) so i watched your video without sub and my brain was so tired xD

  31. I've just bought Snowman Yi !!!!

  32. I am really dumb because i have a 100% win rate on master yi in draft but i refuse to play him in ranked so im still low elo

  33. Why i hate this champion so much lol

  34. My day just like everyday yea that all

  35. Do u think blade of the ruin king is viable over whits end too?like blade more tbh

  36. "I Hate That Item"???

  37. "Try to get Duskblade #Cowsep??????????

  38. You will understand if u are Master Yi guy????????

  39. My days havnt been good lately Cowsep, gotta bad tooth issue and im poor and its causing me a lot of stress and pain, but leagu of legends helps take my mind of things, and watching your Yi videos helps me learn more about the jungle and about playing Yi. but other than that my days are alright, although my computer wouldnt boot the other day and i was worried it was toast, but my dad got it to work , its really old and bad

  40. bruh you can do dragon with jungle item only. the bow helps but you can sneak do it cause they dont expect it been doing it nearly every game and it works

  41. I work 14 hours a day, 6 days a week, and I rarely have time to do anything fun anymore, but I make sure to watch a cowsep video every night before I go to bed. So thanks for the daily videos, I'm really enjoying them!

  42. Hi guys! Cowsep
    Can You play Master yi Full Tank?

  43. Senpai noticed me!! Thanks for the mention bro, i really appreciate

  44. Do a full game video pls

  45. Đánh càng ngày càng ngu mà…

  46. today is this morning and its going like it time for sleep

  47. How many times did you die ?
    while " I was in Alpha " ???

  48. cowsep is handsome (a comment from Vietnam)

  49. Thanks for the great video cowsep

  50. Cowsep eres mi maestro

  51. Yếu vc ra thống cc gì

  52. Cowsep: ferrari is just a front got the lambo in the back

  53. 04:33 that is what she said heheheh

  54. Take flash if not u ugly

  55. I 've got so much stress about work..jeez..but yr videos re very relaxable cowsep XD. They help me alot

  56. Sếp cho mẹo chơi Yi nào hay không chỉ em nhá!

  57. Even tho I dont comment, I'm still watching ur vids coz ur my fave❤️

  58. 1 ngày tốt lành

  59. How am i today?

  60. 2:00 he int for made his tuto O:

  61. my day is bad because i have to study but i dont want to 😀

  62. wow this is really good and educational. Please more of this

  63. 164ms 로 플레이… 대단합니다… 전 20만되도 짜증나던데

  64. "selfless player"
    *spawns on 2 ghost poros in base because he doesn't use wards for his team :^)

  65. just gonna ask you on every video- do you do personal coachings dude ? i am hardly interested

  66. My days been pretty good! I always wish I could watch your stream but you always play so late in my time however I still enjoy seeing your daily uploads, they make my day a lot better

  67. hey cowsep, big shout out from czech republic, just wanted to let u know that i love your videos for real. you're the only league player i watch. my day was boring, whatever, hope urs was better

  68. When do you will play lol on server VN???

  69. Your videos have improved a LOT. As in more than 400% more value. And it's still as entertaining as before. Happy to see u learning and switching it up mister cow.

  70. man why the fack i have 60 cs lead on enemy jg 2 drakes 2 heralds more than him and he is above 2 lvl than me with only 2 kills more?

  71. cowsep looks drugged in this video..

  72. "Thank you guys and as always…. I don't know what my always is… " only cowsep

  73. Mid yi is pretty legit now, try it out cowsep you might fall in love with it


  75. is that RatIRL on his team? "L9 Love" on twitch in ok elo NA?

  76. I've climbed up to diamond playing master yi but can't seem to get any higher. I find players typically know exactly how to play (and counter-pick) against yi. Would love some tips to hopefully climbing a bit higher in a future vid!

  77. 6:36 “We burned Oreo, and Malphite’s ult”

  78. Kiểu nó lag lag sai ý coi nó khó chịu lắm

  79. This is the bronziest of the iron what the hell… this is summoner's rift not fcking ARAM

  80. You are a desperate trash bitchmade playing Yi

  81. Riot was fix the ghost poro and meditate bug

  82. That are size of iceborn slow 😀

  83. Best tutor for yi Gameplay yeeyee

  84. i used to be a yi main season 6 used to be really good at him then stopped playing him i watch your videos i know yi mechanics and shit but when ever i pick him now i go 0/15 lmao

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