DONT Trust Fall into the Wrong Mystery Pool Challenge! Game Master is Missing (You Decide)

DONT Trust Fall into the Wrong Mystery Pool Challenge! Game Master is Missing (You Decide)

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  1. However the last thing you need to put in is popcorn

  2. Joanna well I seen a camera in the bush to and rz twin

  3. The game master is behind you !!!!!!!

  4. 1??????????????????

  5. RZ twin was behind Matt

  6. Rz twin was behind the bush rite by matt

  7. Matt there is a hacker right behind you.

  8. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Matt RZ Twin was spying on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Rebecca there was RZ Twin behind Matt
    Like if you saw!

  11. Rebecca should go in one

  12. ¾3333333333333/4%%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$%&*%/%##&*$<7<766544578998<÷÷÷÷5556====333322211×3

  13. Who saw Az twin behind Matt at 6:54

  14. Rebecca know you're supposed to 1 not too 2

  15. Becca told you to not take to pick 3

  16. Rebecca I know what it is a slime

  17. Rebecca it's not a big pool it's not a little pool it's a big pool

  18. Rz twin was behind the green bushes

  19. Rebeca the RZ twins is bihind Matt at 6:52

  20. Mask person is behind Matt!!!

  21. The twin was watching you

  22. When I was at starebucks it said 9 o’clock is the eighth heart

  23. I saw the rz twin like if you did

  24. Rebeca the RZ twins are behind matt ???
    Like if you saw it or not

  25. Matt rz twin was sping on you

  26. 6:52 i saw RZ twin

  27. Rebecca going number 3 it is safe

  28. Matt!!! The RZ twin beind you!!!:(

  29. I saw the game master

  30. I saw rz twin behind matt

  31. give a like if you see RZtwin

  32. Rebecca was RZ twin was behind the bush behind matt

  33. I would 04 number one master is disgusting I’ll go forNo

  34. RZtwin was behind the bush

  35. I saw RZ twin behind the bushes

  36. didn't everyone see RZ twin behind the bushes, leave a like if u did

  37. RZ twin was spying on you right behind Matt like if you saw that just like if you did it

  38. I saw the game master behind the bushes

  39. Rz twin is in the background?

  40. Gave a like if you saw RZ twins behind Matt

  41. RZ twin is spying on you❗️

  42. RZ twin behind the boosh in round 2

  43. at 6;54 rz twin was there



  46. Rebecca's twin was in the bush

  47. rz twin was there at 6:51 im so mad!!!

  48. At 6:52 you can see the rz twin behind matt in the hedge

  49. i see RZ twin spying on you

  50. RZ twin was beside Matt buy bush in 3:53

  51. Did anybody see game master or Rebecca twin

  52. RZ is in the bushes in the back

  53. Ay no What’s hay varios

  54. RZ

  55. matt rz twin is behind you

  56. Hey did you guys see something pop up by the bushes because I did

  57. I see the RV Point behind the bushes by the pool in the bed

  58. rz twin rz twin is behind matt

  59. I SAW RZ TWIN AT 6:53

  60. Ex when was behind Matt

  61. I saw RZ twin she was peeking at you guys

  62. Guys that RZ twin is following and spying on u guys ????

  63. RZ TWIN WAS THERE @6:53

  64. It’s slimeeeeeeee

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