Doubles return deception with super slows, badminton

Doubles return deception with super slows, badminton

In this video I wanna show you a really cool doubles return. Its a deception shot, I want to cheat my opponents. The front guy making the serve, I want him to think that I am hitting it short to the net. The player in the back has to think actually that I´m hitting it long. What I wanna do is place the shuttle in the mixed area, cross out in the side in the space between the 2 players. I will show you, it goes like this… So as you can see, just before I´m approaching the shuttle, I pull just a little bit back following the shuttle back. Just before the shuttle hits my strings I push just a little bit with my fingers. And then I move the racket just a little bit over the shuttle – like this. You can see it again…

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  1. You are the go to man Ramus and Thomas. As a badminton player myself i have taken you guys as a huge inspiration and the seen the hard efforts you guys put to the viewers. 10 star effort. I have put hard yards myself to create my own badminton youtube channel keeping you guys as my motivator and guru. Please keep adding more video likes this and also come and check out my channel . I have posted few videos and your comment and show support by subscribing. It goes a beyond a mile and means a lot. The more comment and tips from all your will help me follow the footsteps of badminton family.

  2. I think this shot is tricky but if we face to the good front player xDDD we can get hit by shuttle …

  3. Love this shot. Very clearly explained and the camera angles are perfect. Very useful and practical for a real doubles game. I need to practice this 🙂

  4. Awesome technique!

  5. Very nice technique

  6. Helpful technique.
    Can you please tell me the name of this racket used by Thomas Laybourn in this video?

  7. Thanks a lot for the camera angle at 2:45 🙂

  8. I have seen a lot of trick shots, but not this one.

  9. I like badminton family

  10. Yeah this really good deception shot…???
    Umm i have a question which iam still not so sure of,… which grip should i be when receiving in doubles.? Thumb grip or panhandle or the basic grip?

  11. I've been on the receiving end of this shot so nice to understand what's going on!

  12. Hi Guys, great video as always but please can I suggest for future videos that both Rasmus and Thomas perform any shot at multiple angles. Both players have different natural technique, grip, body movement and style – so I think it would be very helpful to see the same shot played by different players, as it can look very different with that person's individuality thrown in! 🙂

  13. I see. It gives you the option of playing straight or cross return.

  14. Thomas, Rasmus, new deceptive service return – that's a good day!

  15. Also give some full court drills for singles

  16. Content and video quality is consistently awesome. Deceptive shot tutorials are my favorite. Mad respect to Thomas Laybourn who I consider to be one of the premier mixed doubles players of all time.

  17. hey thomas laybourn, to many deception you make, but i dont never see you in tournament ? why ? i think you great (?) or ?

  18. thanks for another deception shot technique

  19. Amazing content ?….would like to see more of doubles play tactics

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