Doubles Serving Rules | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Doubles Serving Rules | Table Tennis | PingSkills

What are the rules for doubles serving? So
there are a couple of extra rules in doubles that you don’t have in singles. The first
one is that you have to serve from your right hand box diagonally to your opponent’s right
hand box. So you’re serving from this box across to there. In doubles we never serve
from this box across the other way. It’s always from your right hand box diagonally to your
opponent’s right hand box. I’m going to serve my two serves diagonally
to you. After I finish my two serves Jeff and I swap sides and now it’s your turn to
serve to Jeff. Now it’s your turn to serve so you’re going
to serve two serves from your right hand box diagonally to Jeff. Now you’ve served your two serves it’s time
for you to swap sides with your partner. And now it’s Jeff’s turn to serve two serves
to your partner. The rule is that after your team finishes
your two serves you and your partner swap sides. If you’ve just been receiving you don’t
swap sides but it’s your turn to serve.

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  1. I thought it's 5 serve each for doubles

  2. Sir can u make a video on deuce rules??? Pllllllleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee sir

  3. It seems weird that before you made some difficult tutorials but now the rules of the game.Are you run out of content?But still,i didnt know these rules.

  4. if the serve moves diagonaly from right hand to right hand and moves aways from horizontal side and move to the vertical side then is it a point to the other team

  5. Nice, that's a good simple overview 🙂

  6. when touch the net other(wrong) side drop the ball re-serve or opposite team point please tell i!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #pingskills

  7. How many lets are allowed on the serve?

  8. I get this but what really confuses me is the rules of who servers to who in the next doubles game in a match

  9. Hi Ping Skills can you make a video showing different serves and how to do them

  10. what happens if the ball hits right on top of the white line instead of a clear diagonal serve?

  11. How to get the maximum spin on my serves.

  12. Fantastic beard Jeff!!!!
    Don't shave it untill February 1st

  13. When I'm playing a singles match, how do I know who serves? I know about the 2 serves each rule, but I normally forget who serves.

  14. I have been playing table tennis for 4 months. I found your channel like a month ago. I have a question.

    I see you doing lots of ghost serves and short backspin serves. But why don't professionals use them? They generally use pendulum serves and the other stuff. I hope you'll answer.

  15. Dear pingskill, can i know more about netting in double game ?

  16. Hello Pingskills! Can you do a tutorial video on the Inside-Out Forehand please? I'm a right-handed player and when I do my forehand topspin/loop, it always trails off to the left.

  17. Which racket would you recommend
    1)Beginner Level
    2)Advance Level
    The brand name n all…!!

  18. Question! for singles and doubles, during a serve, if the player were to toss the ball but fail to hit it or make contact is it a point for the opponent or a let? Is there anything in the ittf handbook to support this? I'm having a sort of tournamet this Friday and would like to clear it up.

  19. What if the ball hits the net and drops in the opposite side (not the diagonally opposite)?

  20. Hi, if a ball is obviously going out, can a player catch it or strike it with his or her bat without losing the point? Is there a rule concerning this?

  21. Jeff's beard looks beautiful!!!

  22. Jeff's beard looks beautiful!!!

  23. So you are always serving to the same person?

  24. 1.25x speed. youre welcome

  25. That's stupid because you're always serving to the same person. I swap the receiver after each serve.

  26. You're not actually saying the ball must bounce in the server's quadrant. You are saying the serve must be "from" the server's quadrant.

  27. what about this… if I served and ball after touching the net fell on the right half of table. is this point lose? Or I can reserve?

  28. Hi guys love your videos,
    We have a question, one of the players in my group of player is left handed and when he receives the service he started at the corner in line with the table but as soon as the ball is up he moves almost half way along the table so he will then smashes the ball and you will lose the point, what are the rules about this? Thank you

  29. So if serve in the wrong court, is it a re-serve or a point to opposition?

  30. How about if the vall hits the center line does it counts in???

  31. Hi, how are you?
    Your videos are very interesting, thank you very much.
    Y have a question about the central line, when the ball is considered in the right side? This question is because different points of view will make different results.
    Thank you!

  32. Thank you so much for your videos they’re quite helpful we play house game where they don’t switch after serving it’s a house rule it bugs me I’m going to send it to them thanks again

  33. Hi i have a question. When in doubles, do you have to serve towards your opponent who is diagonally to you? Or can you serve towards him with a very wide diagonal spin? Making him reach to his right and going close to the net.

    As I understand, all you have to do is to serve to your doubles opponent who is diagonally opposite you, and just make sure the ball bounces just once anywhere in his area no matter what type of spin you use. Correct?

    Meaning there are no vertical boundaries when you serve.

  34. Tq for this information

  35. You have to tell what happens for the next game: who will serve and who will receive; that’s more you should explain! Thanks!

  36. Have the rules ever been you are able to serve from the left hand box diagonally as long as the opponent is In the correct receiving order?

  37. Is there a let in double when the ball touches the net And what about if it lands wrong side aftet the let?

  38. Why do professionals point under the table in doubles? What does it mean?

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