Dr Shah Rukh Khan – Life Lessons

Dr Shah Rukh Khan – Life Lessons

Everyone Clapping (Cheering) Thank You very much My name is James Smith,
I am the Vice principal of the Internationals, um I would like to welcome you to
The University of Edinburgh and welcome, those who you have come from the further way inspite of the movie title ‘Deewana’. Madness – particularly of nice or romantic kind, is an absolute acknowledge them and use them define the only way of living, the only life you have all the most beautiful people in the world, creative. the one who lead revolution, discovered and invented things. They did so, because they embrace their own idiosyncrasies. There is no such thing as normal, normal is just another word for lifeless. Soon after i acted in Deewana i became the happiest hero of the movie call Chamatkar. This movie had more believable plot like. i get cheated of all my money by my best friend/conman and find myself asleep in graveyard only to be awaken by the ghost of the murdered mobster. A ghost that I can see and nobody else. I’m very perceptive to that Dr Shah Rukh Khan – Life Lessons

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  1. from the experience of many people with different , nationalities, specialties and even religions. They all agreed on one thing
    The Best Life Lessons is found in the biography of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

  2. from the experience of many people with different , nationalities, specialties and even religions. They all agreed on one thing

    The Best Life Lessons is found in the biography of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

  3. from the experience of many people with different , nationalities, specialties and even religions. They all agreed on one thing

    The Best Life Lessons is found in the biography of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

  4. 28:57 to watch this i daily watch this video 🙂

  5. Bina PhD ka Dr bn gya, kya baat hai

  6. Best actor
    Great speaker

  7. Read my article on how to be a good leader

  8. Love you so srk ?❤️?

  9. Urdu words? Motherfucker?

  10. proud to be Srk fan king khan

  11. India should be proud of this amazing personality! SRK ❤️

  12. You wel come king khan ?

  13. I am chat with Shahrukh Khan in WhatsApp

  14. India under Modi Govt, hate every Muslim including superstars SRK and Salman khan

  15. The beauty sometimes is putting a character with not much to offer in front of people who have limited knowledge.

  16. 17:54 when he says "I'm a Doctor now" it would have been so cool, had he said "Doctor Strange", in that voice.

  17. 49:51 that lady is like "where have I seen her before?".

  18. He copied Steve Jobs speech style

  19. He is doing lots of charity work
    But he never showoff.

  20. Excellent Good Great Aducated actor sharukh khan

  21. He has so many fans even outside

  22. ???? Shahrukh khan

  23. he's not a dr. to begin with…

  24. Jo read ker rahe hai sir wo samjhte bhi hai

  25. Sharukh Khan is a best motivated speaker than the other actors.I like this speech very much.Really this speach is filled with enjoy and knowledge.

  26. He is legend for a reason he says the movie's title as chak de but not chak de India this shows the respect to every nation in this universe

  27. Ur performance is too excellent, but no words to appreciate. I m small poet,which expressing in Bollywood song. Pls listen youtube n present in ur style

  28. He has said he loves money. A pathetic, mediocre showman.

  29. It seems that this man has ĉontribute a lot of his skills for India and the inhabitants

  30. SRK is an inspiration for me because while growing up I would think to become presentable a little like him .He is the best example of hard work.

  31. Dr kisner bana diya iss thulle ko

  32. The only thing I like about SRK is that he appeared on his roof with David Letterman. … and his beard. So that's very recent, if you really stumbled on this, you gotta see more of Letterman.

  33. The lousiest actor I have seen. Send him to Pakistan. Gone are the Days of the great Punjabi actors.

  34. KIng of Bollywood

  35. He is the real man. I honour u sir.. I think I knew ur past. U are mindblowing. The most powerful person from my sense.

  36. ♥️ proud to be Indian ….?? And SRK fan

  37. Iss doctor ke paas kuch mareez bhej do….-SALMAN KHAN!?

  38. I liked DDLJ and saw it MANY TIMES & I was 15 when Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was released. I went to the movies with my mom & sister. After the movie my moms friend asked me if i liked him, i told her “I love him”. I was never more sure in my life. I spoke with so much conviction and clarity, i spoke with no doubt or fear that i was in love with Shah Rukh Khan.

  39. King khaaaaaaaaaan

  40. How's ur going proudly and happy when they speak

  41. Most are Indians sitting in front

  42. Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. Useless to be honest I dont understan how did he get a doctorate.
    But I like his answers ,pretty honest replies to the questions.

  43. Dr!!!!!????? Wow

  44. SRK bss naam hi kaffi hai…. Love uh man???

  45. It is very hard to get pass mark in Edinburgh but SRK got PHD without studying… He deserves that because he is most hard working person in entertainment industry

  46. Indian Hindus doesn’t have any brain
    Who wants listen obnoxious Muslim bastard speech. Who ever goes to university give speech
    Those are wuss

  47. King of the bollywood

  48. why this person is laughing without reason

  49. srk is world king, from love story and don.

  50. is it a joke… It is like insulting PhD degree… what times we r living in as the donkies & Asses r being conferred with degrees… it is unfortunate really unfortunate that the people who actually hv no knowledge of what PhD n to whom it is conferred r being rewarded….

  51. You are just too brilliant for an actor Dr. SRK. I think you speak better than you act.

  52. Very special man in the earth

  53. I love u sharukh

  54. King badsha SRK bhai

  55. Arry yaar Kiya kiya karogee ??????

  56. Ab yeh chutiye ko doctor ka khitaab mila. Waste of a respectable title

  57. Gaddar khan …sala iske dil me pakistan hai …ye jehadiyo ka sympathisier hai

  58. Doctor, seriously is he even a graduate in the first place haha

  59. Shah Rukh is the biggest attention seeker, self praiser & certainly egoistic. Money talks.. He is enjoying earning millions & what do his followers get?? Nothing but waste of time, money & energy (which people can utilize in minding there own business & doing more worthy things). He won't come to pay your utility bills neither will cast you in his films or recommend you. He is just talking shit & telling fabricated (half true & more false story) which isn't useful for students of the university. Stop following celebs & concentrate on your business & career

  60. It is well settled by now that the actors of every nation are just shit-holes & sluggish commodity. Film industries allover the world are no more than sophisticated brothel centers. The man addressing the gathering in a respectable university is the representative of such cheap class. Casting couch is the hall mark of every film industry.

  61. Doctor? Yes, yes, yes. Meanwhile people going and paying their tuition fees and university fees couldn't get their doctorate degree even after spending there for years.

  62. Muslim…Motherchod

  63. Dream big and achieve it, never let go your roots !

  64. In the end everything will be alright ! So guys do keep in mind this line when you fall into a ditch in pursuit of your dream. Hope it gives strength to all those in need.

  65. Very nice talk by SRK except the students behavior during the talk.

  66. How he become Dr. Ha ha ..

  67. now in modi BJP government he is also muslim 3rd class citizen of india ,

  68. How much did he pay for the doctorate ?

  69. Srk made this university famous

  70. In my opinion the speech is in english so the haters can't understand b coz they are uneducated ??????

  71. Steve Jobs speech is much better

  72. Dr. Kisne bana diya isko ?

  73. ?⛑??hats off to Mr Shahrukh he is a self made personal of sheer hard work excelled bcz he was determined?

  74. 19.00 ❤ I am not a fan of his movies and the actor Shahrukh Khan…but definitely a fan of off-screen king khan, he is the smartest guy in Bollywood, like seriously, nobody comes even remotely close to him in real life.

  75. Wonderful presentation by SRK.

  76. Pretty bad day to miss the college.

  77. considered as an actor but no god…keep humanity in place….

  78. The audiences were children of of fucking fox.

  79. 6:45 to 7:03
    Oooo wow
    such confidence

  80. 5:55 thank me later

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